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WARNINGS: language, possible sexual scenes

PAIRINGS: Sarah/Jareth

A / U: Hello Readers!

Yes, this is short. Don't worry Jareth is coming in soon I just wanted all of you to get a feel for Sarah's character since she is about 4 years older than she was in the movie and she had a lot of growing up to do. I hope you enjoy!

I was eighteen for goodness sake. I deserved a space that I could hide away from THEM. I needed somewhere where it was okay to be the person that I am. My family just doesn't get it. They are all so impossible. They still want me to sleep right across the hall from them. I myself am a night person and I do not enjoy having to be extra quiet to appease them.

Ever since I was a baby, I've had a never ending fascination and love with the moon. It is my friend, my lover, my everything. In the dark, no one cares what I'm doing and I can concentrate. I love writing stories in my notebook. They are mostly stories about the Labyrinth. The best parts of my life were spent there. I like to read, I have so many books. I love to write poetry and simply daydream about my life. I want to grow up mostly because my parents think I'm going to fail in life as I get older because I'm still not sure about what I want to do in college or for a job or anything really. What they don't understand is that I don't want to do any of that. I want a normal life that my parents couldn't give me.

I want so many kids, I want a husband that makes millions of dollars so I can stay home with them. I would never leave my kids to watch each other like my parents did to me. It was horrible and I hated it. I never ever hated Toby. He is the only reason I get up in the morning. I could never be mad at him, all the blame falls solely on my parents.

Sir Didymus and Ludo visited my vanity often and reminded me that there was atleast someone who cared for me.I couldn't even make friends at school. I hated school. I hated all the people there. They are all fake and they think that if someone writes a facebook post about them or talks about them behind their back that it will be the end of the world. People have done this to me all my life; Have I died yet? I'm done living in the real world where teachers only grade you on whether you guessed right or what other people in your group have done for you. I hate that I still have one stupid year of high school left. I really dislike still living with my parents as well.

I guess that's why it's been a more pressing issue to get into college because then I could live far far away from them. In college, I can meet tons of people who are more like me and can appreciate what I do and how I run my life. Every time someone brings me down, I keep falling back on my one memory of the Labyrinth that has stuck with me all of these years: "You have no power over me."

I always think back to that day because, even though it shames me, I wish I would have taken his offer. After I saved Toby of course. I wish that I could take it all back and stay with him in his castle. I long to see that unruly hair again or even those pesky goblins. I HAVE already spent most of my days there as it is having tea with the worm and his wife or picking fruit from the trees. Everything is so much more different than here.

I cringe every time that someone says something is unfair. I remember how often I would say that in the Labyrinth and I started to realize that everything was more than fair in the Labyrinth. It was HERE that nothing was remotely fair. It's inconceivable on Earth to ever think that someone should be nice to you. Everyone has ulterior motives or they wish you harm in some way. In the Labyrinth, at least if someone wanted to harm you, they didn't lie about it.

I laugh at how naive I used to be. When I was a little girl, all I did was pretend, play, and could never do anyone wrong because I was the sweetest little girl.

I think my parents ruined that in the end. Being nice and friendly towards everyone is apparently an epic wound to your social status. If anyone so much as whispers a please or thank you everyone will look at you like your nuts. Well, maybe not that extreme but everything I do is "too much" and makes people feel out of says my stepmother. She's awful, too. I still can't stand her after all these years. She makes me take care of the baby and never lets me do what I truly want.

She's going to have a difficult reality check when I'm not here anymore in this awful place.

Speaking of which, she should be home by now. I think I'll try and convince her to give me my own room again...for the tenth time this year. You would think they would've given in by now.

I walked into the room and watched as Karen unpacked what must have been hundreds of dollars in groceries for the Christmas party that my parents decided to throw.

"Ya know, you could help me unload some of these." She said as she bent down to grab another box, grunting as she hoisted it onto the counter.

"Well, ya know, you COULD give me my own room so I would be more inclined to help out."

She raised her eyebrows. "Well, it's funny that you should mention it because I was just going to inform you today that your father and i had decided to give you the room in the basement because we never use it and you're going off to college anyway so it wouldn't be in the way of everything else. I would also like to point out that I am the one who convinced your father to do so, so I expect that you help me this instant before another word of sass exits those grown up lips of yours."

Oh. Well now I feel bad. I shouldn't because she truly is a witch sometimes, but I did. I decided not to say anything after that and immediately started to unpack everything.

Whew. All those stupid groceries took us both an hour just to put them into the cupboards. I shudder to think how long it will take to actually make whatever she's preparing. I guess I should actually thank her for my room and start getting it ready.


She looked up from her digging in the recipe drawer. "Yes, dear?"

"I know I didn't say it before, but thank you."

She smiled knowingly. "You're quite welcome. You better hurry up and get your new room setup before the party this week. Or I'll have your back end for it!"

I laughed and skipped down the hall. I was in such a good mood. The main reason I loved the basement was because it was two floor levels away from my parents and they never went down there. It had a couch, a TV, an old piano that I occasionally liked to play, and a fireplace.

It was my dream. We had even installed a microwave and mini fridge in case guests came over. I loved it so much and the best part about it was that I could do whatever I wanted to at night and not be disturbed by anyone. It's always so quiet at night. My favorite thing to do is sit by the fire with some tea and a book. I don't have to hear Toby scream or fuss about something. I don't have to hear Karen's ugly voice gossiping to her friends, her favorite past time. And most of all, I could talk to my friends through my vanity without any disruptions. I could see my future so clear in just this one little amount of space and peace that my parents had given me.

This is where I could finally discover who I was going to be.