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Chapter 5 – History Repeats Itself


(It is now Thursday, November 26!) When I wake up the next morning, I see that it is almost 5:00. I hear Charlie in the shower and sigh helplessly, the night's events coming back to me in full force. Something catches my eye and I turn my head and see something sticking out of the wall. I frown, getting up and walking over to it. I run my hand over it and it feels like something is behind it. Curious, but nervous, I scratch at the wall until I find a tear in the wallpaper. I peel it back and see a locked cabinet in the wall.

I furrow my eyebrows as I wonder how long it had been there, and why I had never noticed it before. I look at the lock and see that it is in the shape of a heart. I look over my shoulder before walking over to my drawer, pulling out a heart-shaped locket I found from Renee after she left. What the hell? I open the locket and hold it over the shape and gasp when I see it is a match.

"That's impossible," I whisper. With shaking hands, I manage to build up enough courage to press it into the lock. With a barely audible snap, it unlocked. I bite my lip nervously, torn between wanting and not wanting to see what is hidden inside. "Come on, Bella," I say to myself. "You've been through Hell and back, what's a silly cabinet?" Mustering up the courage, I pull open the door, gasping and yanking my hand back as I stumble backwards, falling onto the floor. Tears well up in my eyes and I bite back a small cry. Inside was something I had never wanted to see again.

Inside is a picture of me, Renee, and Charlie at the aquarium. It is the day that is forever-burned in my memory. The day that Renee left us. I manage to stand up, swallowing down bile as I walk over to the cabinet and pull out the picture, my hands shaking. The picture is dusty and I wipe it off, leaving finger marks. As I brush over where I am in the picture, I hiss and yank my hand back in time to watch a drop of blood fall onto the picture.

As blood drips down my hand and wrist, I blow the rest of the dust off, seeing with bitterness, that someone had taken the liberty of punching the frame where my face is. I flip the case over, unhooking the rusted hinges to remove the photo. But the moment I do, a note falls to the floor. I look down and see my name in pretty black letters.

Everything seems to happen in slow motion. The picture frame falls from my grasp, the glass breaking on the floor. But my eyes cannot look away from the note. It is faded from the years, but I can tell it has never been opened.

It is in Renee's handwriting. With shaking hands, I sink to my knees, opening the note.

Dear Bella,

If you are reading this that means that you have found my secret cabinet. Shame on you for poking around my things. I never meant for you to get hurt, but me leaving is for the best. See Bella, I never wanted a child. I swore off children years ago. I planned to give you up for adoption, but Charlie begged me not to, so I stayed. I guess I kind of cared for you in my way, like a dog or cat, but I never loved you. I couldn't love you. I stayed for as long as I could, but that day, I lost it. I took you to the aquarium as a goodbye gift. I knew you would be too young to understand, but I didn't know how else to say it. That night, I left and it was because I did not want you, Bella. I was not even supposed to have children, and I especially did not want a girl. When I found out I was pregnant with you, I wanted to abort, but of course, Charlie did not want me to, so I did not. I should have. Bella, I never wanted you. I left because of you. You made me feel like someone I never wanted to be, and so I left. I left because of you Bella, and even if you don't already…You should feel guilty for separating me and your father.


March 21, 1996

By the end, I could barely read the words through my tears. Another tear falls onto the paper and I cry out in anger, balling up the letter and throwing it on the floor. I get up and walk over to the window, my feet crunching on the broken glass. I feel stabs of pain as my feet begin to bleed, but I look out the window and make sure that Charlie is gone before turning and walking downstairs. I don't worry about getting to school because today is a teacher workday, which starts our holiday break. I scoff. Screw holidays.

I see a note on the kitchen counter and see it is from Charlie.

Gone fishing with Billy, be back in a couple of days. Stay out of the kitchen! Charlie

I crumple that note and turn my head to look at my bloody footprints on the floor and stairs. I let out what I think is a sigh, and more tears fall.

Forgetting shoes, I walk outside, the pain in my feet growing steadily worse as I walk down the driveway and onto the road, in nothing but sweatpants and a shirt. I swallow a couple times before deciding to walk towards school. Tears still fall from my face as I walk, and soon a light rain begins.

