Chapter 1 - Prologue and Second Chances

Fires were burning, people were dyeing and the streets were stained with the blood of the innocent but this didn't stop more blood being shed; one man was standing against many because his friends and family were all but dead or dying and he couldn't let them stand against this foe that was specifically after him and his furry friend.

The Hokage, a 35 year old Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze standing tall even in the face of defeat, a proud yet not so arrogant man; modest in triumph and humble in defeat but this was an all or nothing fight that he had to win. Standing like so many men before him he represented so many and yet so many hated him but it wouldn't stop him from doing his job.

Naruto stood 6ft tall which is quite surprising considering he was the shrimp of his graduating class, he was wearing black ANBU cargo pants with a black kunai holster strapped to his right leg. He wore a dark navy blue T-shirt with the Uzumaki swirl on its right sleeve and the Namikaze emblem on his right, he wore a standard Jonin vest over his T-shirt and over the top of this he wore a similar coat to his father's except it was orange with black flames at the bottom with the Kanji for '6th Hokage' on its back.

The man opposite him was none other than Uchiha Madara who somehow survived fighting Hashirama Senju and the fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze who was regarded as one of the if not the best Ninja to ever grace the elemental nations.

Wearing his normal cloak that meant he was a member of the Akatsuki and with his orange mask that made many think of him as a fool, if you could see under the mask you could see a smirk, no one has pushed him this far in a battle before not even Hashirama in the valley of the end.

"Kyuubi, why don't you come with us and save what's left of this pathetic village; we haven't even unleashed the tailed beasts that we've captured yet."

Naruto just smirked and started laughing and didn't stop for quite some time.

"Please, pray tell what is so funny when you are about to die?"

"Oh it's rather simple you know, there are two things that I find rather funny right now. Number one is Kyuubi says that it would rather stay with me because it trusts me more than you and has actually told me his name which I respect enough to call him it but he doesn't want you to know it hence I call him Kyuubi near you fools. Number two, I have altered my seal on my stomach so that if anyone tries to extract him from me it will separate us into two beings, he would get his body back and all of his chakra that isn't absorbed by the seal yet and would be transported back to his realm where he would not step back into this world for at least 1000 years meaning that you wouldn't be able to do shit and would fail.

Even though that would most likely end in my death which if I must admit I'm not too keen on but if it saves the world then so be it."

Madara stopped smirking and sent a glare toward Naruto that practically meant certain death but before he could say anything Naruto continued talking.

"Oh and one more thing that I find funny that I've hidden from the world except my wives since this is most likely going to be passed down to my children who are far away by now is my blood line."

Madara perked up at this piece of information and wandered what possible blood line that he could have that had to be kept from the world.

"Ugh fuck it, I'll bite; what blood line do you have that is so dangerous for the public to know about."

"One that has been lost for generations, I discovered I had it when I was 8 when a mob tried to attack me. You will recognize it straight away when I tell you my full name that has been classified since the era of the third Hokage: Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze... Senju."

Madara's eyes went as wide as humanly possible at this information and new that this fight just got allot harder than it should be.

"Are you telling me that you are related to every Hokage apart from the third and have 'that' blood line?"

A simple nod was all that was needed from Naruto.

"Fuck me." and with that said Naruto started flipping through hand signs at the speed that only a few can follow even with the sharingan and shouted: "Mokuton: Moku Keiteki Denka no Jutsu"

A giant Rhino made of wood sprouted from the ground and started its charge at Madara only to be sent to another dimension by one of the advanced Sharingan techniques known as Kamui.

"If I can't have the Kyuubi because of your intolerable meddling then so be it but no one will have it and that includes you!" With that he appeared behind Naruto with one of his Space/Time techniques that he uses so much and stabs him through his chest but something was off, he was smiling like he has just won the ninja version of the lottery.

"Why are you smiling boy, you are dying?"

