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Bebop High
by: Setryochi

"Spiegel! You're late!" Mr. Black yelled as a tall guy with a dark, seaweed green afro strolled into class. The lanky boy didn't look up or say anything, he just handed the teacher the yellow pass and sat lazily into his seat.

Mr. Black, a well built man who taught English III was also one of the P.E. teachers to work at Bebop high. He had a black beard and a bald head, most of his students got along with him but then there were those students that just had to cause trouble. They'd crack jokes about how he lost his hair and often wrote rude comments about him in their English books. He didn't seem to care, he just sent them out or gave them extra homework.

"Now who wants to finish reading?" Mr. Black asked his class ready to pick the first one to raise their hand.

"What's up?" Spike Spiegel asked walking up to his white-haired friend exchanging a half hand shake.
"Nothin', you wanna get out of here?" His friend asked.
"You know I can't, last time my dad found out, he blew up and he says if he catches me skipping again he's sending me away."
"Pussy," his friend teased, "All right, I understand, next time. But I gotta' go, the boys are waiting for me."
They said their good byes and parted ways.

He slowly walked up to her. His golden -haired angle. He wrapped his arms around her from behind surprising her. She realized who it was and held his arms at her waist.

"Howdy," he said next to her ear.

"Hey," she said back.

"What'cha got?"

She mused in her book bag for a second before pulling out a brown paper bag, "Let's see," she unwrapped it. "Ham and cheese on toasted bread and... an apple with a Fruitopia."
"All that for me? Gee thanks mom!" he said hugging her to add a playfulness to his sarcasm. They sat down at a table outside where it wasn't crowded like the rest of the school. She pulled out her lunch and they both ate chatting about nothing in particular.

"I didn't think I'd be seeing you today. I heard Viscious left so I thought you would have gone with him." Julia finished taking a bite of her sandwich.

"It was tempting," he said smiling at her. They finished their lunch just as the bell had rung for the next class. Kissing briefly they had to go opposite ways because they're schedules weren't in favor of them.

Spike sat in his class day dreaming. He barely paid attention to the teachers, they just annoyed him. He was so bored, sometimes he'd doodle in his notebook but that wasn't even helping. The big, blue door to the classroom opened slowly and a tall, well endoued girl walked in. She was tall with long legs and purple hair. Her jade eyes scanned the room looking for someone who might possibly be in change of the class. Spotting the small old woman sitting at her desk she walked over quickly speaking low and handing her a piece of paper.

Mrs.Wending stood up shakily, her frail, wrinkled body seemed to be against her. Walking to the chalkboard she pulled the girl along with her to make an announcement.

"Class this is," she pause looking at the paper, "Faye Valentine, she'll be joining us, she's new here and I expect you all to treat her nicely."

She pointed Faye to a seat and told her to use the book under the desk.

All the boys in the class seemed to watch her as she walked calmly to her new seat and sat down. They watched every move, her clothes were definitely against school policy. She wore short denim blue shorts and a white sphagetti strap tank-top. She wore backless sandals, and was sure to be stopped latter by an administrator. Spike glanced at her but stereo-typed her as a slut and didn't think anything of her. Class went by as boring as ever. It showed greatly, Spike woke up to the bell ringing for the students to rush out of their classes.

Next Day

"Say please," a tall kid who was obviously in high school teased. His buddies laughed as they passed a small scooter around.

"Give it back! Edward needs her scooter to go to school!" a young girl yelled. Spike had just been walking by, his hands in his pockets. He was just going to over look it. "Damnit," he cursed himself turning around mechanically as if he didn't have control of his own legs. Usually he didn't interfere with this kind of thing, but somebody had to do something, so he couldn't just let it continue. Well, yes he could. But today he felt like being a good citizen.

He casually strolled over to the three guys surrounding the girl. He looked around expecting to see a young boy with her as well, but it was just her and her laptop balanced perfectly on her head. The boys kept laughing and teasing her.

