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Miyako woke up stretching her limbs from the weird fetal position she was in. She rubbed her eyes looking around the room for the rest of her friends until she remembered last night's events. Only Chizuru would be with her and the other two girls in their respected quarters. "No wonder I didn't wake up to Amaya kicking me" Miyako muttered as she stood stretching out her back.

"The Shinsengumi must be scared, if they have to separate us," Miyako thought, smirking knowing it wasn't the truth but like the idea. She looked over and saw Chizuru still asleep. She smiled slightly knowing it must have been hard for her to endure the adventure from Edo. Chizuru was older than her but she still felt like she had to protect her. It was her father they were searching for and she owed it to them for being alive today.

The sounds of Miyako's stomach growling intensely reminded her of the gnawing hunger that she developed while asleep. "Chizuru," Miyako sang out kneeling down to carefully wake her up. Chizuru woke up sitting straight up almost forgetting where she was. " I thought maybe you would want to stretch your legs. You know maybe check this place out or get some food,".

Chizuru smiled at her mischievous friend "Miyako, we have to stay here remember,". Groaning Miyako slammed her bottom back on the ground, "C'mon, you honestly think they care."

Chizuru shook her head, " We must listen to them Miyako, they are providing us a place to stay while we try to find my father." She continued to walk to the screen window opening it revealing a blast of cold air from outside. "Cold," Chizuru muttered while placing a hand over the sword that Hijikata-san had given back to her earlier. A sense of jealousy washed over Miyako as she watched her, recalling the events that took place.

Hijikita-san had told them they would have to remain dressed as boys if they wish to remain here. He had given Amaya and Chizuru's sword back and also handed one to Amaterasu and Miyako. " A man must protect himself, so you two must also have weapons," those were the words Hijikita-san spoke as he handed them over swords. Amaterasu tried reaching out for one but soon turned completely white, almost throwing up over an annoyed Souji. Miyako practically jumped up to retrieve the sword from Hijikata-san her eyes shining in amazement from the mere weapon, something she was never allowed to hold. Soon her moment of glory was ruined by Amaya grabbing the weapon out of her hand and giving it back to Hijikita-san who at first looked confused until Miayko began throwing a fit.

She yelled and complained to Hijikita-san how she needed one to protect herself, but it seems the more she complained the more he realized she wasn't quite ready to hold a weapon. Amaya defended her action saying she was too immature and reckless.

Just remembering the events made Miyako groan out in frustration again, "What a pain."

"Even so, when will I be able to go find my father."

Miyako smiled softly at Chizuru's words standing up to join her beside the window. "We'll find him soon Chizuru! We could sneak out now and search the town. You have a sword so we'll finally be unstoppable."

Chizuru shook her head again at Miyako, chuckling slightly at her crazy statement, "Still, Maybe we'll be confined to here forever." The words spoken by Chizuru caused Miyako's heart to swell in sadness and an urge to try to cheer her up.

"I think that's up to you, though I think trying to sneak off isn't so smart" A voice cut through the silence causing both Miayko and Chizuru to grasp on to each other and screech.

" Wh-why are you here Okita-san," Chizuru asked, feeling embarrassed from her earlier monologue.

"What you didn't notice me," Okita-san paused and smiled sinisterly, " You probably didn't, especially from all the noise your friend's stomach was making earlier." His smirk continued to grow wider when Miyako put both of her hands on either side of the window practically pushing herself out of it, " HEYIT WASN'TTHATLOUDANDMYNAMEISMIYAKO," her words were slurred together as she talked fast, face turning red from embarrassment.

"Dinner is ready. Shall we eat already."

Chizuru looked surprised to see Saito standing there, " Have you been there along Saito-san."

He nodded in response to her question causing Miyako to fall out of the window face-first from embarrassment.

"Hey it's time to eat, what are you all doing?" Heisuke asked, coming from behind Saito. His eyes shifted to the person on the ground wondering who for heaven's sake would want to be in such an uncomfortable position. Soon he recognized that person as Miyako, her strawberry-orange hair giving it away. There was no one in the Shinsengumi or frankly anyone he ever met with such hair color, and if it wasn't for the hair color it was definitely the girlish pigtails she wore that gave it away.

