Chapter 2

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When Merlin's teleportation spell ended he just couldn't take it anymore. He fell to his knees and cried, he had revealed his magic in front of everyone and now they hated him for it. They wouldn't even let him explain. Even after all these years they wouldn't even give him a chance, he supposed he had deserved a lot of screaming and anger and he was okay with that. But not letting him explain and just sentence him to death, that was the last straw. He felt so angry and disappointed, so he just left, but now he just felt empty, what was he going to do now?

He didn't think they were going to hunt him for very long though. They were never going to catch him anyway, he wasn't Emrys for nothing after all. But he had nothing but his clothes and some money in his pocket, which he had planned to buy some new clothes for at the market. Well that's always something he thought.

Everything felt so hopeless, he couldn't go to his mother, he would only put her in danger. But he had no idea where to go, he could go anywhere… he could go anywhere, he was suddenly filled with a sense of freedom, he could go anywhere, anywhere he wanted. There was no prat to protect, no chores, just him and the world. Maybe this was exactly what he needed? No plans, no duties, no nothing, just some "time off" to just live for a couple of months, just let it play out.

He wanted to be a new person, not Merlin the manservant, he wanted to be Emrys the warlock. He was going to move around a lot so he didn't need to be so careful anymore, and the other kingdoms weren't as strict with magic as Camelot. It was still banned though. But as long as he was careful and didn't draw attention to himself he was going to be fine. Suddenly feeling happy and free, he decided to go to the nearest village and buy himself some food and a place to stay the night. This could be actually be fun he thought and started looking around.

When he teleported he was trying to get to the outer parts of Camelot, but he realised he couldn't know if he actually got there or not. At least not with his normal senses, but there where other ways of course, he thought and smiled knowingly to himself.

Merlin took a deep breath and let his magic feel for him. He focused and felt his eyes flash gold. He was suddenly seeing a whole new world, everything exploded around him. His body and soul reached out to the rest of the world, everything was bursting with life, the trees felt greener, the birds and the wind louder, he could sense every animal, every leaf. He could feel the earth pumping with life, he could feel the forest breathing and he relaxed for a moment and just stood there, breathing and living with the nature. Feeling and seeing life itself flash before his eyes, he could never get tired of it. When he had time over he always went out and sat down in a glade somewhere, he could sit like that for hours.

Suddenly realising he had lost himself for a moment, he shook himself and focused on the task at hand. He let his magic extend way longer than his eyes could ever hope to see and he followed a path through the forest until he suddenly realised he knew where he was. It actually was in the outer parts of Camelot, he and Arthur had been there once on some sort of a quest, and now that he thought about it he realised that there was a village a couple of miles from where he was standing. He smiled and let go of his magic, and he was once again standing in the small glade.

Merlin decided to walk to the village, it would be way to risky to teleport, he could end up right in front of someone. So he started walking on the small path he had seen with his magic. Ha began whistling to himself as he walked, enjoying the sun and his sudden freedom.

When he had walked for a while he suddenly heard a strange bird whistle. It almost sounded like the tune he was whistling on. He tried again, and he heard the strange bird answer him once again. He looked around in search for the bird and spotted some kind of raptor sitting at a low branch looking at him with curious black eyes.

"Hello there, I'm Merlin," he said.

The bird just continued looking at him and let out another whistle.

"And who might you be?"

The bird just kept looking at him. Merlin carefully walked closer to it, trying to find out what kind of raptor it was.

It was clearly some kind of falcon he realised when he had gotten a bit closer, and not just any kind of falcon …

Oh you got to be kidding me, he thought, it was a Merlin. It was clearly a male with its grey-blue back and white chest with black spots.

Merlin carefully walked even closer to the bird and whistled the tune again, the bird shifted uneasy but answered him with an identical whistle. Now that Merlin only was a couple of meters from the bird he realised something was wrong with it.

His left wing was bent in an unnatural angle and was bleeding slightly. It was without a doubt broken, and Merlin felt his heart break for the small bird. "Oh you poor thing" he murmured and walked the last couple meters to the falcon, who where now even more uneasy and was looking really scared, if birds could look scared that is.

"Hey hey, take it easy, I'm not going to hurt you" Merlin tried to reassure the bird.

"I just want to take a look at your wing." As if the bird understood him, he calmed down slightly and stopped moving around.

"Thank you" Merlin said smiling.

He carefully took the wing in his hands and thanked Gaius for his tutoring in the healing arts, Merlin realised that without magical means the bird would never be able to fly again, it's a good thing I have magic then he thought.

He closed his eyes in concentration and slowly guided his instinctive magic into the bird's wing. He let it find the break, and slowly, slowly started mending the bones together, guiding them back to their places and when he was finished he opened his eyes and removed his hands.

The bird looked at his now healed wing and started moving it around a bit, when it realised it could do that without a problem it let out a shriek and threw itself of the low hanging branch and started flapping his wings in a steady rhythm until it was sailing around in the treetops letting out happy shrieks now and then. Merlin looked at the happy bird with a big smile on his face, how could anyone think magic was evil when it could do things like this?

Merlin sat down on the wet grass and continued watching the happy falcon who where now making all kinds of flying tricks. Suddenly it took an abrupt turn and pressed it wings against it's body. The Merlin was heading right towards him and it wasn't slowing down, it was going faster and faster, and Merlin was actually getting a little worried, was it going to attack him or something?

But right before it was about to crash into him it let out his wide wings and slowed down enough to be able to land on Merlin's shoulder.

He laughed, "Hello again, feeling better now are you?" The merlin let out a happy whistle in response. The falcon looked at him expectantly, as if to say "well what are you waiting for, let's go"

Merlin laughed again "So you have decided to stick with me then? Well, then you have to have a name, I can't just call you bird now can I?" The Merlin let out a whistle in response.

Merlin scratched the bird's head thoughtfully "hmm how about… Buzz, hmm noo… Faith, noo… Falcor, hmm maybe… No, I've got it: Kali" "Kali" He tried again "hmm I like that… what do you think?" The falcon shrieked happily in answer, "Well then Kali it is." Merlin smiled at the small raptor.

"Well come on Kali we have to reach that village before it gets dark" Merlin said and rose to his feet and started walking with Kali still on his shoulder.

I know Kali can be a girls name sometimes, but I know I guy who's called Kali, and I thought it was fitting, don't ask me why though.

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