"Maybe so but I die knowing that my blood line lives on and the fact that the Kyuubi will be free to go home not to mention that you will never rule the world because you need all 9 tailed beast to free the Juubi's body from the moon. You have failed and I may not live to see your defeat but every generation surpasses the previous and my children shall surpass me and kill you because it is what needs... to be... done." Gasping for breath he was pulled into the seal on his stomach to speak with his friend one last time.

His mindscape had changed over the years, he found out that the reason it was a sewer was because of the seal on his stomach combined with the fact that he had repressed issues with being the village pariah and boom you get a sewer for a mindscape but with some tweaking and therapy it was now a lush open field only seen in children's books with a beautiful forest and a nice waterfall in the background and we have the kyuubi's home, out of the cage with a collar around his neck that had the word seal engraved in it which allowed him free roam over the mindscape.

Kyuubi was watching his friend, his only friend die through his own eyes and although he would live back in his own realm, Naruto would die and would be forgotten after a few years.

Walking up to the Kyuubi Naruto had his head down with his sun kissed blonde hair over shadowing his eyes.

"I am sorry Kurama."

"Sorry? What for kit?"

"I broke my promise to you, I promised that we would kill Madara for what he did to the both of us and I failed not to mention I am now dying and although I am alright with this I do regret one thing and one thing only."

"And what would that be?"

"That my children will grow up without me and being hunted by Madara because of the Mokuton."

Kurama looked down at him knowing this was true and knowing that this man deserved better than what he had been put through in his life and decided to change that.

"Kit, I can offer you something that will change this all but there is a catch and you must decide quickly because although time is different in this seal, you are still dying."

"What is it?"

"I can send you to the past when you were just turning 8 and had yet to unlock your Mokuton because you didn't know how to but this time will be different and I'm sorry to say that the catch is quite bothersome."

"What's the catch?"

"Ok, it will take four tails of my chakra to work and although this is fine it means that I will probably be asleep for maybe a year or two after its done so I should wake up mid way through the Academy for you but that's not the issue here; we will effectively re-write the past and you may or may not meet or get married to your wives like before and even if you do they may or may not have the same children as before. Do you understand? There is a chance that you will never have the family you had here."

"I wish to kill that fag Madara and if there is still a chance that I can have my family and keep you safe at the same time well I may be being selfish but I want to take it. Do it Kurama and let us show the world how wrong they were about us!"

"Oh when I wake up I'm so going to enjoy watching people's faces."

With that said Kurama flared his chakra to never before seen levels and pushed it all towards him and then there was a bright light and he felt his body warp to that of an 8 year old and then the scenery changed to that that of an alley way with an angry looking mob with Shinobi just watching with smiles on their faces as the Demon was about to die and no one was going to stop them not even the ANBU teams that were meant to watch over the boy.

The crowd were looking over him and suddenly the air got denser and it felt colder as a Kage level killing intent was leaked from this small boy.

"So you want to kill me? You want the Kyuubi dead? You want to be heroes?"

The crowd took a step back as even the Shinobi amongst them knew this was bad and they were screwed.

"I have one thing to say, tough shit. Cry me a river you little bastards and now for trying to kill me you shall all have the shit kicked out of you because you broke the thirds law not to mention the fact that I am in one rather pissy mood and if you ANBU on the roof think you are getting out of this then you have another thing coming. Honestly, Jiji assigned you in confidence that you would protect me but you didn't so you're screwed."

With that said Naruto flared his chakra and made a familiar hand sign that he was known for in his later life and shouted "Kage Bushin no Jutsu", smoke appeared everywhere with what appeared to be 1000's of him.

One Anbu looked over the clones and had the decency to shout "Holy shit".

"All right my clones; search and destroy, all jutsu authorized apart from dads jutsu and blood line jutsu. Leave the ANBU alive if barely so that Jiji can bust them down to Genin because of them being fools."

With a shout of "Hai Boss" that would of been heard across the village all clones went to work on beating the shit out of everything in its way with shouts of multiple Jutsu that a boy his age shouldn't know and combination jutsu such as "Futon: Renkudan" and "Katon: Gokakyu" merging together to make a huge fireball which took out all of the mob not to mention some very skilled Shinobi which also led to a huge explosion.

