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The second Freya unlocked the cuff Merlin felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off his chest. Slowly feeling his life source returning to him, feeling complete once again. He had never really realised hw much his magic meant to him, how much he depended on it before he lost it. Feeling it return again felt like welcoming an old friend home again, one he didn't realise how much he loved until he had left.

Releasing a sigh of relief Merlin smiled at his lover and just as Freya moved to unlock the next one they heard a moan coming from behind them.

They (or Freya since Merlin was still chained to the table) turned around only to see James getting up from his position on the floor. Leaning on his arms he released a short laugh he spit out some blood before looking up at them "Did you really think it would be that easy?" he said, and threw out his hand, eyes glowing gold he blasted Freya and with her the key to their freedom towards the other side of the room.

"NO!" Merlin started to struggle before he was pressed down onto the table with a firm hand gesture and a few words from James.

At Merlin's murderous glare smiled down at him "Hush Emrys, I will deal with you later," walking past the unmoving warlock and towards Freya's groaning form.

"You were more troublesome then I anticipated," he grumbled tilting his head looking down at her.

"Yeah, well I learned from the best," she answered propping herself up against the stonewalls. She was bleeding from the back of her head, her hair sticky with of the red liquid, great of course she had to hit her head. Fighting against the dizziness threatening to overwhelm her she put a hand to her head, trying to clear her blurred sight. Focusing on the one thing that mattered, she forced herself to get up to her feet. She had to end this, once and for all. Once again standing tall in front of her enemy, who had been watching her struggle with an amused expression, clearly not considering her a threat enough to take his chance and kill her while he had the chance.

Seeing something silver flash in his hand she realised that he had grabbed onto on of the many knives in the room. Grinning wickedly he took a step closer to her, the meters separating them reducing down to a few feet.

Daring to cast a glance at Merlin's immobilized form she met his desperate and worried looking eyes. It was almost strange, how much she could read by only looking into the mans eyes, she didn't understand how he could be the keeper of so many secrets when he truly wore his heart upon his sleeve. Forcing herself to look tear her eyes from the devastated warlock she focused on the man standing in front of her, the only thing standing between her and Merlin's freedom.

"Why are you even doing this," she pleaded with him, "what is the purpose of this?"

"Why does anyone ever do anything? If you are really want something then you are prepared to do anything to make it happen. Him over there," he gestured to Merlin " he is only means to an end. With power like his no one will be able to stop me. Everything I could ever dream of will be mine."

Realising that this could only end one way she tightened the grip of her own knife she always kept in her belt and answered him in an empty voice "You're right, when you want something you truly are prepared to do anything to make it happen. We all just have different definitions of what's worth something. "

And with that she threw herself forward towards the shocked James, not hesitating for a second she stabbed him in his chest. Staring right into his eyes barely feeling his blade slip through her own ribcage, "Me, I will do anything for the ones I love."

Everything felt as if it was going in slow-motion, seeing the light go out of his cold eyes the heavy body fell to the floor with a loud thud echoing around in the dead silent room.

Looking down towards her own chest feeling her life slowly bleeding out of her she put a hand on the wound, the blood slowly streaming through her fingers she looked up at Merlin's horrified face. Screaming her name he pushed against the restrains desperately trying to reach her even though he knew that there was nothing he could do. . Suddenly the trance broke and the pain attacked her with full force, starting to take a step towards him, barely catching herself as she stumbled forward. Still holding the key in her bloody hands she unlocked the rest of his restrains. The second the last one was unlocked she felt her legs go out and she started to fall to the floor, bracing herself for the pain to come, she squeezed her eyes shut, only to relax as gentle strong arms caught her halfway.

"Freya, please not again, I can't loose you again, I just got you back," almost feeling a sense of déjà wu she relaxed in his arms. She did it, she could die happy in the knowledge that he was safe again.

"Merlin, Merlin please I have to show you something, before," she paused for a painful gasp making Merlin grip onto her fragile body even harder, "before it's too late."

"Okay Freya, what do I have to do?" not hesitating for a second he answered her.

