So ever since I started watching Hakouki shinsengumi Kitan I have fallen in love with the character, but I was always upset that the other boys never got a girl, so in this fancfiction I made three new girls. Don't worry chizuru will still be in this and with Toshi, and all the boys will care for her just like in the anime, but I want to focus on the other three girls since it shows Chizuru's points of view in the anime. Don't worry I'm going by the anime and not changing anything….maybe hehe. Any way I hope you enjoy and it took me a long time to think of the three new girls name and personality. So onward.

Disclaimer: I don't own Hakouki Shinsengumi Kitan or any of it's character except for the three girls I made up!

*Smack* "Ow," A girl with Red/Orange hair tied in pigtails with teal eyes complained while massaging her head that would soon have a big bump. "Why did you do that for Amaya?" "Maybe if you weren't eating like a pig Miyako I wouldn't have done it," A girl replied with Maroon hair tied in a bun and eyes like the sunset. "Will you guys be quiet! You're going to blow our cover or did you forget where supposed to act like boys," A girl said in a harsh whisper with light, auburn/brown hair tied halfway up in a bun and the rest falling into curls with light brown eyes.

"Sorry Amaterasu," the two girls who were arguing before said. (Can you guess which girl is going to be paired up with who yet?)While this was happening a girl with dark brown hair and eyes watched from her seated position at the table, in a restaurant, while laughing. "Why are you laughing Chizuru," the girl name Miyako asked while stuffing white rice into her mouth making her cheeks bulge to the size of a volleyball. "Nothing Miyako I'm just thankful and happy that you guys came along to help me find my father. It must be a huge burden on you guys." "Don't get all formal on us now Chizuru! We've know you for almost our whole lives! Why wouldn't we help you," Amaya said while smiling at the polite girl. "You think we would let you go alone," Amaterasu asked in a gentle voice, "Your father had done a lot for us, so we would help you no matter the cause." Chizuru smiled at her friends grateful that there were in her life.

"Besides Chizuru," Miyako said while stuffing more food in her mouth, "You need someone to protect you from those so called 'Warriors," Miyako said while food was spilling out of her mouth and stood up placing one of her foot on the table they were sitting at and giving a warrior pose (Can you see the image or no?) Amaya grabbed Miyako by the ear with an annoyed yet amused expression, "Don't draw attention to yourself. It's already bad enough that you still look like a girl with those pigtails."

"Hey men wear pigtail," Miyako replied her cheeks puffed up in a pout, "I find it kind of offensive you think I'm girl and what about Amaterasu she is wearing her hair half down." "You are a girl," replied Amaya with an annoyed expression. "Plus I have a hairstyle that many men wear," Amaterasu said while smiling eating her food slowly. "No you don't," Miyako whined, "If anything I look more like a boy then you do." "Calm down guys," Amaya said while sweat dropping. "I'm getting a headache from all this bickering," Amaterasu said rubbing her temple from the headache she was getting. Miyako just pouted stuffing more food into her mouth. Chizuru couldn't help but laugh again from her friends. They always found a way to keep her smiling. (I just want to say how funny it would be to see an older man wear pigtails okay I'm done)

Chizuru grew up with the three girls who were in front of her now. She can remember like it was just yesterday. When her father, Kondou-san, returned from work he had brought a girl who was younger than her with red/orange hair and teal eyes that was now Miyako. Chizuru was surprise to find that she would be living with them for the rest of the years until she moved out, but was also sadden when she found out the reason why the girl was living with her. Her family was killed one night when they were all asleep. Hiding in a bunker under a rug the girl had survive. When her father had found this out he went to retrieve girl as soon as possible, but Chizuru never understood what the reason was. The year after that a girl with maroon hair and sunset eyes that seemed to take your breath away appeared to live with her father, Miyako and her. That girl was now Amaya

Chizuru soon found out that the reason why the girl was living with her was because her family died of fire when the girl was out picking flowers for the vase her mom just got. Chizuru thought the reason why her father would bring these girls home because he wanted them to live happy just like her, but now she knew there had to be something to it. The next year after Amaya arrived Amaterasu appeared with auburn/brown hair that fell in curls and light brown eyes. She had also came to live with them because she watched her whole family die in front of her eyes when an assassin came to her house disguised as an old man. She had managed to get away when he wasn't looking.

After Amaterasu arrived her father didn't bring anymore girl home to care for. Since her father was always at work the girl were left at the house alone with each other. They were always laughing, crying, fighting, and protecting each other since she could remember. Now that Chizuru thought about it she didn't know what it would be like to live without them by her side. (Actually we all know how she would be like because of the anime haha)

Miyako was the youngest of the four girls being sixteen a. She was the shortest of all the girls too, and acted the childish. She had a baby face not to mention her pigtail cause her to make her look more like a kid. She was usually the loud one in the group always causing a commotion and drawing attention. Miyako was short tempered an always started a fight when one of her friends were hurt. She usually got into a lot of trouble when she was little and still now 'cause of her rebellious side.

Chizuru was the next in line being seventeen (I'm assuming she was seventeen in the anime okay) she also had a baby face but her hairstyle made her look older than Miyako. She was the humblest, well- mannered, and the generous girl of the group. She had dark brown hair that was pulled up into a pony tail, and eyes. Although she wasn't the youngest the three girls treated her like she was. They always protected her from anything and everything and that included a spider that was crawling on the ground. Chizuru being well- mannered and polite would usually speak for all the girl if they ever got in trouble with her father.

