Just a oneshot. I remember reading a YukixAyame story and thinking "If Yuki were reading this he'd s**** a brick!" So here it is!

The Sohma's huddled around the screen horrified."WHAT DID I DO TO MOMIJI!" Kyo shouted eyes bugging out his head. "I'M SO SORRY SHIGURE!" Ritsu apoligized."I AM SO SORRY FOR THIS FOR IT IS SOMEHOW MY FAULT!" Shigure was to busy laughing to reply.

As some of you may have guessed, the Sohma's had discovered fanfiction. At first they laughed about it. They hadn't discovered Yaoi, lemons, limes,yuri and worst of all...incense.

"Oh god no!" Yuki whimpered reading about him and...Ayame!"No, that is just warped!" Shigure giggled loudly as Ayame bent Yuki over and...

Ayame wasn't a bit embarresed by the way. Because he's Ayame of course. Ritsu on the other hand was running about like a madman(woman?) screaming."I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY!" Kyo and Yuki were even more disgusted by the fact half the fanfictions were about them."...and then Kyo kissed Yuki passionatly drawing him closer desprate to feel his warmth...hahahaha!" Shigure read aloud. Yuki and Kyo punched him in union.

"Oh look Hari!" Shigure pointed." Theres one about you and Tohru!I always knew you love-" Hatori glared at him."Shut up." Hiro and Kisa were forced out the room as the content on screen wasn't appropriate for young viewers."Kagura and Rin sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G." Momiji sang happily. Rin looked utterly disgusted. Kagura was hitting Kyo for having (cough) with Yuki.

"If your so disgusted about it." Haru said."Why don't you turn it off." The Sohma's looked at each other and shrugged. Then they stayed on the site for 8 hours.

The moral of the story? Yaoi is addictive.

A short story based on my adventures in my more adult section of fanfiction. PLEASE REVIEW.