It was just their luck that New Zealand would have an earthquake the very day they go to visit, not even because of a job (mostly anyway), but for an actual vacation. (Of course, it could have been worse, they could have just been coming in to land and been sent away because of the tremors, only to fall in the ocean as they ran out of fuel. But that was worrying, something that Douglas should very well leave to Martin since he was the master.)

Speaking of Martin, Douglas almost wished he was there now. Instead he was trapped with Arthur in a dubiously constructed hotel while the ground threatened to crumble beneath them.

Not his best day, he had to admit, but so far, not the worst either.

And really, he only wished for Martin because he would know what to do. Martin probably knew what to do in every situation, no matter how obscure or impossible. Hell, the man probably knew what to do it you ever shook hands in the wrong order with some little tribe in Africa. Of course, he'd never shake hands in the wrong order, but that's besides the point.

Douglas was almost wishing Martin was there.

But he wasn't. Martin and Carolyn had left about an hour ago, heading off somewhere to do something. He probably should have paid more attention, but he could have hardly counted on an earthquake to ruin things.

Douglas was unused to the universe misbehaving for him. That was supposed to be a Martin thing.

One minute Arthur was chatting to the receptionist about the amount of sheep New Zealand possessed, a fact that he was sure would delight his mother, considering Herc's phobia of them, and the next, the ground was unsteady beneath their feet. Unsurprisingly, it was something Douglas had experienced before, but to a far less extent than this. He only had time to run for the archway, dragging Arthur behind him before they collapsed to the ground and the building crumpled.