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Chapter 9: S.S. Anne Cruise

On board of the S.S Anne, the group had taken to exploring with the schoolgirl disappearing as soon as they handed in their tickets.

The star-struck Misty took in every features of the ship whilst Brock took advantage of the situation and was was entertaining himself by flirting with the ladies on board.

Ash had met a man, by the name of Captain Spearow. He was a cheerful man who had a full sailor's outfit but he was ironically feeling sick from seasickness.

Here we find Ash with his small band of Pokémon. He was waved over by a shopkeeper who was trying to sell a Magikarp.

"Hey you, how would you like to buy this Magikarp for 2000 Poke. Just look at the colour of this specimen!" Indeed the Magikarp before him was gold coloured and had the same dumb look on him like every other Magikarp.

"Go on..." Ash mustered a curious look but knew that this guy was trying to scam him.

"I sense a hidden potential in this Magikarp." Ash said, as he felt the aura of the Magikarp before him.

"Hey a shiny Magikarp." Ash continued to listen to the shopkeeper who was scamming Ash. Poor fool.

"If you buy this Magikarp, it'll be able to lay one hundred eggs in a few short days and you can sell those Magikarp for more money. I'll even throw in this special Pokéball to make it 2500 Poké.

"Yeah, what a coincidence." Edward thought suspiciously.

"Look I know this is a scam, I'll give you 1000 Poké or I walk away." Ash offered calmly.

The man scowled before accepting the money and was about to take the gold decorated Pokéball before Ash stopped him.

"Just the regular Pokéball will do." The shopkeeper's scowl deepened as he went to collect the Pokéball.

Flocks of bird Pokémon squawked as they flew by along the ocean's waters. For the next few days Ash, Misty, and Brock would enjoy their time on the cruise until they reached their destination. In the meantime they decided that today seemed perfect for their Pokémon to take a breather and relax for a bit.

The S.S. Anne had accommodations for both human and Pokémon so everyone was having fun. Their Pokémon would occasionally mingle with other trainer's Pokémon as well.

Ash was currently lying down, relaxing in the warmth of the sun's rays. Charmeleon and Eevee seemed to have taken to this idea to as they sat next to him relaxing in the heat. Eevee curled into a small ball, wrapping her bushy tails around her. Ash was pleased to see that his Pokémon were enjoying their time aboard the cruise. They definitely deserved it after all their hard work.

His Pokémon preferred being out of their poke balls rather than cooped up inside. Though, on more than one occasion some trainer had walked by and asked Ash if he would trade his shiny Pokémon. Of course Ash refused; there was no way he would so easily depart with his Pokémon. They were his family after all. Eevee and Riolu had taken a great liking to him. Though, that could be because she considered him her dad or father-like figure and that Riolu looked up to him a lot.

Eevee was almost always hyper. Almost to the point where Ash thought that she practically ran on sugar and caffeine. Ash was the only one who could get the little firecracker to somewhat calm down when she was on her little sugar rushes. Misty and Brock had tried many times to get her sit down so they could either feed her or in Brocks case groom her, but all attempts failed. Eevee had a hard time warming up to anyone else besides Ash. He was the only one she allowed to touch her though Eevee had befriended Ash's group of Pokémon.

Riolu was always training for some odd reason and he was always looking to have a good fight. Ash liked Riolu's enthusiasm and often paired him with Scyther who was also a training nut. He seemed to instinctively grasp how to fight and his indomitable will to keep going was staggering.

Clefairy and Sandslash had fun playing some pranks on some of the trainers. He had enjoyed a few on a trainer called Mandi. He had traded in Butterfree to allow some space for Magikarp.

Magikarp enjoyed swimming immensely and when he taught her a few moves, she had taken it like well… a Magikarp to water. Everyone of his Pokémon welcomed her with open arms.

A splash of water drenched his clothes and broke his thoughts in the process. Ash glared in the direction of the person responsible. Misty floated in the pool with a mischievous grin on her face with Riolu splashing around in his swimming tube.

