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A gentle shudder ran down his spine as memories of their last night together relived themselves in his utterly bored mind. Days without him and he felt lost, a week and he was despairing. Briefly he wondered how he would fare without his husband for a whole month but pushed the thought away, determined not to fall too deep into a depression without him.

"Uncle Harry!" the loud clacking of sandals echoed across the halls and inside his bedroom, the shrill voice accompanying it making him smile. His bedroom door was slammed open, a little girl rushing in quickly followed by a young boy. Both children had blonde hair and cornflower blue eyes.

"Hello Lea, Scorp." he smiled in greeting as they ran towards him and barreled at his legs, clutching him in a tight embrace.

"You're moping Potter." his attention was briefly taken by the slightly taller man that appeared at his doorway.

"Hello Draco."

"Uncle Harry why are you sad?" the innocent question of the young boy, his father's perfect little copy, brought both the adults' attention towards the two kids. He regarded the young man who was wearing tailor cut robes, dark blue in color that contrasted beautifully with his eyes.


"Yes," with her golden locks cascading down her back and clad in a royal purple dress, she bounced on the balls of her feet as she answered for her twin. "You're not smiling."

"Lea, why don't you go get your father?" Draco suggested too innocently for it to not be on purpose.

"But Daddy's not yet here!"



"I think they are." he smiled indulgently at his children as they rushed out of the room to greet their fathers.

"So tell me, why are you moping scarhead?"

"I'm not moping."

"No, you're just staring off into space and sighing deeply." Draco smirked at his friend as he walked towards him. "You're brooding."


"Come on," he held his hand out to the brunet. "I know you haven't had much sleep." as soon as their hands were clasped he pulled the other man into a tight embrace and let Harry rest his head on his chest. "It's only been a week, you have three more to go."

"I need him Drake," his voice was muffled by the silk shirt the blond wore but he understood anyway.

"I know 'Ry, you know he wouldn't have left if it wasn't important."

"I just miss him." he clutched desperately at Draco, taking comfort as it was offered.

"I do too."

"Should we be jealous now?" twin voices sounded from the doorway but neither men bothered to look up.

"I'll tell you when you're supposed to get jealous."

"Our little Harry~"

"~has finally grown up~"

"~He's in love~"

"~And now misses his love~"

"One more word and you're both sleeping on the couch." Draco admonished his husbands even as Harry chuckled at the good natured fibbing.

"But Dray~" they both whined.

"Where are the kids?"

"Downstairs with Lipton. We told them we had adult business to talk about."

"I don't want to have an 'adult business talk'," Harry too whined.

"Don't worry Harry~"

"~we just want to tell you that~"

"~We'll be following~"

"~Your husband tomorrow~"

"~And we'd like to leave~"

"~Draco and the kids here~"

"~So you can keep each other company." they finished in unison.

"I don't mind," his voice was muffled but he couldn't quite suppress the yawn that followed.

"I'll send the twins to sleep with you tonight." Draco maneuvered him over to the bed and pushed him down gently.

"Night Drake," he whispered sleepily.

"Night 'Ry."


"Wake up sleepyhead." he swatted at the... whatever it was that was trying to wake him up. He didn't want to leave his bed yet. It was too comfortable. "Come on 'Ry, wake up. We're going out today."

"Leaf m'alone Dr...co," he mumbled sleepily as he tried to turn only to hear a muffled squeak.

"Uncle Harry, you're crushing me." reluctantly he opened his jade eyes to look at his niece. The blonde girl was smiling widely at him as he blinked to get the sleep out of his eyes.

"Sorry princess," she beamed wider at the nickname and he couldn't help but smile back at the girl. He looked up to find his best friend looking at him with his trademark smirk.

"Uncle Harry, Papa said we're going out for the day," another voice said from behind him as he felt the bed shift and a weight settle on his side.

"Oh, and where did Papa say we're going?"

"I don't know," Scorpius smiled conspiratorially at his blond father before looking innocently at his uncle. "But you have to get up soon."

"What if I don't want to get up?" he asked.

"You don't want to go with us?" Lea whispered, hurt showing in her voice, making her uncle's head whip towards her with widened eyes. "Don't you want us here Uncle Harry?"

