Tales of Ash: Kanto Chronicles

This is my first story that I've ever made that I started for the fun of it. I'm still very new to writing fanfics much less a Pokémon one so give me some advice in your reviews please. All reviews are appreciated especially constructive criticism. And now on with the story, hope you enjoy it.

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Chapter 1: The Beginning of a Journey

In this world, there are many amazing and wonderful creatures; creatures that have incredible power, infinite potential, and unlimited desire. These creatures are known as Pokémon. Pokémon are beings like none other, as for all of their unbelievable might and vastly differing natures, they are most like humans. They love to live and to learn, to play and to fight. Yes, just like humans, many Pokémon love to fight! The rush of adrenaline, the roar of an adoring crowd, the careful care and devotion paid to them by those who fight beside them; it was a feeling that only gladiators could understand. This love was reciprocated in full by those who directed their incredible might, humans known by the title of Pokémon Trainer.

Trainers are the ones who find the Pokémon in the wild, bring out their full potential, and could carry out the more human side of each Pokémon. The bonds forged between each trainer and their Pokémon was something to envy, but also something to fear. For we all know that the closer the bond between a pair of soldiers, the more efficient they are in combat, and the trainers and their friends were no different.

Of course, not all was perfect in this seemingly ideal world. For centuries in the past, and even in more recent times, wars were fought, won, and lost by these trainers and their Pokémon companions, and even now a Pokémon battle remains the major way of satisfying conflicts. Even now the more ruthless elements of society continue to use and abuse both Pokémon and humans to bring about the success of their ambitions, and just like these twisted humans, twisted Pokémon showed up and caused all sorts of trouble.

Still, the darker elements of the human race had their ambitions, and many of these relied upon the eventual gaining of unique and powerful Pokémon. Pokémon, that was so rare and powerful that they had gained the title of Legend.

They were no mere legend however. No, these great beings with so much power that they had become myths were very real, and the people in power knew it. Some were more benevolent than others, such as the mighty Moltres, bird of fire, or the playful Mew, often called the origin of Pokémon. And others were better known for their... less than kind natures, such as the three Regis, who while not being particularly malicious, still destroyed most who came near the place that the guarded, or the deadly Groudon, most well known for demolishing of entire cities when he was awoken, whether intentional or not.

Beware those who dare to trifle with the might of these Legends, or even those who tamper with the feelings of the regular Pokémon...you may not like what you find.


Our story begins in a small town in the Kanto region known as Pallet Town. It was, as stated, a small and humble town, in fact the only reason it was even placed on most maps of the region was because of an eccentric but brilliant Pokémon Professor, or one who studies the many beings that inhabit our world, had decided to place his home and laboratory there. His name was Professor Oak, well known throughout the many regions for both his skill with each of the seventeen types of Pokémon and for his love for them.

The day had just started, and the sun was shining brightly as a flock of Pidgey flew by. A lazy day, one perfect for being outside.

There were many outside enjoying the day, even as they went about the various tasks and jobs that they had, but this story will focus on a young eight-year-old boy named Ash Ketchum, lounging happily in the grass outside of the famous Professor's Ranch, the outside part of his laboratory where he kept dozens of Pokémon from the various trainers he sponsored or ones that he was studying. He thought of his dream to become a trainer. After all, when children turned 10 they were old enough to begin a Pokémon journey, where he could travel to become a Pokémon trainer. His dream ever since he could remember was to become a Pokémon master and he just couldn't wait to start his journey when he turned 10.

It certainly was an ambitious dream that he held. There were many "ranks" amongst the various trainers, usually based upon the preferences and experience of the trainer in question. Such as the elite four of each region, who were well known as some of the strongest trainers around, compared to the "rookie" trainer, who usually only held a few Pokémon and were just starting off, or the Ace trainers; an experienced group of trainers who had been working hard with their partners for years. Of course, there was one rank that stood far above the rest, one that many aspired too, but few had ever achieved. The rank of a Pokémon Master, one who had travelled the world and learned a very great deal about Pokémon, as well as being one of the greatest battlers alive. There had only ever been two. Yes, Ash's dream weighed heavily upon his young mind, especially now that he was so close to the beginning of his journey.

His thoughts were interrupted by the rustling of nearby bushes. A few moments later, much to Ash's amazement, a Pokémon stumbled out the bushes. It was a large lizard, standing up on two legs like a human would, a tail weakly swaying behind it with a lit flame on the end, casting shadows on its light golden skin, an odd collar around its neck. Ash gaped in amazement, recognizing it.