Saitou, Chizuru, and Souji continued in the discussion of where they should eat, but Heisuke couldn't help but keep looking at the person who hadn't moved the entire conversation. Almost feeling a gaze on her, Miyako lifted her face to reveal a big red mark across it making it look swollen and puffy. Heisuke had to cough down a laugh to avoid embarrassing her, but it seemed Saito didn't get the message.

"Your face is severely swollen. More so than usual." He spoke thinking he was helping the poor girl. Miyako felt her eyebrows twitch in annoyance," More than usual, huh."

She was about to unleash a river of curse words at him until she realized someone else was standing next to him. She hadn't noticed when the captain, Toudou-san, had arrived and upon making contact with his teal eyes she felt herself become embarrassed from the earlier statement spoken by Saitou. "Great, so now I'll be labeled as the chubby one."

She got up brushing off the dirt from her outfit trying to ignore the increasing redness and heat on her face and the stifling laughter from Heisuke.

"Let's go," Souji said, grabbing the tray of food from Saitou and handing them to Heisuke. "Why do I have to carry this."

"Because you've just been standing there doing nothing."

Miyako began walking beside Chizuru, "What about Amaya and Amatersaru? Do we get to eat with them?"

"I'll gather them once we make our way to the dining area," Saitou spoke.

Miyako nodded and felt herself become more excited as Souji opened the door so she could finally eat.

"You are late! What are you going to do about my stomach's grumbling?"

Miyako peered over Chizuru taking notice of the two men they had seen earlier. She remembered their name as Shinpachi and Sano or was it Sannan?

"I'm sorry it was our fault," Chizuru spoke softly bowing her head and then pushing Miyako's down to apologize as well.

"Why are they here" Sano asked staring at the two new guest who would be joining them.

"What is it bad," Heisuke's voice spoke up from behind Miyako. She took a quick glance at the boy, he was taller than her by a couple of inches, but then again she was the shortest in the group. She noticed the way his teals eyes sparked when defending them. It made her feel at ease , just maybe, they weren't so bad after all.

"No, it's not that, Food tastes better with the company."

The man Miyako remembered as Sano scooted over, "Yukimura-san, come on don't be standing there and sit here." Miyako was about to walk over but stood still when Chizuru did. She forgot that her maiden name wasn't Yukimura and for a second she felt a little jealous. Miyako shook her head pushing the feeling down. She may not have the last name to tie her to Kondou-san , but she knew in her heart he was a father figure to her.

Heisuke placed one of the trays down in between the two men. "Thank you, Todou-san," Chizuru spoke up. "Would you stop calling me 'Toudou-san'. Everybody calls me Heisuke. Just call me that."

Chizuru looking a little unwilling " But"

"Furthermore it looks like we're about the same age, so it's odd. I'll call you Chizuru"

"Alright then, Heisuke-Kun"

"Then Chizuru, let's get along."

Miyako felt herself smile along with Chizuru " Let's get along too Heisuke-Kun,"

Heisuke turned to smirk at Miyako, "You can call me Todou-san"

"What! Why? You just said we were the same age," Miyako asked surprised. Heisuke couldn't help but smile at how easy he could rile her up and combined with her swollen face well it was hilarious to him.

"Don't be an idiot. Even I can tell you look younger than Chizuru-san."

"By ONE year"

"One year is all it takes"

"Oh really well one year is all it takes for me to kill you," Miyako growled, stabbing Heisuke's chest with her finger and puffing out her cheeks trying to withhold the rising annoyance bubbling from within.

"Hah do you even realize who you are talking to, Miyako-san"

"How is that fair you get to say my name"

"Enough," Souji cut in massaging his temples from the ongoing bickering between the two. Shinpachi, Sano-san, and Chizuru who had taken her place between them laughed. "Oh come on, Souji," Shinpanchi started, " This is quality entertainment."

Miyako glared at Heisukes back as he sat down next to him. "Come Miayko-san," Shinapnchi continued to laugh grabbing the tray from Heisuke, "Sit next to Heisuke for his punishment."

"What no," Heisuke cried out

Miyako couldn't help but smile in triumph as she sat down next to Heisuke feeling as though she had won.

As soon as they gave thanks to the food, Miyako began stuffing her face with rice almost forgetting that she was surrounded by others who weren't her friends. "You do like food," Sano-san said, bringing everyone's attention to Miyako whose face was covered with rice. "Once you go without food for a few days, you begin to develop a love for one." Sano smiled at her forgetting that these young women had traveled far to get here.