Hiruzen Sarutobi known throughout the Ninja world as the 'God of Shinobi' was sitting at his desk doing the paper work felt the ground shake and looked out of the window into the distance to notice a huge fireball.

"ANBU, with me!" and with that he was off with a team of ANBU to the explosion site. When he arrived he saw something that would make most sick to their stomach, dead bodies charred to a crisp everywhere with a young looking Naruto standing in the middle with his back straight and his aura exuding confidence and authority.

"Naruto! What happened and are you ok?"

"Jiji, a mob tried to kill me and I had enough so I killed them, the ANBU team of yours that you oh-so-discreetly placed to follow me and protect me were a bunch of fools that were laughing at the mob who tried to kill the Kyuubi and are tied up on the roof above you; I decided not to kill them because I feel that if they are busted down in rank and kicked out of ANBU then they will have to live with the shame of it all."

Sarutobi just stared at the boy in awe wandering how the fuck he did this?

"Ahh I bet you're wondering how I did this right Jiji? Well take me to your office because oh boy do I have a story to tell you and trust me when I say you will need a drink afterwards."

The Hokage just dumbly nodded and shunshin'd both of them to his office only for Naruto to put up a silencing Jutsu which once against astounded the age Hokage.

"Jiji, what I am about to say does not leave this room until I say so because I will be super pissed if it does!"

With a nod of his head to consent to the terms Naruto started his story.

"Check my blood against that of Minato Namikaze and Tsunade Senju and you will see that I am related to both but Tsunade is my grandmother, now with that out of the way I will start my story but do not interrupt until I'm finished.

My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze Senju, heir to three of the most prominent clans to ever be brought into this world and I have a blood line from each of them. Earlier you saw the huge fireball right? Well that was me and the reason I can do that is because I used two Jutsu to combine them into a massive fireball. I know these Jutsu because I'm from the future, I am a 35 year old man with a happy family that was sent back in time after losing a battle with Madara Uchiha who was trying to take over the world. I did however screw his plans royally and will do the same again except I plan on training my ass off until we meet. I was an SS-Class ninja when I was older; mastered all of my family jutsu including the Senju Jutsu and I must say Jutsu making must run in the family because the Senju library is fucking awesome. Did I forget to mention that I was an ANBU captain at the age of 15? Trained by Jiraiya and his successor? Oh I also forgot that I was the 6th Hokage."

There was an awkward silence for several minutes and then Sarutobi spoke up finally finding the words for what was needed said.

"Say I believe you it would explain how you done those Jutsu earlier and I'm to presume you were being chased by the mob and then the you that was sent back in time arrived and killed them for breaking my law about the Kyuubi?" Getting an affirmative nod from Naruto he continued, "And what blood lines could you have from all 3?" he said sounding as sceptical as possible.

"Oh that's right you don't know about Uzumaki or Namikaze blood lines right? Ok let me fill you in. Uzumaki blood line has two traits for females and one for males, for male and females they have an extended life and can live up to 200 years old sometimes but there is an extra trait for women, they can create chains from their chakra that are capable of holding Biju which I'm sure you saw my mother do right? Now onto the Namikaze blood line, this is one I find most interesting; it gives the user unrivalled stamina and regenerative powers that only increase over time which helps me allot and now we have my third blood line which I kept secret from everyone except my family in the future. One word. 'Mokuton'."

The third paled, "You have to be shitting me?"

Naruto pointed to a plant on the window ceil and pushed a bit of chakra through his hands and said "Grow" and the plant grew to the size of a small tree.

"If you still don't believe me I can open the blood seal on my father's vault that is in this office filled with stuff for me like his jutsu etc which I already know but having the scrolls are good too." With that said he walked over the picture of the fourth Hokage and wiped some blood on it for it to flash with a seal and open to reveal exactly what he said was there.

"Ok, I believe you but I mean damn..."