The Pokémon was a Charmander, but not just any Charmander, a shiny one, one that was more powerful than the rest of its kind and showed it by the unique colour of its skin. Charmander took a few unsteady steps before collapsing. Ash gaped in shock for a few seconds, before rushing over to the Pokémon, finding dozens of cuts and bruises that had been hidden by the bush a moment ago, and the metal collar nearly choking the poor creature.

A weak, yet dangerous growl came from deep within the beast's throat as Ash got nearer, obviously scared of humans. With good reason, if the collar on its neck was any indication.

"It's ok Charmander. I'm here to help you," Ash spoke in a soothing voice in an attempt to avoid giving Charmander the impression that he was going to harm it. Thankfully, it seemed to work as Charmander allowed Ash to help him, likely because of the boy's young age. Children were only rarely involved in crime, and the Charmander was well aware that it needed help.

Ash attempted to tear off the collar but to no avail. He found a nearby rock and began to smash it, careful not to hit the Pokémon's damaged neck. After a few hits the collar loosened enough to take it off. Ash knew he couldn't help the poor thing much more. After all, he had no first-aid potions or access to medicine to help the Pokémon, nor the knowledge to use the latter. Professor Oak did though...

"Don't worry Charmander. I know a place where you can get healed. It's not too far from here; I can carry you there if you'll let me." What Ash did know was that it wasn't wise to force a Pokémon, especially one that was afraid of humans, into anything.

Charmander looked uncertain at first but eventually conceded to let Ash carry him. It took a while for Ash to muscle his way to Oak's lab thanks to the added weight of Charmander, but he pulled through. As he carefully rang the doorbell, careful not to let the Pokémon fall, he thanked whoever was listening that the Professor was such a generous man. Kind and wise, Oak had always been ready to pass on his knowledge to the curious youth that stood on his doorstep. The door opened, revealing the greyed professor.

"Hello Ash! How are..." He trailed off in shock as he saw the injured Charmander on the boy's back, eyes widening even as he ushered the boy inside, usual kind eyes turning serious as he grabbed the injured creature from the burdened boy and rushed him to the medical center of the lab, made for just such an occasion.

About an hour later Professor Oak emerged from the medical lab with a small smile, calming the worried pacing of the young boy.

"Charmander will be fine, I've healed up his injuries, but he shouldn't do anything stressful for the rest of the day." Ash let out a sigh of relief before smiling widely, happy that Charmander would be ok.

"Though I must ask Ash; do you know how Charmander was injured?" Oak knew that Ash wouldn't do such a thing, but he recognized what had happened to the Pokémon. He'd seen it far too often, and he didn't want Ash caught up in this sort of thing just yet.

"I...no, no I don't. I was just lying about outside after playing with Ponyta you're studying for a while when he came stumbling out the bushes. Charmander had a collar on his neck, a tight one too. Thankfully I was able to get off." Ash explained, oblivious to the tightening of Oak's mouth from the elder's anger.

"Hmm it must have been Pokémon poachers attempting to sell Charmander," the professor mused, taking care to keep his voice calm. He was well known for scaring hardened criminals in his youth, and scaring the lad away certainly wasn't something he wanted to do. Still, he was forced to explain just what those monsters were to the boy. Keeping it from him would do no good.

"Ash, a Pokémon poacher is...well, they're exactly what they sound like. They're people who go around catching wild Pokémon forcibly and selling them to the highest bidder. Now that in itself is not that bad, after all, League officials to that sort of thing all the time, save for the selling part. Even trainers go around catching Pokémon against their will. No, what sets these Poachers apart is the way they do it. I'm afraid that the Charmander that you found...if he hadn't of gotten away when he did than they would have likely killed him. These people heap abuse onto the Pokémon they catch when those Pokémon fight back, which they often do, and then they sell the injured Pokémon to people who treat the poor things even worse." he said gravely, lost in the memory of the Pokémon he had lost to these monsters. Poachers didn't bother limiting themselves to wild Pokémon.

Ash was appalled by what the poachers did. To him selling Pokémon like they were tools or property was the worst thing he'd ever heard of. He saw Pokémon as his friends, creatures to play with and to grow strong with, not something to throw away at the earliest opportunity.

Seeing Ash's angry and saddened mood, the professor decided to change the subject, for his own sake as well.

"Well thankfully Charmander was able to escape for you to find him," he said, a much more cheerful tone overtaking him.

As he finished Charmander came from the medical lab, quickly running up to Ash with a happy expression on his face.

