Warnings: AU. KagaKise, AoKise.

Kise has never looked quite as good as he looks right now, saying good morning with sparkling eyes and a slightly messy hair. When he notices Kagami staring at it, he flushes a bit and says he woke up too late.

"It's okay, I don't mind." Kagami swallows. It's not that he was going to confess to Kise either way but somehow knowing that he can't makes him feel suffocated. Because damn, Kise's right there, so close and so hot.

And he can't do anything.

"Kagamicchi, I was thinking… if you're free sometime this week, could you watch the twins for me again?" Kise throws his arms in the air and stretches, his short riding up to reveal an expanse of smooth, white skin and the waistband of his underwear, and suddenly Kagami is overwhelmed with the desire to reach out his hand and run his fingers on Kise's milky skin, pull down his pants and –

Oh hell no stop right now. He can't get hard at school.

With some difficulty, Kagami manages to tear his eyes away. "T-this week? You have plans?"

Kise's arms drop back to his side as he nods. (Kagami refuses to admit that he feels disappointed at being stolen of the view to Kise's bare skin.) "Takaocchi and I were invited to hang out with some of the guys we went to high school with. They're only gonna be in Tokyo this week though so that's why I asked. Oh but if you're busy, I can ask someone else."

"No need, I'm free on Thursday," Kagami says quickly because who else could Kise ask? Aomine? Yeah right, the guy sucks with kids. And Kise's probably already asked his grandmother. And, well, according to Kise, he doesn't have anyone else he could ask.

"Free for what?" A voice inquires. Kagami jumps a little, startled, as Kise turns around to face Aomine.

"Kagamicchi promised to babysit the twins for me again," the blond beams happily. Aomine glances at Kagami suspiciously.

"Well aren't you buddy-buddy with them."

Kagami raises a challenging eyebrow. "So what? It's not like you'd wanna spend an entire evening with two kids."

Aomine looks annoyed but he doesn't say anything. Kagami smirks. This is an area in which he can always beat Aomine.

"Well, class is gonna start soon so see you later," Kise announces suddenly, getting up. "I'll tell you later what time to come over and stuff, okay? Oh and Aominecchi, you and Kagamicchi have to come to the shop sometime, remember? I'll get mad if you don't." With that he's gone.

"Go to the shop? What's that about?"

"I'll tell you later," Aomine replies distractedly, his eyes glued on Kise's back – and okay, maybe a bit lower too. Damn, Kise does have an amazing as - body.

"Thanks for coming, it was really awesome to see you again after so long!" Yeah, Kise returns the sentiment. Even if Takao is the only one of his high school friends he still keeps actively in touch with, he's missed the other guys they used to hang out with.

But what with him being in charge of the twins, he can't make time to travel outside Tokyo. And strictly speaking he wouldn't have the money either, he's just a poor student after all.

"Man that was a blast!" Takao throws his arms in the air and stretches. Kise chuckles.

"It's such a shame they don't go to school in Tokyo," he replies, feeling a bit tipsy. He had a bit to drink, not too much though, because he still needs to get home and free Kagami from his babysitting duty. Oh right, Kagami's at his house; he's going to be telling Kise welcome back, isn't he? So weird.

Kise giggles to himself, then shakes his head. Nah, he's just being silly now. It's not like they live together and Kagami's his boyfriend or anything. But it sure would be great if he was.

"You wouldn't hang out with them that much even if they did, right?" Takao turns to Kise. "I mean you've got the twins and all…"

"Yeah, I probably wouldn't. But it was fun seeing them today." Kise stumbles a bit as a sudden gust of wind attacks the two of them, messing their hairs. Takao lets out a surprised yelp and they both start laughing; they're a lot more drunk than they thought.

As he arranges his hair out of his eyes, Kise's gaze happens upon a group of guys on the other side of the street and his heart stops.

Of course it doesn't really but it sure feels like that because he knows those guys. Not all of them, there are a few unfamiliar faces, but the ones he does recognise bring a wave of anxiety washing over him.

"Hmm? What's up?" Takao nudges his arm and Kise snaps out of his thoughts. Takao's voice is kinda loud, it always is when he's been drinking, and fuck if those guys hear him…

Kise's eyes flicker to the other side of the street. Takao follows his gaze and frowns. "What's wrong?"

"Don't look at them, just keep walking." Kise grabs Takao's arm, pulling him away but of course he's not fast enough, that would be too easy.

"Kise?" A voice he recognises calls out to him. And it's not Takao's.

Oh no.

Kise fastens his pace, he has to get away. Now.

"What, it really is him?"

"Wow, he still dares to go out?" The comment sparks laughter among the group and it feels like Kise's feet can't move fast enough.

"Is that your new boyfriend? Hah, should've known that homos like you would just move on to the next. Don't you even care that you ruined your ex's life?"

Kise feels Takao tense up next to him and squeezes his eyes shut. "Don't cause a scene."

"But… what the fuck is wrong with these guys?! "

"I don't know, can we please go?"

