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"Pokémon Data"

Now Forward Unto The Story!

Chapter 8: Thunder Power and Lightning Speed!

The pulsing eggs started to glow brighter as Misty and Brock jogged their way over.

"Guys you might want to stay back," Ash warned them. They stopped mid-step looking at Ash in concern.

The first egg flashed a magnificent blinding white bathing the area. Riolu was small and the majority of its body was blue and black. He had black legs and torso, a blue tail and a yellow collar. There were rounded bumps on the backs of his forepaws. He had a black "mask" and crimson red eyes. He took a few uneasy steps towards Ash and plopped right in front of him where Ash laid him across his lap. Riolu blinked his eyes for the first time at his surroundings and laid down on Ash's lap yawning loudly before falling asleep.

He was startled out of his thoughts when Edward popped up, "A Riolu and this one's aura is like a regular Riolu coming off in small ripples.

The second egg flashed white, a quadruped creature with primarily brown fur appeared in front of him with a cute 'ewee'. The tip of her bushy tail and large furry collar were cream-coloured. Eevee had short, slender legs with three small toes and a pink paw pad on each foot. She had large brown eyes that if you stared too long you would be subjected to everything that this creature wanted, long pointed ears, and a small black nose.

("Daddy!") Eevee squealed as she took uneasy steps towards Ash. He daintily picked Eevee up snuggling into the warmth of his jacket. Eevee yawned loudly as well before sleeping soundly in Ash's jacket. He left them to sleep for a few while the others still trained.

"Alright, guys time to go!" Ash called to his Pokémon as he returned all of them, Pikachu and Charmeleon on by his side watching the curious 'baby' Pokémon as they snoozed away. Ash had just finished training them and it was time to head out to Vermillion. After a few days of caring and looking after the new-born Pokémon, with a book on caring for infant Pokémon from a very helpful Brock, the infants were healthy and happy surrounded by a big family.

He had spent the last couple of days training them in the forest outside of Vermillion. Ash had asked Professor Oak if he could have permission to carry more than 6 Pokémon at a time, but his idea was shot down as there were certain requirements needed to receive permission from the Pokémon League Committee. Mainly the issue with his age as usually the Committee only granted permission to more experienced trainers, which Ash could agree with the wisdom in that rule. However if he were to be able to earn three badges and complete a special'one on one test with an official from a committee, his capacity were to be raised from 6 to 8.

To compensate for this temporary problem Ash had to cycle between his Pokémon often in order to train all of them evenly. He had tag-team battles with Misty and Brock to improve their skills as trainers and gym leaders.

His training with Edward proved to be... excellent. He had mastered the uses of basic aura and was already an intermediate in using the aura of different types. For example, when he had first started using Fighting Aura, to train his body in the fighting styles the Aura Keepers used to train with their Pokémon or Fire Aura to use moves like 'Flamethrower' or 'Flame Charge' he had done very well but he was still so far from becoming an Aura Keeper, let alone a Master Aura Keeper like Edward.

The training provided pretty good results. Ash got a good work out in for his new Pokémon as well. He had Squirtle work on his defence as his shell provided great protection and defensive capabilities. Ash figured out that the shell wasn't only for defensive purposes, but could be used for increases in speed as well. From what Ash surmised that because of how Squirtle's shell was made, it gave him easier mobility in water. Misty chipped in and had her Staryu work with Squirtle on improving his water type moves like Water Gun and Bubble. He was fast as well on the ground if the 10 laps around the clearing every day proved true.

With Bulbasaur, the seed on his back gave him easy access to absorbing the sun's natural energy. Bulbasaur spent much of his time working on his ability to harness that energy to his favour for not just nutrients, but for any moves he could use against an opponent. It wasn't long before he learnt how to use Sunny Day. Butterfree had given some help to Bulbasaur by teaching him several types of powders he could release from his seed as an attack. For example Poison Powder or Sleep Powder even Powder Bomb but he was still learning how to do that.

Charmeleon and Vulpix got along great; they were already fast friends and learned much from each other. Vulpix was given breathing control techniques from Charmeleon, giving her better control over the amount and power she could put into her fire type attacks. In return she taught Charmander how to use Will-O-Wisp, which took longer than expected for Charmeleon since it was a different kind of fire. They improved on their techniques as well. Charmeleon was working on making his attacks vary different in size but still pack a mean punch for example a technique he has been working on was a fire version of bullet seed but with the power he put in his attacks and the forest fires here and there that he had started, it would be awhile till he perfected it.

