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Chapter One: A Day on the Beach

A plain-looking girl with the name of Bee was laying on the couch doing her usual routine, staring at the ceiling. Without a job like most people her age, she was stuck at home with nothing to do.

A cute cat, dog like animal was curled up on Bees stomach taking one of his usual naps. His name was Puppycat. The strange thing about Puppycat was he wasnt from here. Bee hadn't exactly found out where he was from but she assumed he wasnt from here.

"I wonder what Deckard is doing..." Bee said softly. He was her next door neighbor that she has a very tiny crush on. Just the thought of him made her heart beat to quicken and a blush form on her cheeks.

Puppycat stirred in his sleep and awoke from his slumber. He had the usual annoyed look and stretched on her stomach. He sat straight up and looked down at her. He remained silent like usual and just stared down at her.

Bee smiled, "hey there Puppycat... what do you want to do?"

The hybrid silently stared at her.

Bee sat up, causing him to fall over. "We should go to the beach. We can invite Deckard to go with us, he's been giving us food a lot so it's what we can at least do."

Puppycat looked up and his mouth began to move, speaking a language that seemed like english but not exactly. "No. I don't want to. The beach is too hot and the water makes my fur nasty. I don't like that guy anyway."

Bee looked at the animal strangely, "you don't like Deckard? He's really nice though and kinda cute and super sweet..." She went on and her cheeks heated up. "Theres not really anything bad about him..."

Puppycat frowned and jumped off her belly and jumped onto the window seal.

"For a cat...dog... who has the ability to speak, you sure don't talk that much." She said as she looked over him.

Puppycat looked at her and his bell suddenly glew a pinkish color. A letter formed and he grabbed it.

Bee stood and walked over, taking the letter. She glanced at him before opening it. "Dear Puppycat..." She read out loud. "Suspicious threats have been reported at an ocean near you on Earth. Please check it out and report back." She chuckled at Puppycat, "looks like were going to the beach anyway..."

Puppycat continued to frown and the pink light from his bell surrounded her and she returned in her uniform.

Bee blushed, "I can't let Deckard see me in this! Take it off!" She complained.

A ball covered Puppycats head and Bees mask grew to cover her entire face. He tapped the letter with his paw and the two were suddenly transported to the waters of the ocean.

Bee looked around amazed at all the fish and other life that lived down here. "Whoah... Puppycat... this is beautiful..."

Puppycat looked at her, "pay attention Bee! We are on the job." He lectured.

Bee nodded and a sword formed in her hand, her eyes scanned the area, "I don't see any-" Her words were interrupted when a black snake-like tentacle wrapped around her waist and squeezed her tight. Bee looked up at the large monster as it hissed in her face. "Let me go!" She yelled as she wacked him with her sword.

Puppycats mouth glew and shot beams at the monster and when they hit, the snake cried out in pain and let Bee go.

Bee swam over quickly and stabbed her sword into its head and kicked his throat. "Thats for squeezing me to death you stupid snake!"

Blood seeped into the waters, a thick red. The fish in the area scattered away from the scene.

Bee looked at Puppycat, "another job completed it seems." She said with a smile.

The two swam up to the top and over to the sandy beach.

Puppycat looked at her and then ahead before hissing lowly.

Bee followed his eyes and blushed darkly when she noticed Deckard walking this way. "How do I take this stupid outfit off?!" She asked as she tugged at it. Deckard couldn't see her like this! That would be so embarrassing! She looked up and began turning, about to run for it.

"Hey Bee." Deckard said with a smile, a light pink blush covering his cheeks.

Bee jumped and was about to explain to him about the ridicules uniform but realized she was no longer wearing it, just her normal clothes. "H-Hey dude... what are you doing here?" She asked as she looked around, trying to avoid the face that he was shirtless and in swimming trunks and that he looked really good in them.

He chuckled, "just enjoying the sun. My brother actually wanted to come and try to pick up chicks." He said embarrassed while he rubbed the back of his neck.

Bee winced when she notice Puppycat scratch her leg. She picked him up and smiled, "well we should get back. It was nice seeing you." She said with a smiled before turning around and walking off with a grin.

"Crushes are a waste of time. They only get you hurt." Puppycat grumbled.

Bee scratched him behind the ear and smiled, "you'll fall in love again Puppycat. Just give it some time." She said softly.

Puppycat looked up at her before curling up into her arms, ignoring her like usual.

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