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Same Feelings | Shindou Takuto x Reader

I watched him run to the stadium, just to cheer on his team. Even with a broken leg, that didn't deter him from seeing his soccer team. He called out to them and given them the courage to win.

And they did. Shindou watched them and I watched Shindou. His smile, how happy he was and how he wanted to be with them. The feelings that was showing at his face, they were all real. Unlike with me... Whenever Shindou smiled at me, laughed and cared for me, I knew it was all fake.

My parents and his parents, wanted us both to marry in the future. So me, (l/n) (f/n) and Shindou Takuto were in a arranged marriage. Our parents were both money makers and also went to school together and they both wanted their children to marry. That's where Shindou and my situation come from.

Of course, it's an one-sided love. I am in love with Shindou Takuto, but of course... He does not return the same feelings. I know it because Shindou wants to break off the marriage since childhood. Weird right? For me to fall in love with someone who doesn't want to marry me.

I admire Shindou warm expression for his team. I knew what I had to do.

The next following day, I decided to tell my parents my resolution.

"WHAT!" My mother screamed loudly that her voice echoed threw out the halls.

"I hope you understand." I bowed deeply to my parents. "I really do not wish to upset you anymore than now, but I do not wish to marry Shindou-san. I do appreciate the kindness he and his family had given to us, but I just... Don't want to marry someone I do not... love." I gave sad eyes when I said that.

My mother tried her best to convince me to stay in the arranged marriage, but I was stubborn about this. My father had a angry look on his face. I was prepared for any punishment they were planning for me. But. This was for Shindou.

This was the first time I had disobeyed my parents, so they let me off easy... If making me leave school and move to the country side was an "easy punishment". I was named a "disgrace" and was forced to move out. I now live with my auntie and uncle.

"I'm so mad at her!" Your mother's sister ranted to her husband. "Leaving her daughter here because she won't marry SOME GUY!" I knew she was angry.

"I-it's fine." I tried calming her down, but she continued.

"That's so stupid." She gave a huge sigh. "I pity you. I bet this was her good-for-nothing husband's idea."

"I really don't approve their life-style anyways." Uncle said as he was picking out the bad seeds out of the bag. "Once (d/n) [Dad's name] got a huge investment in (product) [Pick any kind of product your parent's company sell], they've changed, not for the better."

"Oh." Auntie and Uncle said at the same time and gave me a worried look. "No offense."

"D-don't worry!" I reassured them. "It's fine, I feel the same way you both are feeling."

They both gave me pity looks and I was sweating a bit, due to the awkwardness.

Right now, I am forced to live in the country-side with my auntie and uncle, who are farmers. My parents thought me working on the farm would change my thinking about would want to marry Shindou again. Of course it wasn't going to change. I wasn't going to make Shindou worry about the marriage. I wanted him to continue his life, doing what he liked, instead of coming home early to entertain me.

And also, I don't mind staying here. I love auntie and uncle anyways. They've always treat me more like a daughter than my real parents had.

They both left the room and continued their duties on the farm. Auntie said that if I was going to live here, I would have to work on the farm. Of course, I agreed. I've always liked planting... But...

A tear left my eye. The tears I held inside was coming out. The thought of not seeing Shindou anymore, really hurt me, but this is for his own good. I can't be selfish and let me and my and his parents ruin his life, so I could be happy.

I still remember the day I fell in love with Shindou.

Somewhere in the past

"WAA!" I cried and cried. I had injuried my knee and it really hurts! I was just playing in my garden and then I tripped.

"A-are you okay!" A worried voice asked me. I sniffed and look at the voice.

A young boy my age held his hand out for me. His hair was curly and gray. What a weird combo. "I-I'm not okay..." I took his hand and he helped me up, but the pain stopped me and I continued crying.

"D-don't worry, I, Shindou Takuto will heal your pain!" He brought out a soccer ball and did a weird dance. It was really weird and funny! Before I knew it, I was laughing. The pain on my knee suddenly disappeared.

This was the day I fell in love with Shindou Takuto.

1 year later

"Phew!" I wiped the sweat off my forehead once I set down the box of apples on the floor. "I feel like my whole body is going numb..." I yawned.