"Oh you're gonna get it now Misty!" he jumped from his chair undressing himself. He threw his vest and cap over to Charmeleon and Eevee. Training could wait for a little longer.

The following day…

Ash had gotten up early, around 8:00 a.m. if he was not mistaken, so he could get his spot on the training field. All of Ash's Pokémon were out of their Pokéballs and were patiently awaiting orders from their trainer. Professor Oak had fully registered Ash to carry all of his Pokémon as his sponsor so he could train them all at once. Though, he couldn't carry them all around as he was still limited to only 6 Pokeballs in battle. That and he wasn't allowed to use the Pokémon he didn't have registered on his persona for Pokémon battles.

"Alright guys let's get stared with the usual morning exercise. You too guys," Ash spoke gesturing to all his Pokémon. At once the Pokémon got to work on running laps around the training field.

Ash had just recently added weights to his Pokémon's training regime. The weights were specifically made for Pokémon and could be strapped around any appendage on the body. Because there was such a variety of Pokémon, the weights had to be made for each specific Pokémon, which made them expensive. Especially the ones Ash had bought where the weights could be adjusted to either a lighter or heavier setting. They may be expensive but the results were well worth it for the benefits. Already, his Pokémon had shown improvement in stamina and speed.

Since Eevee was still a newborn she received a lighter version of Ash's training, much to the annoyance of the evolution Pokémon. On more than one occasion Ash had to stop Eevee from pushing herself too hard. She sometimes tended to go a little overboard, but Ash had to admit that she was definitely committed to her training. Though, teaching her new moves was a whole other thing entirely.

Maybe it was because she was still a newborn with a 'slight' case of ADHD but she would often have trouble focusing when Ash tried to explain something to her. She was also easily distracted. In fact, Ash caught her chasing her tail in circles one time during training. One thing was for sure Ash would have his hands full when it came to training Eevee.

Unlike the rest of the Pokémon in Ash's group, Eevee had a special circumstance. Her species wasn't called the Evolution Pokémon for nothing. From the data Ash had read on Eevee's species, he learned that every Eevee had an irregular genetic code. This mutation in their genetic code responds to the radiation emitted from elemental stones and even the sun and moon. The radiation they receive from the following topics determines what Pokémon evolution she transforms into. When Ash first found this he was baffled but the medical reports he received when he briefly sent the newborns to Professor Oak. Eevee had an unstable gene in her body. The professor had cautioned Ash against evolving Eevee else it would be temperamental to her. Just in case though; to prevent her from accidently evolving, Ash put a small collar around her neck which had an everstone attached to it. The stone had come from Brock, who had found it on one of his digs back at Mt. Moon.

Riolu was also a newborn and was very eager to prove himself to Ash. He found creative ways to train himself and looked to Scyther and Ash as mentors. He was surprised when he saw Riolu doing some pushups with Sandslash on his back. He had to stop Riolu though when he did some insane training excerises.

He was very happy to learn some new moves whenever Ash taught him. He started going through some forms when Ash showed videos of a couple of Lucarios fighting even some of Sawk and Infernape but he practiced moves that he drew inspiration from and started trying to make it his own. His progress was astounding though but it would take some time before he would create and master his own style like Scyther. Ash wanted to build the foundations though so he could prepare him for moves that were more taxing on him and become a real powerhouse in the future. Feeling that he didn't want to leave Riolu out in terms of the gift department, he had gotten Riolu a focus band. The little newborn tackled Ash in thanks when he was presented the gift.

Magikarp's training was very interesting as well. For when Ash would use Magikarp in a battle, Splash would be the last thing they would expect to come from this Magikarp.

After a long grueling amount of exercise/training, Ash decided to call it a day and let the Pokémon rest. By now it was in the late afternoon, and it was almost the time to meet up with Misty and Brock. Ash had promised to meet up with Misty and Brock in the mid deck where all the festivities were held for the cruise. He switched Pokémon with what he had on hand and the ones on the ranch, replacing Sandslash and Scyther with Squirtle and Pidgeotto.

