Warnings: AU. KagaKise.

Kise asked him out and he said yes, which makes them a couple. That happened only seconds before but Kagami's having the hardest time actually wrapping his mind around it.

Kise is his boyfriend. They're dating.

This is all new to Kagami. Sure he's had girlfriends before but those relationships were always short and not very serious and he always got dumped for choosing basketball over spending time with his girlfriend.

Kise, however, is someone he wants to treasure. He wants to make sure that he never does anything to hurt the blond or make him sad, all he wants is to make Kise smile and feel loved. And he's going to do that, even if he's not sure how he'll ever be able to forgive himself for betraying Aomine.

Walking the blond home is the first step to being a good boyfriend, Kagami decides and feels his heart melt at the smile Kise offers him as a thank you.

They don't talk much on the way to Kise's house but Kagami can feel the blond's fingers brushing against his ever so slightly every now and then, and it makes him smile. Holding Kise's hand would be even better but he doesn't want to rush things.

Even though Kise lives on the other side of the town, they arrive there all too soon and Kagami has to say bye to Kise.

"See you tomorrow." Kise looks at Kagami in silence before leaning in for a kiss. As their lips meet Kagami thinks that maybe, just maybe, it's finally starting to properly sink down that Kise Ryouta is his boyfriend.

Their lips part and Kagami feels a stupid grin forming on his face. "S-see you…"

Seijuurou notices it right away, the way Ryouta doesn't seem to be sure of what kind of face he should be making. One moment he's smiling like an idiot, the next he's about to cry.

"What happened, Ryouta?"

The blond remains silent, even as he seems to calm down a bit. Seijuurou glances at the window, catching the retreating form of Kagami. He frowns. Why on earth would Kagami walk Ryouta home?

"Kagami didn't do anything, did he?" This finally gets Ryouta's attention. Sometimes Seijuurou sounds more like an over-protective father than a younger brother but it makes Ryouta happy – his parents never were the worrying type after all.

In fact they couldn't care less what Ryouta did, as long as he didn't get into trouble. And when he did, when senpai was hospitalised, they left. They never blamed Ryouta for it or said that he was disgusting or anything like that but they didn't need to. Their actions did that very well for them.

"…hey Seicchi, I know you and Tetsucchi don't like Kagamicchi all that much but I – I really like him." Ryouta crouches in front of Seijuurou so he can look the redhead in the eye. "So it'd mean a lot to me if you wouldn't be so hostile towards him. And no, he didn't do anything bad. It's just a bit… complicated."

The redhead regards his older brother with a serious expression. "Ryouta. You do know that we only want your best, right?"

"…eh?" Ryouta's heart skips a beat. Is there anyone who has ever said that to him before? Has anyone ever actually wanted nothing but good things to happen to him? No, even more important than that is…

Is this the best for me?

"Takaocchi… do you think I made the right choice?"

"How could I know that? You're gonna have to figure that out for yourself."

"…" Kise wants to believe he's right. He wants to think that yes, accepting Kagami's feelings was a good decision. But he can't. "It's not that I don't like him… because I do, a lot. But we're… he…"

"It's not about him, right? It's about Aomine." For a moment Takao thinks that Kise has hung up on him as the line stays silent for an awfully long time.

"…I'm stupid, aren't I…" Kise lets out a loud sigh. Takao really wants to give him a comforting hug but since he can't do that, he tries to cheer Kise up by talking.

"Hey, you can't control your feelings, right? So don't feel bad. But if it makes you feel that guilty, maybe you should talk to Kagami about it? Or Aomine."

"Yeah…" They lapse into silence after that; Kise turns to stare out of the window at the blue sky. It's much too beautiful a day to be wasted with worrying but Kise can't lift the clouds in his heart. He's happy that Kagami returns his feelings, that goes without saying, but his past has thought him to be wary of the people around him. Not to mention that some part of him has been, still is, hoping that he could have both Aomine and Kagami.

And to add to it all, the way Kagami acted as he walked Kise home and kissed him goodbye was off in a way Kise can't quite put a finger on. As if Kagami wasn't really there with Kise after all, his mind occupied with something entirely different.