"I want several things to happen, don't worry none include my heritage yet." The Hokage nodded knowing that the boy understood why he hid it from him. "First, I want to be placed in ANBU with the name Hydra because it was my name before when I was captain but place me on reserve for two months so I can get back up to ANBU level. Second, I will be using my magical blood line that I love so much to build a house in the forest of death so that I can train in peace, it will be protected by seals and Genjutsu just like my father's house is, I will only leave the forest to get supplies every now and then and for training with my ANBU team and missions."

"Ok well I don't really have a choice on either since you are far to skilled to be left as a civilian."

"Oh wait till you see me in two months." He said with a snicker.

"Is there anything else?"

"Actually yes, I don't want you to inform the council of anything that involves me or my heritage because I'm going to royally mind fuck them all when I graduate the academy? Oh did I forget to mention I want to take the academy test to be placed on a team with Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke with Hatake Kakashi as our Sensei? Also the fact that I know what happened to the Uchiha's and I agree that although harsh was the right thing to do but seriously using Tsukuyomi to mind fuck his brother into the avenger fuck up that he is? That's just wrong."

"I really can't agree with how that incident turned out, it ended badly."

"Oh get Jiraiya back here as well I want to sign my contract with the Toads again and piss him off with the fact that I can use Sage mode better than he can..."

Hiruzen couldn't help but smile at his adoptive grandson.

"Whilst I'm here I will try to stop several things that will happen but I will tell you nearer the time but in the next two years I want me and Jiraiya to track down Tsunade and bring her home."

"I agree."

"Now can you get someone to get me my ANBU gear and tattoo also I want a tattoo on my forearm that has the Kanji for 9 just because I used to have it and I feel naked without it..."

"Fine." He snapped his fingers and the Sound silencing barrier broke with an ANBU appearing, "Neko please take young Naruto here to get fitted with ANBU gear and find him a mask that resembles a Hydra also get him his ANBU tattoo and a tattoo on his right forearm with the Kanji for 9 please."

She was about to protest when Naruto raised his hand and they both looked over to him. "Neko or should I say Yugao, I know you must not be happy to be doing this because of my age but in two months when I start my ANBU career I will at least be Kakashi's level and that isn't including my blood lines and Jiji, if the council ask about a me being in ANBU or more specifically an old war hawk asks why I'm in ANBU just tell them that they are getting what they wanted since my birth. A weapon."

"You're kidding right?"

"Nope, it will shut them up and be slightly true but those fools will have nothing to do with me because I am that goddamn awesome."

"Fine, be gone; I need a drink because of you..."

"Told you so." and then the newest ANBU disappeared in a Shunshin with the Neko masked ANBU operative to appear outside of the ANBU HQ. Walking inside they find none other than the 'Snake Mistress of Konoha' getting some new gear.

"Hey Anko-Chan."

Turning around Anko saw one of her closest friends Yugao Uzuki and a blonde midget whom she noticed to be the village pariah similar to herself.

"Hey Yu-Chan, why you with the midget?"

Yugao sighed, "Hokage's orders, he is to be introduced into ANBU under the name of Hydra and is also to be given two tattoo's, one of the standard ANBU and the other on his right forearm of the Kanji for 9."

She looked at her like she grew a second head. "You have to be shitting me? Him ANBU?"

Naruto chose this point to speak up, "Listen ladies, I'm sure we all have things to do today especially me so can we hurry this along? I'm sure Anko here would be happy and sadistic enough to give and 8 year old a tattoo and then we just need to get the rest of my gear and I can get lost and you won't see me for two months."

"Cheeky little shit aren't you?"

"Woman, you have no idea." with that said she threw a kunai at him hoping to cut his cheek but the kunai was caught by his pink and he spun it around and threw it back at her cutting her cheek which not only surprised her but also Yugao.

"Are you done or do you need me to hurt your ego some more?"

"I'm done for now, let's get the midget his tattoo."

Walking towards the storage room and getting some of her 'Special ink' ready for his tattoo's she noticed he walked with confidence and grinned at him thinking that this would be fun.