Mid Deck Level…

It had taken some time but Ash managed to find Misty and Brock amongst the huge crowd of people. All of whom were enjoying themselves. Food stands, games, and other festivities were provided for all passengers. There were even some trainers who traded Pokémon.

Misty had challenged Ash to a water gun contest in which the players used water Pokémon to shoot at targets. Ash used Squirtle while Misty had used her Staryu. It had been a close game, but the end result was a tie. Misty had commented on Squirtle's obvious improvement with his water type attacks and his power as well. On top of Squirtle's training with Ash, Misty had helped Squirtle work on his water type attacks along with Misty's other Pokémon.

The trio's attention turned to a growing crowd of people. Curious, the kids made their way through the crowd where they found a Pokémon battle taking place between a young kid who looked about Ash's age and a middle aged rich man who wore a business like attire along with a monocle placed on his right eye. The gentleman used the mouse Pokémon Raticate while the young trainer used a Starmie like the one Misty had.

The young boy's Starmie courageously fought against the gentleman's Raticate, but it was obvious who's Pokémon was more trained. While the Starmie was able to get a few decent hits the Raticate obviously had more training. With a well-timed Hyper Fang attack, the Raticate used its sharp front teeth to crack the gem on Starmie's front 'face'.

Starmie fainted from the blunt trauma of the attack, making Raticate the winner. Applause erupted from the crowd of trainers and spectators, in which Ash and his friends joined in. Ash had to admit that the gentleman had trained his Raticate fairly well.

The gentleman gave the young trainer some advice for future battles and advised that he take his Starmie to the healing center of the ship. The man then turned his attention toward the crowd of people.

"I would like to offer a challenge to any and all trainers who wish to test me and my Raticate's battle skills. Any takers?" the man's voice spoke with a slight tint of formality mixed with a playful spirit that enjoyed a good Pokémon battle.

Murmurs spread throughout the crowd, but known seemed to volunteer. Possibly because of the gentleman's display of skill, but Ash didn't care. Not being one to shirk off a challenge Ash was about to volunteer when another called out.

"I'll accept your challenge."

A tall teenager walked out of the crowd, he wore a grey hoodie with a black shirt that had a few buttons opened at the top showing his Dragonite Fang necklace and green camo pants with black slip-on shoes. He had a focus band on each arm complete with a black fingerless gloves, a pure white backpack and a wireless headphones around his neck. Next to him was a Lucario and from what Ash and Edward could feel held enormous power just like the teen. He had jet-black hair with bright blue eyes.

The gentleman's attention was drawn to the young man who had moved through the crowd into the clearing. A smile graced the gentleman's lips, clearly pleased that someone had taken his challenge.

"Very good. It will be a pleasure battling against you..."

The mysterious teen returned the gesture, giving a small nod. "Likewise. Name's Styles Kaizu."

Both trainers and Pokémon eyed the other, waiting for the other to make the first move. Seeing as how Styles wouldn't move, the gentleman decided to make the first move.

"Raticate strike with Quick Attack!" Immediately the Raticate moved from his spot with impressive speed.

"Detect." With that one word, Lucario had moved her body to the side before a blur flew past her. Dodging with only the simplest movements and no energy wasted, Lucario kept weaving through Raticate's fierce assault. The teen studied the Raticate before he decided to go on the offensive.

"Brick Break!" Her right paw glowed white and in a burst of speed was upon Raticate, about to deliver a fatal blow to Raticate.

"Dodge and use hyper fang!" The gentlemen commanded. Barely able to dodge the super effective move, Raticate's fang grew and glowed white about to bite onto Lucario.

"Step back and use Mach Punch." Yet again, Lucario dodged Raticate and swiftly allowed herself some breathing space before in blur that was barely caught by Ash, Lucario's arm was a blur before one resounding impact hit the Raticate, knocking him out.

The gentleman recalled his Raticate, giving it praise for such a good job. He walked up to Styles and offered a handshake, which Styles returned.