I stop and look up at the sky. Closing my eyes, I laugh softly to myself. If anyone saw me, they would not be able to tell I am crying…Not that they care enough to even look. I keep walking, well limping now, and make it into town where I collapse on a bench, my feet numb and bleeding. The rain keeps falling in sheets, covering me like a cold blanket.

When I find the courage to get up, I fall to my knees in pain. New tears form in my eyes and it takes every ounce of willpower to stand up and keep walking. I walk past the police station and see the Cullens walking out and to their car. Alice's head perks up and she turns to me, but I look away, pretending to not see her. She doesn't approach, and soon, I hear them driving up behind me and past me as I limp my way towards nowhere.

Before I know it, the sky has darkened and I am alone and cold. I feel a prickling sensation on the back of my neck and turn around, but see no one. With my heart rate elevated, I pick up my pace, limping painfully towards the café. I am nearly ten feet away when a hand covers my mouth and pulls me backwards. I struggle, trying to scream, but the hand squeezes my windpipe, making me gasp and choke.

With my momentary distraction, my captor had drug me to the back of the café and into the woods. I am thrown face first into the ground and get a mouthful of leaves. I try to sit up, but something hard hits me in the back, making me cry out in pain. I look over my shoulder and see Mike holding a bat in his hands. He brings it down on me again, making me scream. He swings hard enough and I feel two of my ribs crack sickeningly, forcing a guttural moan of agony to be torn from my opened lips. Black dots swarm my vision and I lift up just enough to vomit. I am barely through when he swings at me again, forcing me onto my back as a whoosh of breath leaves my body. I whimper and he laughs.

"P-Please…" I beg him. He pauses momentarily. "D-Don't do th-this to…me. I didn't…tell the school a-about…The s-ster-steroids…" My words are breathy and my vision is going gray. He lowers the bat slightly and I groan in pain.

"You cost us our best runner back," he says simply, and strikes my leg with the bat, earning another cry.

"He made his own choices!" I yell despite the pain.

"Shut…Up," he grunts, hitting me again. I feel another rib break before he stops, walking away, leaving me in the dark. I wrap my arms around myself, sobbing and trying to breathe. I hate life…Why won't it just let me die already? You had the chance to die, Bella…Remember? You threw it away so that you could be even more miserable and pretend that Alice actually gives a shit about you. Remember?

I lay there for a while before trying to get up, screaming in pain as my broken ribs shift. I force myself to stand and grab onto a tree, looking around for anything. The pain in my feet flares up, almost bringing me to my knees. I see a light through the trees and limp slowly towards it. When I get close enough, I see some people. I try to call to them.

"Help…" I whisper. My voice is hoarse from screaming. "Please…Help!" I try to yell, but my chest and ribs hurt beyond imagine. They are walking towards their car and I speed up, desperately. "Hey…" I manage to call out. They lift up their heads but see nothing. I am almost through the trees and call again. "Help me!" This time they step away from the car and walk towards my voice.

I break through the trees, tripping and falling on my stomach, groaning in pain. I hear gasps and running feet as the people come towards me.

"Oh my God, are you alright?" I look up and see a young girl with blonde hair and green eyes. She has freckles on her face and a worried expression. Instinctively, I go to nod, but stop before shaking my head.

"My ribs…" I tell her and she feels them gently.

"Call an ambulance," she tells someone else and everything is going fuzzy. "Hey…Hey, stay with me. What's your name?" She asks.

"Bella…My name…Is…Bella," I whisper before darkness takes over.


I don't remember what happened afterwards, only that she had said her name was Lilly. She stayed with me in the ambulance and held my hand. My ribs are throbbing and there is red behind my eyes. I squeeze them tighter, the beeping in the background annoying me. I try to move my hand and find it taped.

"Bella?" A strange voice asks. I open my eyes slowly, careful of the too-bright lights. A groan escapes me and I blink a few times, swallowing. A pretty blonde face with green eyes and freckles watches me. "It's me, Lilly."

"Water," I choke out and she nods, grabbing the pitcher and a cup, pouring some in it before handing it to me. I gulp it down, sighing in relief as the cool liquid paves down my scorched throat.

"You scared the heck outta me, ya know that?" She asks with a smile. I am about to respond when the door opens and a doctor comes in. My heart drops when I see it is Carlisle.

