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Bee's eyes slowly opened to see nothing but fur. "Ah!" She yelled. "It's so dark! Why am I blind?" She asked frantically as she quickly sat up.

Puppycat fell off her face and landed on his back. "What are you doing?" He asked annoyed.

Bee rubbed the back of her neck, "I thought I was... blind...or something..." She said slowly.

Puppycat just stared at her. "Idiot."

Bee pushed him off her with a frown, "what ever. What are we doing today?"

Puppycat walked over to his water dish and drank for a few seconds before looking at her. "I don't know yet, I havent received any mail."

She sat back and yawned, "well how long does it usually take? I'm bored." She complained, dragging the word out.

Puppycat rolled his eyes and went over to his food dish to eat.

"So... is Wallace dead?" She asked, referring to the first time they had worked together.

There was no answer due to Puppycat ignoring her.

Bee frowned and threw a couch pillow at him.

The pillow hit Puppycat and he fell to his side and laid there lazily, the cat in him kicking in. "No... he's not dead. When you use your sword and I use my power, we purify the evil in that monster. So next time we go see him, he'll be crying for his momma like usual." He explained before finally getting up.

Bee nodded, "that's amazing... I didn't know we had the ability to do those kind of things." She said with a smile.

Puppycat jumped back onto the couch and stared at her silently. A few moments later, a beam escaped his bell and a letter appeared in his paw.

Bee watched in amazement as this happened, the thought of magic actually being real still dumbfounded her. "Whats it say?" She asked excited.

Puppycat held the letter in his paw and blinked at her. He then wacked her with it.

"Stop! You are not acting nice today..." She huffed before slowly opening the letter. "Dear Puppycat and Trainee..." She paused. "Couldn't have just put my name?" She asked as Puppycat just rolled his eyes once more. "Please go to the Ice Planet to do todays temp work." She read out loud and paused again, "that's it?" She asked as she flipped the paper around, checking the other side. "No descriptions of monsters or just the job in general?"

Puppycat pushed his paw against the letter and the two were instantly transported in front of Tempbot.

"Hello Puppycat, hello Trainee." The computer welcomed.

Puppycat remained silent and Be was transported into her suit. "My name is Bee..."

The computer opened its mouth and a chilly wind blew against the two. "Call for me when you're done."

Puppycat jumped through the hole and Bee followed.

She looked around amazed, "how am I not freezing to death?" She asked as she looked at him, her eyes widened at the sudden snow coat on him. "Cute..." She mumbled.

Puppycat looked up at her, "the suits protecting you from the cold." He answered.

"So what are you suppose to do here?" She asked next.

"We have to watch over the Ice Kings daughter for a bit while he's gone." He explained as the two approached the scary looking castle. "It's dangerous around here so be careful." He warned.

Bee nodded, "gotcha..." She then stole a glance at the large ice guards as they held their weapons. She then received a chill that not even the suit could stop as they entered the castle.

Large icy walls surrounded them as they continued to walk. Large portraits hung from the walls of the past rulers. They all looked prideful and threatening.

"This place is creeping me out, when can we leave?" Bee asked already.

Puppycat stopped her, "bow..." He said softly.

Bee was confused but did it anyway but then realized the reasoning.

A little girl with a crown was sitting at a chair in front of them, her expression bored. When she noticed Puppycat, she squealed in delight. "Puppycat!" She yelled excited as she got up and ran over.

Puppycat grunted slightly when he was picked up and hugged tightly. "Hello Princess."

The little girl giggled and kissed Puppycat. When she noticed Bee, her frown vanished. "Who's she?"

Bee smiled, "my name is Bee."

She frowned and ignored Bee, "let's go have a tea party Puppycat." She said as she headed to her room. She turned towards Bee before going in. "You're not invited."

Bee received a chill, this little girl was cold in more than one way. She glanced at Puppycat but he wasn't even looking at her. A sigh escaped and she looked around as the two left. "What should I do?" She asked softly.

The large room was completely silent as no one was in there besides her. Bee took a deep breath and walked over to an opening that led outside, it seemed to be a balcony. She looked outside to the empty planet, a chilly wind blew against her and she almost slipped on the ice.

Who could possible attack someone in this type of place?

There was a hissing noise beside her and she turned jumping when she noticed a man who resembled a reptile next to her. "What? Who? When?" She asked bewildered.

The man shushed her, "you're not from around here are you?" He asked quietly.

Bee was completely confused but shook her head sadly, "I don't even belong here... I'm unwanted it seems. Who are you?"

"Names aren't important, I'm here to help you." He answered with a smile, his forked tongue was seen as he spoke.

Bee tilted her head, "help me? How? I don't even need help."

"You hate the Princess don't you? She didn't let you go with them." The man said slowly, his eyes beginning to glow. "You hate her... you want to kill her. You want to kill them both for betraying you."

Bee felt dizzy and nodded slowly, "I... I want to..." She said, smiling a little. Her eyes glew the same color for a short moment before returning to normal. "I want to kill them both." She said with a smirk. Her sword formed in her hand and she walked past the grinning man.

A small voice was whispering in her head to do things to them. Painfully kill them, nice and slowly. Any thought from before vanished from her head.

She grabbed the handle and pushed the door open, the princess' giggling could be heard as she talked to Puppycat and it aggravated Bee. She felt the need to silence it.

Puppycat and the princess looked up, "I told you, you're not invited." She said annoyed.

Bee smirked and rose her sword, "shut up you annoying brat."

Puppycat gasped and quickly pushed the princess out of the way as Bee brought her sword down onto the table, slicing it in two.

The princess started to cry and quickly scurried to the closet to hide.

"What are you doing Bee?!" Puppycat asked as he tried to calm her down.

Bee grinned and swung her sword at him, barely missing him. "Hold still... it'll only hurt a lot."

Puppycat looked at her in shock but noticed her pupils had slits in them. "Mind control..." He breathed.

Bee growled and went to strike again but gasped when Puppycat jumped up and clawed at her face. "What are you doing!" She screeched.

Puppycat frowned, "I'm sorry Bee." He said before his mouth glew and he shot his beam, directly at her face.

Bee fell back and the voice in her head screamed in pain. Bee covered her face and groaned as she laid there.

The ice princess peeked out of the closet, shaking slightly. "Is she dead?"

Puppycat shook his head, "no, but what was controlling her is." He said.

Bee sat up holding her forehead, she looked at the little girl. "I-I'm so sorry..." She said softly, her eyes filling with tears. "Please forgive me princess... This snake man talked to me and next thing I knew, I couldn't control anything." She explained, shaking slightly from fear and confusion.

The princess looked at her for a long moment. "Daddy says girls shouldn't cry..." She bent over and picked up a little tea cup that surprisingly still had tea in it and handed it to Bee. "So drink this lady, it'll make you feel better." She said with a smile.

Bee smiled softly and took the cup, "thank you..."

Puppycat waked over to the princess, "are you alright?"

The ice princess nodded, "just a little shook up but I'm fine now."

Puppycat nodded, "we must go now but we'll be sure to come back soon."

The little girl hugged him, "make sure the lady comes back." She whispered. "She's very entertaining."

Bee glanced out the door to the balcony, who was that man? Would she see him again? Though the screaming stopped, she still felt something inside her. Something that wasn't ready to leave just yet.

"Lets go Bee." Puppycat said, interrupting her thoughts.

Bee smiled and nodded, following him to their next adventure together.

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