The second eldest is Amaterasu being 18 with light brown/auburn hair and eyes. She wore her hair half up some of her hairs falling to frame her face. The rest that was down fell into curls. Amaterasu was the quietest of them all always keeping to herself. She is very reserved unless she knows you long enough. Whenever Amaterasu tries to say anything to defend her friends or herself she says at the wrong time since she is so quiet. Amaterasu may not show it at first, but she really does care for everyone and secretly enjoys bickering with Miyako.

The eldest is Amaya at 19 with Maroon hair that seems to glisten tied in a bun and eyes like the sunset with the mix colors of red, and orange. Amaya is the motherly figure of the group, but tends to act like a young child sometimes. She would always watch over the three girls younger than her when Chizuru's farther would be gone for days. She didn't mind it at all since she care for the girls like they were here sisters. She usually is the one that scolds, comfort, and help the three girl when they do something wrong or when there in pain physically or emotionally.

Chizuru sat lost in thought remembering when all four of them were just children playing hide and go seek and tag. "Eh, Chizuru," Miyako said while waving her hands in front of her friend trying to get her attention. "Oh, sorry Miyako," Chizuru said while smiling faintly. "It's okay Chizuru I was only saying that if any 'warrior', or bandits were to attack us I would protect all of you," Miyako said smiling while flexing her arms to reveal her muscles, but stopped smiling when her "muscles" fell into blubber that was just hanging. Amaya burst out laughing from what the girl said and from what she saw. Chizuru giggled while Amaterasu sweat dropped. "Ha. That's funny Miyako because last time check you wouldn't hurt a fly or could pick up a twig for that matter. What makes you think you could protect us from bandaits," Amaya said while wiping tears that formed from how much she laughed.

"Well they would run from me once they heard my mainly voice," Miyako said while puffing out her chest and talking in the best boy voice possible. Amaya burst out laughing again with Chizuru. Amaterasu spitted out her water that she was drinking and joined the other two girls who were laughing. The water landed on Miyako causing her to frown and purse her lips into a pout which set the three older girl into another fit of laughter. Miyako laughed along withher friends realizing how funny the situation was.

*10 minutes later when they were done eating*

"Thank you," Chizuru and the three other girls spoke at the same time waving thanks to the restaurant owner. The girls continued to walk down the crowded streets of Kyoto, Japan looking for her father who left to do some business, being a doctor, but it was three months since then, so the she decided to go look for him and the three girls came along with her. "He said he was coming to Kyoto right," Amaterasu asked while adjusting the outfit she was wearing. All the girls were wearing wafukus to be disguised as men (wafukus is what men wore in Japan around the mid 1800's. Remember there disguise as guys so if they were girls they would be wearing kimono's instead. I suggest if you haven't seen the anime to just look at the opening to get a feel of the time frame and clothing and just a heads up if you do look at the Hakouki shinsengumi kitan opening 1 the girl at the end holding the sword is Chizuru). The all wore white pants but different colored tops. Chizuru was wearing a salmon red, Amaya was wearing white, Miyako was wearing a dark blue, and Amaterasu was wearing black. The only thing that stand out was how Chizuru, and Amaya were holding swords on their hip, but Amaya was longer than Chizuru's. "Hey Amaya why do you carry a sword," Amaterasu asked curiously. She knew why Chizuru carried one, but not Amaya.

"Yeah it sort of makes me feel like you're going to murder me in my sleep," Miyako replied while shivering from just the thought of her own death. "If you keep talking I just might consider it," Amaya said while grinning at Miyako. "Hey!"

"To answer your question, I carry one because I know how to use one," Amaya said while patting her trusted sword that was hanging from her hip. "Hey Chizuru do you know to fight with a sword," Miyako asked. "I have had some experience, but not that many to make me an expert," Chizuru said while smiling at her young friend. "How did you learn Amaya," Amaterasu asked curious of where she would find the time to fight with a sword since she was always taking care of them since they were little. "None of your guys business," Amaya said while smiling and walking a little ahead of them. (Don't worry you'll find soon enough) "In that case you should teach Chizuru and me! Give us some pointers," Miyako said while catching up to Amaya and reaching for her sword. Amaya slapped the girls hand away, "You would kill yourself the moment you touch it probably from tripping considering how clumsy you are," Amaya said while smirking knowing that would cause the young Miyako to blow a gasket. Before Miyako could react to the blow she received Amaya spoke. "Besides instead of teaching you I think it would be better to teach Amaterasu and Chizuru." Amaterasu grimaced at the thought of holding a sword. She was never the type to hurt someone especially kill them. Just thinking about it gave Amaterasu nausea.

"I rather not thank you. I'll stick to nursing people back to health," Amaterasu said raising her hand in defense thinking that any given moment someone was going to force her to hold a sword. "Yeah Amaya! Why do you think she went to work with Chizuru's father half time. Do you think it was to learn how to fight no it was so she could learn how to become a healer," Miyako said while crossing her arms and smiling thinking victory was her. "I think Miyako will do fine," Chizuru said while laughing when the young girl gave her the happiest yet laughable expression. "I bet she couldn't even lift one up," Amaya grumbled hoping for Miyako to hear. Miyako was about to prance on Amaya, but stopped when the sound of a child's cry echoed through the streets.

So I just made this chapter so you could get a feel how the three girls communicated with Chizuru and learn about them. Also so you can see how Chizuru's react with them is a little different how she reacts with the boys. I really want this fan fiction to do good that when you look at the opening you could just see one of the characters I made up just pop in there…somewhere. Um also if you haven't noticed the three girls treat Chizuru just how the boys do, but they have a better history considering how they grew up together. Also for those of you who have watched the anime I hope you have caught some context clues to why Chizuru's father kept those three girls safe it's the same reason why he kept Chizuru safe! Please Review and I hope you enjoyed this chapter!