Okay, this one is different. I'm not sure how or why it is but I just feel that it is from other Rizzles I've written lately. I would appreciate any feedback on it. I wanted to show the difference between how Jane is with… boys and how she is with Maura-softened, helpless, entranced just totally enamored with everything that Maura is. This is more fluffy smut btw just to give you a warning so every little point is not going to be fleshed out. It's meant to be a snapshot of their relationship. There are going to be 2 maybe 3 chapters in all to this and they will most likely be in Jane's POV because I think it needs to be just like Butch Please needed to be in Maura's IMO. I hope you enjoy. All mistakes are mine.

Jane peered at herself in the mirror. The wife beater was nothing new, in fact, one could say it was habitual and the boxers were more of the same. She glanced over her shoulder to the clothing that lay on the bed, and that was the something different. She wanted tonight to be perfect or as close to perfect as she could get. Jane swallowed and rubbed sweaty palms on her boxers. After all what do you get a woman who has everything for her birthday? It was too late to second guess.

She was nervous, and Jane didn't get nervous. It was a testament to Maura and all the feelings that swirled in Jane at just the thought of her. Their road toward each other had been arduous, and Jane knew that was her doing. It was difficult going from feeling nothing to being blindsided by a myriad of emotions that were sometimes so raw and jagged that they cut through whatever armor she tried to fortify. Still, all of this made them stronger together than they ever were apart.

"Okay, I went through my bag. I think these socks will work best." Frost said as he entered Jane's bedroom. He glanced at her and turned around almost immediately. "Sorry, I thought you'd be dressed by now."

Chuckling, Jane added, "No, a little spaced out I guess, and for god's sakes we're all girls here."

With permission Frost, gave her his full attention. "True." Frost stopped in front of the mirror and handed the socks to Jane. "Let's get started then." He stepped back and gave her the once over. "It looks to be the perfect cut to fit you, but you still should have brought me along."

"You doubt my sense of style?" Jane raised a brow as she pulled on the thin black socks.

"No, because you can work those pants suits. I was convinced for a while that Maura was dressing you until I saw you roll out of your own bedroom with one on."

"I'm still a woman, Frost, and I know what looks good on me."

His eyes trailed from head to toe then back up again, stopping at her crotch. "Say that again without that monster bulging between your legs."

Jane smirked. "It's not a monster, and I didn't think you'd notice."

"Of course I did. Who do you think you're talking to? Besides, fuck if I know how you chose that size. Is it a Rizzoli trait because your brother-"

"Oh God, stop right there!" Jane cringed and reddened.

Frost laughed and shook his head. "Let me get this straight. You're standing in front of me half naked all strapped up and ready to go, and you don't want me to talk about my sex life?"


"The fuck ever. Like I don't know what you're going to do with that thing. I'll never be able to look Maura in the eye again."

"Bullshit! Then, you'll tease me about it until the day I die."

"I—" He opened his mouth and paused. "Yeah, you're probably right about that."

"I know I am."

They peered at each other and smiled. Jane scratched the back of her neck as she searched for the words to say. "Look, thanks for doing this. It's kinda weird knowing you have my back in everything."

Frost rolled his eyes but his gaze was warm. "We're family in more sense than one, and even if I wasn't seeing Frankie I'd still help. I'd probably take pictures and shit to blackmail you, but I'd still be here." He flashed a pearly white grin. "Through thick and thin, right?"

Jane glared but nodded.

"Speaking of thick, are you sure Maura can handle-"

Holding up a finger, Jane pointed it dangerously. "No…just no."

His lips quirked and his eyes held innocence. "I was just showing concern. I don't think tomorrow could really be considered a sick day if she couldn't walk because of this."

Jane smacked his head. "You just have to get it in somehow don't you?"

"Ow! Well, hell you know this."

"I do just like you should have known that was coming."

They glared at each other but it was with affection not animosity.

