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Chapter Six

A few days after the Dark Forest infiltration, Blazefeather arrives in my den looking flustered. Nightwhisper and I had been talking quietly about when the kits should become warriors, but we fall silent as Blazefeather stumbles in without a warning.

"What is it?" I ask, alarmed by the state of my friend.

"Nothing, nothing." He mumbles with a shake of his head, "I was in the nursery and they've gotten so rambunctious but that's not important – Ashstar is here."

"Ashstar?" I repeat in surprise as I stand.

"Yes. To see you I presume." Blazefeather replies with a nod.

"I better get her then." I mumble heading to the entrance of the den. Blazefeather shadows me and I cock my head as we go down the path. "Your kits…" I mew, "How many moons are they?"

"Four. Well, almost five." Blazefeather replies cautiously.

"I see. Well I suppose we should start thinking of mentors then, yes?" I ask looking at him out of the corner of my eyes.

"Oh… yeah I guess we should."

"Not yet then?" I ask as we near the thorn tunnel and Ashstar comes into view, sitting with Graystripe and Sandstorm, and chatting amiably.

"Yeah don't strain yourself over it." He whispers softly.

Blazefeather melts away from me as I approach Ashstar with a diplomatic smile.

"Midnightstar." She mews upon spotting me, "I'm happy to see your Clan is looking healthy. You must be proud of them."

I shrug and reply, "Sometimes." She laughs and I mew, "Did you need something Ashstar?"

"Actually I did come to discuss the matter of alliances, but I am afraid that Sandstorm and Graystripe here got me off track." Ashstar replies with a smile.

"I'll have to punish them later." I mew with a ghost of a smile. I beckon Ashstar with my tail and she follows me through camp up to my den.

Nightwhisper is still where I left him, snacking off the remains of the shrew he had for breakfast. He makes no move to leave and I have to roll my eyes at him.

I turn my attention to Ashstar and she mews, "I just wanted to let you know that my senior warriors came to a decision. We will agree to the alliance with the wolves as long as the benefits outweigh the risks. Therefore we want them to stay off of our territory. I know this seems a bit conceited but it was the only way I could get them all to agree." She rolls her eyes and give a sharp sigh through her nose, "They way they act sometimes I swear I'm dealing with a batch of spoiled kits."

"Believe me, I understand." I mew, inclining my head to her.

"Okay I don't know if I was supposed to take offense to that or not, so I will on behalf of all the senior warriors." Nightwhisper calls.

"You're not a senior warrior." I inform him.

"Well then neither are you." He shoots back causing Ashstar to snort quietly.

"Oh just be quiet." I reply and Nightwhisper smirks. "Thank you Ashstar." I mew returning my attention to her, "I'll send an envoy right away."

"Would you like me to inform Mistystar on my way back?" Ashstar asks.

"I don't want you to go out of your way."

"I don't mind, I like a nice walk." Ashstar replies with a shrug.

"Then that sounds wonderful." I agree, "I'll inform Tawnystar."

"Lovely. I should be off then, have a nice day." She mews courteously.

"You as well. May StarClan light your path." I mew as she moves to leave.

"And yours." Ashstar smiles and heads out of my den while I turn to Nightwhisper.

"So who are you going to send?" Nightwhisper asks.

"I don't know…" I reply. "I want to send Stormfur or Brook obviously, but I think they are needed here."

"I do too. I'm not sure if it would be wise to separate them anyway – that would make the one left behind weaker to Spiderleg." Nightwhisper mews darkly.

"He's been quiet though since… our plan went into effect." I protest.

"You can't expect that to last forever."

I nod grudgingly at his words and sigh, "Well by that argument, sending both of them would be catastrophic."

"It would." Nightwhisper agrees.

"Then who else?" I ask with a heavy sigh.

"You want to send someone who's been there?" I nod at his question. "Then the solution seems obvious." He mews with a slight wince.

"Nightwhisper no! They're apprentices." I mew shocked, sensing his suggestion.

"And aside from their parents they're the only cats who have been to the wolf camp. The wolves know them, they'd be in less danger!" Nightwhisper points out, the logic of the solution clear.

