I've rewritten some parts of the story because there were so many loopholes and far too many wrong confusing scenes, but now that I've fixed this, hopefully everything will be alright now. Thank you for all the support, my lovely readers.

Summary of A Past Encounter: Loki tries a spell that sends him and Thor into the future right after the events of New York. Shield and the Avengers figure out a way to deal with two gods that barely even know them, a whole new side of Loki and Thor that they've never seen before and Better yet, they get to know the real story on how these two brothers end up falling apart. Time Travel.

Summary of Loki's Trial: Sequel to A Past Encounter. After a problematic turn of events,Thor brings the Avengers to Asgard in hopes that they would help defend Loki on his trial. They didn't expect Asgardian Justice to be this severely cruel, putting Loki deeper than what he's in for. Each of them will testify in their own way about the Alien invasion, slowly revealing that Loki wasn't behind the attack.

Summary of Bared to You: Sequel to Loki's Trial. Loki was finally coping, until chaos found its way back into his life. Thor kept Jane's arrival, Malekith and the Dark Elves secret from him. Now Loki's the one paying the price. They must now try to defeat Malekith before it's too late. But what would happen when Loki acquires the Aether's power by mistake? Whose side will Loki choose? His brother or Power?


Chapter 1 - The Faults in ourselves

One person's craziness is another person's reality. And Awareness is the enemy of sanity, for once you hear the screaming, it never seems to stop.

It had been a year and a half since Loki's Trial, and all was going well inside the house of Odin. Peace remained between the realms and everything seemed quiet in Asgard. The Bifrost was already complete and the use of the tesseract was almost to perfection, it was safe to say that they had finally rebuilt the Bifrost.

Heimdall, the gatekeeper had been keeping an eye on all the realms.

It was no longer safe and although Heimdall had kept to his job to ensure the safety of the Asgard, its people and its King, it still wasn't enough.

The people knew of the events that encircled around Asgard, a few rumors can be confirmed to spread as well. Of course, Odin and his family knew of the threats looming about, but only one did not.

Heimdall was given yet another task, to ensure that Loki stays where he is.

They were all glad that Loki never thought of shielding himself from Heimdall's gaze.

Perhaps Loki was far too strained in his thoughts and was far too busy to think of shielding himself from him. Perhaps it never truly crossed Loki's mind, which they were lucky for.

In Heimdall's eyes...

Loki was recovering in quite a normal pace, and as he recovered, he had also reinvented himself in Asgardian Society. Some still scorned him for his race and his Seidr, however Loki had the support of his family and people that he now only considered, his friends.

The more days that passed, the better Loki got.

Of so they thought.

The first few weeks were hard for everyone. Loki had hid himself in his room or stayed a great deal away from anyone who was not his mother or Thor. Occasionally Loki was getting used to Odin again, so at times, he could make an exception when it came to his visits.

"Loki, please get out of your room for once." Thor begged, knocking on Loki's door.

"Go away." Loki muttered.

"None will hurt you brother."

"Leave me alone, please. I am fine where I am."

"You are locked inside of your room, Loki! That is not called 'being fine.'"

"So what?" Loki snarled. "Leave me be, I am resting."

"So be it brother, but I will return with some food and we will speak about this."

Loki heard Thor's footsteps subside and the presence in front of his door was gone. Loki lay his head on the pillow and willed himself to go to sleep. He wanted desperately to forget, because none of this was right.

"I am fine, I only need time."

He did not deserve this kindness.

The routine went on for a few days, only different circumstances played out.

Loki would only receive visits inside of his room and only went out to head towards the garden or to eat inside the banquet hall, just as long as the room was not crowded. Loki went back to practicing Seidr and also occasionally helping Thor get the hang of his duties as the next King.

Loki spoke less when he was around people or whenever he attended a few meetings of the court. He wasn't like the person he was before, he was far more delicate and fragile, but underneath all of that hid the darkness and strength.

