Summary- "A grown man with a pink milk moustache wasn't one of the most arousing sights I'd ever seen, but I had to give him points for making me laugh." ~ AU GrimIchi! Grimmjow's repeated attempts at wooing the ginger, all somehow revolving around their shared love for strawberry milk.

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Grimmjow was waiting for me when I finished my shift, leaning casually against a lamppost across the street. It made my heart skip a beat to see him standing majestically, hair glowing ethereal in the dim ghostly spray of light.

A breeze ghosted past to cool my heating nerves, as his electric eyes sparkled at me through the darkness, a smirk tugging at his lips. I wondered how he could stand so casually in thin, baby-blue swimming trunks, and an even thinner Hawaiian print shirt. While his abdomen did look exceptionally milky and delicious beneath it, he must have been cold in the harsh breeze.

I was decked up in a long, thick trench-coat, yet I could still feel the winds bite.

"What's with your sense of style?" I grumbled tiredly as I approached, pulling out a cold can and chucking it to him.

"What do you mean? There's nothing wrong with it." He grinned, plucking the can from the air.

"Why don't you just wear normal clothes that suit the weather?" I asked earnestly. I was too tired to be angry, so maybe if he gave me a good answer I'd let it go.

"I don't like clothes." He shrugged, popping his can open with a hiss. "It seems wrong; we're born in the nude, yet the older we get the more ashamed we are of our bodies. More rules, morals and expectations... It's degrading. People should be proud of how they look." He sighed, and took a long swig of his can.

I blinked a few times, running his words through my mind. It kind of made sense, but I'd never expected something so deep to come from this man. I couldn't really say I agreed either.

Luckily, I was saved from formulating a response as he began to choke and gag, coughing out the liquid from the can with wide, terrified eyes. "What the hell is this!-?" He exclaimed.

A smirk tugged at my lips as I pulled out my own can, reading him the label. "Strawberry fields canned milk, healthy source of calcium and fruit flavours." I shrugged at his outraged expression. "It's new; thought I'd give it a try."

"Canned milk?" He reiterated. "It can't even be from a cows tits!" Yet he lifted the can to his lips again and sucked at it. "Disgusting." He snorted, after taking his second sip, quickly following it with another.

"I didn't know how long it'd be till I saw you again." I reasoned. Obviously a can would keep longer than a normal milk carton.

He grinned his heart-wrenching Cheshire grin that suited him so much. "Naw, did you miss me?" He chuckled as I threw him a glare and huffed.

"As if." I mumbled, suddenly noticing that we were moving as we spoke. "Where are we going?" I asked- it seemed we weren't heading back to our apartment complex.

"The beach." He stated, skipping along happily.

"Its dark." I frowned.

"So?" He smirked, "you're not scared are you?"

I bristled, scowl deepening as i hurried along faster. Of course I wasn't scared. It irked me that Grimmjow already knew how to press all my buttons.

He laughed out loud, running to overtake me. My blood boiled at the challenge, and our innocent competition soon turned into a desperate race. Blood pounding in my ears, heart racing and feet battering the pavement; I sprinted through the howling winds as fast as I could.

Grimmjow might have been taller, stronger, and better than me at most things, but I had always been an exceptionally fast runner.

We were both equally surprised and thrilled as I tumbled over the sand dune ahead of him, screaming and flailing as the deep slope took my feet out from under me. Next we were rolling down the hill like clothes in washing machine, my brain tumbling around in my skull until we collapsed at the bottom.

He landed on top of me, head resting on my heaving chest, but I didn't mind. The stars were spinning unnaturally in the sky. I furrowed my brows and watched them slowly turn to a halt.

"You've got killer legs, Ichigo." He muttered, breath heavy with strain and broad chest heaving on top of me.

I realised I couldn't breath properly with his weight on my lungs. I pushed him off before mulling his statement, torn between blushing and thanking him, or denying it completely. What came out was an awkward mix of both.

"It's hard to run in jeans." I blushed, "You can't even see my legs anyway."

