A/N: This is an idea I had if Jeremy had a twin sister with a twist she is not human I think the show should have more supernatural creatures. Her name is Jocelyn Emily Gilbert she takes off after their parents death and this her coming home to the world of Vampires and secrets. I love getting feedback both positive and negative thank you to anyone reading and giving this story a chance :)

As for what she looks like I'm going with Victoria Justice for the character

I have been dreading this phone call I know he will be angry but I need to call and see if I can come home. I miss my family my older perfect sister Elena, my silly aunt Jenna and the person I miss the most is my twin brother Jeremy. After my parents death I couldn't handle being there anymore I needed to get away process and grieve alone. I packed a bag and left when everyone was sleeping I left Jeremy a note but I know he is going to be angry. That is what brings to this pay phone outside a bar in Augusta, Georgia waiting for him to answer his phone.

"Hello who is this?" His voice so groggy I hope I didn't wake him up

"Jeremy? It's me." I said hoping my voice doesn't crack or I break down crying hearing his voice.

"Joey? Is that you!?" He sounds so happy to hear me

"Yeah Jer it's me... I miss you" I said

"Where are you?" he asks sounding more alert

"I'm in Georgia... listen Jer I'm ready to come home ...if you guys still want me that is."

"Of course we want you to come home everyone misses you! We have been worried sick since you left!" I start to tear up listening to him. I didn't realize just how much I missed hearing his voice and talking to him.

"Ok well I should get there before the end of the week can you tell aunt Jenna and Elena for me I love you Jeremy I will see you soon." I hang up the phone letting a few tears slip, when I get the feeling of danger nearby. I look around I don't see anything so I use my powers to see if I can hear anything nearby.

She is hot little number she will do just fine. Don't look like she will put up a fight. I hear in my head I look again and there is a man in his early twenties walking towards me. I reach in my pocket and grab my pocket knife without him noticing.

"Hey sweetie are you lost?" he asks faking a sweet voice

"No just stepped out to make phone call now I'm going back in." I answered starting to walk away.

"Aren't you a little young to be hanging out in a bar." He reaches out and grabs my arm stopping me from moving.

"I don't think that is any of your business now would you mind letting go of me?" I spoke in an eerily calm voice.

"Well I think you and I should have some together what do you say?" he said stepping closer to me

"I say no and I will ask you one more time nicely to let go of me." he starts to laugh as if I'm joking he doesn't know who he is messing with.

"Or you will do what sweet heart?" He asks getting in my face. So I punch him in the jaw and he lets go of my other arm I pull out my knife and hold it to his neck.

"Now are you going to leave me alone or will I be forced to use this?" I asked he puts his hand up and starts to walk away. "Wise choice" I mutter before walking back into the bar grab a beer and hustle a game of pool. That is how I have been surviving these past months on my own hustling pool, darts and any way I think to make quick money without selling my body. I wouldn't disrespect myself like that I sleep in cheap motels, parks or sometimes someone at the bar will let me crash. I have been all up and down the south these months and I have worked through my issues I'm ready to face the music and go back home to be with my family. I discovered I have the ability to read peoples thought and even talk to them in their heads the only person who knows about my ability is Jeremy. I was too scared to tell anyone else afraid they would think I was freak, I try not to use my ability unless I have too. I am able to read people and see into their minds it is a little scary but when you're a 16 year old girl traveling alone it helps a lot.

The next morning I got a bus ticket that took me to a town ten miles outside of Mystic Falls I could probably hitch a ride the rest of the way. I wasn't bothered for the close to eight hour bus ride I was happen to finally be able to stretch out my legs. Grabbing my back pack and throwing it over my shoulder I start walking down the side of the road heading towards home. I have my thumb sticking out as I walk it was almost three miles in when a beat up old red ford pick-up pulls over. A man looking to be around forty was the driver.

"Where you heading little lady?" he asked

"Mystic Falls you heading that way?" I reply

"Yeah hope on in." he gave me a sweet smile I didn't get any bad vibes from him so I got in. "So what brings you to Mystic Falls?"

"My family is there I'm going home." I told him. He didn't ask any more questions after that and he drove in a comfortable silence with only the hum of the radio. Two hours into the drive I see the welcome to Mystic Falls sign and I start getting nervous. "If you can drop me off at the Mystic Grill that would be great." I told the guy.

"Sure thing. Here we are" he stops outside the Grill I thank him and walk in. Figure I could have a quick drink before facing my family they should all be home at this hour. I walk up to the bar and order a straight whiskey taking a look around making sure no I recognize is here. I notice the guy on the stool next me staring at me I get one of my feeling and I know he is a vampire. I turn to look at him with a smirk on my face.

"See something you like?" I said. With a cock smirk on his face I take in his features he is very good looking with raven black hair piercing blue eyes and fair skin. I see him checking me out only making me smirk more he looks to be in his twenties but I know better.

"What if I do? You look a little familiar have we met before?" he asks

"Nope we haven't you might know my siblings Elena and Jeremy Gilbert." He gets a confused look on his face. I was sipping my whiskey looking him dead in the eyes.

"I didn't know there was another Gilbert. I'm Damon Salvatore." He held his hand out but I didn't shake it.