Often during Loki and Thor's childhood, during meetings, he commented on ever wrong detail and gave his own opinion on something as confidently as a Son on Odin would.

Now... things had gone stale.

Everything had turned towards a different path. One day during Loki's recovery, Loki entered the meeting of the court because Odin wanted Loki to socialize again.

And the reason was mostly out of pity from Odin, because they could not leave Loki alone without trouble following.

It was a poor decision because the moment it began, the whole court was already in chaos.

Usually it was Loki who gave the final suggestions that most would agree on because they had nothing more to say. But now that his mind is no longer as functional as it once was, Loki had no chance of saying what he wanted to without offending or adding onto the chaos.

The day was a disaster, but Odin only had pity and disappointment running across his face. He told them both as they stood in the middle of the hall, that it was alright.

But it wasn't.

"How can you be so sure?" Loki questioned. "What if it never gets better? What if my mind remains fragile and ill?"

"That will not happen." Odin sternly said.

"I am not well!"" Loki shouted.

"You will get better. You need only time to recover."

"Time? For how much longer?" He scowled at Odin. "Until someone bleeds and gets hurt under my actions? Until all of you have grown tired of caring?"

"Patience, dear boy." Odin said sighing and turning to his other son. "Thor, what do you think?"

"Father, I know not." He blinked.

"Go on, Thor. Tell Loki."

"Tell me what?" Loki crossed his arms. "Don't tell me you are siding with the old bag."

"I am not old, Loki. And you might as well listen to, Thor."

"Listen to Thor." Loki scoffed and rolled his eyes. "That is the day Asgard burns."

"Enough. No more. Say it Thor." Odin coughed in jest, knowing Loki's words were unintentional.

"Yes, Thor?" Loki looked at him sweetly. "Do say it."

"Come now Loki, this is the first meeting you ever attended to in quite a long time ago." Thor smiled at him, almost mockingly. "I am sure Father will think of something to ease the court and their ramblings."

"You will be yourself once again." Odin nodded and left the two boys. "You already seem to be."

"He has got to be lying." Loki muttered when Odin was out of earshot.

"Old Bag?" Thor asked, grinning at Loki. "Really, brother? Is that the best you can do?"

"Oh shut up." Loki crossed his arms.

"He's allowing you to mock him!" Thor said enthusiastically.

"Give it a rest, Thor."

"But he is making jests as well!"

"If you don't stop, I will make jests out of you and make you the fool."

"Old bag." Thor snicker and Loki couldn't help but feel a smile tug on his lips.

Loki was still contemplating the life he was now living, by each day that passed Loki was beginning to see the truth in Odin's words that he was no longer a prisoner and that he was free to make his own decisions as long as they are the right ones. Loki tried to open himself again, just like before, but the more he thought on the act, the harder it was to show it.

There was a time when Loki got so frustrated in not being able to say the right words at the right time or to even think properly that he was on the verge of a fit.

Out of carelessness, he suddenly reverted back to that monstrous side that he had, which he feared.

He was pulled into the darkness once more and he could hear Thanos and the Other whispering sweet nothings into his ear, making him more angry than before. Loki knew that the more angry he was, the stronger he got. Yet the more power he exerted, the more likely he could get hurt, or hurt others.

It was because of his Jotun heritage that made him that way, yet he could not even blame what or whohe was.

He blamed himself for being so stupid, so rash and abrupt that it was tainting his mind. It went on and on, that he could no longer decide on his own. He was not getting better, he was getting worse.

The more frustrated he got, the less he began to think.

Loki hurled objects around his room and when Heimdall saw by a mere glance, Thor was told.

"Loki! Stop!"


"CALM DOWN BROTHER!" Thor tried to stop his brother from throwing objects at him. "Stop this, Loki! Please!"

"Stop!? Why can't it stop!?" Loki shouted. "I can't think, Thor! I am so useless! I shouldn't be alive!"

"That's not true Loki! You are more than you think."

"That's not true." Loki cried. "Not true, all but lies."

"It's not a lie. Please, Loki-" Thor came closer.

