Chapter 3

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Jane stumbled into the house behind Maura. She reached out for her needing contact, craving it. Maura gasped when Jane wrapped her arms around her from behind, drawing their bodies together. Searing heat enveloped them like it had been sitting in wait.

"Impatient?" Maura husked.

As her tongue traced the shell of Maura's ear, Jane murmured. "So are you."

"Maybe. I confess to nothing." Maura shivered.

Even though it almost physically hurt to do so, Jane stepped away. Maura emitted a sound of protest but it turned into a moan as Jane nearly ripped the zipper in her zeal to get Maura's dress undone. Revealing creamy skin inch by inch made Jane's mouth water. Then, the dress fell to the floor in a puddle at Maura's feet, and was promptly kicked out of the way. In the process of stepping out of high heels, Jane burred, "Leave them on."

Maura did not hesitate to obey.

Ragged breathing filled the air, creating a symphony of rising passion.

"Sweet God," Jane whispered. She peered down at glorious flesh peeking from the smallest strip of black lace she had ever seen, hidden beneath a garter belt that only served to accentuate. The mantra please don't turn around played in her head because if Maura did, Jane knew patience would die a fiery death. Instead, she brought them together once more back to front. Her hands trailed over Maura's torso, brushing skin so supple it felt like putty in her hands. She cupped heaving breasts, molding them, kneading them gently at first, but she knew what Maura liked. She knew what Maura needed. Jane firmed her touch, roughened it as she bit into Maura's shoulder and soothed it with her tongue.

"Jane!" Maura moaned thickly.

Jane's fingertips skimmed over swollen nipples, encased in matching black lace, making them stand proudly. She continued to tease the erect flesh until Maura cried out and arched into the touch.

Stomach clenching in empathy, Jane was reminded that arousal still raged between her thighs. Of their own volition her hips began to roll against exposed curves, seeking friction…seeking pleasure.

Maura sobbed. "I feel you."

Jane groaned and persisted.

"You go so deep. I don't think you have any idea how-" Maura grasped Jane's hands, guiding them downward into lace panties. Entwined fingers skimmed a soft patch of hair before parting waiting flesh. They descended into viscous wetness that seemed to coat every fold. Dripping would never be an adequate word for when Maura was like this.

Twin cries imbued the room.

Jane knew. She knew how much she was wanted. She knew how sometimes Maura's need for her stripped away reason. This was just a reminder.

Maura turned slightly. "I want—" she panted.

There was no need to finish the request. Their lips met sloppily, desperately. Mouths opened wide as tongue and teeth clashed.

Jane wanted nothing more than to dive into the font of liquid heat. She resisted, but that did not keep her from teasing. She pushed their fingertips closer with each caress, rimming the area until Maura was sobbing and her hips thrust forward only to pull back and barely brush the throbbing bundle of nerves at her apex.

"Impatient now?" Jane murmured as they kissed.

Maura's face was flushed with pleasure as well as the denial of it. Still, lips curled on the ends in a tiny smile. "Possibly." It was all she was going to get from her right now, but later…later it would be a glorious surrender.

Slowly, reluctantly, Maura removed their appendages from the deliciousness between her legs. They both moaned in idle protest, but Jane fractured into a million pieces when her fingertips were enveloped in a different kind of wetness all together. Humming in delight, Maura sucked them deep into the cavern of her mouth.

"Holy -!" Just like before each caress pulled at Jane's sex, and she was helpless to resist, thrusting against Maura's ass as if she wanted to live inside her. The sounds that fell from Jane's lips would have been embarrassing in polite company, but there was nothing polite about this encounter.

Jane longed to feel Maura against her. She tried vehemently to wiggle out of her jacket. Without warning, Maura spun around. "No, keep it on…all of it."

Gasping, Jane was riveted. Hungry green eyes were mesmerizing, and the rest of her was positively exquisite. Maura was a vision in black lace and thigh high stockings. Jane's heart beat erratically against her ribcage and breathing became a thing of the past. The constant trickle of arousal became a veritable faucet pooling rapidly between Jane's thighs.

Maura smiled slowly, saucily. "You like it?"

"For me?" Jane croaked in perfect parody of Maura's question at the beginning of the night.

"Oh, yes."

"God bless America." The words tumbled out of Jane's mouth as her brain continued to misfire.

Maura threw her head back in laughter. Then, she reached behind her back, and within seconds, her breasts bounced free. Jane whimpered then salivated as hardened peaks beckoned. Maura closed the short distance between them, rubbing herself against Jane like a cat.