"It's not that I don't want you here princess," he hastened to reassure her. "I just don't feel like going out today?"

"Why, are you sick?"

"No princess, I'm not sick." he sighed as he chanced a glare at his best friend whose smirk had gotten wider.

"Then are you tired?"

"I'm not tired, though I just woke up..."

"So you don't want to come with us." it was said as a statement, not a question. "You don't like us here do you uncle Harry?"

"I do want you here princess, it's just that..."

"Let's go Lea," Scorpius was gone from the bed in the next instant. "Papa, Lea and I will pack our bags okay?" he waited for his twin to jump off the bed as well and the siblings went out of the room hand in hand, the door closing softly behind them.

"You planned this." Draco did not bother to deny the accusation.

"Get up, you don't really want your niece and nephew to be mad at you, do you?"

"I'll get you back for this Malfoy."

"It's Weasley now, thank you very much." the blond then proceeded to his closet to pull out an outfit for him.

"I am capable of dressing myself you know." Harry told him as he reluctantly rose.

"I know, but I have a plan..." he left it at that as he settled the clothes he had chosen on the bed. "Hurry and get dressed. We're leaving in twenty minutes."



"Papa!" two men turned in the direction of the twins. "Look!" the blond boy stared in child-like wonder at the pegasus standing in front of him. "It's a pegasus!"

"That it is Scorp." Harry swung his nephew atop his shoulders to get a better view as Draco pulled Lea into his arms.

"Do you think I could ride one?"

"I don't know Scorp."

"Have you ever ridden one?"

"No, although I have ridden a hippogryff once."

"Really?" his nephew looked down at him, cornflower blue meeting crystal jade.

"Yes, back when I was in school, it was Care of Magical Creatures class."

"Can you tell me about it?" Draco smiled as his best friend launched into tale about Buckbeak, the hippogyff that attacked him in their third year. He knew he would be shown in a bad light, but it didn't matter to him. His friend was smiling again and that was what matters.


"We're staying in today," it's been two weeks since the Weasleys had come to live with him and it had been nothing but one outing after the other. Harry was tired but he had to admit, he had a lot of fun spending time with his best friend and his niece and nephew.

"Really, you have nothing planned today?"

"I have a lot of plans Potter, I'll have you know."

"Then why are we staying home today?"

"Well you seem to be awfully tired..."

"I'm fine Drake."

"No, you've been more tired than usual." the blond shook his head as he approached the brunet sitting on the sofa with a book on his lap. "You're difficult to wake up in the morning."

"I've never been a morning person."

"You're sluggish during the day and you have dizzy spells that you don't want me to know about." green eyes widened as he stared at his counterpart. "And yes I do know about it, I just don't say anything. Why didn't you tell me?"

"The dizziness goes away pretty fast and I'm just not getting enough sleep at night. I can handle myself Drake." Draco sat down on one end of the couch.

"Really, and yet I heard you puking your guts out this morning."

"It's fine, I promise Drake. Nothing's wrong with me."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, the nausea is gone. I think it was just something we ate yesterday."

"Then how come you're the only one affected? The twins and I ate the same thing you did."

"I don't know Drake, all I know is that I'm fine." he still didn't believe Harry but he let the subject drop for now.

"The twins are at Blaise's for the day."

"What brought that about?"

"Nothing, they just wanted to spend some time with their friends and I needed to get them out of the house for a while."


"As much as I love them, I know they're part of the reason you're exhausted."

"It's okay Drake."

"No Harry it's not."

"They're my niece and nephew."

"And you love them, I know that but you have to take care of yourself as well."

"I am taking care of myself."

"I know you're depressed that he's not around 'Ry, but he'll be back soon okay?" he moved closer to his friend, whose eyes had begun to water at the remembrance of his husband.

"I know it's important that he's there but I can't... I just... it hurts Drake..."

"I know 'Ry," he held the other man as he sobbed. "I know but he'll be back. He'll always come back to you." they stayed there, locked in an embrace until the brunet's sobs slowly died down and he slipped into an uneasy sleep.



Get him back here now. Harry needs him.