"Fine, I'll try to behave, but let me get something out first."

"Yeah?' Jane said warily.

"Did you wear—?" He pointed to her crotch. "To get it altered? Because you're hanging to the right, we might want to make sure it's not too snug a fit."

Jane's eyes widened. "Oh shit!"

"Of course you didn't." Frost sighed.

Smirking, Jane added. "Of course I did! Guy's hands were shaking and shit. Sure he would have said something if I didn't have my gun."

Frost roared with laughter. "I wish I could've been there for that. Lesbian cop and a black guy…the damage we could have done."

Jane grinned. "I know right?"

"Oh yeah." He peered down at his watch. "We should get you dressed. There is only an hour and a half until the awards ceremony so that means—

"Forty five minutes Maura time."

"Exactly." Frost walked over to the bed. "Let's start with the pants and-" There was a sudden silence. "This is an Armani."

"It is." Jane met his gaze.

"How did you afford a fucking Armani tuxedo?" He sounded incredulous but somehow amused.

Sighing, Jane then rolled her eyes. "It's a lower end Armani and I got it on sale."

Jane watched as he held up the pants. "Like butter."

The pants, just like the rest of the tux, were basic black. A few seconds later, Jane slid them on. He wasn't kidding. They were like butter. She glanced in the mirror and was happy to see that they fit perfectly with no noticeable bulge. They were not too baggy nor were they tight and did the same her slacks did…show off her best asset, her legs.

Frost held up the crisp white shirt and helped her put it on slowly to avoid wrinkles. They were silent as Jane buttoned it.

"Do you know how to do the bow tie or should I-"

"I got it. I think." Jane took the black wisp of material and willed nervous fingers to do what she needed.

Frost nodded in approval and brought over the next piece, the matching black vest, carefully as if it were going to break into a million pieces.

"For Christ's sake. You don't have to tip toe with it."

"Shhh, don't want to anger the Armani god. It won't be pretty."

"You're a ridiculous little man."

Frost smirked. "That's not what your brother says."

Jane groaned as he slid the vest over her shoulders and buttoned it as well.

"Damn, you could just wear that and be killer."

"You think?" Jane turned to the side. She looked distinguished but there was something about the look in her eye that added a wildness to it.

"Uh huh, but to get the full effect-"

The jacket was on a few seconds later.

"Well, shit. Now I want to fuck you." Frost muttered.

Jane attempted to get him in the head again, but he ducked.

She stopped the antics and really looked at herself. "I look good." Jane whispered in wonder.

"I don't think Maura can handle this. Shit, I barely can."

Jane grinned. "Thank you."

"Hey guys, I'm here! Where are you?"

"In the bedroom, Frankie." Frost answered.

Barely two seconds later, her brother appeared in the doorway. His eyes bulged. "Holy shit, Jane."

"I know right?" Frost added as he moved toward Frankie, greeting him with a quick kiss.

"You look incredible."

Jane almost blushed…almost. "That's what he said."

Frankie snorted and cut his eyes at Frost. "I know him. What else did he say?"

"Things that could make my ears bleed."

Frankie snaked an arm around his lover. "Yeah, but under that dirty mouth is…well—"

"Something dirtier no doubt, and trust me even if I was drunk as hell I wouldn't want to hear it."

Chuckling, Frankie added, "You're missing out. I'm telling you."

"Moving on." Jane insisted.

"Are you ready to have your face all over the papers?" Frankie asked, thankfully changing the subject.

Jane shrugged. "I'm already in the papers plenty."

"True, but who knew Maura gave so much to kid's charities? I mean, they are naming her Woman of the Year." Frankie asked.

Frost and Jane raised their hands. "And it's her birthday." Jane added.

"We didn't forget. Frost and me got her something for whenever you guys come up for air." He and brother smirked and brown eyes so like her own glinted with laughter.

Jane scoffed. "Keep it up, ass."

"So what did you get her Jane?"