Even the other's training progressed fairy well to. Pidgeotto's time mock battling with Scyther led her to learning how to slice things with precise wind control. Ash looked it up on his Pokedex, apparently it was called Air Slash; yet another move that originated in the Johto region. Ash made a mental note to travel that region sometime. Ash had Pidgeotto work on the move using it as a ranged and close combat move to give the extra cutting power needed.

Scyther had also taken his training to the next level. He perfected the techniques that he knew and started other techniques that he was hoping to use in the future. He was sitting cross-legged on a rock, his scythes were stretched out on both sides lifting boulders that must have weighed a ton with sweat dripping down his face as a look of utter concentration was plastered on his face.

Pikachu had paired up with both Nidoking and Clefairy on Ash's request to teach them how to use Thunderbolt. This turned out to be more difficult than expected since the move wasn't very compatible with their type, but with Ash's encouragement and Pikachu's tutoring they both managed to produce a decently powered thunderbolt. Not nearly as powerful as Pikachu's, but it could become more powerful with practice and was a good trump card as not many people would expect a Nidoking or Clefairy to know Thunderbolt.

Clefairy also worked on learning Psychic from Butterfree. Psychic came much easier to Clefairy than Thunderbolt, especially since her kind was known for learning Psychic moves.

Pikachu's electrical attack power was surprisingly high for his species, so Ash had the electric mouse focus on building up his defensive abilities, which were currently lacking. While Pikachu was quick on his feet and had impressive evasive skills, if anyone were to match his speed then he'd have next to no way of protecting himself from a critical hit. Brock had suggested that Ash have Pikachu learn how to use Protect, which was a move that allowed its user to form a protective barrier around it body to counter physical or special attacks. The only drawback with the technique was that its effectiveness would drop dramatically with continuous use of the move. They had also started on combining their moves that would do greater damage with precision and speed that would match lightning itself.

Butterfree had great control of his psychic abilities now; lifting heavier objects with more ease. Ash thought it was time for him to expand his use of Psychic moves by having it try Psybeam. It came easily to Butterfree from his practiced control of Confusion and Psychic. All he had to do was build up psychic energy and project it threw his antennas. He perfectly executed the move within a few hours and practiced his aim and power control of it the rest of the training time.

Brock had helped him by providing any advice for Ash and had developed a nutritionally balanced meal for his Pokémon. He would have provided the diet to have more vitamins that would make them stronger but they were on a low enough budget already. It also gave Brock the opportunity to work on the various diets of different kinds of Pokémon and on how they develop. For example, Bulbasaur especially loved raw berries in his diet because they provided excellent nutrients for growing seeds inside the bulb-like green seed on his back.

He had also taken the time to scan Riolu and Eevee.

Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon. Eevee is a unique Pokémon that can adapt to its environment by changing its form and abilities when evolving.

When he tried to scan Riolu, he was met with a problem. "Information unavailable, Pokédex information is limited to Kanto Region."

That didn't deter him though all he knew now was that Riolu was part of the ever-growing family that was his Pokémon team.

By the end of the training session Ash was extremely proud of the hard work and effort his Pokémon put into their training. He was confident in his Pokémon's abilities.

"So Brock what does your guide say about Vermilion city is like," Ash questioned.

Taking out his travel guide Brock replied, "Well it says that it's a popular sea port for famous ships like the S.S. Anne and S.S. Aqua."

Misty eyes perked up, "Great! Maybe we can get to see one of those ship, maybe even ride on one." Ash and Brock had been with Misty long enough now to know that when she wants to do something then they'll most likely end up doing it. And boy the girl could throw a tantrum if she was angered, especially when she caught Brock flirting with every pretty girl she saw.

Though, the prospect of getting the chance to ride on a famous ship like the S.S. Anne sounded like it could be fun.

"As tempting as that sounds I doubt we could afford tickets to get on a ship like that." Brock said crushing Misty and Ash's excitement.