"Hmm, it seems as though Charmander has taken quite a liking to you." Professor Oak said as Ash stroked Charmander on the head, the Pokémon's eyes half-closed as it 'charr'-ed at the new, pleasant feeling.

"Since Charmander seems to like you, especially seeing as he tried to bite me when he regained consciousness, I think you should keep him. Pokémon that have been hurt like him, often tend to be very protective of the one who rescued them." That much was certainly true. Someone hurting their trainer after that...well, it was the equivalent of pissing off a Gyardos. Whoever did it was dead, plain and simple.

The good Professor thought of a solution right there.

"Charmander could even become your starter!" He smiled indulgently at Ash's happy gasp. Ash stared at Charmander for only a moment before asking the still slightly out of it Pokémon about the Professor's suggestion.

"Hey Charmander how would you like to become my first Pokémon and come with me on a journey to become a Pokémon master?" he asked in a slightly pleading voice.

Charmander gave a loud 'charr' of acceptance. The beginning of a friendship was beginning to happen as Charmander's mind began to work again. Ash was practically jumping for joy, obviously happy that he had not only got a new friend, but his first ever Pokémon. Charmander, on the other hand, was a fair bit more serious in his thoughts. He needed to protect this human who'd saved his life.

While Ash and Charmander were celebrating Professor Oak got Ash a pokéball so he could officially catch Charmander. Ash gingerly accepted it and brought it up to Charmander who gently tapped the poke ball with his hand. The pokéball didn't even resist signifying Charmander's capture.

Ash then turned to the professor. He needed to know something that had been weighing on his mind now that he knew what Poachers were.

"Hey, Professor... I noticed that Charmander is a different colour than the usual one. Why?" Professor Oak's expression turned thoughtful for a moment before answering Ash's question.

"Well Ash, this Charmander has a different colour than a normal one because it is a shiny Pokémon." Seeing Ash's confused expression he elaborated.

"Shiny Pokémon are very rare and are said to be much stronger than a normal coloured Pokémon of its species." Ash seemed to have stars in his eyes after hearing that. Charmander could become a powerful Pokémon if trained well.

"Professor since I'm starting my Pokémon journey when I turn ten, is it alright if I can learn from you?" Ash's face was lit up with hope when Professor Oak burst out laughing. Ash was hurt that the Professor was laughing at him began to tear up and Charmander growled at the human who made his friend sad. Professor Oak seeing the boy tear up immediately stopped and explained.

"I wasn't laughing at you Ash, of course I will teach it's because you waited so long to ask that I thought you didn't want to learn under me," the Professor explained as Ash's face lit up like a Christmas tree. "Don't worry I will teach you everything I know like I taught your mother Delia."

"You taught Mom?" Ash didn't know that bit of information. He was stunned that his mom was also taught by Professor who he often looked up to as a grandfather.

After saying his goodbyes and thanks to the professor, Ash ran back to his house. Charmander would be his best friend and the best partner. His mom would be wondering where he had been and he couldn't wait to tell her about Charmander.

One year and three months later…..

Ash was rushing to meet the professor. He couldn't believe that he'd overslept on such an important day! Oh, if only Charmander hadn't wanted to play for so long last night! He hadn't found any information saying that Charmander's were supposed to be so playful, but then again it had stated that younger members of the species held a great deal of energy, so perhaps that was why. Ash smiled to himself.

In the time that Ash had been friends with Charmander he had studied with Professor Oak on many details on Pokémon such as type advantages and beginner trainer books, as well as training a little with Charmander to improve his power before beginning his journey. Learning to take care of Pokémon from Professor Oak wasn't bad as well plus it was a win-win situation for Ash and the Professor. It truly was a blessing that he'd found the creature that day, not just because the Pokémon would likely be dead if he hadn't either. Having Charmander nearby had encouraged Ash to work a whole lot harder on preparing for his journey, and taking care of a curious and energetic fire-cracker like Charmander had forced him to mature a fair bit. It was almost like taking care of a baby at first.

Ash figured that this may give him an edge since he didn't know too much on Pokémon beforehand, besides the basic information. He learned how to battle from Professor Oak who used to be an elite trainer himself before becoming a Pokémon Professor, so he had some great advice on battling as well.

As he made it the Professor's lab he saw his ex-friend and bully Gary Oak preparing to leave for his own journey while a group of people and his personal cheerleaders cheered loudly for him. Gary was a pretty smart kid himself, being Professor Oak's grandson, but he was also extremely arrogant, had been for a long time now. Ash wasn't sure what had happened to him.

