Warnings: AU. Strongly hinted KagaKise, some AoKise… probably…

"I was thinking you might not show up," Kise admits with a nervous smile when he and Kagami have the same class again. Kagami, feeling rather nervous himself, raises an eyebrow.

"Why wouldn't I? I need the course." He sounds composed although summoning up the courage to go walk into the room, greet Kise and sit next to him almost proved to be too much for him; he's always been bad at hiding his feelings and the mere idea of having Kise find out he's crushing on the guy makes him nauseous.

…then again, just thinking about how he might actually have a crush on Kise makes him feel unwell. Not because Kise's a guy, the idea of being bi or whatever doesn't bother him in the least, it's because he really wants to be the blonde's friend and then there's the bet too. And of course the fact they've only talked once makes him feel like he's a shallow person for falling so fast.

"Oh right…" the smile fades and Kise starts fidgeting his hands, avoiding Kagami's eyes.

Oh man. I just made it even more awkward, didn't I? "B-but I was looking forward to talking to you again, Kise!" And of course he has to go all red upon blurting that out. Great, just great.

Kise blushes too and starts smiling again. "Me too," he admits quietly and Kagami's heart jumps into his throat.

He really is screwed.

"…why are we eating with Kise and his idiot friend again?"

"Come on, it wouldn't hurt you to make more friends either," Kagami says and elbows Aomine in the stomach for good measure. As the bluenette mutters curses and tries to catch his breath again, Kise spots them and waves them over.

"You took so long I thought you might've changed your minds," the blond says with a cute little pout, Takao grinning cheerfully at his side.

"Ahomine always takes long." That earns Kagami a kick in the shin and Kise bursts into laughter.

The lunch goes pretty much the same way as before; Takao takes care of the talking mostly while Kise keeps casting shy glances at both Kagami and Aomine which confuses the redhead but he's too preoccupied with eating to actually bother to ask Kise about it.

Takao takes off a bit earlier again, this time to go get something from the library, but Aomine stays behind to chat with the two others. He acts surprisingly civil with Kise, not making any awkward questions or comments that might reveal the real reason behind Kagami approaching Kise in the first place, and Kise gets all caught up in the conversation, his eyes gleaming with excitement and cheeks slightly flushed.

He looks really good like that too and the fact that Aomine just walks in and gets the blonde going like that with a half-assed attitude causes an uncomfortable pang of jealousy in Kagami. And why the hell is he thinking about whether Kise would make that face in bed?!

"I have to get to class but I'll see you later, right?" Kise's eyes shift from Kagami to Aomine until he gets an affirmative answer from both of them.

His constant need to know he's not going to get ditched piques Kagami's interest, though. Could there be some connection to his weird behaviour towards everyone? Maybe he has some trusting issues or something like that?

Aomine, however, seems to not have noticed anything of the sort; then again, he's an idiot who doesn't notice a lot of other things either so it doesn't really say much.

"Yeah, we'll talk later," Kagami says reassuringly. Kise beams at them both before taking off and if Aomine notices the way Kagami goes completely red in the face, he doesn't say anything.

"You guys play basketball?! That's so cool! I used to play a bit too!" Kise almost jumps up in his enthusiasm and Kagami scoots back reflexively. Having lunch with Kise almost on a daily basis is great, he really enjoys seeing the blond, but sometimes the guy gets excited about the weirdest things.

"Uh, yeah we do but it's more of a hobby, we don't compete or anything."

"But still! Ohh maybe we could play together sometime?" The blonde's apparently really excited about this new discovery and Kagami's just about to agree (because isn't this a chance to see Kise outside of school? There's no way he'd say no to that) when Kise suddenly seems to remember something and his expression changes. "…no, I can't…" Kise slumps back into his seat, his eyes clouding over with conflicted emotions.

"Why not? Are you injured or something?" Aomine, the king of tact, chimes in. Kagami stomps on his foot under the table which results in a string of muttered curses and a murderous look from the bluenette.

Kise casts his eyes down. "No, that's not it."

That's all they get out of the blond; he clams up and refuses to discuss the subject further. When Kagami turns to Takao for help, the guy just shakes his head with a serious expression.

"I can't tell you," is what he says. Kagami kicks Aomine again as they leave; as a result, Aomine starts sulking because he's 'being treated unfairly' and they don't speak to each other even after reaching home.

Still, Kagami feels really worried. What on earth could have happened to Kise? Could there have been some basketball related incident in his past?

Something traumatic has definitely happened to Kise to make him like this and Kagami's dying to find out what. It's not just because of the bet anymore either; now Kagami has a personal interest. That doesn't remove the problem of not knowing how to find out, though.

Takao seems to know but he's loyal to Kise and wouldn't spill anything even if Kagami asked. Beside Takao, the only person Kagami could ask is Kise himself, and… well, at least at the moment asking that would feel like prying.

So I'll just wait, right? After the month's over, I won't even have to worry about the bet so I guess waiting's for the best. With a sigh Kagami throws himself onto the bed. He almost wishes he hadn't made that stupid bet because now he loses sleep over worrying about Kise too much.

Aomine runs into Kise after class one afternoon and assumes they'll just exchange somewhat awkward greetings since they've never talked to each other with just the two of them there. However, Kise's face lights up and before Aomine knows it, he's being dragged by a gleeful Kise who announces he's going to his part-time job.