Pink nipples stood out in sharp relief, scraping against her jacket. There was something about the sight of them that caught Jane's attention. She grasped the tips between her fingertips, tweaking and pulling until they were turgid. Crouching slightly, she covered them with her lips, sucking strongly.

The smile fell from Maura's face but it was followed by a languid moan. "Jane." The exhalation was shaky, needy, letting her know that Maura was nearing the end of this game.

"Tell me what you want." Jane murmured the words into Maura's open mouth.

Maura groaned as she swallowed them. "You…just-"

Winding her hand in Maura's hair, Jane pulled hard enough to garner attention and spur brutal honesty. A surprised gasp was the first response. Green eyes were near black. Her face was flushed and beads of sweat covered her forehead. Her mouth was moist, swollen and slackened. Maura looked ravenous. "Fuck me." The words fell from her lips in a lusty snarl.

Jane died in that moment, but her body lived on. Their lips met with an intensity that was shattering. She felt it deep in her bones because Maura was ingrained even there. Jane walked them backwards deeper into the living area. She didn't care where they ended up. It was all about the journey.

Maura's hands were everywhere, squeezing her breasts through the layers of clothing and digging into hips trying to bring them impossibly closer. Then, fingers were on her crotch for the fourth time tonight.

The sound of the zipper being lowered was impossibly loud. Maura's hand encased her, freed her, and even though she couldn't see it, Jane felt it soul deep.

Some item of furniture impeded their progress. It was the sectional, and it was going to have to be good enough. It was perfect for what Jane had in mind. As if reading her thoughts, Maura twirled around, putting her back to Jane, lifting her hips at the same time. Maura knew how she wanted it and was not above showing her. After all, give a lady what she wants on her birthday.

Jane grasped Maura by the hips, pulling her into her body and rubbing Maura against her permanent arousal. She felt untamed and raw, and only Maura could do this to her. Jane reveled in it as her control or illusion of it waned. She nipped at the flesh behind Maura's ear and husked. "I won't be gentle."

Maura's answering groan was absolutely sinful. "Don't want you…to be."

Indeed. It was an achievement to reduce Maura Isles to broken sentences.

Letting her go and stepping scant inches away, Jane scraped blunt nails down Maura's naked back. Gooseflesh erupted. With a slight push forward, Maura bent over the arm.

There was no more need for hesitation, and there was no more room for play. Jane yanked black panties down. They shimmed slowly, impeded by the garter and hung there mid -thigh. It was enough.

Jane growled at the sight before her. Rounded flesh was taut and it trembled along with Maura's thighs. She was past ready. Between splayed legs a vast wetness was smeared and glistening as far as Jane's eyes could see, paving the way.

Black silicone was heavy in her hands, but she guided it with confidence, sliding it against moist heat and painting it with it. Maura groaned appreciatively. Her hips rolled, seeking to increase the contact and Jane knew it was time give them what they both needed.

"Hold on to something."

Maura reached out, digging her fingertips into leather.

Wrapping part of the garter belt in her fist, Jane guided herself home, slowly. She watched with bated breath and in utter fascination as the tip disappeared between wet folds. With a slight arch of her hips, she was shaft deep. She wanted Maura to feel every inch of her raking over quivering walls.

"God!" Maura exclaimed.

By the sound of it, Jane was getting her wish. She held Maura still, preventing straining hips from further movement.

Maura whined against the action. "Please!"

It was all she needed to hear. With a groan and a mighty surge of her hips, Jane filled her completely. Tangling her other hand in silky material, Jane held on as control finally shattered.

There was no resistance.

There was no quarter asked and none was given.

Jane's hips rolled at a bruising pace. The sounds that fell from Maura's lips were throaty, incoherent and they settled in Jane's belly, spurring her on. Though flesh did not meet flesh, a muffled slap permeated the room every time Jane's clothed hips collided with Maura. The image of their joining was the epitome of eroticism. Maura was all woman: naked, vulnerable; and willing, wanting to be taken while Jane wore the costume of the conqueror.

Maura was covered in sweat and Jane knew she was the same. It stung her eyes, but it was of little concern. There was only this. Each thrust sent charged tendrils of pleasure right where Jane needed them the most, making every sensitive, swollen fold pulsated with delight. Jane wanted nothing more than for Maura to feel the same: completely decimated and utterly overwhelmed by this moment. Leaning forward she snaked an arm around Maura's torso, rubbing her open palm against hardened nipples. Fingertips continued to glide over sweat soaked skin until they reached their goal, aroused flesh. There was no teasing, no pretense. Jane's fingers swirled in tight, concise circles that made the throbbing bundle of nerves swell even more.