"Silence! Leave me be!"

The realization, the doubts and the misery was settling in again and the occupants of the house of Odin did their best to assure Loki that he will be fine. But to Loki, it was far worse and he couldn't accept it. To him, they were all out to get him, that they were judging him quietly and waiting for him to slip up.

"I am useless and tainted." Loki trembled. "I am nothing and mean nothing to no one."

"That is not true, Loki." Thor was saddened by his brother's words.

"Mean nothing... no one..." Loki muttered.

"Oh, brother."

"I am so tired, Thor."

When Loki was finished throwing whatever he could grab, he simply stood there in defeat, chest heaving and tears brandishing his eyes. Thor cautioned himself to be alert and crept to his brother's side and gently touched him. Loki was pulled to Thor's chest as Loki sobbed.

"How long till I am well?" Loki cried with a whisper. "I cannot endure this anymore."

"Hush Loki."

Loki felt his knees buckle as Thor supported his weight, the exhaustion had attacked Loki quicker than he anticipated. Thor cradled his brother as they dropped to the floor in an embrace.

"You will get better, you just need patience. It has only been a few months since your trial. We cannot rush things, Loki. It is a far too delicate situation to be rushed."

"I don't know what to do anymore."

"That is why you have me here, Loki." Thor patted him.

"It feels worse." Loki pulled away. "It is as if I black out and cannot remember."

"What do you feel?" Thor asked, worriedly.

"I am angry at myself, I still hear their voices." Loki explained. "They are not there, but it still haunts me. I do not know what to do, brother. I am happy here on Asgard, but everything seems lost to me somehow. I cannot explain it."

"We shall see a healer."

And they did.

Loki's condition was gradually getting better, but the depression was taking its toll on Loki, as well as the emotional and mental trauma that he had endured in the past. It came as a shock to his family that Loki was still depressed but the healers said it was normal with whatever traumas Loki had experienced in the past year.

It was not something that was easily cured.

"So he is not happy with us?" Frigga wondered.

"Not at all, my Queen." The healer spoke.

"Then what is it, Eir?"

"Prince Loki is content, that much we could confirm with his behavior." She paused. "However, the damage with his mental and emotional state are great and quite delicate, that if something small, like a mere thought, can trigger them."

"For how long?" Odin asked, slightly worried.

"He has a coping mechanism, and he uses anger and hate to settle them." Eir shook her head. "He knows not why, but it had become an instinctual action."

"That seems logical." Thor frowned, cradling a dazed looking Loki to his chest.

Loki had bright red puffy eyes, tired from the crying.

Both Loki and Thor were sitting on the healing bed they use to check the body using Seidr or women's art. Moments ago, there were strange bronze like threads woven against each other, showing Loki's condition.

"Loki was introduced with this more times than we could count, and Thanos is anger and hatred, yes?"

"Death." Odin muttered.

It was true, they all saw it.

When that was through, time kept passing more slowly. Loki vowed that he would try and control himself more and he would try to forget, but the more he did, the more he remembered.

He kept it to himself though, a bad idea, yes. But he didn't wish to put further worries into his family's life. And Loki feared that Odin might contact Helblindi and Byleistr about his condition, and Loki did not want to go to Jotunheim.

He wasn't ready for that.

Asgard already had a lot of problems, including the other realms. Asgard did their best to regain their authority in the world and to brand that they have returned from their unfortunate accident as one might call it.

After a while, Loki went back to his position in the court, often times he finally have a suggestion or a faint idea that might lead them to the suggestion he had in mind.

"Perhaps it is wise to give them the attention that they need?" Loki muttered. "Lest you wish for the people to protest against your rule of the land?"

"Oh." One of the men said.

Thor swallowed, and glanced at his father who sat there, almost as pale as he was. Thor was silently begging that the man would praise Loki, otherwise, there was hell to pay.

"That seems like an excellent suggestion, Prince Loki." The man smiled generously.

Thor and Odin finally breathed.