He wants to go home and see the twins, hug them and kiss their soft hair. They love him, they always have, and Kise loves them too, he can beat anything as long he has someone like that by his side –

That's right, Kagami's babysitting them today. Kise can't see the redhead like this, about to cry and all distressed, fuck, what should he do?

Somehow Takao senses Kise's inner turmoil and pats his arm softly. "Hey Kise, you can talk to me if you need to."

"It's fine Takaocchi, you already know." Kise inhales slowly. "I just remembered Kagamicchi's babysitting the twins… I don't want to see him right now."

Takao regards the blond quietly, suddenly a lot more sober than just minutes before. "It's not like you've done anything wrong."

"You don't get it! You don't know what it's like! And besides… I'm just a homo, right? He has all the right to hate me." Kise steps away from Takao, swallowing tears. "If he knew, he'd never want to see me again."

"You don't know that," Takao tries but he knows it's a vain attempt; when Kise's like this, he won't listen to anything or anyone. "I really don't think he'd hate you just for being gay. Those guys… they're not right in the head, okay? You have never done anything wrong."

Kise nods, trying to look as if he actually agrees, but he doesn't. He remembers all too well the cold looks and hurtful words, the way he just wanted to curl into a ball and never face the world again.

And he's so stupid, he wowed he'd never like anyone again and here he is, falling for two guys at the same time. He's stupid and disgusting and a disgrace.

And he doesn't want to go home because that means having to see Kagami.

Kise jumps as Takao's arms suddenly wrap around him. "I'll be your friend no matter what," Takao whispers, his voice cracking because this is all he can do for Kise who is so lovely and amazing and just the best damn friend anyone could ever hope for.

Kise swallows tears.

Brace yourself and smile. Just tell him he can go home and then go to bed. Or maybe you could wake up the twins and hug them until you feel better…

"Welcome back, Kise."

Suddenly smiling becomes a lot harder than he imagined. "How did the evening go?"

"Fine I guess, they went to bed early." Kagami's acting just the same as ever. Right, he doesn't know about Kise yet. Surely he'd treat Kise completely differently if he knew. Everyone who knows no longer talks to him, the only exception being Takao.

If Kagamicchi finds out, he'll leave too, right? It's not like Kise has to tell the redhead or anything, he could just keep everything a secret forever. But friendships require effort, right? And honesty as well. In other words, Kise will never have any friends beside Takao. Because there's no way he'll ever tell anyone else.

The thought causes a piercing pain in his chest.

"Wh- are you crying, Kise? What happened?!"

"I had a boyfriend in middle school." He doesn't really process the words before blurting them out. No, he didn't want to say that, he wanted to thank Kagami for helping him again, for being such a good friend. Wow, what a loser he is, even managing to fuck up something as simple as that.

He could still fix it, say he was just joking and tell the redhead to go home and opens his mouth to do just that… but all that comes out is a sob.


He doesn't want to be having this conversation right now, not when he's tired and scared. So he flees, breezing past Kagami and locking himself into the bathroom. He wishes the redhead would just gather his stuff and go home but of course not, soon there's a light knock on the door accompanied with Kagami softly asking what's wrong.

"Nothing's wrong, I just said I had a boyfriend in middle school. And well, I didn't want to tell you because you'd be disgusted by me having had a boyfriend, right?! But I really like you guys and wanna be friends with you in the future as well…." Kise bangs a fist into the door, startling Kagami. "Takaocchi said he thinks you're good guys and I agree but… but when you've gone through all the shit that I have, you kinda get suspicious!"

"Kise, open the door, we can talk-"

"I mean, I thought they were my friends! I thought I had found some really good friends and I was hoping we'd stay in touch forever…" Kise slides down to the floor, burying his head into his knees. It hurts just to think about it, let alone talk, so he should shut up. Kagami doesn't need to know. "But you know… when they found out I had a boyfriend… they started ignoring me, acting like I wasn't there. And well… I could've even dealt with that…"

A moment of silence follows. In a quiet voice, Kagami tries again, "Kise, can't you open the door?"

"…but they invited me and senpai to the park one day and…" Stop talking. It hurts. But Kise can't stop the words from pouring out of his mouth anymore. "I thought that maybe they were going to apologise for shunning me, ha! I was so stupid. They just kept punching and kicking us, I was so s-scared…! A-and it hurt so much… they said we were disgusting, and abnormal… and that we shouldn't be allowed to play basketball… and senpai can't-"

Kise chokes on a sob. Their faces are still etched into his mind, all their hurtful words; going to the hospital to see senpai, seeing his pained smile as he says, "The doctor said I probably can't play basketball ever again."

"If I didn't exist, if I'd never met senpai, he could still play… so I can't play either…"

"…open the door, please." Kagami rests his forehead against the door, his voice quiet. He doesn't really know what he should do in a situation like this, but getting Kise to open the door seems imperative.

He can think of the details later.