Short but sweet, nothing like their husband. Usually his letters would be filled with compliments veiled with insults but this time it was straight to the point. They knew he was serious. Mirror cornflower blue eyes stared back at one another as they untied the package attached to the owl's leg. They fed it a treat and let it rest before opening the wrapped parcel only to find newspaper clippings featuring their blond husband and their baby brother.

"We need to get him home."


He cast a silencing charm around the bright red envelope before flicking his wand to open it. He didn't bother listening to what it said, it was the same. He was a bad influence to the public, he was a disgusting fag. He should not be doing what he was.

"Hey Harry?"


"Are you okay?" his vision swam as he tried to look for his companion. He tried to rise but stumbled, clutching the edge of the table as he attempted to regain his balance.

"Drake..." all that came out was the jumbled word as his world descended into darkness.

"Damn, where the hell are you?" he picked up his friend's unconscious form and brought him to the master's bedroom. Another week had passed and Harry's husband was due home any day. The Gryffindor had been doing better until the articles came out. Someone had apparently seen them while they were out during the first two weeks of their stay, their pictures had been published and they had been dubbed as the perfect family, with both Draco and Harry as the parents. There were clippings of some of their conversations and everything painted them as a couple. The general public had been happy for their Saviour, having already found someone to love but there were some who weren't happy with his apparent choice. "Mipsy?"

"Mipsy be here Master Draco. What do Mipsy be doing for Master?"

"Get me my bag please, with my complete set of potions."

"Mipsy be doing that Master Draco. Mipsy be back." the elf disappeared with a small pop and Draco settled Harry back onto the bed.

"Papa!" twin voices echoed down the hallway and Draco smiled as his children bustled into the room. They stopped short as soon as they saw their uncle laying on the bed looking a little pale.

"Is Uncle Harry okay?"

"What happened to him?"

"He's just tired princess," he opened his arm towards his daughter and beckoned her to come forward. "Uncle Harry just needs to rest."

"Mipsy be back Master Draco." the elf handed him his bag and disappeared without a sound this time.

"Then why do you have your healing bag Papa?"

"Well, Uncle Harry has been sick for a while so Papa has to check." he turned his attention to his son for a moment before looking back at his patient.

"When is gramps coming?" Scorpius asked as he too stepped towards the bed.

"He should be on his way back soon," Draco began to remove potions from his bag as both his children watched him work. Sometimes, it was a good thing he became a healer. After all, even years after Voldemort's demise, Harry still was being followed by trouble.


"You have to come home."

"I simply cannot leave." he glared at the two young men in front of him. "There's still too many things I must do."

"You promised him~"

"~You'll only be~"

"~Away for a month."

"I know that!" he snarled angrily, losing his control at the thought of breaking a promise to his husband. "But I cannot leave just yet."

"You have to go home." they said together, their voices quiet and pleading.

"What happened?"

"You should go."

"Lucius," he turned his attention towards his best friend. "I cannot leave."

"Severus, your husband needs you." he handed him rolls of newspaper clippings. "Remus and I can take it from here."

"And we'll~"

"~stand in~"

"~For you!"

"They're right Severus. We have everything under control here."

"Aren't you supposed to be back with your grandchildren by now?" former Hogwarts potions master tried to argue.

"I've already sent Draco a missive that it will take more time before I could get home."

"They'll understand, right now Harry needs you." Remus slipped his hand into his lover's as he stared down the formidable Slytherin. "Lucius and I will take care of things here."


"No Severus," golden brown turned into honeyed gold. "Besides isn't it time for you to get on with your project? You've done what you were supposed to do and now it's our turn. You have nothing else to worry about here."

"I'll be leaving first thing in the morning." three Gryffindors and one Slytherin smiled as the potions master left with his robes billowing behind him, ignoring them all as his thoughts focused on his husband who was waiting for him to come home.