"And what if they run into the Dark Forest – what then?" I hiss.

"Then send a warrior with them." Nightwhisper replies.

"I don't like it." I mew shaking my head.

"Neither do I... not much. But we need to get the wolves here and quickly."

"They were just kits though when it happened." I point out.

"I'm pretty sure a journey like that would be engraved in your mind pretty vividly." Nighthwhisper mews somewhat sarcastically.

"Perhaps." I reply coolly.

"Mum! Dad!" We freeze and turn as Lightingpaw comes ambling into our den.

"What darling?" I ask, trying to keep my voice from sounding to weary.

"What was Ashstar doing here? Did something happen in Windclan? Was there another attack? Are they pulling out of the alliance? What about –"

"Stop!" I shout over him, causing him to fall silent. "Remember sweetie, one question at a time."

"Oh right. So why was Ashstar here?" Lightingpaw asks, looking slightly embarrassed.

"To consent to the alliance with the wolves." I reply sitting down as he brightens.

"Oh, will that's good right?" he asks eagerly.

"It's not bad." I reply.

"But now we have to decide who to send." Nightwhisper mutters.

"I'll go!" Lightingpaw chirps.

"I don't think so."I mew quickly.

"Why not?" he questions frowning, "I'm a power cat, with a pretty awesome power if I do say so myself, I'll be fine. Bramble even told me the key words and he told me where it is!"

"No." I mew shaking my head, "You're too young."

"But mum –"

"NO!" I snap, but Nightwhisper coughs delicately.

I look to him and he mews, "It might not be a bad idea. He and Bramble could go."

"Have you completely lost your mind?" I snarl.

"Not the last time I checked." He replies dryly, "Midnight it's a good idea. They can take care of themselves and they'll be quick."

"You're crazy." I decide.

"Mum please." Lightingpaw whines, "I know I can do this, I just have a feeling."

I look between my son and my mate and sigh heavily through my nose, "No." I repeat putting finality into my tone.

"Think as a leader not a mother." Nightwhisper mews, "Would you send a different paw?"

"No!" I growl, glaring at him, "I would not because no matter who they are, an apprentice is too young to go!"

"Midnight –"

"No! End of conversation!" I snarl.

"What if a warrior came with us?" Lightingpaw whispers.

I redirect my gaze to him and mew, "Lightingpaw Bramble doesn't know about your powers. To add another cat that you would have to hide them from would be even worse."

"What if they were a power cat too? I bet Frozenfang would like to come." Lightingpaw's blinking innocently at me and I sigh.

"You're still too young."

"Mum you said you want this done fast and we can do it fast, faster than the others, they don't understand. Please mum please! We'll be fine." Lightingpaw mews earnestly.

"I don't like it…" I mew distractedly.

"Why don't we ask Blazefeather?" Nightwhisper suggests.

"Ask me what?" Blazefeather asks appearing in the entrance. Nightwhisper quickly fills him in.

Blazefeather sighs and thinks for a long time before mewing, "It's an imperfect solution, but if you want a delegation to go out today it might be our best one. Its sunhigh now, so we need to speed it along. And they would understand the important of this better than most."

"I cannot believe that you are condoning this!" I gasp, staring in shock at my old friend.

"I know it doesn't seem great, but I think it's the best option we have." Blazefeather mews, shrugging defensively.

My face twists in my anger but I sigh, "Fine. I see I have been out voted. I'll go talk to Frozenfang and Stormfur and Brook."

"Not Bramble?" Lightingpaw asks in confusion.

"They are his parents, he is still young, and therefore they have the authority." I mew sharply before I storm out of the den.

I find Stormfur and Brook quickly and unfortunately, they agree almost immediately. I wonder how they don't see the danger I see, but I merely nod curtly before heading off to find Frozenfang. He, of course, agrees before I even finish and then rushes off to find the other two in the medicine den. I follow him and then brief the group on the "mission".

"Don't worry Aunt," Frozenfang mews reassuringly, "we'll succeed."

"I'm sure." I mew, watching Lightingpaw lap up his traveling herbs. My son grins at me, but I feel my strength slipping away. Why am I allowing this to happen?

Yeah I'm not happy with it, but oh well.

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