"Hmm..." Loki replied, not as attentive as he was before.

Almost everyone was shocked when he spoke.

Usually he would listen and stare off and leave when it was finished and finally it was a signal that Loki was coming to his senses, or at least partially becoming himself again. It was only a matter of time before Loki could revert back to his mischievous side, something that the warriors had dreaded, and in which Thor anticipated with glee.

Thor smiled, and Loki noticed it.

"Idiot." Loki thought in his head, but he was also glad.

Things were gradually getting better and Loki was coming back to himself and it was progress.

However Loki's condition remained, yet lessened with the duration of time. Still, there were moments in Loki's life where he regretted ever living. There was another condition that sprouted yet again, and Loki feared it.

He thought it was only one time.

Yet he was wrong.

He would black out and do things that he rarely thought he would do, as if he were in a trance. When the Avengers were in Asgard during Loki's trial a few months back, he did not experience this and it was a new feeling. A feeling of darkness and emptiness.

There was a certain bliss in his mind, yet when he woke, destruction was at its wake.

It happened for the third time already.

His first was his fit that lead Thor to bring him to the healers to see his condition and the second, was his time in the garden with his mother. It was momentary and only did he realized that he had blacked out when Frigga shook him gently on the shoulders.

"Loki?" She asked. "Are you well? Do you wish to go back to your room?"

"I- I'm fine, mother." Loki blinked, trying to remember.

"What is wrong child?"

"It is... nothing." He lied. "I must not have slept well last night."

He tried to convince himself that it was just fatigue that was catching up to him, however the more he pieced together these strange events, the closer he got to the answer. And he knew that something was gravely wrong with him, and Loki feared it.

He was blacking out.

The third time, Loki was more aware of it and was dreading the event.

However, he was not prepared for what he was about to do. During his black out, it was in front of his family this time. Loki's eyes were empty and dull, and his actions were not of his own. He was having a nightmare and Thor came to his room to wake him.

When Loki did not wake, he called for his parents.

"My child-" Frigga cried.

"Mother, I swear. I tried and he would not wake." Thor cried in despair as he held Loki. "I do not know what to do, Father please."

"What happened to him?"

Odin tried to see Loki, who was frantically trying to push Thor off of him. Loki struggled and fought to keep Thor away, but was held down by his brother.

"I heard screaming in the hallway and ran to Loki's room." Thor exclaimed. "The guards were distraught and Loki, he was frightened. I tried to wake him, he woke up but he was merely staring at me. He did not recognize me, and I fear he is still in his dream."

"Thor watch out!" Frigga shouted, but it was too late.

Loki managed to maneuver Thor to the side and attacked him with a pounce, they collided with each other in an unfair and unaware battle.

They both collapsed on the floor and Loki managed to pin Thor on the ground. Both of Loki's legs on either of Thor's side and he was snarling and trying to scratch at Thor.

"Loki, stop this." Frigga called, as she was pulled away from her battling sons by Odin. "Why is he not listening?"

"He is not here." Odin said, gungnir hidden and not for use.

It was far too dangerous to be used on Loki.

"What do you mean?" Frigga watched as Thor fought gently.

"He is in a trance." Odin muttered. "It was what the healers had told us of. He is coping, by doing this he has emptied his mind. He is not with us, but in a blissful sleep. He would not remember this when he truly wakes."

"We cannot harm him Odin. He does not know what he is doing."

"Brother, stop this!" Thor reached out for Loki's hands, and pushed him away.

Loki fell to the side of the bed, wincing as his eyes darted everywhere. He watched as Thor took time to recover and his parents stood there thinking. His eyes darted to an object he felt with his finger, under the bed.

He noticed a discarded dagger under it and quickly grabbed it, raising it with both hands and tried to bring it down to Thor's chest.

Frigga almost fainted and realized that the blow did not connect. Thor was able to grab both of Loki's hands and the dagger was inches closer to Thor's chest.

"Loki." Thor's voice sounded in Loki's ear. "Wake up."