"Most impressive battling skills out there young man. Especially your Pokémon, I've never been so thoroughly thrashed in all my years of Pokémon battling."

"Don't worry about it, it just comes from training lots and lots of training." The teen smiled at the man good-naturedly.

Ash and co. just stared at the teen who soundly defeated the Raticate in one move with the evolved form of Riolu.

"He ended the match that fast, he's really good." Ash was shocked to say the least at the ease and speed of the trainer. He went up to him.

"Hey, I saw your match with the guy and it was awesome, do you mind if we have a match?" Styles bored face analysed Ash before Ash noticed a flash of blue enter Style's eyes as he immediately brightened up and a grin made its way on his face.

"Alright, let's have a battle on the top deck." Ash returned the same grin.

Top Deck Level...

-Play The Game by Disturbed-

"I can see you got lots of potential kid so I'm going to use one of my strongest Pokémon." His face didn't project any of the uninterested look before, he was serious now.

"I'm ready for anything you have to throw at me." Ash had his game face on.

"I heard about your gym battle in Vermillion City and how you beat Lt. Surge." There were gasps by rookie trainers who had faced and were shocked at how good Ash must be to beat . "I would like to see the power you used to beat Surge."

"Then I won't disappoint you, Charmeleon," In a burst of light, the evolved form of Charmander appeared in front of Ash, ready in his battle stance.

("Let's do it, Ash!")

"To battle Kokoro," In a burst of fire, the form of Charizard appeared on the field but not just any Charizard, a shiny Charizard. It had a black body with the underside of its wings being red, snorting fire from its nostril.

"Ready, girl?" Kokoro nodded towards Styles before facing the previous form of her evolution.


"Flare Bullets, chain it with Metal Claw," Charmeleon rushed forward spouting flaming bullets at Charizard while his claws were charged with steel aura ready to bring down Charizard.

"Air Slash and block with Iron Tail," Kokoro gave a brief nod before flapping her wings, her air blades meeting Charmeleon's bullets cancelling the attack before bringing her tail to meet his claws producing a resounding shockwave.

"Flamethrower/ Flamethrower!" Both Pokémon immediately unleashed a wave of fire at each other resulting in an explosion that kicked up smoke.

"Fire Spin!" Charmeleon jumped back from the smoke as he fired a spiralling flame at the smoke.

"Dragon Impact," Kokoro was covered in a corona of purple and was by Charmeleon's side.

("What?!") Charmeleon's shock at the dragon-like Pokémon appearing right next to him stopped him continuing his Fire Spin.

("Surprise.") He was tackled into the air as they went higher and higher until they were almost out of sight.

"Come on, Slash," Ash was stunned at the speed and power of Charizard but he was going to give it his all.

"Crunch." Kokoro bit down on Charmeleon before he could slash at her. He screamed in pain as her sharp teeth bit into his muscles and tissues.

"Release and use Aerial Ace," Charmeleon was thrown higher into the air as Kokoro become no more than a blue hitting Charmeleon from every angle.

"No, Charmeleon!" Ash could only watch as his Pokémon was taking a beating.

"Ash, calm down use your aura senses to fight back," Ash nodded before concentrating as aura filled his eyes increasing his vision.

"Iron Tail to the right," Charmeleon's eyes snapped open before twisting in mid-air and slammed his tail into Kokoro's face.

"DRAGON RAGE!" He unleashed the draconic fire onto the stunned Kokoro.

"Guard yourself with steel wing," Her wings covered her body as steel aura guarded itself against the dragon-type move. It washed over her form before she dispelled it with one mighty flap of her wings.

-End The Game by Disturbed, Play Storm Center by Bleach-

"Now, Blast Burn," She was surrounded in an aura of fire before a white cone of destruction formed in her mouth.

"Ash, get him out of there, that's the most powerful fire attack."

"But how? Charmeleon's in the ai- that's it." Ash looked up at his still air-borne Pokémon.