"Kill joy," Misty pouted, puffing her cheeks slightly.

Ash just shrugged dejectedly, "Well we could go check out the ship after I challenge and win the Thunder Badge here." He suggested bringing Misty's mood up again.

With that the trio made way to the center to get their Pokémon checked up, only to find the center packed with injured Pokémon. Nurse Joy and the Chansey's rushed to work on all the injured Pokémon. By the injured Pokémon's bedside were their trainers.

Brock rushed off to assist Nurse Joy amongst the chaos while Ash and Misty went to a nearby trainer to ask what had happened.

"What's going on, why are there so many injured Pokémon in the center?" Misty immediately questioned the young trainer sitting next to his recuperating Rattata.

The boy turned to Misty, "It was Vermillion City gym leader Lt. Surge. Everyone here challenged and lost to him." The boy spoke with a hint of fear in his voice.

The group shuffled away to another part of the center.

"Wow, I heard that Lt. Surge had been the gym leader for 3 years now. The power that his Pokémon possess is phenomenal and his gym is one of the hardest for trainers to defeat."

"Well do you know what Pokémon you'll use and do you have a strategy?" Brock asked trying to be helpful.

"I already know what Pokémon I'm gonna go with, but I'm still forming plan of action. I want to take some more time to perfect my strategy so in the mean time you guys can do whatever you feel like alright?"

"Sure, just ask if you need any help."

"Will do," And with that Ash left the center to formulate a strategy for his gym battle. His head spinning with new ideas of attacks with the team he had in mind.

2 days later…

Ash met Brock and Misty at the gym which was slightly taller than the average building with lightning bolts attached all around it.

"I guess the Vermillion gym's exterior design lefts much to be desired." Misty commented.

"So do you have a plan?" Misty asked curious as to what it was. Ash was with Pikachu and Charmeleon, Eevee and Riolu were closely by his side as well.

Ash slightly smirked, "For the most part, but I prefer to only use it once since it can be hazardous and difficult to control. With that Ash stepped up and knocked on the door. A few moments later a middle aged man in militaristic fatigues answered the door.

"My name's Ash and I'm here to challenge Gym Leader Lt. Surge to a battle."

The man smirked at that allowing the trio to enter before calling out, "Hey Surge we got another one for ya already!" Out of the shadows came a giant figure of a man. The man had spikey dark blonde hair and wore military fatigues with an open buttoned shirt revealing his muscular physique.

Ash couldn't help but start sweating nervously; I mean he barely reached the behemoth of a man's chest. Surge easily towered over Ash being 6.8ft pushing 7ft while Ash was around 5.2ft. Brock and Misty both had similar reactions and were starting to feel sorry for Ash.

Edward reassured Ash that he would be fine. If he didn't lose his confidence then this battle would be a breeze.

"So another baby has come to lose huh." Surge mocked in a booming voice. Ash grew a tick mark on his head at the 'baby' comment but quenched his anger for now.

"He even has baby Pokémon with him." He laughed.

Surge smirked noticing Ash's temper slightly flare, "Let's get this over with. Maybe you'll be a good warm-up for my Pokémon."

"Don't strangle him, don't strangle him, don't strangle him!" Ash mentally chanted to calm himself down.

Surge led the trio to his arena while Misty and Brock watched on the sidelines.

Surge stared Ash down in an attempt to intimidate him but was surprised to see the young trainer unfazed and stared him down back with clear determination in his eyes.

"Hmm, maybe I will get a challenge after all," Surge smirked at the prospect of finally getting a challenge.

"Well from what I've gathered, he seems pretty cocky from his constant victories. Maybe I can use this to my advantage and get the surprise on him." Ash analysed thinking of how best to start off the match.

"Pride comes before the fall. This guy is going to fall hard." Edward thought.

"This will be a three on three battle. I will start things off with Magneton!" In a flash the evolved form of Magnemite appeared in a spark of electricity. The magnet Pokémon floated a few feet above the ground.

"Magneton!" The Pokémon said in a monotone.

He took out his Pokédex, scanning the new Pokémon in front of him.

Magneton, the Magnet Pokémon. The evolved form of Magnemite. Its heavy gravitational power allow it to float, and it can emit powerful magnetic and electric fields.