It's been over a year since I've lived with my auntie. I now go to Kidokawa Seishuu. It was the closest school to me. I made close friends and I kind of like it there. The school was pretty big, which I like. The only thing I hated...was that the school had a powerful soccer team. I don't hate soccer, but all I can remember, is bitter memories of Shindou and I.


"Oh!" I panicked and went to go open the door. "Coming!" I shouted and opened the door.

My eyes widened. "-shi-!"

"Kishibe-san!" I was surprised that Kishibe was in front of my house.

He gave me a kind smile. "Hi (l/n), I wanted to ask you something."

"G-go ahead." You gave a small smile.

"Will you watch our game tomorrow?" He asked me.


"A g-game?" I questioned.

"Remember, I'm in the soccer team and I want you to come watch it."

"I don't really have the time, I have to take care of the garden.." I tried to find an excuse. I didn't really want to go watch.

"Please (l/n)!" Kishibe yelled loudly and it caused attention from nearby neighbors, I finally gave in. Kishibe gave a smile. "See you tomorrow at the game then! Remember it, (l/n)!"

W-what did I just get myself into...

To the next day at the game!

I was walking to the soccer field to go watch Kishibe and the others play against a team. Apparently this was apparently a practice match- I learned from Kishibe.

Kishibe told me to sit with the other soccer members who weren't playing. The people who were playing first was practicing first. It was awkward sitting with people I didn't know.

"They're here!" Someone yelled and everyone got up to greet them. I sat in my spot and watched the other team get off the bus. Wait... That bus looks really familiar...

"WE'RE HERE!" An energetic voice screamed to the sky.

That voice also sounds familiar.

"Oi Tenma, don't waste so much energy..." Now that voice also sounds really familiar.

I turned my head to the person who just spoke. Curly grayish brown hair. Brown eyes. Captain mark. "Shindou." I whispered. Tears formed in my eyes and suddenly my heart was pounding like crazy. My feet felt numb and I couldn't move. The team Kishibe was going against was Raimon!

"Are you okay?" Kishibe's coach asked me.

I quickly wiped my eyes and ran away without saying anything. It was rude, but their coach's voice woke me up from my daze. I couldn't watch their match anymore. I didn't know what to do, if I were to face Shindou again.

I ran all the way to the school's music room. I ran into one of the practice rooms and locked the door. What was happening to me? I pressed my hand to my heart and it was pounding like crazy.

Was I happy to see Shindou? I shouldn't be. Shindou probably doesn't want to see me. I held my hands together and calmed myself down. I looked at my phone and saw my auntie texted me.

'Where are you?'

'I'm staying after school today.' I replied.

'Yeah, I know. I mean like, where are you? I'm here to watch too and you're gone.' Auntie's here?!

'I-I'm not watching the soccer match! I'm in the music room, practicing!' I made something up and waited for a reply.


No reply. I sighed and put my phone away. I think the match started and auntie didn't want to be rude so she must've put her phone away to watch the game.

I calmed down and I walked up to the piano and played (f/s) [Play your favorite song! Even if you can't play piano, you do in this story!]. I remember always listening to Shindou play this song. That's why it's my favorite song. Whenever I asked Shindou to play the piano for me, he would always play this song.


I jumped up, because the door suddenly opened. I swear I locked it! Before I could turn around to see who opened the door, my eyes were covered because I was put into a hug.

My eyes opened and the person who was hugging me was breathing heavily. 'It can't be...!' I pushed away, but he had more strength than I did.

"This really hurts me.." He said while patting my hair. "That I come this far to search for you, yet you push me away and act like we're strangers." He finally let me go and my tears finally came out.

"Sh-Shindou-san.." I cried and he gave me a tired smile.

"(l/n)." Shindou gave me a serious look and sat down with me on the bench [You know the bench to sit while playing the piano]. "You are going to answer my questions and if you don't, you'll be faced with a punishment."

I nodded, kind of scared of the punishment.

Shindou gave a huge sigh, like the weight on his chest is finally gone. "Why did you suddenly want to cancel our arrangement?"


I stared at Shindou, confused at his question. Shindou repeated his question. My heart was beating really fast. "I-I..." I couldn't speak.