"All right, sit in the chair and take off your top."

"Fine but I see no reason considering the tattoo's go on my arms but whatever."

"Smart ass Gaki."

"You just want to see an 8 year old topless don't you?"

She had the decency to blush red with embarrassment and started his tattoo on his right shoulder. He started to feel rather drowsy and asked, "The fuck did you put in this ink, it has poison in it; you bitch."

"Oh calm down Gaki, it's just enough to knock you out so we can do you ANBU initiation party that we do for every new ANBU."

"Ha ye right." He quickly went through a couple of hand signs and slammed his left hand into his right shoulder and said calmly, "Fuinjutsu: Doku Houin" and then said, "Fuin!"

Both women looked amazed at this and were starting to see why he was to be introduced to the ANBU at such a young age. "Now listen here... Anko was it? Quit fucking with me; I'm a busy guy and need to get things done today and I swear to god if you use that ink on my next tattoo I will seal you inside a scroll that only one of my blood can open where you can see everything happening around you but you don't age and leave you in Hokage's office so you will eventually be driven insane for lack of human contact, do we understand each other because it would be such a shame to seal a pretty woman such as yourself?"

She blushed and nodded numbly.

20 minutes later and both tattoo's were done, the ANBU tattoo was dark green thanks to a certain snake mistress fucking with it and the Kanji tattoo was a dark red/orange colour in respect of his tenant.

"Alright girls time to get dressed and unless you beauties want to see me undress I suggest that you please leave?"

Both girls nodded and left him alone to change into his ANBU gear and when he was finished he left the room to find both women waiting on him with his ANBU mask, this mask suited him perfectly. The eyes were in the shape of a fox with black lines around them and from the top left to the middle of the mask were red flames covering half of the mask with black flames coming from the bottom right to meet in the middle as well. (A/N: See my profile for a link the mask image.)

"Welcome to ANBU Hydra."

"Cheers, now if you don't mind I need to report to Jiji and no I won't stop calling him that unless on duty so yea bye."

With that said he shunshin'd away with the standard leaf shunshin and appeared in front of the Hokage on one knee just to be slightly official. The Hokage was looking at this new ANBU and wondering who he was.

"Jiji" the Kage's eyes went wide as this boy looked nothing like the 8 year old he knew.

"Sorry it took so long to get back but a certain snake mistress decided to mix poison with my ANBU tattoo until I sealed the poison away and threatened her, damn sneaky snake."

"Ye she does that, probably some initiation stuff and I must say I like the mask it's very... menacing."

"I thought so too anyway, do you need anything or can I go and build my house and set the seals up so I can actually have heating, electricity and water in my house without pipes?"

"Do I want to know how on earth you're going to do that?"

"Never underestimate the use of seals. I am truly an Uzumaki and a seal master anyway I'm out. See you in two months or before if I decide to make a report on how my training is going."

As soon as he said that he was gone again making the age old Hokage wonder what else he can do. Naruto appeared outside the forest of death and jumped the fence to find a suitable placement for his new temporary home.

He found a nice clearing in the forest near a waterfall and decided to re-enforce the tree's so that he could have his house in the tree's but before he did that he made a seal and placed it behind the waterfall on the cliff face so that he could transport himself up to the house with his blood but you also needed his chakra signature.

Making the house in the trees quite comfortable for what he needed, it included the usual bathroom, 2 bedrooms just in case, a living room and a small library and office where he could work on seals in peace. He placed a couple of seals on the bottom of the house which made the house itself look like it was never there to begin with and another seal that protected it from intrusion from anyone that didn't have his chakra signature and blood.

creating 20 Kage Bushin, he made them set everything up and sent some to his house to store up anything of value and the furniture for his new home so he wouldn't have to buy it all again and then went to sleep because by this time it was almost 11 at night and travelling back in time really takes it out of you, he fell asleep with one thought on his mind; 'Got to get rid of that god-awful jump suit tomorrow.'

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