"Well, Miss Swan," he says sadly, looking up at me over the chart. "You have three broken ribs, a fractured collarbone, and bruising all over your legs and arms. I also noticed that you have other, older bruises littered across your body, as well as scars and cuts. Your arm seems to be healing nicely, however, despite the circumstances. Now, who did this to you?" He asks and I know he's not just talking about my recent injuries. I swallow.

"I fell," I tell him lamely and even Lilly sighs.

"I know I don't know you very well, but it takes a lot for you to fall and almost kill yourself. It's not my place but…" She pauses and sighs, turning towards Carlisle. "Last night, we were looking for directions to our new house when we stopped at the little café in town. We were walking back to our car when we heard a faint voice calling for help. We looked but saw no one, until I heard it again. I had seen a boy with a bat walking hurriedly to his car and wondered. Then I heard her yell for help. She fell out of the woods and collapsed onto the ground, barely conscious when I ran over to her. I had my mom and dad call the ambulance while I stayed with her. I'm sorry," she adds when she sees my clenched jaw.

"What day is it?" I ask.

"Late, Friday night," Carlisle answers. I sigh, closing my eyes in relief. "Bella," he asks, forgetting formalities, "what happened? You must tell me so that I can tell the proper authorities." I almost laugh. Almost. The 'proper' authorities would be Charlie, and he would kill me. Or laugh…Either one.

"I can't tell you what I don't know," I reply. "I never saw who it was. They came at me from behind." He sighs, unsure if I am telling the truth. "When can I leave?" I ask and he sighs again.

"Not until I clear you to." I look up at him and see in his eyes that he is doing this on purpose.

"Then I guess I'm going to have to request another doctor," I tell him bluntly and his eyes widen. "I know what it's like to have a broken rib before, I know the precautions I have to take, I'm not an invalid nor am I stupid. I'm on holiday break so I won't miss school, I can drive and operate as well as I need to, and I have a…father who will take care of me. You have no real reason to keep me." My feet are throbbing, and breathing hurts, but I plead with my eyes. A glimmer of compassion shines in his eyes and I feel a stab of guilt. They had only tried to help, but I threw away the only friends I had. "Please," I whisper. He sighs.

"Very well, Miss Swan," he says, proper once more. "You will need to stay a few more hours before I can release you, and then you will need someone to drive you home." I nod and he signs my chart.

"Lilly," I say and she looks up at me. "Could you…Give us a minute?" She nods and strokes my head gently. "Of course. Is it alright if I come back later? My mom and dad can give her a lift home," she says to Carlisle and he nods. She turns back to me. "I'll be back later, okay? I'm just going to grab a quick shower and some clothes for you and then we'll be back." I nod and she smiles before leaving, sliding the door closed behind her. I stare at the blanket, unsure of what to say. I don't realize until she is out the door that she has no idea where my house is, and that I can't let her anywhere near there, or else she would see the evidence.

"I'm sorry," I whisper, meeting his eyes. They are troubled. My fingers start to itch so I hold my wrist in one hand, scratching at the skin, hoping he won't notice. He sits at the foot of the bed, not touching me, and I am thankful.

"I do not hold grudges, dear one," he says to me. I swallow, digging my nails deeper into my skin. "I cannot say that there is no part of me that is not angry at your decision, but I know it is your choice. We know someone is abusing you, Bella," he says and my heart drops. The room is suddenly too thick, too cold, and I force myself to relax.

"Th-That's not true," I whisper. "I just…I fall down a lot."

"You don't have to defend whoever is doing this to you," he pleads gently. "You could have died, numerous times. We are all worried about you," he continues and I scoff.

"Yea, I'm sure you're all just cowering in misery for the poor little freak," I say vehemently. "No one cares about me. The one person who did is gone. Besides," I say, breaking the skin on my wrist, "I deserve this."

"Bella," he says, placing a cooled hand on my leg. "No one deserves to be beaten and tortured." I laugh.

"You think this is torture?" I ask incredulously. His brow furrows. "You don't know what torture is," I tell him bitterly.

"We want to help you, Bella. But you insist on pushing us out of your life. Why?" I pull at the skin and see blood starting to ooze out of the wound.

"Because I don't want any of you to get hurt because of me," I say. "The last person who cared about me, and wanted to help me…Something bad happened to him."