"Alright let's do this Sandshrew!" The shiny Sandshrew appeared with his cheerful shout.

"Hey, look at that Sandshrew it looks like it has moss on it." One of the Lt. Surge's men said.

"Maybe its got an infection," A women said.

Naturally, when Sandshrew heard this, he was trying to hold in his rage.

"You think it's a grass type." And with that, Sandshrew went nuts quickly turning into his ball form as he used Rollout to take down Magneton. Lt. Surge only gave a grin.

"Time to have some fun," Lt. Surge laughed heartily. "Magneton, dodge and use Flash Cannon!"

The Electric-Type screeched in response spinning out of the way as Sandshrew whizzed past and hit a rock. The magnets stuck out from Magneton's body as a tight ball of steel energy formed in front of it releasing a concentrated beam that headed towards Sandshrew.

"Dig into the ground," Ash commanded. Sandshrew tore into the ground like a bullet through a sheet of paper. The beam flew overhead harmlessly where Magneton floated around cautiously above the ground awaiting its opponent.

"Keep alert, this is a slippery one!" A tight frown around Lt. Surge's face as he stared at the still battle. This trainer was a step-up from the other rookie trainers that he had here before. He would definitely have some fun now.

"Sandshrew let's shake this place up! Earth Shatter!" A sudden tremor started though it didn't take anyone off their feet as it stopped after a few seconds.

"Is that it?" Lt. Surge taunted. "Just what I expected from a baby-"

The ground had cracks in them as the ground beneath their feet rumbled. Pillars of stone rose from the ground as rocks and stone were being upturned even the roofs was starting to cave in a little. Magneton was having a busy time avoiding all the pillars arising from the ground. It was an inch away from being clipped before it got hit. Sandshrew appeared again in front of Ash.

"Now who's ass is grass?" Sandshrew breathed heavily, the last attack to a lot of effort. Ash just sweatdropped.

"Maybe he's still sensitive about that," Ash stared at the panting form of Sandshrew. Magneton was beaten on the ground but still levitated in front of Lt. Surge.

"Ha I never thought that this battle would get interesting but it's still the battle kid," He smirked at Ash. "You still haven't won the war yet."

"I'll win it Surge and the Thunder Badge, you can bet it on that," Ash shouted to Lt. Surge in determination.

"Let's see what you got, Magneton use Magnet Bomb!" Magneton immediately formed a silver-blue sphere of concentrated energy that blasted toward Sandshrew. It was too quick for Sandshrew to dodge, exploding on impact, hitting him in the chest as he flew back towards some rubble.

Sandshrew gave a cry of pain as pain surged from his front as the super-effective move hurt him a lot and the sharp pieces of the rubble that struck him in the back.

"Come on, Sandshrew, we can beat this tin scrap!" Ash encouraged for Sandshrew to stand up. Shakily standing up on his legs, he gave a fierce cry.

("I WILL WIN!") A light enveloped his form.

Ash's eyes widened, Sandshrew was evolving!

"It's about time he evolved," Edward commented on the still-evolving form of Sandshrew. Finally, the light died down and in its place was Sandslash. His body was mostly covered in sharp, blood-red quills, it made him appear quite menacing. The parts of his body that didn't have any quills were a tan colour with a white underbelly. He had two large claws on his paws and feet.

Dexter immediately lit up.

Sandslash, the Mouse Pokémon. Sandslash can roll up its body as if it were a ball covered with large spikes. In battle, this Pokémon will try to make the foe flinch by jabbing it with its spines. It then leaps at the stunned foe to tear wildly with its sharp claws.

"Wow, you evolved. Let's get back in the game. Rollout and use Terra Claw!" Curling into a ball, he zipped towards Magneton reminiscent of a certain hedgehog.

"Stop it with Flash Cannon!" Lt. Surge ordered as beams of steel energy tore at the ground where Sandslash used to be. He kept spinning, jumping off a rock with his claws out cloaked in brown energy.

"Take him on with Gyro Ball!" Responding with a robotic growl, all the magnets on its body was flat as it spun around meeting Sandslash in a clash. They were in stalemate when the glint in Sandslash's eye shone brighter.