Shindou lifted my chin and said this was the punishment. I closed my eyes and waited.





Shindou moved forward and kissed me on the lips. My whole face is really red...! Once he moved away, I covered my lips with both my hands. Shindou laughed at my reaction.

W-what was that. He continued laughing and I watched. Did Shindou just gave me a real laugh?

"Are you going to answer the question or let me continue to kiss you."

"O-okay I will tell you!"

I explained everything to Shindou, who had an annoyed face the whole time. I finished explaining. I waited for Shindou to speak. It stayed quiet between us for a bit, until he spoke. "Why did you think I hated you?"

I hesitated but answered. "It was just a feeling." I looked away from Shindou. "You're always forced to be with me...and also, whenever you smiled at me, laughed with me or even spend time with me, I felt it was all fake." My voice cracked because my tears were falling. Shindou stared at me while I cried.

I wiped my tears away and Shindou moved my arms away, so I couldn't hide my face and that I faced him.

"If I hated you, why was I searching for you?" Shindou came closer to my face. "If I hated you, why did I spend all my time with you. If I hated you, why did I kiss you earlier?"

Was that a question? I was confused and Shindou kissed me once again. He moved away first and stared me in the eyes. "Answer me... (f/n)."


"Do you really not hate me?" I felt tears coming down.

"You're not supposed to question, answer remember?" Shindou laughed weakly and kissed me.

I melted into his kiss.

Shindou's Point of View

I didn't feel "right". It was like a part of me was missing.

"Takuto!" Mother called for me.

I walked into their office and both of them were waiting for me. "Did something happen?"

"You remember that your mother and I said that you were in a arranged marriage with (l/n) (f/n)?" Father asked me.


"Well, (l/n)'s father just contacted us that (f/n) does not wish to marry you."


My eyes widened. "A-are you serious..?"

Mother wiped some tears from her eyes. "I understand it's hard for you, since you do love (f/n)." I held my head down.

'W-why did she want to cancel our marriage...'

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep it off, but I couldn't. Why did she decide to leave... Why (f/n)?

I tried contacting (f/n) a couple of times. Her phone number, her home and her parents. She never picked up her phone, she's never home and her parents are not replying to me. Where was (f/n)?

I was so stressed out on it. I skipped so much soccer practice, just to contact with her. Kirino decided to confront me about skipping practice. I never really gave a reason, I just said I wasn't going to show up. I decided to tell Kirino everything.

"I'm actually surprised to see you like this." Kirino admitted.

"What do you mean?"

"Look at you." Kirino flipped a little of my hair. "Your hair is sticking up, you have bags under your eyes and you look kind of pale."

"Well." I looked away from Kirino and blushed. "I do... I do love her."

"Takuto." My mother came into my room and I looked up from my books. "I want to tell you something."

"Yes?" I wondered what she was going to say.

"It's about (f/n)." I closed my books and gave my mother full attention. "She's not in Japan anymore."

Are you serious?

"That's why she hasn't been replying your calls or anything." My mother explained.

"Did she run away from the arrangement..?" I questioned.

My mother gave me sad eyes. She knows something and I know she's debating if she should tell me or not. "I don't know." With that she closed the door and left.


One year later...

After meeting with my mother, I stopped searching for (f/n). I thought that if she moved out of the country, then that would've meant that she didn't want to be with me anymore. I decided to finally go to soccer practice again and stop stressing over her.

I looked at my phone. The wallpaper to my phone was a picture of me and (f/n), when we were younger. Our faces smiling brightly. I guess, I never stopped loving her after all.

"Takuto-sama!" One of the maids called. "The call is for you!"

I grabbed the phone and answered it. "This is Shindou Takuto. May I ask who this is?"

"This is Shimabara (a/n) [auntie's name] and I'm calling for a deal."

I didn't even bother to answer back. I sighed and was about to hang up, until I heard her name.

"You want to see (l/n) (f/n) again, right?"


"Go on." I said.

I heard Shimabara giggle. "You're in the soccer team right? I want you to arrange a practice match with Kidokawa Seishuu- that's the school (f/n) goes to."

She goes to Kidokawa Seishuu! No way... I've given up my search for her, once my parents told me that (f/n) had moved out of Japan! She's still in Japan?