"Bella," he says, leaning towards me, grabbing my wrist. I gasp and wince as he pulls it to him, placing a tissue on the cut. I swallow. "Did you just do this?" He asks and stops, rubbing my wrist. He pulls up the bandages, and I try to take my arm back, but his grip I firm. I watch in horror as he sees the years' worth of cuts littered across my arm and wrist. He brings his eyes up to mine slowly, pity in them.

"We all have our ways of dealing with stress and pain," I tell him, my voice going numb. "I'm sure you spend your days here, rather than with your supposed family. Do you even see how messed up your family is? You have two daughters whom one has a serious attitude problem, and the other is so narcissistic it's unbearable. One of your sons is bipolar and one is loud and obnoxious, and one is demanding and uncaring. Let me guess…Your wife stays at home all day because she has nothing left she wants to do in life? She can't control her kids, nor can she make her husband happy, and so she probably puts all her attention and affection towards materialistic things, like decorating or landscaping.

Just because I use physical pain as a way of dealing, does not make me insane or suicidal. Could you please stop looking at me with such pity? I'm not fucking pitiable," I hiss and he lets my arm go.

"I'll make sure you're ready for discharge when your friend comes back," he mumbles to himself, seeming disturbed by something I said.

"She's not my friend," I tell him. "Come time when school is back from the break, she'll hear all the rumors about me and realize that they must be true. She'll probably even laugh and agree with them. Right now, she's ignorant of what they say, of the rumors, and so she cares. She won't soon, and even you know that." He sighs and opens the door, walking out and leaving me alone.

Once I am sure he isn't going to send anyone in, I lay back and look out the window, seeing the stars and moon. I feel a wave of guilt rush through me but bite back the urge to call him back in here. I have to sever all ties with them, even in a business way. I can't let Charlie hurt any of them…And I wonder why I even care that he does anything to them. Because you're weak, that's why, I hiss at myself. But I know that there is a deeper reason for me wanting to protect them. In those few precious moments I was with them, I felt stirrings of something…Something I had thought I would never feel again. I quickly shake the feeling away, leaving a hollow sensation in my chest.

Lilly comes back in a few minutes after Carlisle left and laughs, shaking her head.

"Hey, B, I forgot to ask where your house is so I can go get you some clothes." My heart beats faster and images of what she would see there dances in my eyes: broken glass, bloody footprints, and a letter of unbearable betrayal and pain. No, I can't let her go to that house. I give her a fake smile and answer.

"No, it's…It's alright. I'll just wear the clothes I came here in. They just need to be washed anyhow. Really, it's fine," I tell her, hoping I seem convincing. Apparently I do because she smiles and nods.

"Okay! I'll see you in a bit!" With a smile she exits the room, leaving me to my misery. I look out the glass door and see her walking towards the elevator with her parents. They smile and laugh at something her mother says and suddenly, I hate her. She has what I will never: a family. I hate the Cullens, too, despite what they have tried to do for me. Bitterness swells deep within me and my vision goes hazy with the sudden fury. My hands clench and I wince and open them, gasping in terror when I see that my nails have elongated and turned into talons. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror in front of the bed and hold back a scream.

It's me, but not me. My face is somewhat the same, but my hair is tinged with red and my face is paler than usual. My eyes are shimmering and when I open my mouth, my teeth have points. The door opens and Carlisle walks in, with Charlie behind him. They are both smiling evilly and Carlisle holds up a syringe. He walks towards me and this time, I let out the scream. I keep screaming, even as they grab me and hold me down, laughing. I start to thrash and keep screaming, wondering why no one is coming.

"Bella!" I hear a voice faintly. "Bella!" I close my eyes and when I open them, Carlisle's face is above mine, worry laced in his features. I look down and see my body is covered with sweat and that my face is back to normal. I start to shake and let out a sob before throwing my arms around his neck, sobbing. He wraps his around me comfortingly, stroking my hair gently.

"Shh, it's alright. I've got you. Shh, it'll be alright, young one," he whispers soothingly and eventually, my sobs turn to little hiccups, and the tears have stopped. I pull back slightly and gasp in pain.