A few more minutes pass with Kagami listening to Kise's muffled sobs on the other side of the door. It's getting late, he's going to miss the last train soon, and he's tired. Leaving, however, is not an option. So he waits.


"What is it?"

The door flies open, sending Kagami stumbling backwards. Kise stands in the doorway, his eyes red and cheeks wet, staring at Kagami with disbelief.

"You're still here…?"

"I couldn't just leave before I made sure you're fine," Kagami replies. Kise just stares. "Come on, stop crying. You're a mess, pretty boy."

The silence drags on for a moment longer before Kise steps closer, his hand brushing against Kagami's lightly. He's trembling and as Kagami pulls him into a hug, the blond's tears start to flow again.

"I'm s-sorry, Kagamicchi…"

They're way too close, Kagami realises suddenly as he feels Kise's heartbeat against his chest. Somehow, this distance (or rather lack thereof) makes him feel like the next thing he should do is confess.

…oh right, he can't do that.

But right now, the deal he made with Aomine really isn't the first thing in his mind. No, right now he can only think that he needs to make Kise stop crying, no matter what. He loves the blond's smile, he wants to always see it.

And that's why, before he knows it, he's kissing Kise.


It's supposed to be a one-sided crush on Kise's side, Kagami's definitely not supposed to kiss him, especially of his own volition, Kise's probably dreaming right now because this could never happen.

Even though Kise's completely caught by surprise, he doesn't fight back.

(But he's too shocked to return the kiss.)

He's not sure how much time has passed but it must've been a while because he's no longer at Kise's; he's standing in front of his front door, looking for his key.

How did he get home? Did he say anything to Kise after kissing him? Wait, did that really even happen?

Does he want it to have happened?

Finally finding the key, Kagami reaches a shaky hand and pushes it into the lock. He's just gonna go in now, take a nice long shower, and then call Kise. Just to see if the blond's calmed down. And maybe he should explain himself, just in case he didn't do that before leaving. Yeah, that's a plan.

"I'm home."

There are women's shoes in the entrance, Kagami notes as he removes his own shoes. Did Aomine bring a girl home? So soon after realising his feelings for Kise? What a douche. Then again, he has always been somewhat fickle when it comes to feelings.

Speaking of the bluenette, he's standing in front of Kagami right now.

"Satsuki got dumped. It was pretty bad so she's staying over." Aomine looks about ready to beat up the guy that made his childhood friend upset like that. Ahh, that explains the shoes. Usually Kagami doesn't mind even if Momoi shows up unexpectedly, but right now he'd rather be alone with Aomine.

He really needs to get the kiss with Kise off his chest before Aomine finds out about it from some other source (which could only be Kise and rationally Kagami knows the blond wouldn't tell Aomine before settling things between himself and Kagami so maybe the real reason he wants to tell Aomine about the kiss is because he feels guilty about it. Yeah, that's probably it.)

"Hey, umm… I kinda need to talk to you."

"Just a sec." Aomine has already turned his back on Kagami, heading into the kitchen. Kagami trails after him, stopping at the living room. Momoi's lying on the couch with an arm thrown over her eyes, probably to hide the tears.

What an unlucky evening, huh. To have crying people everywhere.

Nevertheless, Kagami offers a greeting to the pink haired lady. "Sorry to hear about your break up."

Momoi raises her head and waves a hand tiredly. "I'll be okay. And shouldn't I be the one to apologise for crashing here like this, Kagamin? …um, it's ok with you, right?"

Kagami nods, trying to force a smile. Aomine comes back from the kitchen with a glass of water for Momoi and sits on the couch next to her.

"Oh yeah, you wanted to talk?"

Yeah. How about starting with the fact that he now knows at least a little bit more about Kise's past? Oh yeah and he kinda kissed the blond, but that's no big deal.

Like hell it isn't. He needs to talk before he combusts out of sheer guilt.

"Oh, you want me to leave so you can talk in peace?" Momoi starts getting up and Kagami almost takes her up on her offer before he sees her face. Quite honestly she looks hideous, with trails of tears and make up all over her face, her eyes red and puffy.

No, he can't. Not when Momoi's there and Aomine's supposed to be comforting her. So he shakes his head and says it can wait.

Maybe Aomine senses that he's not being exactly honest but he doesn't press it, instead choosing to turn back to Momoi who's still sniffling a bit.

It's better for Momoi to get some support from her best friend right now. When she's not around, Kagami can confess to having broken the deal he made with Aomine.

As he stands at the doorway to the living room, looking at Aomine and Momoi, he can't help but feel that he's the worst friend ever. Was one kiss with Kise really worth risking his friendship with Aomine for? Not that he'd planned to do it or anything but still, it did happen. But it was definitely a mistake because now he feels horrible.

"You can come watch TV too, Kagamin," Momoi says in a miserable attempt to sound cheerful. Kagami refuses, saying he wants to go to bed early, but really it's because he can't be close to Aomine right now. Then he escapes into the bathroom.

Oh god.

The guilt is going to eat him alive.

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