"Just watch," was the simple answer and his world was consumed by light.


She didn't know where she was. One second she had been by her lake, (or in it considering on how you put it) and the next she was here. In this endless room of white light, neither seeing nor hearing anything but herself.

"Hello?" she tried, only to jump in surprise when a voice was heard behind her turning around she had to stop herself for gasping at the beauty of the woman standing in front of her. Dressed in nothing but a white dress she gave her a smile, her white teeth shining against her blood red lips standing out from her other light face framed by raven locks.

"Hello Freya, Lady of the lake."

At being addressed by her true title she straitened her back, lifting her chin at attention.

"Who are you and why am I here?"

"My name is Sophia and I am a… guardian of sorts. It doesn't really matter actually. But the reason you are brought here is of outmost importance. The time of prophecy is almost upon us, but it seems like it just might need a bit of help."

"What do you mean? What prophecy?" why did she have to be so cryptic?

"Arthur has found out about Emrys magic, forcing the warlock into exile. Destiny has been put out of balance and there will be severe consequences if something isn't done."

The second her lovers name was spoken her heart had skipped a beat, Merlin, Merlin was in trouble. "What do I have to do?" was her immediate answer.

Sophia smiled "I was hoping that you would be willing to help, I am going to send you back."

Back? Did she mean….?

The unspoken question was quickly answered, "Yes back to the land of the living. But you have to know Freya, you will only have couple of days before you must return, I warn you the experience will not be pleasant, you will experience unimaginable pain in the final stages, before your body eventually gives out and you will die again."

Nodding that she understood she smiled "I'll do it, it's Merlin,"

"I wish you the best of luck Freya," and her smile was the last thing the saw before everything around her went completely black.

"Freya, I am so…" Merlin started horrified by what he had just seen, she had done all of that, for him?

"Hey Merlin, it's okay. I'm ready, it knew what I was doing, I am happy…" she started, seeing the warlock staring down at her wound, tears streaming down his face, shaking it back and forth. She moved a shaking hand to his wet cheek, making sure he was listening to her.

"Hey, Merlin, listen to me, I'm ready and so happy. We were lucky, more than blessed that we got these precious days together. My, Emrys, my heart, and there is no one I would rather spend my last seconds of life with." Tears streaming down her fact she brought her lips to his, feeling like it was it was happening for the first time all over again, that wonderful moment in the dark room in Camelot. The moment she realised just how much she was willing to do for this gentle man. Just how much she loved him, had always loved him ever since he took his hand in hers leading her towards a free life a better life. No matter how short she wouldn't change a thing. The last thing she saw before she fell into an eternal slumber was two brightly glowing eyes staring back at her, and a final roar of pain.

No one talks about them anymore, the dark ruins of a once grand and powerful castle. No one has the courage to mention what happened that night. That night when the earth grieved with it's lord, the skies cried as he cried, the wind howled as he howled, every magical creature felt their heart break as he felt his heart break. Feeling his rage as he took his revenge on the people responsible. It was the most terrible storm that the kingdoms had ever seen, every living creature did the only thing they could, they hid, they hid inside their homes, praying to every god they knew that they would be spared, that they were far far away for the cause of this endless sorrow and rage. Fearing for the lives of the people who were responsible for his wrath.

There are hundreds of different stories and theories of what happened. Some say that it was a vengeful god who punished the castle's lord because of his greed and the evil in his heart. Others say that it was a demon who caused the destruction, killing everyone inside before crawling back into hell where it came from. But all of them have one thing in common, there was a man there. A great and powerful man, with glowing eyes, radiating power and grief. Coming from the deepest and darkest holes under the castle, blood all over his destroyed clothes and face. Smiting everyone that came in his way, there were no mercy shown on that day, as the castle walls were painted red with the blood of the fallen until finally the even they crumbled beneath his power.

You would think that the ruins would disappear, that they as everything in the world would be swallowed whole by time until it was forgotten and there were nothing left but a number of mossy and overgrown strange looking rocks. But it never did, it demanded to be left as it was, never forgotten and never disappearing, as he would never forget and his pain would never disappear.

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