Warnings: AU.

Kise Ryouta is without a doubt the most popular guy at the university. In fact, he's like an idol; practically everyone recognises his name and the days he doesn't get asked out are rare.

The weird thing about him, though, is that he always refuses to hang out with people outside of school. He doesn't do it in a mean way; he always apologises profusely and seems genuinely sorry about not being able to go, but declines the invitations nonetheless.

This, of course, raises lots of questions and curiosity among his fellow students. He probably does have a part-time job as he says he does but there are times he says he's otherwise occupied without caring to specify and, well, that leaves space for all kinds of speculations. One of the most popular stories going around the school is that Kise's a teen age father whose parents have left him to fend on his own with his kid.

"Wouldn't that be just like from a soap opera?" Aomine says dryly as he listens to some girls squeal about Kise (because really, who else could make them squeal like that?) and how he's surely 'an orphan boy who has to work hard to pay for his school expenses'. His roommate Kagami snorts.

"Well the way he's so popular among everyone seems already a bit unrealistic to me. I mean has the guy ever agreed to hang out with someone outside of school? And yet he still gets asked to every party and gathering there is," the redhead says and goes back to stuffing his mouth with astonishing amounts of food.

"I heard he used to model for a bit when he was younger. Like in middle school." Aomine yawns and leans back on his chair. "He was apparently gaining some name when he suddenly quit."

"Wow, someone's done some serious research," Kagami says with a wide grin. Aomine kicks him under the table.

"I haven't, I just heard some girls talking about it."

They fall into a comfortable silence for a moment before Kagami finishes his lunch and continues the conversation. "But you know, I am kind of curious to know what demands all of his time. If I were him, I probably wouldn't accept all of the invitations either, but turning them all down doesn't seem the best way to handle the situation either. Isn't he just going to end up alone if he refuses people all the time?"

Aomine shrugs, having already lost interest in the topic. "Maybe he's just a nice guy who doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by choosing to hang out with certain people and ignoring someone else."

"…nah, I don't think that's what it is." Kagami checks his phone to see how much time they've got before their next class. When he looks at Aomine again, there's an excited gleam in his eyes. "Hey, I have an idea. Let's have a contest."

At the mention of a contest Aomine becomes interested again. "Ha? About what?"

"The one who figures out why Kise never wants to socialise has to pay for all the food expenses for a month. And the time limit's a month. If neither of us has found out the reason by the end of the month, we'll just let it be."

"…and why would I agree to that? I'm not that interested in what's going on in that guy's head plus sharing the food expenses is almost too much already. I'd go bankrupt if I lost." Aomine slumps back into his seat.

"Scared of losing?" Kagami doesn't really know why he cares so much about Kise either but for some reason he finds it imperative to find out why the blonde doesn't want to make friends. And well, challenging Aomine just happens to be a hobby of his, so why not have some fun while trying to solve the mystery of the famous Kise Ryouta?

Aomine looks annoyed. If he refuses, he's never going to hear the end of it. Kagami will without a doubt keep reminding him that he was so scared of losing that he didn't even try to compete. And damn it, he's not a coward or a loser, he's Aomine Daiki and the only one who can beat him is him.

"You're on," he says with a cocky smirk.

A/N: Blehh this is kinda badly written and stuff but it's kinda to make up for taking so long to update my other fics (again…) so it's not even supposed to be astonishing. Plus I wrote this at like 1 am so the crappy quality is also largely due to that.

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