"So Ash I see you finally made it! Oh wait, you're too late Ashy-boy! There are no more Pokémon for you, and if you'd have been on time you would've seen that I got the greatest one of the bunch." He said as he twirled a poke ball in his hand.

Ash just ignored his attitude but none the less he was curious to know which one he chose.

"That's great, which one did you end up choosing?" he asked as politely as he could with Gary.

"That's none of your business! Besides, I've gotta begin my journey. Smell ya later Ashy boy." He shouted as he hopped into the back of his car, speeding away with his cheerleaders.

'Gary Oak. Oh look at me; I'm ten years old with a freaking car because my grandfather's the famous Pokémon Professor! Aren't I brilliant? Coasting along on my Grandfather's reputation because I have yet to put in the hard work involved in raising a Pokémon! But that doesn't matter, because I'm the greatest thing given to Earth since air.' Ash thought sarcastically, as if anyone listening in on his thoughts wouldn't be able to tell. He supposed he was being slightly unfair. After all, Gary would likely be a very good trainer. The boy's personality just needed a lot of work.

Just then Professor Oak came out of his lab.

"Ah Ash I see you finally decided to come." The man said an amused lilt to his voice.

"Sorry about being late Professor, I slept in," The boy apologized sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head.

"Charmander kept you up, huh?" Ash blushed slightly.

"Well, all that matters is that you're here now. Come on in so I can give you your basic trainer gear."

The Professor gave Ash the items once they walked in.

"Here you are a few Pokéballs and a Pokédex to start your journey. The Pokédex is usually called Dexter, and will give you all the information on Kanto's Pokémon. You can only carry 6 Pokémon at a time, so if you capture more they will be transported here. If you need them just call me at the nearest Pokémon centre and I'll switch one with one that you have."

"Thanks Professor! I'll try my best to become the greatest Pokémon master ever." Ash spoke passionately about his dream. Oak chuckled before wishing Ash good luck on his journey. Ash left the lab, seeing his mom and a few other townspeople to see wish him luck on his journey.

"Ash, honey, I packed all the essentials I thought you would need for your journey." Ash's mom Delia said as she gave Ash a green backpack with a poke ball insignia on the center pouch.

"Thanks mom I'll come visit you sometime okay?"

"You better mister, and please take care of yourself while on your journey." She finished, voice trembling slightly as she hugged her baby boy, a few tears leaking from her eyes. After a few minutes of goodbyes Ash finally left to begin his journey.

Just when Ash was about to leave Pallet town, he heard a familiar voice shout to him. Looking back he saw Professor Oak running towards him.

"Ash! I'm sorry to disturb the beginning of your journey but I need your help back at the Lab." he pleaded.

Ash, never to be one to leave someone who was in need of help quickly agreed.

"What's the problem professor? I'll help you as best as I can." He spoke sincerely

"Well, a Pikachu came near our labs electrical generator. It's messing with the electricity to the lab so we have no power. It must have been attracted by the electrical output the facility was giving off. If it damages the electricity from the generator then we'll lose power for the facility and possibly the whole town. I'd take care of it myself but the area of the ranch closest to the Lab is deserted! By the time I found any of the Pokémon the damage would have already been done."

Knowing it would be bad for the professor's lab to lose its power they both hurried off to the lab. When they arrived at the generator they found a Pikachu biting on some cables, absorbing a small amount of electricity. Ash released Charmander when he thought of testing his Pokédex out since he hadn't used it yet and now was as good time as any. Ash pointed his Pokédex at both Charmander and Pikachu.

Pikachu the electric mouse Pokémon: It has electric sacs on both of its cheeks. If threatened it releases electric charges from the sacs.

Charmander the lizard Pokémon: From the time it's born, a flame burns at the end of its tail. Its life would end if it were ever to go out.

Sex: Male


Blaze (1st) When Charmander is severely injured its fire type attacks strength are multiplied.

Solar Power (H): Its special attack increases in sunshine but their health is slightly lowered.

Moves: Scratch, Growl, Ember, Flamethrower, Rage, Smokescreen.

"Alright Pikachu I challenge you to a Pokémon battle!" Ash challenged getting Pikachu's attention. It seemed slightly annoyed about being disturbed from a good electrical charge but was also eager to face Charmander.

Suddenly, Pikachu charged, blurring into a Quick Attack. Pikachu was pretty fast, catching both Ash and Charmander off guard as Charmander was hit, being pushed back. Pikachu prepared another quick attack. Ash wasn't going to underestimate Pikachu's speed this time. "Growl when Pikachu gets close, then ember at close range."