Wake up Loki, it is time. He could hear himself talk.

Loki, please wake up. He fought it.

Just wake up, listen to them.

Wake up.


Loki's eyes rolled at the back of his head and his body went limp. Thor managed to throw the dagger to the side before Loki or him, got hurt. Thor breathed heavily as he cradled his brother on top of him. And that is when Loki stirred, blinking rapidly and his body felt like it was strained and burning.


"T-thor?" Loki groaned. "Why are we-"

"Oh Loki, my child." Frigga dropped to her knees and hugged her two sons. "I thought we lost you."

"Where did I go?" Loki asked, not catching up.

Eventually they told Loki of the blackout, and Loki was so depressed and hurt. He asked himself numerous times why he had done what he did. His family did not blame him, but Loki was far from happy. He was afraid to black out again and because of that, Loki became weary.

He slept less and Thor knew that it was bad that Loki was preventing himself from rest, they tried to convince him, but eventually Loki gave in.

He didn't have blackouts again, and it gave them a sort of relief to know.

Rumors spread about that the younger prince was too dependent on his family, and Loki knew that he was.

The occupants of Odin's house were doing their best to let Loki deal with his problems instead of clinging to them. When Loki was finally coaxed out of his room and into larger spaces, everyone silently rejoiced, despite the fact that Loki still hovered around his brother.

All was well.

They were slowly changing that, and soon, Loki was able to be left alone with the Warriors Three and Lady Sif whenever Thor completed his duties as Odin's eldest son.

"Don't worry, Loki." Fandral placed a hand on his shoulder. "He will return soon."

"And you have us." Sif smiled at him. "I'm sure we won't bore you too much."

"Yes, we will have such a good time."

And a year and a half of constant help, and now here is where the journey begins again.


The warriors three and Sif were in the training grounds, much like a small Colosseum. The warriors were in the middle of their break, with Fandral sitting on the floor, cleaning his blade. Volstagg was eating to his hearts content while Hogun crossed his arms, waiting and Sif who was testing out her new sword by swinging it.

They were all fine, until they noticed a familiar silhouette in the upper stands near the entrance. A familiar green and black appeared to them as they immediately knew who it was.

It was Loki wandering around and out of the palace grounds.

"What do you think he is here for?" Fandral whispered to the others.

"He is looking." Hogun grunted.

"Question is who?"

"Do you have to ask now?" Volstagg laughed and stared. "Thor is not with him. None are with him, do you think they told him to come here?"

"We'll have to find out." Sif said as Loki emerged from the door. "Loki, what brings you here?"

They watched as Loki strode forward, wearing a black cloak, under it a green tunic with brown leather strapped across him.

"I was looking for Thor." Loki said, eyes darting from place to place. "But he wasn't in his room and there was no meeting."

"Meeting?" Fandral raised his head to Sif.

"Don't look at me." Sif huffed. "I do not know the answer to that. Is that what Thor told you?"

"Did Thor lie about the meeting?" Loki wondered.

"Prince Loki-" Hogun muttered as he stared at the confused prince.

"Well..." Volstagg mumbled.

"How was your trip to Vanaheim?" Loki suddenly asked, out of randomness.

It was probably his coping mechanism again and the warriors really hoped that Loki wasn't going to lash out any time soon.

"Thor did say you went there. Is that a lie too? Your trip in Vanaheim?"

The Warriors stared at him questioningly.

"I merely want to confirm if it was true." Loki said, and the warriors realized that Loki was suspicious of his brother. There was no need to lie of course, they might as well tell him of the events that happened.

"Well, we won." Fandral smiled. "Thor sent the giant running."

"I had it under control." Sif rolled her eyes. "He didn't have to come and help."

"Ah yes, I remember hearing that." Volstagg tried to remember. "What did he say? Is that why everything was on fire?"

"We won." Hogun insisted.

"I'm sure you had fun." Loki placed a hand to his lips, trying so hard not to laugh at Sif, who was annoyed at Thor.