She glanced at her brother. "I—"

"Oh, it's very special. About seven and a half inches-"

"Frost!" Jane growled.

The man in question threw up his hands. "Okay, okay my lips are sealed…until after you leave." He smiled. "Now what are we going to do with the hair?" Frost's eyes lit up. "Frankie, grab a clean sheet from the closet. We're going to straighten it."

"We?" Frankie asked.

"As in me." Frost answered.

"We don't have time—" Jane added.

"I'll be quick. Trust me it will make all the difference."

Sitting in her car in Maura's driveway, Jane peered at herself in the mirror. Frost was right. It did make all the difference. It gave her an elegant edge that she could not help but appreciate. Her make up was minimal just like always, but it all fit together just the way she needed it to tonight.

Then why was she still nervous?

Jane sighed. "You're being stupid." She said to her mirror image. "If you worry too much, shit really is going to happen." She glared at herself then looked around sheepishly hoping no one in the neighborhood was the wiser.

"It's Maura," she whispered. Maura who somehow always made her feel ten feet tall and capable of anything. Confidence that was almost never lacking, shot up a few more points. Her love for this woman did this. Her need for this woman did this, and Jane was going to make sure that she did it in return.

She opened her car door and didn't look back.

Jane let herself in. "Maura! Are you—"

The woman in question walked into the living area. "Shoes, and the car should be here any minute."

Jane's mouth dropped open then went bone dry. Maura had always been a beautiful woman, but there had been times when Jane literally could not breathe.

This was one of them.

Her hair was swept upward and away from her face and her make up left her with eyes smoky enough to set fires. Twinkling earrings dangled. Lips were a luscious shade of pink. Jane's eyes tracked downward. Maura was a vision in green. The dress was strapless, leaving soft but defined shoulders bare. It clung to her breasts, accentuating them but somehow only revealing modest cleavage that the simple gold chain accented. Then, it molded curves that were already delicious to start with, moving them toward delectable. The dress stopped right above the knee, but somehow…somehow it made her legs look as if they went on forever.

"Jesus Christ, Maura." Jane's heart roared in her chest.

Maura smiled demurely. "Thank you."

"I didn't say anything yet."

"You didn't have to." Like an expert, Maura slid on her heels and sauntered toward Jane.

She suddenly felt like she was being stalked, but Jane found that she didn't mind at all. Maura's scent wafted toward her, and it was so familiar that her stomach knotted in welcome. Jane could do nothing but watch as perfectly manicured nails followed along the lines of her lapel.

The touch was slow, reverent, and there was something dangerously sexy about it. Maura stepped closer, keeping only a minute distance between them. Her lips were close enough to kiss. For the moment, they shared the air instead.

"For me?" Maura asked breathily.

Jane's heart skipped a beat. "Yes."

Slowly, Maura unbuttoned the jacket. Jane watched mesmerized as fingertips glided over the vest, trailing downward. She licked her lips and realized her breathing had become ragged. Just being close to this woman sometimes was enough.

Suddenly there was no space between them not even air. Maura gasped as their lips brushed. Jane groaned into the contact as hands skimmed her crotch.

"For me?" Maura asked again, sounding needy.

Maura's tongue flicked over Jane's lips. Brows dipped, and she was so concentrated on that feeling that she almost forgot to respond. She swallowed. "You know it is."


Just the way that Maura said her name made Jane shiver. It held a gentleness but heat curled around it. "You like it?"

"Everything. You're just so…sometimes I just don't have words. I don't know how you do that to me."

"I think we're pretty even on that score."

"Mmm." Maura's lips were on hers once more.

Fire arched through Jane's belly. She grasped Maura by the shoulders, and before she could lose herself, muttered, "Your lipstick—"

"I don't care." Maura whispered hotly in between caresses. "I need-"

They were like magic words to Jane. She moaned before deepening the kiss, nipping at Maura's bottom lip and demanding entry. She opened wide and Jane slid inside as if she belonged.

