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(f/n) means First name
(l/n) means Last name


Note: Koi no Kokoro means 'The Heart of Love'.

|Kirino Ranmaru|

"I'M LATE!" You yelled running up a hill. "Mou! I hate how I have to run up this hill just to go to RAIMON!" You yelled once again.

When you reached the top of the hill.

"Oi, senpai! I beat you to it!" A voice yelled.

You turned your head to the right. "Oh, Ohayo, Kariya." You said to your Kohai. "Why are you here?"

"I was waiting for you~" Kariya Masaki said in his teasing tone. "Anyways, I thought we could walk to school together."

"..." Was all you could say. "What did you do?"

"Why do you think I would do anything." Kariya pouted. "You're a very mean Senpa-"

"KARIYA!" A voice yelled.

"Owh~ I'm about to find out~" You giggled.

A few minutes after that, Kirino Ranmaru and Shindou Takuto was in front of you.

"Kariya! What did you do to my SOCCER UNIFORM?!" Kirino yelled at Kariya.

You looked at Shindou and he gave you a 'I-don't-know' look. You gave a 'Thanks-for-not-helping' look to him.

"Senpai," Kariya said. "did you know that (l/n)-senpai and Shindou-san are going out."

"Huh?" You said.

"Wha..." Kirino said.

"Me and her..?" Shindou pointed at you.

"Yeah," Kariya said, then gave one of his un-famous smirk. "That's right," He appeared next to you and pushed you into Shindou.

"WAH!" You yelled.

"W-woah!" Shindou yelled.

Shindou caught you. So, your hands were on his shoulders and his hands were on your waist, giving you and him a kiss pose(desu~).

"..." Was all Kirino can say.

"Uhhh.." Was all you and Shindou could say.

You blushed and Shindou did that same thing. You pushed him away and turned to Kariya- who just appears to be missing.

"K-Kariya!" You yelled with your voice echoing(?) through the skies(?).

Aw, pour you!

You were in the same class as Kirino and Shindou, and you sit next to the window with Shindou next to you and Kirino in front of you.

'I wonder if Kirino isn't mad at me...' You thought looking at Kirino's back. 'I mean, what Kariya made me and Shindou do...'

A few hours pasted and you were still staring at Kirino's back.

"Oi, (l/n)," Shindou said. "would you stop staring at Kirino's back and get up."

"Huh?" You said. "Shindou, what's wrong?"

"Let's go eat lunch together." Shindou said.

"Are you trying to ask me out..?" You asked him.

"N-no!" Shindou half-yelled. "O-of course, Kirino will come, right-"

"Gomen I'll pass," Kirino said cutting off Shindou. "I'm going to have lunch with Tenma."

"Are you sure?" Shindou asked him.

"Kirino?" You added.

"I'm sure," Kirino said with a small smile. "bye," With that he walked away with his lunch box.

"What was that about?" Shindou asked you.

"Who knows..." You said.

"EH?!" You yelled. "B-but Kirino, why?!" You asked him with a bit of jealously in your voice.

"Yeah," Kirino said. "we're going on a double date!"

"You know Kariya was just lying!" You yelled at him.

"Maybe, but Akane and I are really happy to go on this date with you and Shindou." Kirino smiled at you, which made you blush a bit.

"But..." You looked down. "S-Shindou and I are just friends.." You whispered.


"Nothing!" You yelled at him then ran away from him.


A couple days later

You- wearing your casual clothes, waited for Kirino and Shindou with Akane.

"Nee, nee, (f/n)-chan." Akane said taking a picture of you. "Are you okay? You seem a bit down."

"I'm fine." You gave Akane a fake smile.

"If you say so.." Akane said.

A few minutes later, you saw Shindou and Kirino walking towards you and Akane.

"Shin-sama, Ranmaru-kun!" Akane yelled.

'Eh? When does Akane call Kirino, Ranmaru-kun?' You thought.

That was when your heart broke when Akane ran up to Kirino and hugged him.

"Hey, you okay with this?" Shindou whispered to you.

You looked down. "I'm okay."

Shindou looked at you, then held your hand. "If you don't mind.." He said. "Let's hold hands."

"Shindou..." You looked at him with a blush.

"..." Sihndou said.

You gave a small smile.

"Huh?" Akane said taking a picture of you and Shindou holding hands. "(f/n)-chan and Shin-sama is holding hands."

"Shindou.." Kirino said looking at Shindou or glaring at Shindou.

And that was how your double date went! You, Shindou, Kirino, and Akane went to the amusement park, and you road on lots of roller coasters. Of course, Shindou and Akane didn't want to go on them, so you dragged Kirino with you.

"Shin-sama." Akane said while you and Kirino were on a roller coaster. "Do you have feelings for (f/n)-chan?"

"No, Yamana." Shindou replied. "What about you? You have feelings for Kirino?"

"No, I'm only doing this for (f/n)-chan and Kirino-kun's happiness," Akane gave a smile.

"Me too." Shindou said also giving a smile, which Akane took a photo of.

A few minutes later, you and a pale Kirino ran to Akane and Shindou.

"That was fun!" You yelled throwing your arms up.

"I'm about to throw up..." Kirino said holding his mouth.

"Then you shouldn't went on with me." You glared at Kirino a bit.

"Well, should we go get some food?" Akane asked. "You two must be hungry?"

"Yeah," You nodded at Akane. "let's go!"

"She seems hyper." Shindou said helping Kirino walk.

"Well, I don't know when to tell her." Kirino said. Then he looked at your back. "But, I'll do it at the end of this day."

Me being a lazy writer, skipped to the good part!

"Then, I'm going home!" You yelled.

"I'll walk you home." Kirino said. "Is that okay, Shindou?"

"Of course it is, I'll walk Akane home then." Shindou said.

"E-eh?" You said.

"Then, bye-bye, Ranmaru-kun, (f/n)-chan~" Akane said sweetly.

Then the both of them walked away from you and Kirino.

"Eh..?" You said.

"Let's go." Kirino said grabbing your arm and walking on the other path.

"Kirino.." You said.

You both walked in silence.

"Nee(hey), (l/n)." Kirino said breaking the silence.

"Hm?" You looked at Kirino.

"Do you really like Shindou?" He asked you, now looking into your eyes.

"Shindou...of course! Shindou's a very important friend to me." You said.

"I don't mean it like that," Kirino said. "I mean do you.. Love him?"

"I love Shindou...?" You repeated the end. "I don't! Shindou and I are... Huh?"

"Good." Kirino said, then he hugged you. "Then, you're mine now."

"Kirino?" You said.

Kirino let go of you, and the both of you stared in each other eyes. He leaned in, and of course, you did the same thing. When you two were about to touch lips...

"AH!" A voice yelled breaking the moment. "KIRINO-SAN AND (F/N)-SAN!"

"Tenma, you ruined the moment! I was about to TAKE A PICTURE!" Another voice yelled.

"MOU, TENMA!" A more feminine voice yelled.

You blushed and looked down.

"Aishiteru yo," Kirino said ignoring the voices. He put a hand under your chin, making you look at him. He then slowly put his lips on yours.

'Me too..' You thought. 'I love you too, Ranmaru...'

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