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Best Friends | Suzuno Fuusuke (Gazel) x READER x Nagumo Haruya (Burn)

"THIS IS YOUR FAULT GAZEL!" Burn's voice was heard all over Sun Garden.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS IS MY FAULT?!" Gazel's voice was also heard all over in Sun Garden.

"T-the both of you please calm down...!" You tried to calm them down, but they ignored you.

"STAY OUT OF THIS, (A/N)!" Burn yelled at you.

"BURN, DON'T YELL AT (A/N) LIKE THAT!" Gazel yelled at Burn, then turned his glare at you, motioning you to leave.

"B-but-" You softly said, but Burn cut you off.

"OMG TO GOD, JUST GO AWAY!" Burn yelled at you again, which made you close one eye and flinch.

Your eyes got watery, and Burn continued to yell at Gazel, yet Gazel was trying to get you to move, yet you just stood there.




"sniff..." Burn and Gazel turned to you, and you were crying. Your cheeks was a bit pink for being embarrassed.

"WAH!" You cried, and Gran and Reize ran into the room - which was your room actually.

"What happened?!" Gran yelled.

"(A/N)!" Reize yelled. "A-are you okay...?" His voice trailed off.

Gran sighed and walked over to calm you down.

"Tsk..." Burn looked away.

Gazel closed his eyes and also looked away.

"Now, what do you guys have to say to (a/n)?" Reize scolded both Burn and Gazel.

"W-wait, Reize-sama!" You wiped your tears away, and tried to defend Burn and Gazel. "T-the both of them didn't do anything-!"

"So, what happened?" Gran cut you off, and he stood in front of you.


"Burn, Gazel, hurry up and answer!" Reize yelled.

"...I-I..." You tried talking, but..

"Gazel won't stop harrassing (a/n)," Burn said.

"Burn.." Gazel glared at Burn. "I was only trying to check if she had a fever."

"If she did, you wouldn't HAD put your FOREHEAD on HERS!" Burn yelled, then yelled out a LOT of bad words you can't name.

"I have a cold body, it could make her feel better." Gazel shot back.

"A-ano..." You tried speaking up.

But they ignored you, and next thing you new it.

It's gets better!

Gran and Reize got into the fight, and now Burn's a DRAGON! YAY~

LoL, NO.

Burn punched Gran and walked away, being too "COOL".

Gazel walked away from Reize, and went to go train with his team.

Your eyes soften.

"Those idiots..." Gran said rubbing his left cheek.

Reize sighed and turned to you. "Burn and Gazel won't annoy you for a while, so get some sleep."

You nodded, and walked to your bed.

Both Gran and Reize walked out of your room, closing the light and door.

"I missed the old days..." You quietly said. "Where we were the best friends..."

You fell asleep after you said that.

Burn's POV

"Oi, GAZEL!" I yelled for him, and he ignored me. So I called him again. "GAZEL-!"

"I heard you the first time." Gazel said now suddenly next to me.

I flinched. "Do you think we over did it?" I asked him.

Gazel nodded. "Gran and Reize came in, then we over did it."

"What should we DO?!" I asked, or yelled at him.

The ice dude gave a small smile. "Sleep with her."




"Huh...?!" I yelled.



"SHUT UP HEAT, NEPPER!" I yelled at them. I then turned to Gazel with a RED face. "W-what do you mean SLEEP WITH HER?!"

"Are you a idiot?" Gazel asked me. "I met sleep, NOT sleep." He sighed.

I gulped, but understood what he said.

So, then on, we sneaked into (a/n)'s room, and yeah.

"It's been awhile since we've slept together, right?" I asked Gazel.

"Yeah," Gazel smiled and replied.

We took our spots next to (a/n) on her bed.

"Haru-kun..." (a/n) whispered. "Fuu-kun..."

Gazel and I was shocked, but then slept on each of her side. I held her hand, and kissed it, I think Gazel did the same thing.


Gazel's POV

"K-KYA!" A feminine voice yelled waking me up. "Ga-Gazel-sama! Burn-sama!"

My eyes snapped open, and Burn sat up quickly.

"W-what are you doing?!" (a/n) yelled, yet her cheeks were pink.

"Your blushing," Burn laughed.

"It's cute," I added.

"K-kora!" She yelled, then pouted.

Then we laughed together. It's the first...in awhile.

"W-why were you sleeping with me..?" (a/n) asked with a warm voice, which made my heart skip a beat...

"In our younger days, we'll always sleep together.." I said answering her question.

"B-but.." (a/n) said then closed her eyes.

"W-what's wrong?" I asked along with Burn.

"YOUR HANDS!" She yelled.

I rised an eyebrow and notice my right hand and Burn's left hand was on (a/n) chest...

"HENTAI!" She yelled.

Third Person's POV

You kicked out Burn and Gazel, and put a hand over your heart.

"T-that was embarrassing..." You sighed, but them gave a sweet smile. "We're still best friends...right...?"

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