Charmander growled loudly at Pikachu stopping its assault from the intimidating sound, then peppered it with a point blank ember sending it flying backwards. Pikachu managed to land on its feet and quickly used agility, creating afterimages as it got closer to Charmander. Ash had Charmander try to use scratch but Pikachu's speed was too great. Pikachu used double team, confusing Charmander, then charged and shot a thunderbolt hitting Charmander square in the chest, hurting the fire lizard quite a bit.

"Charmander are you ok?" Ash asked, concerned. Charmander nodded in acknowledgment, still ready to fight. He wouldn't fail his friend that easily. Pikachu used double team again to try to confuse Charmander but Ash was ready this time. "Charmander use flamethrower while spinning." Charmander spun on the spot, flames pouring out from his mouth to rage around him. The crude Fire Spin did its job, the flames blowing through the many illusions, striking the real one as well.

When the flames cleared it showed Pikachu struggling to stand and a slightly panting Charmander. Ash was surprised that Pikachu was still standing, this Pikachu was pretty tough. A second later Pikachu collapsed from exhaustion and its injuries. Ash took the moment to throw a Pokéball. The ball twitched slightly but quickly made a 'Bing' sound, signifying Pikachu's capture.

Ash heard clapping sounds next to him, it came from the professor.

"Nicely done Ash, I must say I'm impressed. Congratulations on your captured Pokémon. Keep training your Pokémon properly and you'll become a great trainer someday." Ash blushed slightly at the praise, saying goodbye to the professor again.

Ash decided to head towards Viridian first as Professor Oak suggested. As Ash came out of Pallet Town and towards the grassy fields he let both Pikachu and Charmander out so he could introduce himself and Charmander to Pikachu.

"Hey Pikachu! My name's Ash, and this is Charmander. We're on an adventure to see all kinds of new Pokémon and people. As well as making some new friends and family. Would you like to join us on our journey?" he asked kindly.

Pikachu saw how happy Charmander seemed to be and could easily tell what kind of person Ash was. After a few moments of thinking Pikachu gladly accepted with a cheerful 'Pika' making both Ash and Charmander happy that they had received a new friend and family member.

Ash was about to return Pikachu, but Pikachu dodged the Pokeball's beam. Ash shrugged, letting the yellow mouse stay outside of the ball, the cute creature jumping up to his shoulder as Charmander walked beside them.

As they walked down the field, Ash scanned Pikachu for more info on its move and abilities.

Ability: Static (1st) Can sometimes cause paralysation if attacked by a physical move, Lightning Rod (H) All electric-type attacks are drawn to the Pokémon, it gives immunity to all Electric-type attacks, along with the paralyzing effect of Thunder Wave, and raises the Pokémon's Special Attack.

Sex: Male

Moves: Thundershock, Tail whip, Quick attack, Agility, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Double Team. This Pokémon knows the Egg Move Volt Tackle.

Ash smiled. Pikachu seemed to be pretty strong already, but he could tell that the Pokémon could still improve. While Ash walked through the grassy field to Viridian, he saw a few Pokémon scurry by here and there. Some Sandshrew, Rattatta, and a few Spearow that he made sure to stay away from. He had heard of their easily roused tempers and that they attacked if they felt threatened. He knew he could handle a few but they always travelled in large groups.

Just then a small Pokémon flew near him on a tree branch. It was a Pidgey, the tiny bird Pokémon. Ash decided to catch it so he had Pikachu use Thunder Wave. The Thunder Wave struck the surprised Pidgey as it caused it to become paralysed. Throwing a pokéball, the ball wobbled around a bit before it glowed red and settled.

"Our family is getting bigger," He released the Pidgey and applied a paralyze heal. Pointing Dexter at Pidgey, the mechanical voice spouted the information.

Pidgey: A common sight in forests and woods. It flaps its wings at ground level to kick up blinding sand.

Ability: Keen Eye (1st) prevents loss of accuracy and ignores increase in opponent's evasiveness. Big Pecks (H) prevents loss of defence.

Sex: Female

Moves: Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust , Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Whirlwind, Twister, This Pokémon knows the Egg Move Brave Bird.

"Welcome to the team buddy," The Pidgey called out to him flying around his head in a circle before settling on his shoulder. "Meet Charmander and Pikachu." The three happily conversed before Ash started making a small camp near some trees with Charmander helping. Ash let out his Pokémon to sleep outside for the night before falling asleep himself thus ending Ash's first day as a Pokémon trainer.


In my story when Ash captures a Pokémon their first or second and hidden ability will be revealed.