"Wait for my command, Charmeleon." Styles narrowed his eyes when he heard that.

"Fire!" And in a second, red filled the entire sky as pure fire burst forth from her mouth and was headed straight towards Charmeleon.

"Now, Flamethrower," Everyone could only stare at Ash in shock that he was going to command his Pokémon to clash against the most powerful fire-type move.

"Kid if you do this, your Pokémon's not going to make it." Styles said seriously.

"Who said it was going to be against Blast Burn? Now above," Charmeleon fired Flamethrower above him, propelling him towards the deck of the ship as the scorching fire was seconds away from toasting him. "Launch yourself at her with Overheat when you hit the deck."

Charmeleon touched down on the ground as the move ended not before his own flaming aura enveloped him as he sped his way to Kokoro like an orange comet when she still couldn't move after the use of Blast Burn.

He smashed his flaming body against Kokoro as another explosion once again obscured everyone's eye.

The dust settled to find to their shock Kokoro holding Charmeleon who was trying to leave her vice-grip.

("Oh come on.") He growled in frustration.

("You're good but not good enough.")

"No way..." Misty looked upon the sheer strength of Kokoro as she held Charmeleon.

"Headbutt and Dragon Tail," She smashed her forehead against Charmeleon before adding more insult or in this case pain to the injury by smacking him down with her purple-filled tail.

He barely recovered as he landed on his feet, wincing as all the wounds and cuts littered his gold-colored form with some blood still dripping from his shoulder.

-End Storm Center by Bleach, Play Revelation by American Pearl-

"Come on, let's give them one hell of a finish," Ash's amber eyes flared brightly as the blue aura in it changed to gold with him having a feral grin enjoying the rush of this battle. Charmeleon nodded as despite all his injuries, he gave the same feral grin.

"Ash, you've been a worthy opponent while Kokoro has sustained some injury, your Charmeleon has sustained more so let's not drag this out any longer and end this with one final attack." Kokoro flapped her wings before a red flame-like aura surrounded her.

"Let's see whose fire is stronger. Charge your most powerful flamethrower." He nodded before his orange-red aura flared as he gathered more energy converting it into the strongest and hottest flame he could muster.

("I hope you're ready cause I'm putting everything into this one.") The aura surrounding him grew bigger.

("Then I will share the same courtesy and use Blast Burn.") The white cone formed once again in her mouth.

"Flamethrower/Blast Burn!" Both waves of fire clashed in the air as they struggled for dominance. The heat was intense with people beginning to sweat, water evaporating from the pools as people quickly got out.

They were both evenly matched before Charizard's Blast Burn little by little started pushing Charmeleon's Flamethrower back.

Ash's aura was reaching out to Charmeleon and started to connect with his as the Blast Burn was halted and pushed back in the middle.

"MORE POWER!" Charmeleon's aura flared flashing from red-orange to gold, changing its shape into that of a silhouette of a Charizard.

His flamethrower was now pushing against the Blast Burn, almost reaching her and finally winning the battle.

"Flare Blitz into the flamethrower and end this with Mega Punch," She released the attack, enveloping her in the blast. He could see that the dragon was headed straight for him, cocking back her fist.

"What!? No way!" Ash was too shocked before she appeared out the flamethrower and knocked the lizard Pokémon out.

Everyone could only stare in shock and awe at the battle that displayed so much power, skill and spirit before bursting into cheers.

-End Revelation by American Pearl-

Ash had his face shadowed processing the loss and the battered form of his Pokémon, he took out his pokeball returning Charmeleon.

"Hey kid that wasn't bad at all, you have a lot of smarts there and your Charmeleon is pretty powerful and he's not even fully evolved." He put out his hand in congratulations.

"Thanks Styles." He shook the hand as he pondered his loss.

"Don't worry kid if you keep it up at this rate you might be able to beat me," He said encouragingly. "But it will be a ten years before that will ever happen."

"Well thanks again Styles, I hope I can have another match with you again."

Styles waved at him before returning Kokoro as he strolled to the lower parts of the ship.