"Even so tonight we have a stingy dinner," Shinpanchi said, eyeing Heisuke's food and quickly grabbing a piece of fish from his plate.

"Hey! Shinpanchi-san, why do you always take my food."

Shinapnchi laughed "It's because of my body size. The bigger one needs more food."

Miyako couldn't help but laugh along with Shianpanchi from the statement thinking it was payback for earlier. Heisuke glared at the girl beside him quickly grabbing a piece of her fish.

"Hey! Why did you do that!"

" Little children don't need as much food as adults"

Miyako grabbed her chopstick and tried grabbing a piece of his fish but was blocked from his arm. "Ahh, Heisuke that's not how you flirt with someone you find attractive," Sano-san teased.

Heisuke felt his face become red from embarrassment and anger "I would never be attracted to her"

"Same here," Miyako growled, stuffing more food in her cheeks that she began to resemble a squirrel.

"You should be so lucky," Heisuke muttered but the phrase didn't go unnoticed by Miyako and soon they began bickering back and forth like they knew each other since birth. Chizuru couldn't help but watch with a smile as Shinpanchi soon joined in the bickering backing up Miyako to Heisuke dismay.

Miyako had no filter but at the same time she had energy around her that allowed you to be yourself and it was something that Chizuru wished she had more of. "I'm sorry if it's noisy," Sano-san said, feeling slightly embarrassed from the two men. "No it's fun to eat like this, " Chizuru spoke happily, "It reminds me of home."

"Oh, were meals just as loud as those two," Sano gestured over to Heisuke and Miyako who continued to bicker. However, now the conversation was centered around who was a better fighter with Miyako swearing she had enough power to take on all of them.

"Not quite as loud, but whenever Amaya and Miyako bicker it can get a little rowdy."

"Hmm, I never took her as the playful type," Sano-san spoke, not realizing what he let slip out. When he first saw the woman known as Amaya, he felt she was calculating and most likely the leader of the group. To hear that she bickers with Miayko who, for a lack of a better word, was childish surprised him.

"Well with Miyako it's different. Since she's the youngest, Amaya has a soft spot for her. Well, we all do"

"To be quite honest, I thought you were the younger one," Sano spoke, taking a bite out of his fish.

Chizuru felt herself blush, " Oh, is it because of my face."

Sano smiled " A little but now that I see Miayko-san up close she's definitely younger. Especially looking at her right now."

Chizuru looked over to see that Miyako had laid down flat on her back with her eyes close passed out in something she liked to call a "Food Coma."

Chizuru laughed smiling a little bit, "Hey you smiled," Sano pointed out. " You can always smile, We won't do anything bad to you."

" Hmm, I wouldn't be so sure,"

Both Sano-san and Chizuru looked up to see Amaya standing in front of them and Amatersaru who had taken her spot by Souji. "Oh really, " Sano smiled, " and why is that?" he asked staring up at her.

Amaya stood with both of her arms crossed over her chest staring down at Sano-san the way a predator would to their prey. Sano couldn't help the smirk that appeared on his lips from seeing the young woman. She was definitely different from the others from the way she stood with confidence and purpose commanding attention to herself in the room. It reminded him of Hijikata-san and knew it was a way to tell them, the Shinsengumi, that she was not to be messed with. He eyed the sword that laid at her hip. He wondered if she truly knew how to fight.

"I like to think you have to earn trust, not just give it blindly," Amaya spoke without breaking eye contact and sitting next to him the only open spot.

Sano found himself lost in the woman's sunset eyes who were now glaring daggers at him. "She seriously doesn't trust us."

" I guess we are similar in that sense."

Amaya eyed the man next to Chizuru. She had heard enough of the conversation to gather an opinion on the man. She imagined he said those words to every woman he came across and she definitely didn't want Chizuru to be his next conquest.

"We'll see," She said as she grabbed the cup that was placed in front of her to drink some water. She looked over to see Chizuru had continued conversing with Sano and almost spit out her water seeing Miyako pass out next to Heisuke who conversed with Shinpachi. "That idiot., letting her guard down and she wonders why I won't let her use a sword"

"Don't be so tense," Souji spoke toward Amaya who looked up frowning at the man's words. " You act as if we are going to break out into a fight at any moment. Trust me, we wouldn't waste our energy." Amaya scoffed at his remark, "You're wasting energy trying to stir up idle chat with me." Sano overhearing the conversation had to hold back his laugh. Who would have though a mere woman would put Souji in his place."

