When I Saw Her: Chapter 2

She was pale, with long black hair, and bright red bangs. Half her head was shaved and she wore a grey sweater with a white skull on the front over black skinny jeans and red sneakers.

I breathed a sigh of relief as he leapt away from me. I looked at him, then looked back at her. "Thanks. You're a lifesaver." I started walking out the door. "No prob. That guy is pretty creepy."

She offered her hand. "Marceline Abadeer," she said as I shook it. "Bonnibel Bubblegum. And yes, that really is my last name." She smiled. "So, who was that perv?" she asked.

"Oh, that's Mr. Petrikov. He's kind of completely insane. He's a science teacher. He wasn't always so weird, but he's been that way since he and his wife, Betty, got divorced. His sister, Ms. Petrikov, an English teacher, is the same way with guys. Her husband Beau divorced her. But Finn and Fionna usually keep us safe from their evil hands." She nodded, but seemed troubled. She shook her head. "Wait, who?" Woops.

"Finn and Fionna Murtins. They're the resident heroes of OOO. Oh, yeah, OOO is what we call the school. Oliver Octavius Oxford High. The junior high is AAA: Anna Adrian Allington Middle School." She nodded again. Up close, I could see she had slightly pointy ears, almost fangish teeth, and a complexion so pale she almost looked blue. "So, what's the haps? Who's who, and who's dating who?" I smiled. Gossip time.

"Well, gossip is more the LSP's forte, but I'll take a crack at it. I'll start with the LSPs. There are two: my best friend Lindsey Synthia Princeton, who's 16, and her brother Lucas Samuel Princeton, who's 19. Lindsey isn't dating anyone right now, but she likes Finn. Lucas is dating Sunna Incendium, who's 14. Sunna's older brother, Ignatius, who's 17, is dating Fionna. Fionna is 17. Finn is 14. They have an older brother and sister, Jake and Cassidy, but everyone calls her Cake, and they're both dating people, and have kids. Cake is dating Lord Monty Corn and Jake is dating Monty's adopted Korean sister Lady Raini Corn. I'm not dating anyone, and neither is my brother-er, step-brother that is, Bubba Gumball. He's gay, and also a douche."

"Well. That's a lot of people." I nod. "Yeah. You should sit with us at lunch. What period do you have it? We all have it 6th period." She pulled her schedule out of her pocket and unfolded it. "Um... 6th period, too. Cool. How 'bout my bro, Marshall?" I nod. "Yeah, he can sit with us, too. We'll be by the window. Look for pink hair, purple hair, orange hair, a bear hat and a bunny hat. We are quite the strange group."

She smiled again. "I'm not exactly normal. Odd kinda runs in my family."

"Cool. Well, we better get to class. Do you need me to help you find yours?" She nodded. "Sure. I have science with Mr. Wasilenko." I nodded. "Oh, yeah, Mr. Waz is awesome! You'll love him! He's right down that hall, the last door on the left," I said, pointing.

She nodded. "Thanks. See ya at lunch!" I watched her leave, admiring her backside. Then I realized I was, and turned away, blushing.

"What the hell, Bonnie? You've know her for 5 minutes and you're already ogling her ass? And now you're frigging talking to yourself. Frigging creeper person..." I mutter, walking to class.