Author Notes: Hello to everyone! This is both my 40th posted story for this account as well as a belated birthday gift to Harry Potter :) Yes, it is two weeks late, but as my dear friend Schattengestalt says, Harry is used to receiving belated birthday gifts so it should still be fine. Enjoy...

Summary: Pre-Snarry with Severus playing at denial and Harry not buying it. The usual deal in my little Snarry universe.

Rating: 'T' (although K would still be fine)

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the brainchild of JK Rowlings.

- Start -

There he is
That careless air he displays
Has put at risk my promise
To guard his life for always

There he stands
Free at last, this man - no, boy
Out of reach of cunning hands
No more a soldier or toy

There he looks
At everyone around him
Like the hero in their books
They see just greatness in him

There he hears
All their accolades and praise
How many know of his fears
That will linger all his days?

Then he speaks
Of something he has to do
He turns and searches and seeks
Professor Snape, where are you?

Then he smiles
I feel my heart skip a beat
He will employ all his wiles
To have me lie at his feet

Then he waits
I tell him no need for thanks
I do what my fate dictates
Too late - he fills in the blanks

Then he says
He feels the same way I do
No, I scoff, I know his ways
And his lies are nothing new

Here he is
Daring brat, grabbing my sleeve
Wait! Don't go yet, he insists
No, I must go, I must leave

Here he stands
Determined and resolute
Reaching out to grab my hands
Not shy, but sharp and astute

Here he looks
Green eyes gazing into mine
Leaving me on tenterhooks
Knowing, fearing what he'll find

Here he hears
My demands to be released
I can't let him sense my fears
But my protests are dismissed

Now he speaks
Of men deemed weak who were strong
With steady gaze and pink cheeks
He admits that he was wrong

Now he smiles
And kisses me on my lips
Destroying all my denials
My anger flees, my mask slips

Now he waits
And hears my wish at long last
To be lovers and bond mates
To share and learn from our past

Now he says
My wish he will not decline
And will love me all our days
For his heart was always mine

- End -

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