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Gumball sat alone in the captain's old office, searching through his old boss' computer and papers, searching for something, anything to do with Peter. 'What were you hiding?' the detective thought to himself as he pulled up another file on the computer. 'Peter wouldn't have kept you along for this long unless he needed something from you, what was it?' suddenly the detectives train of thought was paused as a gust of cold wind blew in from the area that once held a window. As his attention was momentarily on the empty piece of wall the door opened quietly.

"Gumball? What are you doing in here?" Rory asked his partner in surprise.

"What does it look like?" Gumball asked as he returned his attention to the monitor.

"It looks like your tampering with evidence." Rory spoke worriedly, Gumball just waved that thought away.

"Oh come on! I'm just trying to find anything connected to Peter." He explained without turning his face away from the screen.

"Why don't you just let one of the tech guys look for it? Lord knows that if there was anything they would find it a Hell of a lot sooner then you." He pointed out, carefully tiptoeing around the evidence on the floor.

"No thanks! I don't know if I can trust them, never met them." Gumball explained, "Jeez this guy watched a lot of movies on this thing! Did he ever do any actual work?!" Gumball exclaimed annoyed. He rubbed his tired eyes to try and make the weariness go away.

Rory sighed as he cautiously approached his partner, "So have you found anything?" he asked curiously, looking over Gumball's shoulder to the screen.

"Nothing yet, but there's going to be something. I guarantee it." Gumball sighed as he clicked out of yet another useless piece of data.

"What's that?" Rory asked pointing to a folder labeled "Gas"

"Probably just some useless and lowbrow, probably a video." Gumball said as he clicked on it. The first thing he noticed was how much more organized than any other folder. "This is different." Gumball muttered. It was a perfect record, a record of some sort of gas being imported secretly through the East harbor.

"What kinda gas are we talking about here?" Rory asked, now nervous of what this all meant.

"I don't know." Gumball admitted, at that moment the door opened and a cop poked his head inside, "Come on guys! Hal is going to be on Elmore Today soon!" he informed the detectives. The cop left and closed the door behind him.

"What's he talking about?" Gumball asked Rory, who was already making his way to the door.

"Hal's going to be on TV talking about the Elmore police department." Rory informed as he finally got to the door.

'Might as well take a short break.' Gumball thought, getting up and heading to the door. 'Who knows, maybe I just need a little break.' He thought as he opened the door, taking a final look over the wide chalk outline before turning and leaving.

"Hello and welcome to Elmore Today!" A smiling host welcomed the crowd. "Today we have a special guest on the show. He is a police officer from our very own Elmore! And he's here to talk to you about how to be safe with the copy-cat killer on the loose." He told the happy and applauding crowd, it was a sold out show. "Now please welcome Officer Hal Queen!" he shouted happily as a man dressed in a police officer's uniform walked onto the stage carrying a small black bag, and wearing a large smile on his face.

"Thank you for being on the show tonight Mr. Queen!" the guest welcomed the man, shaking his hand happily. The blue cat's smile only grew wider upon hearing this greeting. "It's great to be here Jimmy!" He responded happily, he coughed a little "I'm sorry, I'm a little parched. Do you think I could get a drink?" he asked.

"Ah, yeah. Sure." The host said, gesturing of camera, and then he sat behind his desk. Soon an extra brought out the blue cat's drink in a mug. "Thank you." He thanked the extra gratefully as he accepted the mug. He took a small sip before resting the mug on the desk.

Then he unzipped the black bag and retrieved a plastic gas mask. He slipped the mask over his face and tightening it soundly. "Are you going to tell us something about how to use a gas mask?" the host asked unsure of what was going on. "Yeah… and what better way than with a demonstration." He shouted loudly, picked up the mug from the desk and slamming the base onto the side of the desk, the handle was left intact with a jagged edge. He grabbed Jimmy by his neck tie and pulled him close, Peter raise the handle high in the air before bringing down across Jimmy's neck. Blood splattered across Peter's face and mask.

The crowd shrieked in terror and ran from their seats, hurdling rows and trampling others to get to the doors. But to their dismay they were locked and barred. As they panicked a slow but steady flow of green gas flowed in through the air vents. Peter laughed maniacally as he looked straight into the cameras and shouted in his muffled voice, "Hello Elmore, and welcome to my final show!" The crowd members began to drop weakly to the floor one by one, followed by the camera men who's cameras fell with them, allowing only a view of Peter's feet.

He bent over and put his face into the fallen camera. "Detectives, I'll be at the corner of Greenwell and Harrison. Come and get me if you can." He mocked, standing straight and walking off stage slowly.

The entire station was in a scramble, Gumball was shouting "All units to the corner of Greenwell and Harrison now!" before running to his squad car. 'I've got you now you son of a bitch!'

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