The kiss was an attempt to get Kagami back into the moment but even though the redhead seemed to be happy about it, Kise can't shake the feeling that Kagami hasn't told him something very important. Or that maybe Kagami's already having second thoughts. But no, how could that be, Kagami is the one who confessed, why would he change his mind that fast?

Takao's voice pulls Kise out of his thoughts.

"But you know… if you're even the least bit happy, then I think you made the right decision. You really deserve to find someone who loves you." Takao grins. "You're great, you know that right? Ryou-chan~"

This is what friends are for; making you feel better when you're feeling down. And no matter how unworthy of having a friend like Takao Kise feels, he can't help but smile. "You're great too, Takaocchi."

"Whaaat, you're not gonna call me by my first name? So cold." As Takao fakes tears into the phone, Kise laughs until it hurts.

He is happy and he wants this happiness to last forever.

They spend a week just talking about everything, getting to know each other thoroughly. Kise talks about his ex, the incident with his middle school 'friends', he talks about how his parents never helped him, never told him it wasn't his fault, instead giving him the cold shoulder and finally leaving when Kise was in 9th grade. The twins were rather young back then, they probably don't remember much of their parents, but in case they do, Kise has sworn to himself to never leave them alone for too long so they won't get separation anxiety.

"I don't know if they even feel that way… but I do," Kise says and winks playfully to hide the tears prickling at the corners of his eyes. "And I don't ever want the twins to think that they're not loved."

Kagami pulls Kise into a hug, whispering comforting words into his ear. It takes a moment but eventually Kise's arms wind around Kagami's waist and they stay like that. And it feels right.

Kise bullies Kagami into telling his own life story as well, and Kagami concedes, although it's not very exciting. He's an only child, although the boy who lived next door was like an older brother to him until Kagami's family moved away when he was 12, his parents are still together and keep in touch with him. He hasn't had any serious relationships, no bad break ups, nothing that could compare to what Kise has been through and he feels stupid for it. How could he ever even begin to understand how Kise feels after experiencing all that?

Kise just leans his head against Kagami's shoulder and smiles gently as he asks him to tell more. He wants to hear what a normal life is like since he's never had one. And of course Kagami has to comply to his wish, he wants to keep seeing Kise's lovely smile after all.

The more Kagami learns about the blond, the more he shares about himself with the blond, the more certain he feels that Kise is the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with. The mere presence of Kise makes him stupidly happy and there's really only one thing Kagami doesn't like about his current situation.

It was to be expected, Kagami supposes, that Aomine has been avoiding him. And truthfully he doesn't want to see Aomine either; what could he possibly say to explain himself? He feels so horrible. Actually Kagami hasn't even spared that much thought to Aomine, so focused on the bliss of being with Kise that he shuts out all the unpleasant things from his mind.

However, Kise has apparently been thinking about Aomine as he brings up the topic one day when they're hanging out as Kise's – class was cancelled and they got to Kise's before the twins came home from school so of course they decided to make out.

"What about Aominecchi?" Kise sounds absolutely lovely all breathless; for a moment Kagami considers ignoring his question and instead kissing him again but decides against it as Kise looks like he might get mad if Kagami doesn't reply.

"What about him?" Kagami gets off Kise with a pang of disappointment. He finally gets to make out with the blond and then they have to talk about Aomine?

(He has no right to get annoyed about that; he betrayed Aomine's trust after all.)

"Hasn't he been kinda weird? He hasn't had lunch with us in a while." Kise sits up and straightens his shirt. "I wanted to tell him about us…"

Yeah right, that'd be great. Aomine would probably punch Kagami and then go cry his eyes out somewhere where no one could find him. And god, he'd even admitted to Momoi that he liked Kise and she said she wanted to meet Kise sometime, right? She was rooting for Aomine because she knew that he would never admit to liking a guy unless it was serious. She'd probably kill Kagami for breaking the promise he made to Aomine.

"I think he doesn't have that many classes so he doesn't come to school very often." Kagami vaguely recalls Aomine telling him something like that; be as it may, it does sound like a plausible excuse. He does not want to tell Kise anything before he's managed to get Aomine to talk to him again.

"Okay." For a fleeting moment Kise stares into the distance with a conflicted look; when he looks at Kagami again, the look is gone and he's smiling as brightly as ever. "But we do have to tell him at some point, hear me?"

Pulling Kise to himself, Kagami returns the smile. "We will."

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