"I can do this! I won't let Ash down!" Was Sandslash's thought as he put in more power to the attack which resulted in an explosion. Ash covered his eyes as the explosion took place. The explosion kicked up dust obscuring his vision.

"Sandslash," Ash called out telepathically using his link with the ground Pokémon. The dust settled with Sandslash panting heavily and Magneton on the ground passed out.

"Did anyone get the number of the Rhydon that hit me?" Sandslash held his head.

"Well that there was a good kid but let's see if you can handle this kid," Lt. Surge chuckled, plucking a pokéball from his belt.

"Go Electabuzz!" Lt. Surge shouted in his commanding voice.

Electabuzz was in front of the muscled man. It was covered in yellow fur with black stripes and a large stripe spread across on its chest is shaped like a lightning bolt. It has a long tail. There are three, clawed toes on its feet; two in front and one in back, while it has five fingers on each hand. Electabuzz has two sharp fangs and a pair of antennae with bulbous ends.

Electabuzz, the Electric Pokémon. Electabuzz is the evolved form of Elekid. With powerful electric currents running through its body, Electabuzz appears to glow.

Electabuzz stood tall raising his arms up giving a fierce battle cry while beating his chest proudly. Lt. Surge smirked while he crossed his large arms over his muscular chest.

"Let's see you handle this!" He smirked confident in his victory as the loss against Sandslash didn't deter him.

Ash assessed the situation he was in now, on one hand he had Sandslash newly evolved but too tired after using too much energy and on the other a battle-hungry Electabuzz who was fresh and ready to fight.

"That's enough Sandslash you did great, Return!" Sandslash was sucked into the ball, mentally breathing a sigh of relief as he was sure that he was on his last legs.

"Let's rumble, Nidoking!" Standing there in all his glory was the sleek armoured plated reptiallian powerhouse that was Nidoking standing at least a torso higher than Lt. Surge. He gave a loud roar that reverberated throughout the gym with Electabuzz answering with his own.

Both Pokémon had adrenaline rushing through their veins and their blood pumped as they readied themselves for the fight of their lives.

"Poison Jab/Thunder Punch!" Both Pokémon charged their respective attacks as Nidoking's arm glowed purple while Electabuzz's fist danced with electricity. They rushed to each other through the earth risen battleground, both met the other's attack as they sent a flurry of punches and jabs at each other.

Nidoking's natural armour protected him from the brunt of Electabuzz's thunder punches but he would be feeling some bruises from the power behind those punches. Electabuzz was able to dodge most of the jabs by a hair's breadth but one managed to nick him cleanly as he was poisoned judging by the grimace that showed on his face.

With their arms pulled back for the final blow of their clash, poison met electricity in an explosion as they were sent skidding back in front of their respective trainers. Nidoking had electricity coursing through his body as paralysis took effect.

"Hit 'em hard with Brick Break," Electabuzz ran forward towards Nidoking, his arm cocked backed with a faint glow to it jumping to add momentum to the attack.

"Catch it with your Strength," Just as Electabuzz's arm swung down to hit him, Nidoking caught it with his hand as the ground beneath his feet cracked from the pressure. Seeing that his first Brick Break didn't work, he charged his other arm and swung down again which Nidoking caught.

The ground cracked even more as the veins on Electabuzz's head bulged exerting his own strength against Nidoking.

"Discharge," The air around Electabuzz crackled with sparks as electricity coursed through Nidoking's body as he gave a roar of pain, falling down to one knee.

"Horn Attack and chain it with Iron Tail," Nidoking grunted before jabbing his horn forward, momentarily loosening the grip Electabuzz had before swiping him away with the glowing attack of Iron Tail.

Electabuzz bounced away and landed on the up-turned pillars hard coughing spit as the air was knocked out of him.

"Rock Throw!" Nidoking took the boulder that was next to him and threw it as hard as he could at the prone Electabuzz.

"Counter it with Brick Break and use Focus Blast to keep him down!" Electabuzz's eyes snapped open before destroying the boulder with his arms, charging a focus blast as stared down in the face of Nidoking.

"Earthquake before he can fire," Giving a roar, he stomped hard on the ground as the building shook and Electabuzz was down again, his focus blast dissolving.

"Alright, let's finish this with Poison Jab." Rushing forward, he cocked his arm back glowing a bright purple but before his fist connected, electricity surged around his body.

