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Fairy Tail gets a request from Magnolia mayor. 'Business and tourism in Magnolia has become very poor, please help.' The guild members decide to put together a Fairy Tail Festival.

Chapter 1 – The seven day festival

The members of Fairy Tail gathered around the request board.

"It's from the mayor!" said Erza with her scarlet hair covering her right eye as the left one eyed the new request on the request board.

"Why would the Mayor be sending Fairy Tail a request?" asked Lucy,

"Business and tourism in Magnolia has become very poor, please help. Surely the strongest guild in Fiore can do something?" Gray raised an eyebrow as he read the request aloud.

"Ooooo I'll be taking this job!" piped up Makarov.

"MASTER!?" everyone gaped and looked at Makarov.

"SEE YOU LATER BRATZ!" Makarov poked his tongue out at the kids in the guild and ran out the door with the request in his hand flying above his head.

"Did that just happen?" Natsu asked gobsmacked,

"Of cause it happened you numb skull fire farting hot head." said Gray coolly,

"What did you say you icy cold-hearted stripper of a pervert!?" Natsu yelled in Gray's face,

"At least I'm not a frigit thick head with a blue cat for a girlfriend!" Gray laughed,

"HAPPY'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND! AND AT LEAST I'M NOT AN ICE MAGE WHO MELTS AT THE SIGHT OF MY TEACHER STRIPPING!" laughed Natsu pointing a finger at Gray and practically rolling on the floor laughing.

"I really don't think it was that funny Natsu?" Lucy sweat dropped,

"I'M AN ICE MAGE! I DON'T MELT IDIOT!" Gray yelled in retort to the ROFLing Natsu,

"IT WAS A PUN! YOU'RE THE IDIOT!" yelled Natsu,

"Natsu knows what a pun is?" Lucy directed at Erza,

"You learn something new every day!" laughed Erza,

"Oh my Mavis! The flame brain knows a fancy language technique!" Gray sarcastically gaped and Natsu launched himself onto Gray.

Gratsu moment?

Fists flew everywhere and Lucy and Erza observed the idiots in brawl.


Makarov burst into the mayor's office.

"M-M-Master Makarov!?" stuttered the startled Mayor.

"I accept your request!" Makarov explained happily,

"O-Oh that's g-great! What did you have in mind?" asked the Mayor,

"Well…." Makarov began.


The next day at the guild, Master Makarov bounced up onto the stage and cleared his throat.

"AHEM! BRATZ!" yelled a vein popping Titan from the stage,

The Fairy Tail mages turned their heads to Makarov instantly.

"I am about to announce something, VERY, important!" yelled Makarov,

Everyone gave their full attention to the master.

"Next month, everyone in Fairy Tail under 30 will be participating in hosting….. Reedus, drum roll if you please?" Makarov requested,

"Oui!" Reedus drum rolled on his massive titan belly,

"OUR ANNUAL FAIRY TAIL FESTIVAL!" announced Makarov who was ecstatic.

"That's a great idea Master!" smiled Mirajane,

"A Fairy Tail Festival?" questioned Erza.

"Reedus, your light pen if you will?" asked Mirajane who stood alongside the Master.

"Oui!" Reedus handed his pen to Mirajane.

Mirajane drew up a table a table with:

Day 1-

Day 2-

Day 3-

Day 4-

Day 5-

Day 6-

Day 7-

in front of the entire guild. Everyone looked at each other with puzzled, confused and even scared looks.

"A seven day festival?" asked Natsu,

"NO SHIT blasted fire brained nimrod!" tormented Gray,

"WASN'T ASKING YOU sadistic ice cream tub!" back-chatted Natsu,

Lucy sweat dropped, "And here they go again…" she sighed,

Erza approached the brawling idiots peacefully and punched both of them hard in the face in one swift motion.

"Continue Master," she said smiling slightly,


"Day 1- Introductory ceremony

Day 2- Team battles

Day 3- Miss Fairy Tail and Mr Fairy Tail contests

Day 4- Versus rounds

Day 5- Fairy Tail fundraiser

Day 6- Battle of the bands

Day 7- Fairy Tail Festival closing ceremony!" Makarov finished announcing as Mira wrote down the itinerary.

"Mr Fairy Tail?" Cana coughed and choked on a beer and starting pounding the floor in hysterics,

"Ummm Cana?" Lucy raised two eyebrows at her friend.

"This sounds like it will be interesting!" smirked Erza,

"AAAAAAANNNNNNNNND we will be inviting all of Magnolia and the other guilds to come see!" grinned Makarov.

"HUH!?" everyone was shocked and gaped at the Master in disbelief,

Lucy giggled, (Lucy's imagination) Gray and Natsu posing in front of a camera for photos showing off their biceps and abs for the weekly sorcerer and then Lyon and Sting walking in and laughing at them.

Tehe XD can actually picture that….


Under threat of the punishment, it was compulsory for all Fairy Tail members under 30 to participate in the Fairy Tail Festival. And so Fairy Tail made their preparations for the festival. The Mayor gave them permission to use old farm house guild as the battle grounds and hold the other events in Magnolia park, but anything Fairy Tail destroys other than the old guild hall has to be paid for. The Master also told the guild members every now and then, he'd be hosting some….. 'Surprise'….. events….

But before Fairy Tail made their preparations they thought some training might come in handy in the events to come…

Hermit: Be scared Fairy Tail!

Lucy: Why?

Hermit: Because Mira was helping Makarov plan this…

Erza: Sooo?

Hermit: So we all know where this is going… D: …. :D

Gray: There isn't much worse he can do to us…. Mr Fairy Tail contest!? That's so shameful.

Gajeel: You're already a stripper and you have shame?

Hermit: See Gray, you can't talk.

Gray: Shut up.

Hermit: NO, BITE ME!

Gray: Okay but you better taste good...


Gray: *No comment*



Natsu: NO YOU SHUT UP GRAY!...Gecko of a dragon?

Hermit: Zancrow compared you to a gecko back on Tenrou Island….

Gray: See, YOU'RE A GECKO!


Hermit: I think I'm gonna go now guys….

Next chapter will either be Day 1 or the stories of the training trips of some of our favourite Fairy Tail members!

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