A reviewer mentioned in my Stormy Night fic they wanted some Sedward so there's a little bit of Sedward in this (: I suggest with this chapter read I'm Still Here else you'll be confused later in the story.

Jac had cheered up a lot and was beginning to feel happy again, "So Johnny what's this history you were going to explain?" Jac asked and Sacha walked over with a hot chocolate, "Oh Sacha you-"

"You had one with me I'll have one with you," Sacha said kindly, "How are you feeling now?"

"Better," Jac said but then someone ordered a coffee and the smell hit her, again she was caught unexpected and vomited bile.

"Oh my god," Eleanor jumped back, "Why is it yellow?"

"Jac," Johnny jumped to her assistance, "Have you eaten today?"

Jac sat up, "Not… right…now," Jac said to Johnny.

"Jac I need to know," Johnny begged.

"Johnny will you shut up!" Jac snapped at him her stomach was cramping and the last thing she wanted was Johnny begging her, she was strong enough to stand up and ran to the bathroom and again vomited bile. She leant her head against the toilet bowl and tried to compose herself she felt cold and shaky.

"You go," Johnny said to Serena, "She'll listen to you."

"Alright," Serena got off the sofa and walked into the bathroom, she heard teeth chattering and shaking, "Jac?"

Jac jumped as she heard her name being called, but she couldn't get any words out. Instead she sat fell against the wall and tried to control her shaking, "Jac?" she heard her name once again, "Are you ok?"

"Just go," Jac whispered weakly and Serena found the toilet door was open she pushed it open, to find Jac shaking, crying and looking very white, "Please."

"I think it's safe to say you have managed to complete the list, of embarrassing things to happen," Serena said and Jac whimpered, "Come here," Serena pulled her into a hug.

"I can't take it anymore," Jac cried, "I… I can't."

"Shh," Serena said comfortingly.

"I'm losing control of everything," Jac cried, "Every single part of me I'm losing control of."

"What are you losing control of?" Serena asked.

"My body," Jac answered, "It's… it's making me cry, it's making me sad, it's making me annoyed. I'm eating ridiculous foods and I… I saw… I."

"Go on," Serena said.

"I think… I might be you know," Jac couldn't get the words out so she lifted her top up, "This."

Jac's stomach was swollen a bit and she had small stretch marks, "Well I guess that's why you were snappy with Johnny?"

"I haven't told him," Jac said pulling her top down, "I can't seem to tell him… and I've been wearing loose things in case he comments on my weight or something."

"You really have thought this through haven't you?" Serena raised an eyebrow, "If you tell him he won't comment."

"I'll do it later," Jac said placing her hand on her stomach, "Help me up?"

Serena stood up and held out her and pulled Jac up, "When's your next scan?"

"I haven't kept up… I'm into that scan thing," Jac said.

"You sound just like me," Serena said, "Like I said at that meeting I got excited around six months… it might take you until the end or you might wake up one day and be excited."

They walked back into the bar, "You OK?" Johnny asked concerned, Jac decided to take Johnny outside, "What where?"

"I need to show you something," she whispered and she pulled him up, "It's important."

"Okay," Johnny walked with her and they stepped out the back where it was private, "What's so important."

Jac paced for a minute before biting the bullet, she ruffled up her top and revealed to Johnny her small bump, "This."

"Is that?" Johnny's eyes lit up, "Oh my god."

"Hands off," Jac said as Johnny went to touch it, "Just because my stomach is expanding doesn't mean you have right to touch it."

"Then can I have a hug?" Johnny asked and Jac hugged him, "You know you could show the others."

"Do what you did last time I'll punch you so hard where it hurts, you'll have bruise," Jac said in a threatening tone, "Please don't."

"Alright I won't," Johnny took her hand and they walked back in, "I promise."

Jac and Johnny sat down together and avoided the stares, "What was that about?" Mo whispered to Johnny.

Johnny got out his phone:

Can I tell Mo? Xx – From Johnny

No! – From Jac

Please she's my best friend she won't tell nobody! Xx – From Johnny

Fine but if I hear rumours about my weight I'll kill you – From Jac

Thank you my lovely xx – From Johnny

Jac's showing x – From Johnny

Wow! How much? x– From Mo

Not very but it's noticeable if you're invited to look don't start doing the whole touching belly thing… she said she'd punch me where it hurts really hard x– From Johnny

I wouldn't dare x – From Mo

Mo gave Jac a small smile and Johnny did too, "So now that everything is back to normal," Serena said sitting down.

"If you can call a day in Holby normal," Ric said whilst sipping the glass of wine he poured from Serena's bottle.

"Is that my Rosé?" Serena asked not sure whether to sound annoyed or shocked.

"It was just sitting there," Ric said, "Wouldn't want it to go to waste."

"Besides Mother is setting a bad example," Harry said, "Shouldn't drink in front of your children."

"And Mother is about to lose it with her annoying posh junior," Serena said through gritted teeth.

"She'll put me over her knee," Harry said to Mary-Claire who laughed.

"Phone," Serena said holding out her hand.

"What?" Harry asked.

"You were being cheeky phone now," Serena said seriously and everyone apart from Harry was laughing, "Now."

Harry reluctantly handed over his phone, "I'm getting it back right?"

"If you behave," Serena put the phone in her pocket, Ed was looking at her weirdly, "Well you said I was mum."

Harry was sulking he hadn't expected her to do that, "I need it."

"Oh yes because I'm sure you have lots to do," Serena said sarcastically, "Like checking your Facebook and playing Candy Crush."

"Technophobe?" Ed asked.

"She's more up to date than most of us," Ric said.