"Y-You tried to k-kill m-m-me," I tell him. He looks at me confused and I swallow, laying back down gently, my body trembling in fear. "Y-You were with Ch-…" I bite my tongue before I mention Charlie. Biting my lip, I continue. "You were with someone and y-you had a syringe…You came over t-to me and h-held me down. I s-screamed, but y-you wouldn't listen. You sm-smiled as you k-killed me," I tell him and look up into his eyes, all the pain and bitterness of the last thirteen years consuming me in that moment. He lays a hand on my cheek and I flinch visibly, fearing a strike.

"Bella, I won't beg you to tell me who hurt you. I know you won't, even if it kills you," I wince as he says kills. "But, please…Don't shun us anymore. You've no idea the pain it has brought me to see you suffer each day. We all care about you." I scoff at his words, turning off my emotions until there is nothing in my face.

"You care because you're a doctor. Your wife does not know me, but I am pitiable so she cares. Your adopted daughter thinks I'm pathetic and the other thinks she can fix me. Your son ignores me, one treats me like I am a sideshow act, and the other wishes me dead. And you say that you all care about me?" His brow furrows.

"Edward wishes you dead?" He asks and a pang shoots through my heart at his name.

"He said as much," I reply. "Of course, I can't blame him. If my family decided to waste time over a worthless creature who meant nothing to anyone, I would be upset, too."

"Bella, you are not worthless. And you mean the world to me. Yes, you are hurt and literally broken, but there is a spark in you that we all see. We just want to see you happy."

"Maybe I am happy, Carlisle," I tell him. "Maybe this is the closest to happy that I will ever be. What if I'm too broken to be happy?" He shakes his head at me and wipes away a tear I didn't know had fallen.

"Bella, no one is too broken to be happy. If you'd give us a chance, we could make you see that."

"I can't," I tell him, the words ripped from me. "I can't see any of you hurt because of me." I sniffle and wipe away a tear. "I think it's time that I tell you all why I can't let you close to me," I tell him.

"We can come to your house tonight…"

"No!" I yell and place a hand over my mouth. "I-I mean…You can't come to my house. Ch-Charlie wouldn't like it. I'll walk to yours," I say, grimacing at the pain it would bring.

"You are not walking, Bella. I'll pick you up myself tomorrow morning. What time?" I laugh.

"Seven is fine. I'm up at 4:30 anyways." He nods and gives me a smile.

"Alright, Bella," he says. With that, he pats my head, checks my vitals, and leaves. As soon as he does, I curse my weakness. They will never want anything to do with me when I tell them, I know it. But they have to know why I can't let them close to me.


When Lilly comes for me and drops me off at my house, her parents' eyes take it all in. The paint peeling off the house, the lawn left unattended, shutters falling off. I watch her father's eyes become accusing. He thinks I'm a troublemaker. I can see it…Sighing, I know that Charlie would instantly like him, just because he doesn't trust me.

"Thanks," I tell him and he gives me a curt nod. Lilly helps me out of the car and up the porch stairs.

"I'll see you in school," she tells me and I give her a smile, opening the door and closing it, watching her as she runs back into the car. Her father gives my house one last contemptuous look and I know I will never see Lilly again. With another sigh, I look at the clock and see it is past midnight. Charlie will be home around noon.

I go into the kitchen, careful of my ribs, and grab the bleach, a washrag, and a garbage bag for the glass. Then, I begin to clean. I start at the bottom and make my way up the stairs.

When I reach my room, my heart stops momentarily. Everything is as I left it, in a mess. The broken glass stares at me mockingly, and my wrists itch with need. I feel my hands shake as I walk over to the glass and pick each piece up, one by one. I leave a particularly big piece out and use the bleach to wipe away the blood. My chest is aching and my ribs hurt, but I manage to bring the bags downstairs where I throw them away. I walk back into my room and the piece of glass is still there, shining in the moonlight.

I pick it up, tilting it this way and that, seeing the light dancing in it. I pull up my sleeve and tear off the bandages, revealing my mutilated arms. With disgust, I drag the glass down my arm, watching blood bead up from the cut. A wave of calm enters me and I lean my head back, sighing. I do it three more times before walking into the bathroom where I take my clothes off and step into the shower. The water is lukewarm and feels like pins against my cold skin. The water stings where it hits the fresh cuts, but the pain is a welcome reminder. My flesh turns pink by the time I step out and I see that daylight is breaking through the trees.

