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"Crossing The Line"

I'm Crossing The Line
And I'm Taking All That Is Mine

The news had spread far enough for The Slayer to learn Angelus was back to running the show. At first, again, she felt the stab in her heart at the idea he'd lost it due to being in love, being happy... to lose it in the manner he had with her... but once more, that turned out not to be the case.

As she walked the dirty streets of Los Angelus, she cursed. Why did people think purposefully removing Angel's soul was a good idea? Had any good ever come out of it?

She'd be wondering why Angel was so damn stupid too, but it seemed he had learned his lesson after the last ordeal. So this one wasn't on him. No, other morons had banded together to get it done without his permission, or his knowledge.

Even dumber.

Though, what she was planning to do topped the list of dumbest of them all.


Upon finding the vampire, she'd saved a group of three young girls from becoming his next meal. And who knew what else. The two had stared at one another, they had done their Buffy/Angelus banter play, and then they had fought.

Just like old times.

But then taking some things she'd learned from her time with Spike, their fighting soon turned into something else. It wasn't surprising to her, she'd known it was to happen. Angelus on the other hand had been, though he'd done a good job at hiding it for the most part.

But, after making a few snide comments, he sure didn't protest it.


Buffy found herself stripped naked in the dark, damp alley way. Angel's shirt was ripped, his pants pushed down enough to get to his goods. He was on the ground, blanketed only by his jacket still on and Buffy was on top of him. Her knees were scratching against the dark pavement as she rode him, her hands scratching his chest, her moans echoing through the area.

His face was morphed, his growls mixing with her sweet moans, his hands on her hips helping her move against him.

She knew this was wrong, in the grand scheme of things, but it was exactly what she needed. Angel and Angelus, both of them, was what she needed. And she was going to have them.