"Good for you." I seemed to be amusing him

"Well what's your name I know you're a Gilbert." I chuckled at him

"Not today Damon I have to go" I finished off the last of my drink walking out the Grill in the direction of my childhood home. I'm standing outside my home I hear people moving around inside my hands feel really clammy I shouldn't have come back. I start to talk myself out of coming home when I finally work up the courage to knock. It takes less than a minute for the door to open and my older sister stands there with a stunned look on her face. We stand there awkwardly for a few seconds before she pulls in to a bone crushing hug and I start to tear up. I missed my sister so much she and I have always been more like best friends than sisters.

"Joey is it really you?" I hear her voice getting chocked up

"Yeah Elena it's me." I said squeezing her just as tight

"Hey Elena who's at the..." aunt Jenna starts to say walking towards us as we pull apart "Joey?" she asks slowly I guess trying to figure out if it is really me or not. Again I am wrapped in another tight hug barely able to breathe but I don't mind I missed them all so much. "I'm so glad you're okay" she said to me before I can say anything to her I hear the person I have missed the most.

"Joey!" Jeremy comes running down the stairs to pick me up in a hug and twirl me in the air. I can't hold back the tears once I'm in Jeremy's arms it feels so safe here feeling him I finally relax.

"Jeremy" I whisper. Then it sounds like someone clears their throat next to us I turn to see a guy with light brown hair and beautiful green eyes. He standing there awkwardly with his hands in his pockets, he is a vampire which puts me on edge. What is a vampire doing in my house around my family? "And who is this?"

"Joey this is my boyfriend Stefan Salvatore, Stefan this is my little sister Jocelyn Gilbert" Elena introduces him. Boyfriend? Did she know he was a vampire? what has been going on in this town since I left? I shake his hand and give him a smile I decide to listen to what he is thinking.

Elena never told me she had a sister. Her blood smells so good it's different she is not human. I tune out after I heard that I know my blood is different and apparently tastes very good and is desired by vamps I just don't know why.

"Hi it is a pleasure to meet you Elena never told me she had a sister." he said very politely

"I'm sure she hasn't, it is nice to meet you to Stefan." I decide to scare him a little

I know what you are and I want to know what you are doing with my sister and does she know? I asked him in his head with a smile on my face as he looks a mix of shocked and confused. Aunt Jenna had gone into the kitchen Elena, Jeremy, Stefan, and I were sitting in the living room.

"So fill me in on what I have missed guys" I said

"Well coach Tanner died an animal attack, Vicki left town" Elena fills me in wow a lot has happened.

"Did anything good happen after I left?" I asked

"Caroline and Matt are dating, the new history teacher is really cool guy."

"Caroline and Matt really? I didn't see that happening good for them. Are you seeing anyone Jeremy?" I ask my brother I see him blush

"Not at the moment I'm trying to catch up in school I fell a little behind." He tells me.

"Well I'm exhausted from the bus ride so I'm going to bed good night guys." I give Jeremy, Elena and Jenna a hug and kiss before heading up to my room. Everything is where I left it my full bed flat against my wall, my walls are painted a light purple my vanity the has a ton of pictures on it. I let out a shaky breath and start to unpack my bag when a light knock on my door disrupts me. I open the door to see Stefan standing there very awkward. "Come on in we need to chat" He walks in and looks around.

"How do you know about me? What are you?"

"You will answer my questions first. Does Elena and Jeremy know? Do you intend on harming my sister in anyway?" I ask him

"Elena does Jeremy and Jenna don't. I would never hurt Elena I love her." I'm satisfied with his answers

"What about your brother is my family in danger around him?" he is a little taken back that I asked about his brother.

"You met Damon? No he is not a danger to your family you have my word." He said he seems like a really nice guy I trust him to keep Elena safe. I will keep a close eye on him and Damon just to be safe.

"As for your questions as far as I know I'm human with some perks so to speak, yes I met Damon at the Grill before I came here. I knew you were a vampire from the vibe I got off of you I have been on my own for months learned a few things. Now I really am tired we can continue to get more acquainted tomorrow." He gets up and leaves my room I change into some pajamas and go to sleep instantly.

Stefan's P.O.V-

I walk into the boarding house trying wrap my head around what I just encountered tonight Elena had a little sister she never told me about and she not human. Her blood was unlike anything I ever smelt before I wanted it, the blood was calling to me. I walk into the parlor to see Damon sitting on the couch with a glass of bourbon as usual.

"Did you know there is another feisty little Gilbert?" Damon asks me

"Stay away from her Damon!" I told him

"Did you smell her blood Stefan? There is something strange about her and I want to know what it is."

"Is that your new thing now that Katherine is out of the picture? Leave Jocelyn alone Damon she knows about vampires and we don't know what she is." I hear him snarl at my comment about Katherine but I don't care.

"I won't stop till I find out all of pretty little Jocelyn's secrets brother. She's cute isn't she, looks like a lot of fun that one." he winks at me before leaving the room. I don't know what I'm going to do Damon is unpredictable and I don't know what Jocelyn is capable of. I have to find out if Elena knows what her sister is and keep her away from Damon.