I take a pain pill Carlisle got me and make my way into my room. I find a dark red bra and underwear set and put them on, followed by a pair of black sweats and a black T-shirt. I grab a black hoodie and put that on as well, brushing out my hair and leaving it down. I look in the mirror and a wave of sadness echoes through me. I let a tear fall and don't bother to wipe it away. Blood still drips from the cuts on my arm so I bandage them up and clean the blood off my hoodie before putting socks and Converse on, waiting for Carlisle.

At 7:00, I hear a car horn and look out the window. A black Mercedes pulls up in the driveway and I grimace. What a comedown this must be. I sigh and sprits on some perfume before heading downstairs, being careful of my ribs. I close the door behind me, not bothering to lock it. I look up and see that Carlisle definitely pities me now. With another sigh that sounds grave, I open the back door and slide into the backseat.

"You don't have to sit back there," he tells me but I shrug in reply. He sighs and backs out of the driveway, and I watch his deft hands as they maneuver the car smoothly and without hesitation. My God, is everyone in this family beautiful? Anger flows through me and I cross my arms, glaring out the window as the plush landscape passes us by.

Too soon we pull into his driveway and I can't hide the awe at the sheer size of the house. I had seen it before, but the pure majesty of it still takes my breath away. When we stop, a woman with chestnut colored hair opens the front door, smiling at me through the windows. I take a deep breath and let it out before opening my door and giving her a small smile. This must be his wife.

"it is so good to finally meet you, Bella!" She says warmly and for a moment, I am reminded of another woman, welcoming me the same way, years ago. I shake my head to get rid of the memory and let her cool arms wrap around me in an embrace. I don't hug her back. She pulls away, a bit of hurt in her eyes, but she smiles and leads me through the door. "Welcome to our house, Bella," she says because last time I did not get a 'proper' introduction. I look around me, pretending to be interested in the paintings that adorn the walls, and the tapestries that hang from the windows. I look over at Carlisle and raise an eyebrow as if to say: I told you so. He gives a small grimace but smiles at his wife. I can tell he adores her, and it makes me want to puke.

"So, where should we do this?" I ask and her smile falters.

"We can talk in the family room," she says and leads the way. She walks to the stairs and calls up them. "Kids, come down here, please." She turns to me and smiles before taking a seat next to Carlisle in the big chair. I look and see that there is a couch, a love seat, and another, smaller chair. I pick that one and sit in it, glad I can have a clear view of everything around me.

In less than three minutes, the rest of the Cullen clan comes down. They all look perfect, not a hair out of place. I smile sadly and look down, clenching my fingers together. I look back up and see that they are all seated. Rosalie sends me a death glare and I look at her evenly before looking over at the other blonde one. He is staring straight at me and looks like he is in pain. I bite my lip and take a deep breath, wincing as my ribs ache, before speaking.

"Most of you wonder why I can't talk to you or get close to you. For some fucked up reason, I feel like I owe you an explanation. I had a friend once," I say, pretending not to notice Rosalie's hidden laugh. "He was my best friend. Even when everyone shunned me and picked at me…He was different. He stayed by my side, even when I told him it was okay if he didn't want to be shunned like I was. He ignored me, and ignored the wishes of his friends...And stayed. Before long, his friends told him that if he didn't stop being friends with me, they would kick him off the football team.

He called their bluff and told them that they could do their worst and that he wasn't going to give me up for a dumb sport. They had been bluffing, but after that remark, they took him off for real. And still he stayed with me. One day," I tell them, a lump forming, "one day he came up to me, with tears in his eyes. When I asked what was wrong, he simply said that he had to move away...To another state. In that moment, I was terrified. People didn't taunt me as much when he was around. He was my security blanket. And he was leaving. I begged and pleaded, and he said he had done the same thing, but it was no use.

I helped him pack; hating that he was leaving me to the wolves. He kept apologizing and I felt bad. Here I was, agonizing over him leaving when he was giving up his entire life...So, I told him it would be okay, that we would still talk to each other and we could come visit each other. He knew something wasn't quite right, but he accepted my proposal. After he left, everything went to shit. People went right back to taunting me and picking at me. Oh sure, we emailed each other when we could and dared to talk on the phone when possible, but it was rare and not for very long.