"Oh no, paralysis is kicking in now," Ash groaned as Lt. Surge smirked.

"Give him a focus blast to the face," Electabuzz roared as he charged the attack and the wave of energy washed over Nidoking's face as he was helpless to defend against it. A huge explosion rocked the building once again.

As the smoke settled down, the colossal figure of Nidoking was face-down unconscious. Ash sighed as he accepted his first 'real' loss in a Pokémon battle, returning Nidoking, muttering a small thanks for his help. He looked on the current battlefield and saw that Electabuzz wasn't in much better shape.

Nodding to Pikachu by his side, he got in front of Ash, ready for any command when he saw that Electabuzz was swaying side to side before he fell down in a dead faint, succumbing to the poisoning from the battle.

"Well kid looks like you're not that half bad, now for your last battle runt," Surge pulled out a Pokeball throwing it on the field with a shout. "GO RAICHU!"

Out came the evolved form of Pikachu and a fairly large one to boot. Its body was primarily orange colored with longer arms and legs, along with lightning bolt shaped ears and a thinner but longer tail with another lightning bolt on its end.

"RAI!" It shouted before smirking cockily. It seemed that Raichu had become a bit overconfident with his recent victory streak as well.

Ash nodded silently to his partner, wishing him to do well.

The middle-aged man from earlier played the role of ref. "You may begin!"

"Raichu strike with Thunderbolt!" The large electric mouse charged a powerful amount of electricity before firing it at Pikachu with a loud shout.

Ash's immediately reacted to the danger of the large Thunderbolt, "Pikachu dodge and counter with your own thunderbolt!" Pikachu immediately leapt away before a crack appeared where he used to be the power of Raichu's thunderbolt denting the ground.

Pikachu immediately fired off his own thunderbolt, cheeks sparking dangerously as a electricity coursed through the air meeting Raichu head on. Raichu stood there unaffected as he stood confidently even with the Pikachu's thunderbolt striking him.

"What?!" Ash couldn't help but yell in surprise.

"You're going to need more than that if you want to hurt Raichu." Lt. Surge smirked, the battle going in his favour in power output.

"Quick Attack and use Iron Tail," Pikachu speeded his way towards Raichu as he neared, his tailed shimmered with silver as the attack was headed straight towards Raichu's face.

"Punch it away with Mega Punch!" Pikachu's tail met Raichu's fist as a shockwave blew away some of the rocks.

"Let's see if we can up the juice. Thunderbolt, full power!"

Lightning surged through the area making Raichu wince a little at the power.

"Mega Kick!" Energy gathered around Raichu's foot ready to dish out pain.

"Escape with Dig!" Pikachu barely avoided getting punted away as he dug into the ground.

"So he can be hurt." Ash whispered, saving that little tidbit of information. Pikachu appeared right in front of Ash, a little satisfied and annoyed that he did hurt Raichu but it wasn't a major hit.

"Right, Pikachu let's use Rock Throw." Pikachu nodded as Lt. Surge and Raichu laughed.

"Are you stupid kid, electric types can't use roc-" He was silenced as the glow of Pikachu's Iron Tail smashed some boulders hurling across the arena to Raichu that slammed hard at the improvised Super-Effective move.

"Synchronise!" Ash's eyes glowed blue mixing with his natural amber eyes. As he saw everything through Pikachu's eyes. He surveyed his surroundings before a plan formulated in his mind.

"Alright here is what we're gonna do..." Ash explained his plan to Pikachu while Pikachu kept his eyes trained on Raichu.

"Show him your Thunderbolt!" Answering it with a cry, a bolt of yellow lightning shot straight at Pikachu arcing through the air.

"Mix it up with Agility." Dodging the thunderbolts aimed at him with a burst of speed, he jumped into the air evading the attacks as it shot off harmlessly into the sky. Dark clouds began to gather around the gym, lightning dancing through them. The game of cat and mouse continued before Ash decided that it was enough.

"Move in with Quick Attack again." Pikachu was right in front of him when a smirk appeared on Raichu's face.

"END IT WITH THUNDER!" A massive bolt of yellow lightning surrounded them, blinding everyone from the sight. When the light show died down, everyone expected Pikachu to be down from the attack but were surprised when they saw him standing there unharmed with his hands out.

