Hiya! I'm on a roll today! So I will crack on with my fabulous story shall I?

Shigure Gets Fanfiction!

Tohru looked along the list of storys. Tohru had been reading fanfiction for the past couple of weeks and found she was really enjoying this! She was about to go and work on her own story when one caught her eye.

Yuki loves Tohru by SHIGUREsohma

Tohru froze and went pale. Shigure was writing FANFICTION!

Meanwhile in Shigures office...

"Tohru, I love you!" Yuki announced dramatically. Tohru shook her head."Alas my dear Yuki! I am in love with another!" Momiji skipped up to them and grabbed Tohru's hand."No! Not him!" Yuki said. Tohru shrugged."Yuki he's a sex bunny!" She said. Yuki cried."WHY WHY WHY!" Tohru looked at him sympathetically."Oh Yuki! Find Kyo, Yuki! He is your one true love!" Then she skipped off into the sunset with Momiji and they had lots of little baby bunnies called Steve(even the girls)

"I must find Kyo!" Yuki realized."For I love him!" Romantic music starts playing."Kyo, I realized that you, are my one true love!" Kyo looked at him strangly."Go away rat boy! I'm with Ayame now!" Yuki wailed in despare."WHHHYYYY!" He screamed. "Hey! Get a grip! Why don't you go find Haru?" Kyo snarled. Yuki got up and ran to find Hatsuharu. He burst into his room."HARU I LOV-" Yuki stopped when he saw Haru kissing Ritsu."I hate my life." Yuki said and walked away to go eat a barrel of ice cream.

Shigure cackled evily at his own genius.

Meanwhile in Yuki's room

Yuki finished reading the fanfiction. Calmly he walked over to the phone and dialled Ritsu's number."Hello?" Ritsu said picking up the phone. Yuki took a deep breath."DAMN YOU RITSU!" He screamed.


Meanwhile in Kyo's room

"Shut up!" He shouted." God can't anyone get some peace and quiet!" Kyo went on typing.

"Ayame! I cannot go through with this! It feels so wrong!" Yuki protested. Ayame held Yuki tighter."How can something so wrong feel so right!" He said kissing Yuki passionetly. Then they had hot, wild, incest sex.


Kyo grinned."Revenge!" He said happily.

Meanwhile in Ayame's shop.

"Ah look another story about me!" He bellowed." I am so wonderful!" He clicked on the story. Brotherly Love! by kyo_is_awesome456

5 minutes later...

"Oh my! It seems even Yuki can't resist my masculine charms!" He said pompously.

Meanwhile in Kagura's room.

"And do you take Kagura Sohma to be your lawfully wedded bride?" The vicar asked. Kyo nodded."I do." The vicar smiled."You may now kiss the bride!" Kyo and Kagura kissed and the whole church cheered. Except Tohru. She was crying into her dress. She was such a sweet girl really. Pity about her massive, green spotted face!

Kagura sighed. "One day...one day!" She said dreamily.

Meanwhile in Akito's room

Tohru begged for mercy as Akito rained down punches again and again. She was weak. Pathetic. And now she was dead.

Akito sighed."One day...one day!" He/she said dreamily.

Meanwhile in Rainbowunicorn123 room.

"I'm bored. I know I'll torture the Fruits Basket cast!" She said brightly.

I hope you like!