"Hmm yet you continue to converse with me," Souji said smiling at Amaya who glared back in response holding back another remark , so as not to give into his statement.

Amaterasu who sat beside Souji looked at the man rolling her eyes. Every word that ever came out of his mouth was laced with sarcasm or underline with ill intent. She sighed reaching for the cup in front of her, but stopped when a hand rested on her own reaching for the same cup. She quickly pulled it back looking at Souji beside her who seemed to take amusement in her reaction.

Amaterasu breathed in ignoring yet again the man's attempt to make her uncomfortable or become enraged. Souji smiled at her as if he did nothing wrong, "Oh, sorry. I thought this was my cup." Souji felt a sense of curiosity whether the girls who sat with them now were actually looking for their father or had other plans in mind. He could gather some sort of intel on the other girls Amaya no doubt the fighter, Chizuru the sweet girl, and Miyako the hothead. However, he couldn't seem to describe the woman beside him. Most of the time she remained quiet and what he gathered from Yamazaki, she was hiding some sort of skills. Even then, no matter what he did he couldn't get a reaction out of her. She was either trained very well or cared very little.

"You must be tired from your journey. Yukimura-san" Souji spoke trying to start some conversation with the woman next to him. Amatersaru's head snapped toward the man, "Oh..um don't call me Yukimura-san."

"Why not,"

Amaterasu looked at the man wondering if he was intentionally bringing up a sore subject on purpose,

"That's Chizuru's last name. I'm adopted so it wouldn't feel right to -"

"But" Souji spoke cutting her off, " Wasn't he like a father to all of you, so taking on his last name wouldn't be disgraceful."

Souji watched as Amtersaru face scrunched up in thought her brown eyes looking past him, she had no doubt who she was, an Oni, but sometimes she wondered if she was becoming more human. "Yes, still that is not who I am".

"Then why are you here," Souji asked, his tone shifting to a more accusatory one. He was trying to understand why three other girls would accompany Chizuru. Ever since the question was raised about how genuine the girls presence was, he began to feel there was much more as to why they were here. If Hijikata san was right, then the Shinsengumi would be falling into a trap. In addition, If they considered Koudou-san like a father figure as well then why try to deny the last name. He knew Amatersaru was hiding something from them, and he just needed to find out what.

"Excuse me? I don't know what you mean." Amaterasu asked, confused from the sudden cold tone. She looked around wondering if anyone noticed the change in Souji demeanor. One second they seemed to be having a light conversation about how to address each other then it shifted into an interrogation. Souji smiled playing off his unusual cold tone, " It was just a question if you don't consider yourself family, then why did you travel all this way. It would have been less of a hassle to have three women hide here versus four"

Amaterasu began to feel her heartbeat faster as Souji continued to smile at her almost sinisterly, his dark green eyes capturing her own brown ones. She tried to find a reason why he was being so hostile and upon realization she let out a slight laugh. Why didn't she see it before? Her father would surely be turning in his grave due to her insolence. The whole conversation from start to now was just a ploy to get more information out of her not one out of kindness. It was a tactic no doubt instilled in him through the Shinsengumi as a way to retrieve information from their enemies. " So he likes to play mind games," Amatersaru thought turning away from Souji.

"I don't think you would actually care to listen to another orphan's sad story. I bet there are hundreds out there for you," Amatersaru spoke softly as she went back to eating and ignoring the man beside her.

'So she's not as stupid as I thought. She caught on pretty quick" Souji thought, watching as the woman went back to eating as if their conversation didn't faze her, "This might become interesting after all."

"I see you've already generated an unfavorable opinion about me," Souji chuckled, taking a bite out of his fish. "Is it that easy to read me, Okita-san," Amatersaru asked, not bothering to even spare him a glance. "Souji will do, it seems we are close in age. As for your question, no it's not but It's usually the case around here. Not many people trust us despite our intentions, but I have a feeling you might understand how that feels like, Amatersaru-san"

Amaterasu turned to look at the man beside her who continued to eat and began conversing with the others ending their conversation. She didn't know if it was the way he said her name or the irony that they were both judging each other, but she couldn't help but smile slightly taking a sip of water hoping to hide it. However, Souji was able to see it and for some reason, unbeknownst to him he felt his heart flutter.

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