Mark awoke to the most wonderful sensation.  He opened one eye and seen that Laura was stroking him back to full length with that sweet little hand of hers. "Baby what are  ya doing?" he asked in a husky voice. She grinned up at him. "Want me to stop?" she asked and she stroked him again. Mark moaned. "I take it that means you want me to continue." She said with a smile. Little vixen Mark thought and smiled. She continued to stroke his erection as she watched with fascination. God your beautiful." She said. Laura moved lower and pressed a kiss to the tip. Mark about came off the bed. "Liked that did ya? She asked with a laugh.  She lowered her head once more and begin stroking him with her tongue. Mark moaned. She lowered her head onto his erection and engulfed him into her mouth. Mark grabbed her hair and begin thrusting in and out of her hot little mouth. "Oh Laura, damn Baby." Mark moaned. He pumped harder as her tongue swirled around him. He was losing control fast. "Damn Baby, I'm cuming." He shouted. Laura kept up the pressure on him swirling her tongue around the head. Mark body started to tremble as he came. Laura swallowed every bit of his hot seed. God he tasted so sweet she thought. She licked and nuzzled him as his tremors slowed. Mark pulled her up to lay on him. He kissed her deeply. "Have I told you lately that I love you?" He asked. "Yea, about a hundred time tonight, but I never get tired of hearing it." She said. "You hungry." He asked. "Starving." She said. "I'm going to go fix us something." He said. "Ill do it." She said starting to rise. He pushed her back down in the bed and kissed her. "Stay right there and rest, ill fix my Lady something to eat." He said with a smile. Laura smiled back a snuggled under the covers. He bent and kissed her and left. God he is so wonderful thought Laura. Incredible. Sexy. Laura grinned. You got it bad girl she thought.

                                                                       Mark came in with there dinner. She lay curled up asleep. He smiled and set the tray down. God she was beautiful. He went over and kissed her sweet little mouth. "Wake up beautiful." He said. Laura yawned and stretched. Mark sat down and put the tray between them. He had fixed an omelet, toast, fruit and juice.  Laura and Mark both consumed the food like they were starved. "Worked up an appetite did ya?" he asked. She leaned over and kissed him. "I sure did." Mark moved the tray. "Come on lets take a shower." He said. He pulled Laura over to the bathroom. He turned the shower on and quickly stripped her clothes off. He pulled off his sweats and set her in the shower and followed. Mark picked up the soap and started lathering her back. Laura leaned back against him. His arms came around her as he soaped her breasts. Laura moaned. He reached down between her legs and soaped her sweet mound. He slid a finger in her and worked her nub. "OH Mark, Please." She moaned. "What ya want baby, tell me." He said. He slid two fingers in her sliding them in and out. Her breathing became heavy. "Tell me baby." Mark said. "I want you in me." She moaned, breathing hard. Mark turned her around   to face him and kissed her deeply. He picked her up and slid her down to envelope him with her sweet folds. She moaned and moved against him. OH Damn girl." He said. He pushed her back against the wall and laura wrapped her legs around him. He groaned. "Damn baby you're so hot." He thrust into her moist folds over and over. "Oh God Mark, I'm coming." She yelled. Mark felt her tighten against his hardness and shot his hot essence into her center filling her. Mark held her against him as the water ran over them. Mark slowly lowered her to the shower floor. She leaned against him for support. He turned off the shower. He grabbed a towel and dried her off. "Go get dressed sweetie." He said. She leaned over and kissed him. "If you insist." She said and left. Mark watched her as she walked away. God I love you he thought.

                                                                       The next two days were the best of there lives. They made love, they ate, they joked they played. They were both happy in there own little world. He kept waiting for her to pull a scene like women always do. The guilt trip.  Please don't go, don't leave me, that kinda thing. His two ex-wives had been good at that. But she never did. She was lighthearted and happy. She asked him questions about life on the road. But she never once whined about him leaving. Monday rolled around way to quickly. Laura rolled over and watched Mark sleep. She memorized every freckle, every tattoo, and every single thing about him. She wanted to be able to hold this picture of him in her head. She reached over and traced the barely visible freckles that bridged his nose. Mark opened his eyes and smiled at Laura. "What ya doing baby." "Looking at you, you're so gorgeous I can barely stand it." She said. "I love your freckles, there so cute." "Your so sweet baby." He said. "But I think you need glasses," he laughed. She grinned. "No I don't, your beautiful, face it." She said. "Well if you think so, that's all that counts." He said. Mark looked at the clock. "I gotta be at the airport in two hours." He said. "Ill fix you some breakfast." she said and went to get up. Mark pulled her back down. "Ill eat on the plane." He said. He held her tightly to his chest. Mark didn't know how he was going to leave her. He knew if he asked her to come with him she would. But he didn't want that for her. She was to smart to be known as Marks girlfriend or his chic. Trailing around after him, sitting hotels waiting for him to come in. She was going to be something, had great things in store for her. He wasn't going to ruin her opportunities.  Mark looked in her eyes, all he saw was love. He kissed her gently. "Love me Mark." Laura said. Mark rolled over on top of her and spread her legs. He ran his finger over her opening; she was wet and ready for him. He bent and kissed her on the lips gently and rose back up so he could see her. He thrust into her, making her gasp. His eyes locked with her as he moved slowly in and out. Laura took her hands and slid them into his hands and he held on to them as he made slow love to her. There eyes never left each other. Mark moved faster and started thrusting harder into her warm wetness. Laura started moving with him to meet his hard thrusts. Her hips meeting his sent him over the edge and Laura went with him. They cried out at the same time. There eyes stayed locked. It was as if they could see into each others soul. Mark lowered himself and held her close still one with her. He kissed her gently, probing her mouth with his tongue. He pulled back and rolled over and pulled her to him. Laura lay against him for a minute. Then she kissed him on the cheek. "I'm going too get dressed, Handsome." She said. Mark smiled. "Ill be down in a minute." He said.

                                                                              Mark watched her as they entered the airport terminal. She seemed okay. She had joked and cut up all the way to the airport keeping a smile on his face. Mark checked in and checked his baggage. "Ya want to walk me to my gate?" Mark asked. "Try and stop me, big guy." She said and smiled at him. She put her hand in Marks and walked with him to his gate. When they got there, Mark turned to look down at her. "Laura I'm sorry I have to leave ya…." He started. But Laura put her finger to his lips. Pick me up, so I can se you face to face." she said and smiled. Mark hoisted Laura up to his level. She looked him in the eye. "No regrets, remember. I'll be here when you visit, I'll be here when you come home for holidays, and I'll be here when you come home for good." She said. "The only thing I need from you is to love me, that's all." She said. Mark looked in her eyes. The love he felt for her was overwhelming him. He didn't know if he could speak. "Ya already got that Baby Girl." He said in a husky voice. "Then I have everything." She said. She kissed him gently once. "Now get your ass on that plane before you miss it." She said. He kissed her on the cheek and set her down. Mark was about to speak, but she cut him off. "Don't you dare say goodbye." She said. She turned and walked away from him, toward the exit. Mark watched her go. Damn what a woman, he thought. She was halfway across the terminal, when she turned around and at the top of lungs yelled. "I LOVE YOU MARK CALLOWAY." People turned and smiled at her declaration of love. Mark smiled. "I love ya too Baby Girl." He whispered. He turned with a smile and walked through the gate.

   This is the end of this story, but I will continue there story in a new series. Hopefully I will get to work on it soon. Thanks for the great reviews.  I hope everyone enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.