"Oh Harry," he mumbled as he stared at the moving image of his husband. It was from one of the clippings given to him by his apprentices. Harry and Draco sat together on a picnic blanket, both men looking at Leandra and Scorpius as they played. He could see the wistful smile on his lion's face as he watched the children and he knew that Harry was thinking of having their own children. He wanted to give Harry the family that he needed but he had to make sure they would not have any other distraction, which is the main reason why he had resigned from his post as Deputy Headmaster as well as the potions master at Hogwarts. He wanted them to start a new life away from their old one but before they could do that they needed to confront many people, especially those who believed they were his husband's family. "I'll be home soon love."


He stared at the sullen form of the man he can openly call his brother. Five years of being mortal enemies, two of being secret friends and he knew that Harry would say so himself. They were brothers. Harry had been married for five years, shortly after the Final Battle, and no one had known of his secret relationship with Severus which had apparently been started during their Occlumency lessons. When his friendship with the Golden Boy had been revealed, after he killed Voldemort's pet Nagini, his so-called friends had drifted away from him feeling betrayed that he hadn't trusted them with his secret. Draco already knew that most of the howlers Harry received after the articles were from the Weasleys, more specifically Ginevra and Molly.

"How is he?" he would've jumped at the quiet question had he not been expecting it.

"Terrible without you. He's going through so much right now and he needs you at his side."

"Thank you for being here for him Draco."

"He's my brother Severus." he finally turned to his godfather who looked as downtrodden as his husband. "I will do anything for him."

"The articles..."

"Have affected him in ways that only could affect him." Draco told him. "He needs you."

"Thank you." he sidestepped to let the dark haired man enter the bedroom. He only watched long enough to know that his brother would be safe now that his husband was there. He closed the door silently as he left, his smile unnoticed by the occupants in the room.


"Sev'rus," the sleepy mumble caught his attention, more so than the way Harry clutched tighter at the pillow in his embrace. "Miss you." dark eyes softened as he removed his overcoat and begun to unbutton his robes. "Sev'rus." nimble fingers froze at the soft moan. "Mmmmm." Harry let go of the pillow and rolled onto his stomach, the long shirt he wore riding up his legs, revealing toned thighs and bare buttocks. Severus groaned at the sight presented before him, potion stained appendages continuing their task of removing his clothes. Finally, he was almost bare, only left in his boxers, his eyes having never left his husband's alluring form. "Need you Sev."

"Harry," he purred in a voice that he knew awakened his husband in more ways than one. Crystal jade flashed open in surprise, their owner immediately seeking the voice that had spoken.

"Sev," the brunet breathed in a voice that had shivers running up the pale man's spine. "You're home," the dazzling smile sent his way made his knees buckle, the lusty shine in the bright green eyes doing nothing but further his painful arousal. "I've missed you," he turned to his side, arms open beckoning his husband. Only then did Severus notice that the shirt Harry was wearing was his own. He raised a single eyebrow as he stepped forward to join his young lover in bed.

"Tell me Harry," he crawled towards the younger man predatorily. "Why are you wearing my shirt?" he leaned over the hard body presented before him, pushing gently on the other's shoulders to get him to lie on his back before climbing atop him and covering the tanned body with his own.

"Missed you." bright green met teasing onyx as Harry wrapped his arms around his husband's neck.

"I missed you too brat." he finally captured the rosy lips in his own. They moved in synchrony as if no time had passed at all. Hands wandered, dancing along skin, barely there touches that had goosebumps rising to the surface.

"Please Sev," Harry moaned as they pulled away. "I need you." he wrapped his legs around the taller man's waist the same time he vanished the last barrier between them. They both hissed as their hardened flesh rubbed together, fingers twining as they moved as one.

"Harry, I need to be inside you." Severus whispered against his ear, his breath ghosting across heated flesh, Harry moaning at the sound of his voice.

"Please Sev. Now."

"But, I have to..." he pulled back in surprise when Harry positioned himself so that his cock was nestled between his cheeks.

"No need," Harry told him and he understood as soon as the head of his cock slipped past the tight ring of muscles. Harry was wet and warm, constricting around his hardened shaft as he pushed in.

"So tight..." Severus moaned, gasping for breath as he tried to stop himself from simply snapping his hips against the darker man's.