They parted reluctantly. The air was burning around them. Their foreheads touched as breathing returned to normal. "Happy birthday," Jane whispered.

"If this isn't my present, I don't know how much more I can stand."

Jane grinned. "It's not. You'll get it before midnight."

"Are you sure? Because this is more than enough. You look great every day, but if you wore this at the station, I wouldn't be responsible for what we did on the elevator, your desk, and mine too for that matter."

Jane smirked as arousal continued to creep upon her. The images that flashed did nothing but spur things along. "You're such a dirty girl."

"Yes, but I'm yours."

Something about that statement sent a bolt of warmth through Jane. It was different from the growing heat, and she couldn't help but take notice. "I know we've only been together for a few months, but really, how long did you want—"

"I heard you defending me once when some of the older male detectives were calling me Dr. Strange. You were screaming and telling them that Homicide had closed more cases since I was appointed. You told them I was strange to them because they were stupid."

Jane could feel the heat seep into her face. "You heard that? I believe my words were fucking stupid. Where were you?"

"Standing at the door. No one has ever done that…ever, and I just knew. I'd never felt anything like it. I didn't know it was possible for someone like me. Love is an abstract concept. It's a collection of chemical highs filtered by the brain, but when I realized what it was, I couldn't stop it. I didn't want to."

"You and me both." Jane kissed Maura's nose.

"I'm so glad you stopped running."

"Me too."

"Look at us now," Maura added.

Remembering how she did run from it all, Jane felt a heaviness sink into her. So, she did what she did best, divert with a quip. "We look damn good."

Maura's eyes glinted knowingly. She could always see deeper than anyone else could. "We do." Their gazes remained locked. "I love you."

Every time she heard it, it felt like fireworks exploded in Jane's chest. Everything quivered and tingled, leaving her searching for breath.

Maura's fingertips grazed her cheek. "I love the look on your face when I say that."

Jane blushed because Maura was the only one who could do that to her. "I love you too."

Maura beamed. "I know." She stepped away hesitantly. "I need to reapply my lipstick."

Jane nodded and watched her walk away, finding that the view from behind was just as breathtaking. It was going to be a good night but a long one. She took a deep breath and tried to steady herself.

The limo sped along the interstate. Jane could feel Maura's gaze, heavy and heated. She met it once more. It was too much and Maura was too close. This is what it felt like for someone to be everything—lover, friend, and soul mate. It was all encompassing and alluring in ways she still could not fathom, and it wouldn't take much for Jane to give in to it. Her heart thudded and her skin was alive with awareness.

"How am I supposed to behave myself?"

Jane chuckled. "Shouldn't that be my line?"

"Not tonight. I can't look away. They're all going to know who you are…how I feel, and I don't care. I never have, but—"

"I don't either."

Maura moved closer, twirling a dark tendril of hair around her fingertip. "Frost's idea?"

"How did you know?" Jane couldn't keep the amusement out of her voice even with things heating up between them once more.

"Because you wouldn't have the patience." Maura's fingertips trailed behind the curtain of hair, tangling into her nape. "It suits you," she whispered.

Jane shivered. "Maura." She meant for it to sound like a warning, but it was more desperate and strained. She knew this woman better than she knew herself at times. Maura could sense her growing need, and she was going to test the very limits of it. Then, she was going to sate it the only way she knew how…with everything in her.

Painted lips touched Jane's ear. "All I have to do is straddle you…"

Jane groaned.

"I get to have what I want on my birthday…correct?"

"Five minutes, Ms. Isles." The announcement was loud and clear over the intercom.

It was like someone threw ice water in Jane's face. She glared at Maura who in return smiled coquettishly. "I wonder if this was how Billy Bob felt the night of the Oscars a few years ago."


Jane released a bark of laughter. "Maybe it would be best if you didn't know that story."

To be Continued...