"How!?" Lt. Surge was flabbergasted at how this pipsqueak's Pikachu was unharmed from his Raichu's most powerful attack.

A green shimmered died down before an Iron Tail finally met Raichu's face as he was still stunned from how Pikachu remained unharmed.

"Let's show them a real Thunder! Pikachu, agility and dash up the roof."

"Don't let him, use Thunderbolt again." Raichu tried but his cheeks sparked uselessly.

"C'mon, c'mon, please let this work." More lightning arced its way through the black clouds as Pikachu jumped, shooting a Thunderbolt into the sky. His tail once again hardened as Raichu's power was restored.

"Thunder Throw!/Thunder!" Blue lightning struck Pikachu's Tail as Raichu fired a fully charged Thunder at Pikachu. Focusing the power of nature's electricity and a little bit of Raichu's and his own. He literally threw all the power at Raichu's Thunder tearing it through and destroying the roof in the process. The whole arena lit up in a bright blue light, blinding everyone as they tried to cover their eyes. The resulting shockwave knocked everyone off their feet and blew off the Ash's hat.

When the light died down, a smoking and battered Raichu laid in a crater, the destruction caused by the thunder throw destroying the roof of the gym and every window in the gym. Pikachu landed safely in front of Ash, his cheeks sparking a little before fizzling out. Ash's bright blue eyes dimmed into its regular amber as he surveyed the secret weapon he had utilised and grimaced at the bill he had to pay for damages.

"Pikachu is the winner so the match goes to Ash!" the ref declared.

Both trainers rushed to their Pokemon to make sure they were alright. Once Raichu regained consciousness they shook hands as a sign that both respected the other for their power and were eager to face each other again someday.

"Well you definitely proved that you aren't a baby. It's been some time since I was defeated in battle and I let that get to my head. So thank you for making me realize that I'm not invincible. It's been fun kid."

"Everyone needs to be taken down a peg sometimes" Ash jokingly remarked.

Surge laughed heartily, "Hehe maybe, maybe. To prove that you beat me in an official gym battle I award you the Thunder Badge, congratulations."

Ash took the badge and got a look at it. It was a sunset coloured octagon in the center with yellow pentagons surrounding it; like the sun.

"And here, a reward for your battle today." Lt. Surge threw a stone with a lightning bolt in it.

"A thunder stone?" Ash caught it holding it appraisingly.

"In case if you ever wanted to evolve Pikachu." Pikachu just crossed his arms and looked the other way.

"Pikachu is fine the way he is and if ever wants to evolve it's his decision." Ash reaffirmed as Pikachu looked at his trainer in a new light.

"Maybe one day we'll have a rematch and sorry about the gym."

Surge smirked, "Me and Raichu will be looking forward to that. Don't worry about the gym you gave one of the best battles of my life. That's reward enough."

Brock and Misty congratulated Ash on a successful win before questioning his sanity on using an actual lightning bolt to win the match.

A little while later…

When they got to the center Brock was about to go off to flirt with the pretty Nurse Joy; but then he suddenly felt a chill go up his spine as was aware of the death glares Misty was giving him that just dared him to try it. Brock settled for sitting in a corner in the fetal position crying anime tears and muttering things to himself like 'How Misty is a kill joy' or 'I never get to do anything fun'.

Ash chuckled at his friends' antics as he gave his Pokémon to Nurse Joy, healing them with the help of Chansey and her trusty machine. While that was happening, Ash called the P.L.C. for his special license to increase his capacity from 6 to 8 Pokémon.

Needless to say, he passed with the required badges and the instructor who tested him was surprised by his level of maturity and knowledge. All he had to do was put in his Pokédex and it would be updated. When the phone call ended, he did his happy dance along with his pokemon that didn't participate in the battle for five long minutes to the humiliation of his travelling companions.

After that was done, he got his Pokémon back from a giggling Nurse Joy who was amused by his 'celebration'. He was in a too good a mood to be embarrassed.

"Thank you", Ash nodded in appreciation before heading off with Misty and Brock in tow.

"So now that you have your badge lets go check out the S.S. Anne. I heard that it's docked right now at the harbor." Misty spoke slightly impatiently.