"Why don't you take them off?" He purred in my ear. "Those things look very restricting…"

My cheeks were lit aflame as I quickly slapped his shoulder. "Idiot…" I grumbled, not having a proper come back.

I yelped as he suddenly rolled over on top of me, caging me in with strong arms and a leering grin. He placed soft kisses down my neck, as his hands quickly fell to my hips. I pushed halfheartedly at his chest, but faltered at the distracting feel of those firm collarbones beneath my fingertips.

Heat rushed to my groin as he sucked on my neck, tongue exploring the hollow of my throat. A whine slipped from my lips as he ground into me, and a mix of excitement and fear coiled in my gut.

It felt so good; such a new, foreign sensation. But the fear quickly won, increased by the unexpectedness of his attack.

"Stop it! Get off me!" I barked, face flushed and panting short, steaming breaths. "Is sex really all you care about?"

I jumped up and started a brisk pace back up the dune, fuming and upset as he chased after me.

"No! It's not that, okay? We don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with. Just calm down and come back." He grabbed my elbow but I shook him off, turning to glare at him.

"Then what do you want!-?" I shot at him, hands in my pockets as I waited, far from patiently.

Blue eyes flickered, jaw clenching, hands falling to his side. His intense stare made me squirm, mouth opening a few times but he shut it- undecided.

He settled on, "I don't want you to leave." I was less than pleased.

So it was my company he wanted? Of course, why hadn't I guessed; because I was obviously the best company a guy could ask for. I was the funniest guy on earth, shared his sense of humour and style, adapted to his every whim and encouraged his free spirit.

It was just an added bonus that I was a sarcastic little shit too. Pessimistic, flat, fridget, bitchy, and I nagged harder than a housewife.

I began to walk away again, but this time he grabbed my wrist. "I want you, Ichigo." He tried this time, and I'm afraid to admit this arrow hit the target.

My heart skipped a beat and I stopped walking. I couldn't wrap my mind around the words. My chest ached and I wasn't sure why. It took me a second to remember to breathe.

Why would he want me? Why would anybody want me?

He was lying, obviously. All he wanted was sex.

But why me? Grimmjow could have sex with anyone he wanted; he was handsome enough.

So why was he bothering with me? Why had he hung on so long, grasping at straws as I pushed him away, over and over again? And I didn't even mean to do it. Truth be told, I wanted him too. I loved his company. I loved his drama and his antics. I loved his smile and his expressive eyes. I loved the way he made me blush and all the commotion he brought to my life.

My existence would be so boring if it weren't for him. How had I even existed before?

I worked in a convenience store; the most boring job in existence.

I went to school and didn't associate with anyone. I didn't even have friends, hobbies, or interests.

Shit, I was so pathetic. My eyes stung. There was a lump in my throat that I couldn't swallow. My fists clenched painfully at my sides.

"Ichigo? I said I want you. I want you to, uh, bewithme." He grunted awkwardly, hiding his last words with a cough. "I mean, um, go out with me? Will you be my… " Another awkward cough. "Will you bemyboyfriend?"

Dead silence, save the wind that whipped past, catching my coat tails.

I didn't really know what to think. Wasn't this the part where I should have some emotional turmoil? An inner debate or a breakdown perhaps?

But I'd already got that out of the way, now my mind was blank. Because honestly, I already knew my answer.

It came instinctually, low chuckles bubbling up my throat, before i exploding into breathtaking laughter.

Tears gathered in my eyes as my lungs ran dry. But I couldn't stop, leaning on my knees to heave breaths and keep laughing.

"Will you be my boyfriend? Really?-!" I cackled. It was such a ridiculous way to put it. It sounded so ditzy and out of place in his low baritone.

"Of course I will, idiot."

I grinned at him; the purest smile I'd worn in longer than I could remember. And this time it was me who sparked his grin. He wrapped his strong arms around my hips and lifted me into the air, spinning around in giddy circles until my head was dizzy. All I could see was his beaming smile.

And I have to say... It felt good to be the cause of that blinding Cheshire grin.

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