Always to be Ignored

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Okay this is my first crossover and probably the first story I'll keep up. Please don't post any negative comments.

So here's the story.

Summary: Lily and James are alive and have twins Andrew Sirius Potter and Kira Lily Potter. They ignore the fact that Kira's a genius and focus all their attention on Andrew. She has had enough of it and leaves to America and meet some interesting people. No Voldemort. fem Harry



Five years old

Andrew was getting thrown a huge party for his fifth birthday and nearly every important figure was being invited. But Kira was getting told by her father to stay inside and stay out of Andrews spotlight as she was worthless, Dumb, weak.

What he didn't know when he locked her in the library she started to read every single book in there, and let me tell you there were thousands of books.

You see she was the only one in the Potter line to be born with a photographic memory so by the age of seven she had already read everything there was to know about anything.

To get more reading material she asked her mother if she could get any muggle books because her dad would've instantly said no. Her mother agreed but only if she never took them out of her room and only leaves her room to get food and the toilet.


Ten years old

Five years on from starting to read muggle books Kira had discovered how to do wandless and wordless magic as well as completing muggle college, starting to get her degrees in chemistry, physics, engineering, literature, and astrophysics. It was a lot to get done before she went to Hogwarts be she believed she could do it.


Eleven years old

Once Kira arrived at Hogwarts she realized why she never wanted to come.

The teachers ignored her, there was nothing new to learn, the subject were all so out dated and she was bullied by her "brother". She spent most of the time during her school years in a strange room that always gave her new material to try out.


Eighteen years old

Kira was in her tiny room at potter manor packing her things ready to be shrunken and taken aboard the plane to New York to do her apprenticeship with worlds known genies Tony Stark, and hero Ironman.

The wizarding world had nothing left to teach her. She was hopefully going off to live a uneventful life in New York away from her horrid family.

AN Here's the first chapter I know it's probably rubbish but I'm trying to make my writing better