"So full," Harry responded in kind staring up at his husband's darkened eyes. "Move Sev." the older man felt as if he was burning. The heat from Harry's tightness and the fire in the emerald orbs had him shuddering as he began to thrust slowly, his prick brushing against his husband's prostate with every push. He bent his head down to nip and suckle at the tanned man's chest, inching his way to the peaked buds to tweak them gently with his teeth and tongue. "S-s-sev... wait..." Harry gasped in a voice that reflected some pain.

"I'm sorry, where does it hurt?" he stopped all movement to once again stare down at his younger lover.

"M-m-my nipples," Harry flushed as he replied. "They're tender."

"Sorry love," Severus kissed him softly in response as he restarted his slow pace, trailing kisses down Harry's jaw to whisper in his ear. "I'll make it up to you." he thrust in hard, battering his lover's sweet spot making Harry scream in shocked pleasure as Severus returned to his languid thrusts. "I'll make love to you tonight Harry."

"Welcome home Sev." he smiled brilliantly at the man moving atop him before pulling his head down for a searing kiss. They continued well into the night loving each other in the most intimate way possible.


"Good morning love," a soft smile graced the usually sullen man's features as he watched his husband awake from their night of passion. Harry stretched in front of him, moaning as he felt his muscles loosen and all the sore spots due to their lovemaking.

"G'morning Sev~" he stared in shock as Harry bolted up and raced for the bathroom, frozen in surprise as he listened to the retching sounds and the sickeningly wet splash that signified his husband losing his dinner.

"Harry are you alright?"

"Sorry, I didn't~" he bowed against the toilet once more and heaved.

"Come on love, drink this." he placed a vial against his husband's lips but Harry refused.

"No, no potions. Draco said no potions unless he prescribed them."

"You know what's wrong with you then?" Severus asked as he assisted his husband out of the bathroom.

"Draco said you'll find out, he knows."

"You have no idea?"

"I don't know, he won't tell me." Harry shrugged as he laid his head on the porcelain, loving the way the cold surface soothed his flushed skin.

"Let's go back to bed." Severus said even as he pulled his husband into his arms. "We can figure it out later." he smiled as Harry snuggled closer to him and carried him back to the bed, in the back of his mind he already knew what was wrong, or rather, what was right in Harry. He smirked as the former Gryffindor dozed off in his arms, Severus quickly following as soon as his head hit the pillow. They went back to sleep the potions master's arms around his little lion in a protective embrace.


"I'm craving something," Harry moved around the kitchen, opening cabinets as he did. "I can't put my finger on it."

"Well what do you feel like eating?" Severus sat at the table watching his husband as he tried to figure out what he wanted to eat.

"I don't know Sev," he finally gave up moving to sit on his husband's lap. "Make me something."

"How do I make you something you don't know?" a single raised eyebrow followed the question.

"Come on Sev, surely you must know what I want." he turned in his husband's hold so that he was straddling the elder male.

"I may have an inkling as to what you would like," the potions master sidled his arms around his husband's waist and pulled him closer effectively grinding their crotches together. Jade eyes fluttered close as a soft moan escaped plump pink lips. "You're insatiable." he said with a smirk as he captured Harry's lips in a searing kiss.

"Sev, please, can I?" their foreheads touched as they stared into the other's eyes.

"What do you want love?"

"You." Harry smirked as he slid down to kneel in front of husband, both hands on either one of his knees to push them apart. Onyx orbs widened in surprise, shock crossing his features at the Gryffindor's forwardness. Silently he wondered what had set Harry off, he was usually the one to initiate any sort of intimacy and yet here was his husband looking delectable with his cock in his mouth.

"Harry," a surprised moan escaped before he could restrain himself as he looked down at the green eyed man currently sucking him off. "Oh Merlin, Harry, that feels so good." the brunet let go of his cock to smile brilliantly at him before licking a wet stripe from the base to the head of his hardened shaft. Dark eyes rolled to the back of his head as Harry gently rolled his bollocks in his hand, his tongue digging into his slit as he sucked. He gasped and panted against the onslaught of sensations, oh how he missed this. Only a month away from his little minx and he couldn't control his responses anymore. Teeth grazed the underside of his cock and he came with a startled shout, his husband's name escaping his lips without preamble as he shot his load down the younger man's throat. Harry swallowed everything he had to give without choking and the smirk flashed up at him as he looked tiredly down at the green-eyed man was nothing short of beautiful.