"What are your conditions?" I asked, there's no way this could be true. This had to be a prank.

"Ah, my only condition is that," Shimabara said. "You will keep (f/n) and never let her go again."

This could be a prank, but it's about (f/n). I'm going to take the wager.

"It's not like I wasn't planning that."

(a/n)'s Point of View

After talking to Shindou about (f/n), I also called in another favor.

"Hello?" The person I called answered.

"Yo Terumi!" I said in a happy voice. This was actually going to happen! "Remember that one time during Junior High, where I always followed you and did whatever you asked, and in return, you had to do one huge favor for me?"

Aphrodi sighed. "Yes, I remember."

"Great!" I snapped my fingers. "I want you to have a practice match with Raimon." I was about to state my reason, but...

"Excuse me?"

"You didn't let me finished!" I pouted. "Look, my niece lives a hard life, kind of. She let the love of her life go and I don't want her to feel sad anymore. The one she loves, he goes to Raimon, so that's why! Please Terumi!"

I heard him sigh. "You're doing this for you niece right?"


"No tricks?"

"Maybe...but it's not for you."

"Then I'll do it."

Terumi, hontou ni arigatou!

Your Point of View

Shindou and I spent a long time together in the practice room. My head was leaning on his shoulder as he played the piano for me. I learned that Shindou had the same feelings for me.

"Oh." I realized something. "How did you know I was here anyways?"

Shindou stopped playing and it seemed he was nervous.


"You see..."

Shindou's Point of View + Earlier that day

I walked out of the bus after telling Tenma to calm down. Once I got out, I looked around for (f/n). If the person who called me was right, (f/n) will be here. Kidokawa Seishuu.

I looked around and couldn't see her. I gripped my bag really hard and Kirino saw.

"Are you okay?"

"O-oh," I tried to make something up. "I'm just nervous..?"

"That sounds more like a question." Dang it Kirino, why are you on my case...

We walked to the field and greeted their soccer team. Once that was done, we practiced a bit and I was dribbling down the field, until someone called for me.

"Shindou Takuto!"

I looked at the voice.

"It's me, Shimabara (a/n)!" What?! I asked Endou-kantoku to excuse me from the match, since it was just a practice match, he did allow me to. I put away the soccer ball and threw my captain mark to Tenma. "Take care of the rest!" I ran to Shimabara.

"(f/n)'s in one of the practice room in the music department." She said. We both ran into the school and ran to the music room.

"Which practice room?" I looked in the small window of each door and I couldn't find her. I heard some music notes. This's (f/s)! The song I always played for (f/n)! I ran to the noise and found her. I watched her play and the door was locked.

"Dang it!" I was so annoyed. I'm this close to being with her, yet the door was separating us!

"I have the key." Shimabara ran up to me and unlocked the door.

'(f/n)!' I opened the door and ran up to her and hugged her.

Your Point of View

"Auntie really did that?!" I was shocked at what Shindou told me.

"Yeah...and if it wasn't for her." Shindou pinched my right cheek, which made me grab his hand. "I wouldn't had met you once again." He leaned in and kissed the cheek he had pinched.

I really need to thank auntie later.



"I love you."

"I love you too."

Author's Note: Man... This story is over 3k words. I'm reallllllyyyyyy surprised of how long it was. Also, sorry if the story was really confusing or really poorly written, it's been awhile ;-;, I'm rusty... But hopefully you all kind of liked it. I shouldn't written it not in First Point of View...
If you didn't understand, Shindou and you are in an arranged marriage, but you feel like Shindou doesn't love you, but he does. He just doesn't show it. Anyways, you leave Inazuma Town and move to a place near Kidokawa Seishuu. Once Shindou learned this, he we all out to try to be with you. But failed and given up once you he realized that you "weren't in Japan" anymore. With the help of your auntie and a certain coach, they made you and Shindou reunite. And that's it. It's also very random, so you might have to re-read it OR have to infer about what happened. Sorry for it being confusing and bad ;-;, but thanks for reading it!

I did write some Japanese words, but it's simple words that everyone should have some knowledge. If you don't, just review about it and I will write the meanings of it at the bottom! Also, you can just ask Google-sensei to help ^.^