"I'm just helping at this small bookshop! It's a family business really but apparently their son is too busy with school to help out so they hired me. You should come by sometime, Aomine-kun, and bring Kagamicchi too!" Kise babbles on and on, giving Aomine no chance to open his mouth. "I usually work on Wednesdays and Fridays but sometimes they call me in if they need an extra hand. So just tell me if you're going to visit and I'll make sure I'm there~~"

When Kise finally shuts up for a moment to breathe, Aomine throws a question. "What's with the nickname? I mean, why's Kagami Kagamicchi and I'm Aomine-kun?"

He's not asking about that because he's bothered by it or anything, he's just curious. Or so he tells himself. The truth is, however, that he's noticed how weird Kagami gets around Kise, blushing whenever the blond smiles at him and stuff, and that weirdness is in an equally weird way kind of contagious.

"Well, I give the nickname to people I respect," Kise replies, his eyes inspecting Aomine curiously.



After a few more minutes of walking in an awkward silence, they reach the metro station and Aomine sighs. "See you around."

Kise stays behind, fiddling with the handle of his bag. "Does it… bother you, Aomine-kun?"

"What? No." Why did he even bring that name-thing up? Now he feels irritated even though there's no real reason for it and why can't the stupid blond just leave?

"I think you're cool too, though," Kise says hurriedly, probably sensing that Aomine actually is bothered by it. "I just haven't talked to you that much yet."

"Fine then, give me your phone number. Then we can talk more." It's on an impulse and honestly Aomine's not sure if he'll ever call Kise or even text him. But then the blond goes completely red in the face and damn, Aomine feels himself blushing too.

"All right, then you give me yours too, Aomine-kun," Kise says and pulls his phone out. They exchange numbers right there, in the middle of the crowded metro station, and Kise keeps blushing like a school girl.

I wonder if Kagami's got his number already, Aomine thinks and immediately wants to take the thought back because why should it matter to him? It shouldn't and it doesn't and he's just being weird now. And for fuck's sake, wasn't Kise in a hurry like five minutes ago? So why is he still standing there?

As if reading Aomine's thoughts, the blonde glances at his watch, his eyes going wide. "It's that late?! Geez, I'm gonna be late… sorry, I have to go now but see you later."

Finally the blond leaves and Aomine stares after him, only snapping out of it once he realises he's actually been staring at Kise's ass.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with him today?

Most of the time Kagami's really glad he doesn't have to live alone. The rent's cheaper, they split all other costs as well, plus having company is pretty cool most of the time. Sometimes, though, Kagami feels like throwing his idiot roommate out of the window. For example, it's always when Kagami's trying to get work done that Aomine starts talking about the most irrelevant things and distracting the redhead.

Like right now.

"I heard about a store that sells basketball stuff, we should go there sometime."

Kagami looks up from his computer. "Sure?"

"My shoes are kinda worn out and stuff so I just figured we could at least go see what the place's like." Aomine yawns loudly and settles into a more comfortable position on the couch. "And it's kinda far from our place so it'd be a change of scenery too."

"Okay, we can go this weekend," Kagami answers distractedly, already focusing on his schoolwork again. Aomine voices his agreement and goes to sleep; Kagami feels like waking him up to make him do his work too but decides not to.

It's not like it's his business whether Aomine fails or not.

It's a bit of a pain to get to the store since on the other side of the town but it's totally worth it, Kagami concludes as they enter the shop and take a look at all the merchandise in there. It's pretty much paradise for a basketball player.

They walk around, looking at everything and cursing at not having more money at their disposal, and end up buying nothing. Still, now that they know that the shop really is good, they can visit sometime again when they actually have funds to buy something.

Before heading back home, they decide to grab a bite at a nearby fast-food restaurant. They find a table next to the window and their gazes keep wandering outside, looking at the by-passers disinterestedly. A few minutes pass in comfortable silence before Aomine notices something outside and turns to Kagami.

"Oi, Bakagami! Isn't that Kise?" The redhead looks up and then turns to the window. It really looks like Kise; he's tall, slim and blond and dressed stylishly. However, he has two kids with him, one with red hair and the other blue, and they're both hanging onto Kise's arms in a way that clearly indicates that they've done it before and know that Kise doesn't mind.

"I think so," Kagami says a bit hesitantly. He's never run into Kise out of school before but here he is now, on the other side of town with two kids no less. It feels very intimate since the blond so adamantly keeps his private matters to himself and Kagami's not sure if he wants Kise to know they've seen him.

"You think those kids are his?" Aomine sounds really interested and Kagami feels like punching him. The guy really has no manners.

"Come on, they're too old to be Kise's," he says and shifts a little to be able to follow the three with his eyes. "I'd say they're about ten and there's no way… I mean, Kise would've been like nine or ten himself! Geez."

One of the boys, the bluenette, tugs at Kise's arm and says something. The blond smiles fondly, reaching out to ruffle the blue hair. Both Aomine and Kagami gulp; Kise looks so different somehow, his smile holding a world of love and affection.

"But… chances are they've got something to do with Kise being so weird, right?" Aomine stretches lazily and gets up. Kagami frowns.

"Where are you going?"

"To say hi, isn't that polite?" Aomine smirks at Kagami before sauntering out.

To be honest, Kagami'd rather not go to Kise right now. He and Aomine are here purely by a chance but what if Kise will think they've stalked him or something?

Letting Aomine go by himself doesn't sound appealing either though so Kagami gets up and runs after him. "Oi, wait up!"

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