"So, Thor? Do you know where he could be?"

"I believe he was planning to use the bifrost." Fandral shrugged, thinking back on earlier events. "I know not if that is true, but that is the talk for today."

"What would he need the Bifrost for?" Loki scowled at the thought. "I thought his duties within the other realms were through with a few days ago? He promised he would go hunting with me."

"Hunting? Without us?"

"He was planning to bring you along, but I know not why he hasn't told you." Loki smiled. "But you've just been to Vanaheim so, that must be the reason."

"But Loki, you never liked hunting." Fandral pointed out.

"There's a first time for everything." The younger prince shrugged uncaringly.

"Does the All-mother and All-father know about this?" Sif gave him a glare. "Loki, you know that you are not allowed without-"

"I need to find, Thor." Loki crossed his arms. "I don't know where he could be. It's not like him to go to another place right after a battle."

"I'm sure he's merely busy." Sif insisted. "Are you sure you're alright, Loki?"

" I am fine, I have been for the past few months." Loki told them. A mere hunting trip won't harm me. Besides, it has been dull here lately at the palace. I need something to do. I... I feel trapped."

"That doesn't change anything, you're still recovering."

"Sif is right, Loki." Volstagg smiled.

"As much as we hate to say it." Fandral said as he continued to clean his blade. "Things are easier now, but far more dangerous than you know. The feuds between the realms are still not... stable. Not to mention- ehem... uh..."

Sif sent him a glare, not wanting him to keep talking and Fandral got the message.

"It's not so bad hunting." Fandral chuckled "But, we are forbidden to do so. In.. ugh.. your company."

Sif kicked Fandral on the side and glared, turning back to Loki, who stood there slightly confused and cautious. They saw Loki's cheery demeanor change into a haunting memory.

"Why would Thor lie about a hunting trip?" Loki scowled. "Did he go back to Vanaheim without telling me?"

"Now you've done it, Fandral." Sif hissed at him. "You've upset him."

"Prince Loki-"

"Do you think Thor is talking to Heimdall then?" Loki asked, ignoring him.

"We've heard rumors that he was planning on visiting her." Sif mumbled in defeat, knowing she and the others will not be able to keep it secret for so long.

"Her? The mortal?" Loki blinked, slightly jealous. "Jane Foster?"

"That is her." Hogun nodded.

"That is what we believe." Volstagg propped a piece of beef in his mouth and offered Loki some. "Why else would he be at the bifrost. As you've said, his tasks are through."

"Thank you." Loki took a piece of beef and chewed it silently.

"Are you sure you are well, Loki?" Sif asked, noticing Loki mumbling to himself.

Loki still wasn't well, despite the fact that he was acting cured, it was still noticeable that his condition is still there. The trauma was still inside him, but the good thing was, that Loki was able to suppress it when the need arises. He couldn't fully control himself just yet, but he could prolong it.

He was told by Thor not to hold the horrors and the pain for too long, for it will surely bite him back.

Loki knew his limitations, but the limitations of these horrors were the ones he were fearfully unaware of. Loki mumbled to himself occasionally and the warriors did talk about it before, they had confronted Thor about it.

They were merely told by the Prince to leave his little brother be. It was his way of calming himself down, it was a routine now.

Which Thor plans on breaking someday.

"Loki?" Sif asked again.

"Yes yes, I am well." That was indeed a lie. "Do you think it is alright if the rest of you-"

"Join you to find Thor?" Fandral earned another hit from Sif.

"Fine, we shall help you." Sif muttered.

"Anything for you, Prince." Volstagg patted his full stomach.

"Just as long as we don't get in trouble." Hogun grimaced. "Which is likely to happen."

Fandral stood up from where he was cleaning his blade, raising it high over his head and bringing it to the light. The others grinned at each other, perhaps it was best to accompany Loki instead of leaving the younger prince on his own.

It won't bode well for them if they simply left Thor's brother, who was still on the verge of insanity.

"Well, alright." Loki turned to find his brother.