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This is a little head canon piece about how JJ joined the BAU.

Set 6 months before the start of Season 1.

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The recently promoted Unit Chief, Aaron Hotchner sat at his new desk, nervously glancing at the silent woman sitting opposite him.

It had been three weeks since a bomb had ripped apart the leading BAU team in Boston. Four profilers were dead as were two local field agents. Agent Hall was injured along with Gideon, the unit's previous team leader, although the latter profiler was suffering more mentally than physically.

The retiring Section Chief's last formal act was to promote the talented male profiler to the SAC's position in the BAU, and now the former lawyer faced the daunting task of having to rebuild a fragile department, he had only recently returned to himself, after a stint running the Seattle field department.

Returning his focus back to the resume in front of him, the supervisor frowned at some of the information near the middle of the page. "You've only been in the Bureau for the last two years?"

"Yes sir, since, the summer of 2002." She replied without hesitance.

He cleared his throat loudly. "You do realise that the BAU is an elite division that requires a certain level of expertise?"

"In the last two years, I've worked on over 80 cases, many high profile, where my responsibilities included organising and managing press conferences, producing the scripts for the press conferences, communicating with local and international media networks. I've aided and dealt with every law enforcement official status from a two manned sheriff's department in Nebraska, to aiding the director's office in the NSA." The blonde woman took a deep breath before, judging his silence as a prompt to continue. "I've organised search and rescue missions, taken part in interrogations, court testimonies, recruitment seminars and I have very good aim in the field."

Hotch blinked a few times after listening to the young liaison list of her capabilities, before looking back to the white page in front of him. "You were the media liaison for the Dryer Hate Crimes case in Brooklyn Heights last month."


The profiler raised an eye. "That was a bad case."

"It was." She nodded slowly unwilling to divulge any further comment.

Hotch inhaled as he sat back against the high back of his leather seat. "Agent Jareau, I understand that the New York serious crimes division is a high profile, busy and stressful environment. The collection of cases you've worked on is rather impressive, however the BAU is a different matter entirely."

Crossing her legs, JJ nodded in agreement. "I am aware of what the Behavioural Analysis Unit requires and I believe I'm capable of filling the position."

He smiled at her confidence, bending his head down so she wouldn't see his slight smirk. "The cases we deal with are often harrowing and emotionally draining. We have a fast turnover rate, so we constantly travel and there is little time for our personal lives."

"I'm prepared for the caseload and content." The blonde agent squared her shoulders confidently.

He sighed loudly. "Agent Jareau, my unit is rebuilding after a traumatic event, I can see from your personnel file alone that you're gifted in your field. You're past supervisors rave about you and you came highly recommended from the Counter Terrorism Unit's liaison, Agent Bentley. But I'm concerned about you're lack of time within the bureau and your youthful appearance."

"I am 25 and even though I have only two years experience, I'm a dedicated agent and I will work hard to meet your standards. I am more than able to cope with the demands of this position and will be the best candidate to fill this position." JJ added in a serious tone.

Hotch raised a curious eye. "You seem pretty sure of yourself."

"I am," JJ took a shallow breath, feeling nervous under his gaze, "but I'm not trying to be cocky. I am good agent, in the field and behind a desk, and let's be honest, I have to work twice as hard as any agent simply because of the way I look."

"I don't doubt that you're not hard working." He insisted with a set jaw.

The darkly suited liaison rubbed her clammy hands together in attempt at settling her nerves. "You're not going to get any better candidates than me, because of the reasons you have brought up already. The experienced higher ranking agents are going to be older and most likely have families so are not going to want to travel. The younger, less experienced and weak hearted aren't going to be able to handle the case content and the inept won't get over the threshold."

"So you're the better of two evils?" Hotch queried.

"No, I'm a good liaison. I know I can always improve as an agent and I believe the BAU is the right place for me progress. I've always admired what this division does. I understand the commitment required as well as what your unit has been through and I want to be useful anyway I can. That's if you'll just give me a chance." JJ smiled contently.

The profiler stared into her hopeful blue eyes momentarily. The few seconds they sat in silence dragged by as though they spent hours in silence. Clearing his throat, Hotch forced his eyes away from hers. "I don't want second best."

"I am not second best." She retorted coolly.

Tapping his fingers against his desk, Hotch weighed his options silently. He'd already interviewed seven other more qualified agents and none of them had impressed him.

Yet sitting in front of him was a confident, talented and highly recommended agent but she was young, naive and looked vulnerable, like most of the victims that crossed their path.

Realising several minutes had passed since he spoke, Hotch straightened in the leather chair. "I'm concerned that you're not going to be able to hack the BAU lifestyle. I would never discriminate against any person's gender or appearance, but you will face challenges if you were to be our communication's coordinator."

"I embrace challenges, Agent Hotchner." JJ replied determinedly.

"You'll be expected to step out of your comfort zone on a daily basis." Hotch stated as a matter of fact.

JJ placed her hands on her lap to stop herself fidgeting. "I wouldn't expect anything less."

The Georgetown graduate had got him. She wasn't like the other communication specialists he'd met. For one thing, Jennifer Jareau seemed genuine. She knew her limitations but was eager to improve and advance in her career. She was young and seemed a little green, but he'd dealt with greener. To say she had only graduated the FBI Academy two years prior, she had been thrown into the deep end on certain high profile Bureau cases and came highly recommended from agents he admired.

Sighing, Hotch gazed over his messy desk. "We have our first case since Boston tomorrow morning. This is the case file."

The Unit Chief picked up a brown folder with the FBI logo on the front and passed it to the younger agent before he continued speaking. "Prepare a presentation on the case facts, write me a threat assessment and your opinions on the information given. Call the lead detective and tell him we're on our way."

"I have the job?" JJ's voice croaked unsurely.

Hotch cocked his head to the side as she sat on the edge of her seat. "We'll see after this case."

"I appreciate the opportunity, Sir." JJ gripped the folder tightly in her hand.

Standing, the profiler moved around his desk, waiting for the blonde agent to gather her belongings and return to his side. "There's an empty office down the corridor I'll take you too. I want to see your work by six."

"I'll get right on it." JJ smiled gratefully, following her new supervisor into the bustling bullpen.


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