"I do live with a teenager remember," Serena was now on playing Candy Crush, Jac walked over interested.

"What's the app called?" Jac asked getting out her phone.

"Candy Crush Saga," Serena had the phone tightly gripped, "You should get it."

"That's what I'm doing," Jac said and Serena smiled as she beat the timer.

"Now," Serena put the phone back in her pocket, "If you begin to act like the adult you are, I will give you back your phone."

"You had to make her mum," Harry said to Sacha.

"Too late now," Serena said and she laughed slightly, "This will be fun."

"I can help," Jac whispered.

"Oh forgot to mention you and Jac are sisters," Sacha said and the two women exchanged looks, "Which makes Serena my sister too," Sacha said.

"Oh how wonderful," Serena said whilst taking Jac's phone, "Look you do this…" she showed Jac how to do the game.

"Okay if you're a technophobe bet you can't do this," Jac got out a fifty pence coin and rolled it across her knuckles, "Try it."

"Fine," Serena gave Jac her phone back and attempted the same trick with perfect results, "There… hand, eye co-ordination everything you need."

"I was hoping you'd fail," Jac said disappointed.

"I'm a surgeon if I didn't have a steady hand, good hand, eye co-ordination skills I think I would've many patients by now," Serena said to Jac and then Jac went back to playing Candy Crush, "Stop sulking."

"I'm not," Jac said, "I'm playing a game."

"And sulking," Serena added again, "I'll take your phone away too."

"Try," Jac said holding it up.

"What's gotten into you?" Johnny asked Jac.

"I don't know," Jac said, "Probably the H's."

"Ah," Johnny said, "Well inform when they change."

"Oh ha ha," Jac said and she carried on with the game.

"You do know you're being very rude," Johnny said, "You should be talking to us."

"About?" Jac asked from behind her phone.

"Engaging in a conversation," Johnny corrected.

"If there was anything interesting to talk about I would gladly engage," Jac said and she put her phone away, "So what are we talking about then?"

"That's what I was wondering," Serena said, "If we've finished our little get together… I'm going home."

"Oh no don't leave me here alone," Jac said, "I'm the only other female consultant."

"Please don't tell me you're going to go all girl power," Johnny said to Jac, "You've really become quite pally with Serena haven't you?"

"Well if we're keeping up this "family unit" Jac is my sister and as a sister I have a duty to you watch out for so yes we have become as you put it Nurse Maconie pally," Serena sat back down, "Besides she's the only other female consultant who shares my views on "raising" F1&2s and has amazing cheekbones which I am jealous of."

"Yeah well if I carry on eating crap they'll soon be chubby," Jac said, "Raising F1&2s really?"

"Well as senior doctors we need to raise them correctly," Serena said and Jac laughed.

Johnny pulled out shortbread from his bag, "No!" he said to Jac as her eyes lit up, "You're not getting attached to shortbread no."

"Meanie," Jac stuck out her tongue out.

"Oh fine," Johnny handed her some.

"Never deprive a pregnant lady of food," Mo said to Johnny, "It can turn nasty."

Jac was annoyed when the shortbread ended and felt awkward asking Johnny for another, so she went back to playing Candy Crush on her phone.

"Gone back to ignoring us?" Johnny asked.

"Just getting into the game," Jac said, "Why?"

Chantelle and Eleanor walked over to the jukebox, "We have to play this song," Chantelle said and they sat back down.

As the music started Serena jumped and when the drums and other musical instruments picked up she looked at her bracelet and smiled. Ric looked over and saw her part of him wanted to snap her out of it because else she'd get questioned but another part didn't because he knew the story (Read I'm Still Here.)

"These are the days of the endless summer
These are the days, the time is now
There is no past, there's only future
There's only here, there's only now"

Jac noticed Serena's weird daze and looked at her, Ed noticed it too and went to click his fingers but Ric stopped him and shook his head. Eleanor noticed it too but didn't bother snapping her out of it. It seems all the staring had attracted the others attention.

"Hey this is the song that was playing in her office a few days ago," Harry said.

These are the days now that we must savour
And we must enjoy as we can
These are the days that will last forever
and you've got to hold them, in your heart When those lyrics came up it took her back to that day and she smiled and then the music died away.

"Are you okay Ms Campbell?" Chantelle asked and Serena looked at her, "You went into a daze."

"I'm fine," Serena said and Ed looked at her.

"You sure?" Ed asked.

"I'm fine," Serena stood up and went to the bar, "Just fine."

"What was that?" Mo asked.

"It's personal," Ric defended, "Something you shouldn't pry into."

Edward nodded, "Never had her down for the soppy songs," Malik said.

"Like I said drop it," Ric said and everyone looked at him, "I'm being serious."

When Serena returned she handed Eleanor an orange juice and sat back down. No one said anything because Ric sounded really serious. Jac decided it was time she left and she said goodbye to everyone, "I'll see you at work," she said to Johnny.

"I can come-"

"No it's fine," Jac said, "I'll text you."

"Promise?" Johnny asked.

"Yes," Jac said and then she left.

"Don't take it personally," Mo said, "She probably just wants to be by herself."

When Jac got home she took a nice long shower and got all snuggled up in bed, with a book and a hot chocolate. Then her phone bleeped.

Hope you're ok xx – Johnny

I'm fine xx – Jac

Make sure you ring if you need anything – Mo

Will do – Jac

I've told them to stop worrying – Serena

Thanks – Jac

Jac felt more respect for Serena she had given her a lot of time and decided she wouldn't wreck the friendship she had made, even Jac felt some respect for Gemma not that she would show it but even though Jac called her nothing Gemma was quick to help.

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