Summary: After the 2nd Wizarding War, Hermione works as an apprentice at Hogwarts where Severus is still the Potions Master. She performs a time-turner experiment using Severus in the demonstration, and things go horribly wrong. Follow the pair as they arrive in various times, in unfamiliar roles, and try in vain to come back home while learning about each other and their true feelings.

Author's Note: This story is my take on a historical time-turner fic. In this Hermione and Severus absolutely do not like each other at first, but the Romance category and M rating are there for a reason.

If you've ever watched the show Quantum Leap, that's sort of what I'm going for here. They are going to arrive in various times, in the middle of the action and have to not only act the part but try and figure out a way home. It will be predominantly North American history as that is where I reside and what I'm familiar with, but I'm going to incorporate some World History as well. You'll need to suspend your disbelief with this one a little bit-yes, I know that according to the laws of physics some of the things I'm proposing are impossible but I'm writing a work of fiction not a manual.

That being said, I hope you enjoy this new work and give me your reviews as we progress. All of the characters belong to JK Rowling-I just play with them and I don't make any money from this. Enjoy!

"Professor Snape, I was wondering if you could assist me with this little experiment?" Hermione Granger asked sweetly from across the room.

Severus looked up from his marking and groaned his dis-satisfaction. New Ministry policy stated that a fully qualified professor needed to supervise all classes where the teacher was absent. In the old days, if said professor had an apprentice, there was no supervision; it was generally believed that any apprentice could handle a few classes for a day until their supervisor returned.

But, since the second wizarding war had finished, much of the old ways had gone with the dodo bird. Now he was forced to spend his free period supervising this chit of a girl and her Arithmancy class. How Septima put up with Little Miss Know-It-All was beyond him. They actually appeared to be friends of all things. An apprentice of his would never be his friend.

"Professor?" Hermione asked again, disturbing his musings.

"Can't you use a student Miss Granger? I am marking," Severus said with a sigh.

"I'd like them all to see the experiment and if one participates then they lose out," she explained sweetly.

He looked at her face and knew there was more to her sweet tone then she was letting on. They did not get along. At all.

She had tried to ingratiate herself to him when she first arrived back at Hogwarts and he had none of it. Then, she tried to show interest in his research. It was despicable. Finally, he had put his foot down and harsh words were exchanged at a staff meal over the holiday. She had left in tears, he had been properly chastised by all, and they had not really spoken since. Her sweet demeanour was a ruse for her pure hatred of him.

"Fine," he sighed as he stood from his seat.

The fourth year students all turned and looked at him with worry. He still had it after all these years. Many thought he would go soft after the war and his narrow survival of it. They thought it was all part of his spy act. Little did they know his character would remain exactly as it had been. No near-death experience would change who he was, and the way he behaved toward his students was never an act.

"Let's get this ridiculous experiment over with," he said not parsing his words for the students under her tutelage.

"Thank you for your assistance," Hermione said nicely although he saw her brow crinkle with the words.

"I have the adjustments, Miss Granger," Ena Hewitt said eagerly as she handed Hermione a piece of parchment.

Hermione glanced at the formula and smiled.

"Yes, you have it," she said to her student with a smile. She placed a time-turner chain around her neck and adjusted the device.

"Why exactly am I needed?" Severus asked, bored.

"The students are observing our disappearance and reappearance," Hermione explained without looking up at him. "We're testing Baum's Theory."

"Are you quite ready?" Severus asked her, annoyed.

"Yes," she said as she took his hand. "Now class report the order in which we disappear and re-appear. We should only be gone for thirty seconds."

"Does it have to be that long?" Severus asked under his breath.

"Trust me, I don't like it any better than you do," she huffed back at him. "It was supposed to be Professor Vector."

"Hurry up," he snapped under his breath.

"See you in thirty seconds," Hermione smiled to her class before they disappeared with a pop!

As soon as the experiment began Hermione knew something was wrong. She and Professor Snape were supposed to arrive at a wizard's office that specialized in rhinoplasty, a little dig to his large nose, and then disappear back to the classroom within thirty seconds. But when they arrived at their destination they were in the wrong place and time entirely.