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TSU-BAKA - Tsurugi Kyousuke x Reader

"It's a peaceful day, isn't it Hayami?" Hamano asked his best friend, Hayami.

"I guess it is..." Hayami replied. "It's just that..."

"TSURUGI!" You yelled.

"That." Hayami added.

"(l/n) and Tsurugi is fighting again.." Hamano sighed.

"How long has it been?" Hayami asked Kurama.

Kurama replied with, "an hour, I think..." then he pointed to Shindou- who was beaten up. "This guy was sleeping there for an hour, so that's what I guessed."

"P-poor Shindou-kun..." Hayami said.

"Yeah," Hamano said agreeing to Hayami.

"Aoi-chan, you'll find someone else!" You yelled to your bluenette best friend. "That Tsu-baka isn't WORTH ANYTHING!" Then you let out a HUGE ROAR to the SKY.

Aoi smiled. "(f/n)-chan...don't worry about me anymore.." She sadly looked down.

"That's it!" You put a fist in the air. "Aoi, your heart-broken because of Tsu-baka, and now I will KILL him."

Before Aoi could say anything else. You stumped off to find Tsurugi, which you found him at the hospital visiting Yuu-nii. Ahaha, it's funny how you have a GOOD relationship with Yuuichi and not Kyousuke.

"TSU-BAKA!" You brusted into Yuuichi's hospital room and found the Tsurugi-bros there. Both was sleeping soundly.

"(f/n)-chan." A soft voice said behind you.

"Oh, Fuyuka-san." You turned around and met Kudou Fuyuka.

She smiled. "I'm sorry, but Yuuichi-kun and Kyousuke-kun are sleeping, this maybe a big favor, but could you watch them? I have to go see Amemiya Taiyou-kun."

"Oh, I understand." You replied.

"Thanks." Fuyuka bowed a bit and left to go find Taiyou.

"It's Taiyou..." You said. "..he's playing soccer with Tenma, I think." You thought about it, when you came to the hospital, you SWORE you saw a orange thing with Tenma. Ahaha, you said Orange Thing.

"...ugh...(l/n)..." You heard your name being said.

"Hm?" I looked at the Tsurugi-bros, and figured you heard Tsu-baka called for you.

You glared at him and walked up to him. Once you were in front of him, you noticed he wasn't the original Tsurugi Kyousuke you knew. He looked nice...sweet...and cute...

You slapped yourself, like really, slapped yourself.

'I can't think like this..' You blushed and then turned back to Tsurugi. 'He broke Aoi's heart and he broke it. HE BROKE IT!' You screamed in your head.

You took your anger by pinching Tsurugi's cheeks, really hard.

Tsurugi's eyes shot open, and then you felt yourself being sat into his lap.

"CHOTTO!" You yelled, but a hand covered your mouth.

"I knew..." Tsurugi's deep voice- he HAS a DEEP voice. DEEPER then Yuuichi's! "..that you were..." He whispered the rest in your ear.

You blushed and was trying to get out of Tsurugi's hold, but you failed and failed.

"Tsu-baka..." You whispered.

Tsurugi romoved his hand away from your mouth, because you licked it.


"You're going to wake up nii-san, so be quiet!" Tsurugi snapped at you.

You felt a hand on your chin, then something on your lips.




"Kyousuke, I never knew you were so straight forward." Yuuichi's voice.

You felt Tsurugi ignoring Yuuichi, how? By forcing his tounge in your mouth.

You were out of breath, then Yuuichi spoke again.

"(f/n)-chan," Yuuichi said. "Kyousuke's..a pervert in genre."

With this, you REALLY COULDN'T breathe anymore, so you pushed Tsurugi, and layed on the floor.

"W-w-what do you think you're doing?!" You yelled at Tsurugi.

Tsurugi smirked.

You narrowed your eyes at Tsurugi, and he remained his Emotionless-self.

"Yuu-nii, why didn't you DO ANYTHING?!" You turned around and yelled at Yuuichi.

"Hm, I thought you were enjoying yourself, (f/n)-chan." Yuuichi snapped back.

Since when was Yuuichi sassy?

The next moment you started yelling at the Tsurugi-bros, and they just listened. Kyousuke on the other hand put a hand on your butt and he CLAIMED he put a MARK on you so your his.

You killed him for it, yet he didn't mind.

Yuuichi on the other hand was smiling, maybe because he was the one who wasn't getting beaten up.

Yuuichi said since it grew dark, Kyousuke should walk you home because you might get raped.

So, Kyousuke did walk you home.

It was slience, until you said something to him.

"Hey." You stopped walking, and so did Kyousuke.

"What." He replied.

"Why did you break Aoi's heart?" You asked him.

"..." He didn't reply, but he did a few minutes later. "..maybe because I love someone else."

You somehow felt your heart...broke.

"Da...re...?(Who?)" You asked.

"That person should already know." Tsurugi replied blankly.

You felt anger in yourself, with your face red, you turned around. You were about to hit Tsurugi, but he held your wrists in his hand and pulled you near him.

"Tsu-baka, what do you think...!"

"You like me, don't you.." Tsurugi whispered in your ear. "Hitting me like that, Calling me "Tsu-baka", you like me, don't you."

"W-wha..." You couldn't find anything to say. Why? Maybe you do love Tsu-baka.

You blushed and now your face was red, redder than RED!

"I love you too."

"Shut up."

The next day, you found yourself holding Tsu-baka's hand while walking to school. Everyone looked at you two and giggled.

The worse thing about it was...Tenma. Yes, the only one, Matsukaze Tenma. Guess what he did?


You felt anger in you because...Aoi was yours right? No not lovers, but as in..she's the princess and your her knight!

You tried killing Tenma, but then end up beating up Shindou, poor dude.

But in the end, Tsurugi took care of you. As if...you were...a dog.

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There's a lot of best friends in IE, but guess which one!