Harry laid his head on his still-clothed thigh as he waited for his husband to calm down. Whatever it was that was affecting him, it was wreaking havoc on his hormones. He really had no idea why he did that just now and he didn't care, all he could see was the thoroughly debauched look on his husband's face and he couldn't help but feel proud. He knew he'd be repaid as soon as Severus caught his breath.

"My little minx," Severus growled as soon as he was composed enough to speak without panting. Harry in turn gasped as his clothes were banished and he was pulled to sit on his husband's lap, his bare arse right on top of the swiftly hardening cock. Lips sought lips, tongue and teeth clashing in a fight for dominance, one quickly won by the usually dour man. Skilled hands massaged his cheeks, the green-eyed man moaning in response as teasing fingers trailed up and down his cleft.

"Sev'rus," he moaned when a long and slender appendage finally slid into him, thrusting in and out and sliding past his prostate every time.

"Tell me what you want Harry," his lips were right against his ear, breath whispering over heated flesh as he nibbled and sucked on the delectable skin presented before him. Severus hissed when they were suddenly chest to chest, skin rubbing against skin in a sensual dance.

"Please Sev," he groaned at the drawn out moan, two fingers within him pumping him close to completion. "I want you in me." Harry said against his husband's lips, pushing wantonly back against the fingers working inside of him. His eyes rolled back when a third finger joined the other two to stretch him for something he knew was so much bigger. "I can't wait anymore." bright green eyes widened as he was suddenly filled with something larger than the three fingers that was inside him.

"You feel so good Harry," the potions master grunted as the muscles around him clenched and unclenched without a particular rhythm.

"Sev~" Harry moaned as the hands on his hips pulled him up before pushing him back down to impale him on his husband's cock. Their pace was set, slow and languid, nothing hurrying their movements as they made love. The coil in his stomach grew tighter until he could hold on no longer. Harry came with a loud keen, his husband's voice pushing him to completion as Severus whispered his name.

"Harry!" the soft exclamation was punctuated by the flood of his husband's seed, wet warmth coating his insides as they sat wrapped around the other on the kitchen table, gasping for breath after their activities.


"Draco," he acknowledged the blond with an almost imperceptible nod of his head.

"Severus," Draco smiled knowingly at his godfather as he took a seat. "What brings you here?" he asked cordially, his eyes never leaving the dark onyx orbs of the man across him.

"I have my suspicions about Harry's condition and he tells me that you've already confirmed it."

"Yes," Draco nodded in full professional mode. "I did a diagnosis on him after a particularly bad fainting spell and it turned out positive. I didn't tell him though because I knew you would figure it out as soon as you got home."

"What happened? Why did he faint?"

"He's sharing his magic with another," Draco told him. "In normal cases, the bearer is usually not too depleted of their magic because the sire is always around them during the first trimester but seeing as you were not there for his second month, it hit him harder than most and it is a rare type as well."

"What should I do?"

"Close contact is all you can do, skin to skin is more preferrable as your magic would be supplied quicker to both of them that way. He cannot be away from you anymore during this, not for as long as you were the last time otherwise it could be detrimental to both of them."

"I understand." Severus nodded as he digested the information given to him. "Thank you for taking care of him Draco."

"You're welcome." the blond smiled at the potion master. "I only wish that you won't have to leave him for too long anymore."

"I won't. That was the main reason why I had to stay at Hogwarts for the whole month. I was setting all my affairs in order."

"I know, Father told me. At least now you have time for Harry." he nodded. "Now I want to see him every two weeks starting next Monday." Draco ordered. "I am not letting anyone else handle this and I assume you wouldn't want anyone to either."

"You're right, of course." Severus rose from his seat as Draco did the same. "I shall inform Harry and we will confirm the time of the appointment before Monday." the two men shook hands and Severus stepped out of the clinic. As he walked away he turned back to look at the sign – Weasley Obstetric-Pediatric Clinic for Magical Children. He smiled at the success of his godson, proud that he had accomplished so much in so little time. Now it's time to deal with his pregnant husband.

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