Then," I whisper, biting my lip hard. "Then, one day came and there was no answer from Jake. He had told me that he was saving money so that he could come see me, and I was beyond excited. But when that day turned into two, and then three, I became worried. Was something wrong? After a week, his mother called me, in tears. She told me she was sorry, that she had been trying to get in touch with me for a long time. I was scared. She said that he had gotten into an accident, and that he died on his way to the hospital. I asked how it happened and she said that he was driving and his brakes stopped working. He drove into oncoming traffic, and his head crashed through the windshield because his seatbelt broke. He stayed alive long enough to tell the EMT's 'tell Bells that I love her,' before he died." I close my eyes as tears pour down my cheeks.

"How does this explain anything?" Rosalie demands. I look at her and she is glaring. "All this says is that you had a friend who died, big whoop. We've all lost someone we've loved." Something breaks inside me and I snap.

"Because, Rosalie," I tell her, standing. "His death was no accident! He was a mechanic, so how the Hell did his seatbelt break and his brakes go? Someone sabotaged him, Rosalie! And I know who did it...But there's no proof," I whisper, falling back onto the couch and watching as the anger in her face goes out and sadness is replaced. "Four days before his accident, two people at my school disappeared. And after his 'accident,' they came back. My Jacob was murdered, and no one will ever know but me and the people who killed him. I wasn't even allowed to go to his funeral," I tell them sadly, not even bothering to hide the pain.

"I'm sorry, Bella," she says and I glare up at her.

"You think saying sorry will make him come back? You think saying sorry will change the last thirteen years of my life? You think saying sorry will make it all right? It won't, Rosalie. Things have gone on for far too long."

"What things, Bella?" I look up and see that it is the blond one who has spoken. I swallow.

"Life. My life is at a standstill and there's nothing that can be done." My voice is bitter.

"You have your whole life ahead of you, how can you say that?" I shake my head at him.

"I have no future. Even if I did get accepted into a college, I wouldn't have the money to pay for it. There are no jobs that are hiring that would want me, and my...father needs me at home," I choke up at the 'f' word, but push through it. I sigh.

"Look, all I wanted to do was tell you all why you can't get close to me. Jacob was killed because he cared about me. I won't let anyone else share his fate. Carlisle?" I ask and he looks at me. "Can you take me home?" He nods and kisses his wife before standing and walking over to where his keys are hanging. I wave a goodbye to the others and walk out the door, determined to keep my head held high. At least until I'm alone.


When we get to my house, he sighs.

"I'm very sorry for what happened, Bella. If you ever need to talk to someone, I am here." I nod and open the door, getting out and walking up the steps. As soon as I hear his car drive away, I let out a breath of air. I look at the clock and see that Charlie will be home in about an hour so I go into the kitchen to make him some lunch. What I'm not prepared for, not even ten minutes later, is the slamming of the front door and a booming voice.

"Isabella," a chilling voice calls. I jump, swallowing nervously. I put down the meat I was holding and make my way into the living room where I see Charlie's faded leather boots. "I just passed Dr. Cullen on my way in," he comments, waiting for a reaction. I steel myself, praying I don't slip. "Know why?" He taunts and I shake my head. He steps towards me and grabs me by the hair, yanking my head back.

Crying out in pain, I look up into his eyes.

"You lying whore," he spits and grabs my hoodie, ripping it off my head along with my T-shirt. He scoffs at the hospital bandages around my torso and smiles menacingly. His fingers run across the bandages lightly, like ice. "Had an accident did we?" He asks and I swallow.

"Charlie, plea-" I barely get the words out before he hits me across the face, making stars dance in my eyes. I choke back a sob and try not to scream when he punches me in the stomach. He laughs and drags me upstairs, laughing at me as I cry out.

When we get upstairs, he drags me to a room I haven't seen in over a year. Terror rises within me and I scream, dragging my nails into the wooden floor. He tosses me onto the bed that is in the middle of the room and straps me down, laughing as I scream in agony as my ribs threaten to pop back out of place. He strips into his boxers and I watch in horror as he goes over to his locked cupboard. He pulls out a black leather whip and my stomach rolls with nausea. He smiles and walks towards me, snapping the whip in the air.

I look up at the ceiling and turn my emotions off. I think of Jake and if only it had been me in that accident instead of him. And for the second time that night, history repeats itself.

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