Maura's response was loud, guttural. "Jane!" Her grip on the leather couch lessened. Maura reached a hand between her own legs, entwining it with Jane's over sopping wetness.

Through this act alone, a volcanic like heat singed Jane's blood, and radiated outward. Minute lightning filled explosions started deep between her legs. Maura's name was a hoarse cry on her lips as each thrust became shallower, quicker.

"Yess!" Maura hissed, welcoming the increasingly ferocious pace.

Tiny explosions turned into cataclysmic ones so intense that dark spots danced in Jane's vision before it was imbued with white. With both hands re-situated, she pounded into Maura as orgasm clawed at her unforgivingly. Obscenities fell from Jane's lips as her body ripped in two.

Maura quivered uncontrollably. Her cries raised in volume, piercing the air around them. Then, she fell apart stiffening before spasms rocked her entire body. A sudden hot gush of liquid soaked through Jan's pants. She groaned and it only served to take her higher.

The aftershocks pummeling Jane were just as dangerous as the actual eruption. Her hips continued to circle softly. She held onto Maura molding their bodies together, back to front. Maura's hips began to move with hers.

Maura reached behind her, weaving a hand into dark tresses. Their lips met just as sloppily as they did before but there was a reverence to it, an awe.

"Don't stop. " Maura groaned as Jane's hands slid over her hips. The fire that seemed to always smolder between them brightened and strengthened like highly combustible fuel was thrown in it. Jane began to plunder Maura's mouth with renewed intent. Inside her was where she belonged. There was no stopping the inevitable.

A long time later, Jane smiled as she watched Maura sleep. There was nothing prim or proper about it. She was a sprawler, stretching out over the bed and Jane herself in ownership. There was no part of Maura that was hidden even this one. Jane was allowed into every crack and fissure, and Jane wanted to do the same. It was Maura's right, her reward for never giving up on them. She pressed her lips near Maura's forehead and turned to peer at the clock. It was 11:17. Moving with care and practiced ease, she extricated herself and padded out of the master bedroom.

Jane grinned as she walked into the guest room she used to frequent. It was the perfect hiding place. Procuring the small perfectly wrapped box, Jane reentered the bedroom just as silently as she left it.

She stopped and gazed at the sight before her. Emotion filled her to the point of bursting. This was completion. This was happiness. Jane sat down and leaned forward, waking Maura the best way she knew how…with a kiss.

There was a whimper and a hum of pleasure before green eyes blinked open. They were foggy, unfocused.

"Hey. It's still your birthday."

Maura smiled as her vision cleared. She glanced at the clock. "It is."

Jane took a deep breath as nerves threatened. "I have something for you." As an afterthought, she flicked on the bedside lamp, illuminating the moment.

Maura reached up, trailing her finger tips over Jane's cheek. "You've given me so much already." The statement had nothing to do with tonight, but it had everything to do with Jane finally coming to her, months ago, in tears, in surrender to feelings that had become too big for them both.

She brought Maura's hand to her lips. "Not everything," Jane whispered. Green eyes held her captive as Jane laid herself bare. "I love you so damn much, Maura."

"I know," Maura murmured. It was said with such assurance and conviction like it was an irrefutable fact. The sky is blue. Trees are green, and Jane loves Maura. Without another word, she took the gift from Jane's hand, opening it quickly.

Maura held it up. The chain glinted in the muted light, but it was the diamond encrusted locket attached to it that really sparkled. Jane knew Maura would recognize it for what it was…a choice piece, an expensive piece.

"Oh, Jane."

"Open it."

With shaking fingers, Maura did what was asked.

Jane swallowed and waited.

Maura began to read aloud. "My life started with you. I know it will end the same." She gasped and her eyes shined with tears.

Releasing a shaky breath, Jane whispered, "You're it for me Maura. I'm not scared. I'm not running. If you didn't know that before, you do now."

Maura's smile was bright and wide, denoting a happiness that seemed to roll off her in waves. She wrapped herself around Jane, clinging to her. "I have no words."

Jane returned the embrace and basked in one of the best compliments this woman could ever give her. A sense of completion settled over her. She had given Maura something she never had before. She was loved. She was cherished. She was wanted, and she was understood. It was Jane's greatest gift, and she was going to make sure the value of it never diminished.