"There goes his winning streak I knew that Ash would lose someday but he went out with a bang and what a bang it was." Brock stated as he looked at Ash.

"You mean you knew Ash was going to lose?" Misty looked in surprise at Brock.

"Ash knew he was going to lose, look at how Styles defeated Raticate. He must have years of experience on him and going from that you could deduce that he must have trained his Pokémon really well. Look at his Charizard, she only has a few scratches and barely looks tired compared to Charmeleon."

Brock still had that thoughtful look on his face. "This battle has taught a lot for Ash and Charmeleon. Winning isn't everything and lessons can be learned from losing as well. It's just the question of how Ash will take this loss." Brock's wisdom was definitely shining through

"I never thought of it like that." Misty just looked thoughtfully at Ash.

Brock continued from his explanation. "This also gives something for Charmeleon to strive for, a goal to beat Charizard. This will give him a better focus he needs during training."

Misty's eyes widened at the implications. Ash had purposely fought a losing battle to help give him the experience he needed to fight trainers with more skill and experience than him. Brock smiled at Ash and he made his way back over to his friends. Truly, Ash was a kid who had really promising future as a Pokémon trainer. The closed eyed teenager idly wondered how powerful Ash could get in the future.

"Well I blew my streak but I got to say that it was one of the most intense battle I ever had." He still had his grin despite losing. "Hey let's get Charmeleon healed then to the all you can eat buffet."

"Of course, if it's not pokemon on his mind then its food." Misty sighed as she watched Ash go to the Pokémon centre in the cruise.

-A little while later at the buffet line-

"Hey guys, look at all the food they have packed here." He had saliva dripping down his mouth while all his Pokémon just sweatdropped at their partner's behaviour.

He was about to grab the sushi when someone got to it first.

"Styles?!" He yelled in surprise.

"Hey kid, mind if I get the sushi roll?" He said putting it on his plate, not waiting for his answer as he smiled eagerly at it. Ash saw that he was also eyeing the last riceball as well when he plucked it away before he had the chance.

"Are you challenging me to a food-eating contest, kid?" Styles had a notable twitch above his eyebrow.

"Yeah and I know who's gonna win it," He bit onto the riceball with a smug grin.

Sitting down on the table they had platters of food in front of them. Lucario just face-palmed at childishness of her master and Riolu and Eevee were cheering their dad on.

At an unspoken signal, they both started eating at a rapid pace, bowls of food started piling on top of each other, leaning towers of plates were being formed and a crowd started to gather around them watching in morbid fascination while some cheered them on.

They were on the same 8th full course meal when the same schoolgirl arrived though now dressed in a white sundress.

"There you are, where did you run off to?" Ash looked up at the owner of the voice.

"Hey it's you..." Ash couldn't stick a name to her while she just brushed her hair that had a lot of guys swooning.

"Kristie. I forgot to introduce myself to you earlier. I wanted to see how my guests were doing. I already checked on Mr Harrison and Ms Waterflower but you..." She couldn't keep the giggle from escaping her lips as she found him tilting his head, with a tiny noodle of spaghetti hanging from his mouth, cute.

"Kid, this will be the second time I beat you." Styles interrupted, grabbing the Yakitori.

"Oh yeah-" The lights were suddenly cut off before they went back on again only to find that they were surrounded by Team Rocket.

Ash was immediately on the defensive protecting Eevee who was scared of the evil looking people with Riolu standing in front of her protecting his sister.

Styles chewed his food slowly as he processed what was happening around him. He whispered to Ash. "Follow my lead."

"We will now take possession of all the Pokémon you own." One rocket thug stated with an evil grin. He was interrupted by a loud slurping sound to see Styles sucking in milkshake as Ash wiped his mouth subtly grabbing a plate.

"Well now that's done, everybody listen up I have one thing to say." Everybody was listening intently when all of a sudden a pie found its way on the Rocketeer's face.

"FOOD FIGHT!" Utter pandemonium ensued.

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