"Sounds good to me" Ash and Brock agreed. Soon the kids found themselves at the harbor taking in the site of the large ship.

"The ship looks amazing! Too bad we don't have tickets to ride on it." Misty spoke dejectedly.

"Sorry Misty. Maybe we can get tickets next time" Ash tried to cheer Misty up. Suddenly a voice interrupted the trio.

"Excuse me! I heard that you wanted to get on the S.S. Anne. I won these free deluxe tickets to ride aboard the S.S. Anne for its sea cruise but I'm not a Pokémon trainer but would you like to come along as my guests." A girl spoke holding four tickets in hand. She wore a typical schoolgirl outfit but had red hair and green eyes and appeared to be the same age as Ash. Misty grew excited at the sudden prospect of getting tickets for the cruise, while Brock just stared at the girl and no not in that kind of way but in his weird perceptive way. Ash just obliviously took the tickets. If it was a free ride, he was willing to take it. They were really low on money right now.

-In a different location–

A man watched Ash and crew on his monitor, petting his Persian as he stared at the screen. A small smile made his way to his face. His plan coming together as he particularly stared at Ash.

"Let's see how well you do, my dear boy."

-In a parallel universe-

A red and green eye opened, power radiated underneath his bodily frame focused on the being before him.

A white haired girl in a pitch black dress, a red scarf wrapped around her neck covering the lower half of her face looked at the being before her with her lone green eye.

"Keep watching him, he may prove… useful to my plans."

The girl nodded before disappearing in a wisp of shadows.

OOOH! Looks like beings of a higher power are taking notice of Ash, what obstacles await him? Will he make it safely to his next destination? Will Brock finally get a girlfriend? Tune in on the next episode of Dragonball Z… I mean the next chapter of Tales of Ash.

You guys wanted a move list, this is the one I have for now. A ninja never gives up all his weapons.

Ash's Team:

Pikachu's Move List:
Thundershock, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Tail Whip, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Thunder Throw (Thunder + Iron Tail), Dig, Double Team, Agility, Double Team, Rock Throw.

Charmeleon's Move List:
Ember, Flamethrower, Smokescreen, Metal Claw, Iron Tail, Fire Spin, Growl, Rage, Slash, Dragon Rage, Flare Bullets, Draco Blast, Dragon Claw, Scary Face, Overheat.

Sandshrew's Move List:

Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand Attack, Poison Sting, Rollout, Rapid Spin, Swift, Fury Cutter, Magnitude, Fury Swipes, Sand Tomb, Slash, Dig, Gyro Ball, Swords Dance, Sandstorm, Earth Shatter, Terra Claw, Spike Run.

Scyther's Move List:

Vacuum Wave, Quick Attack, Pursuit, False Swipe, Agility, Wing Attack, Fury Cutter, Air Slash, X-Scissor, Swords Dance, Metal Slash, Sacred Sword, Dance of the Silent Swords.

Cross Style Moves:
Dragon Twister
Rising Arcanine
Latios Attack

Butterfree Move List:

Tackle, String Shot, Harden, Confusion, Supersonic, Sleep and Poison Powder, Stun Spore, Psychic, Silver Wind, Powder Bomb, Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance, Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Shadow Ball, Aerial Ace, Acrobatics

Clefairy Move List:

Sing, Double Slap, Wake-up Slap, Metronome, Cosmic Power, Body Slam, Meteor Mash, Moonlight, Moonblast, Psyschock, Ice Beam, Rain Dance, Thunderbolt, Dig, Psychic, Reflect, Fire Blast, Sunny Day, Solar Beam

I have been getting a lot of heat about me pairing Ash with Giselle so to clear this up, I am not pairing Ash with her. The pairings are still undecided for now though I really like pokeshipping and harem, it's still undecided for now.

To my readers, I just wanna make this story like a Naruto and One Piece story mixed. You know for each chapter update of Naruto it's like a really good steak you have when you finish reading and a One Piece story is a build-up but the build-up is really worth it. That's why I strive to make each chapter as enjoyable as possible for all my fantastic readers.

I'm pretty amazed that no one has made the connections to my OC Edward yet. If someone does make the connection, personally PM and if you are right you will get a sneak peek at the next chapter.