"Give the girl's toy back to her," Spike commanded cooly. They just looked at him and shrugged him off. "Get lost!" the brown haired one yelled, he seemed to be the leader of the three.

Spike sighed, he was already bored and over it. "Just give her the toy back and I wont have to hurt you." The biggest of the group stepped up to Spike eyeing him. He tried to intimidate the green-haired boy. "You tryin' to start something?" he asked getting up in Spike's face. He pushed him. Spike took a step back but was unfazed by this petty action.

"Why don't you just give her the scooter back? You're just making it harder on yourselves." Spike looked at them with boredom written all over his face. The boy that pushed him swung his fist quickly.

Not quick enough.

Spike dodged it and elbowed the kid in his chest making him fall over. The other two decided to join and tossed the scooter down. They jumped towards Spike at the same time. Spike stepped out of the way kicking one of them in the butt as they flew past him. The other got up and tried to kick him but it was blocked and he was kicked instead.

"This isn't worth it man! I'm outta here!" the dark-haired, and shortest of the group said jumping off the ground and running away. "Gah! Wait for us!" the other two got up as well and followed his lead. Spike started to walk away when he felt a sudden weight on his left leg. He looked down to see the red-haired girl on his leg. She smiled brightly up and him her yellow cat-like eyes dancing with happiness. "You saved Ed's scooter!" she exclaimed.

"Uh... I... Who?"

"Ed's! Me! Ed Me! Me-Ed! Who are you? You are who?" she asked going cross-eyed for a second.

"I um... Spike." He said trying to shake her off his leg.

"Edward!" a feminine voice called.

Spike turned to see the girl he had stereo-typed as a slut the other day. Today she dressed almost the same except she wore tennis shoes and a red tank-top with a long sleeved, gray shirt tied around her waist.

"Faye-Faye!" the girl named Ed jumped off Spike's leg just to jump on Faye's.

"Sorry, she's always running off like that," Faye told Spike prying the thin redhead off her legs. "She your kid sister?" he asked not really interested.

"No actually, she isn't." Faye stated putting her hands on her hips. "Oh," was all he said. He turned to leave when she called to him.

"Aren't you in reading with Mrs. Wending fifth period?" she asked.

"Yeah, I am, it's nothing big," he said nonchalantly still walking away.

"How rude," Faye mumbled under her breath. "Hey! Wait up!" she shook Ed free and pushed her along to the East where her school was located, Faye caught up to him. "You're not a people person are you?" she asked smiling tilting her head to see his down cast eyes. "Gee how'd you guess," he was definitely sarcastic. Which, she noted, was kind of sexy. He looked at her, he was annoyed but decided against saying anything about it.

"We were never properly introduced," she paused still eyeing him, "I'm Faye," She held out her hand to him. He accepted her offer and shook her hand to be nice, "Spike."

She laughed a little. "your name is Spike?" Grumbling he said, "Yeah, my name's Spike, gotta problem with that?"

"Nope, it just sounds silly," she giggled some more. "So what's your last name?" "You wont need it," he turned the corner taking another route to school. Faye looked at him but decided she didn't want to take the long way and continued walking down the same street they had been on. "Girls are so annoying," Spike thought, "Well, there is one exception..."

"Geez, the guys around here are such assholes," Faye thought out loud. She continued to walk not paying attention, "this day is probably going to suck," she shruged. "That's life for ya'."

"Spi-spi-ike? Spiegel?" Mr. Black stuttered. "That's mah' name, don't wear it out," Spike casually strolled to his seat, sat down and... stayed awake?

"Where's the real Spike Spiegel?" Mr. Black asked quirking an eyebrow wrinckling his forehead. "It's nice to see you've finally taken an interest in school. I was beginning to think you actually wanted to fail." The bald man chuckled knowing Spike wasn't that stupid. "Who says I took and 'interest' in school?" the young Spike said laying back in his seat cupping his hands behind his head. "Well then, it's good to see you've taken and interest in something." Black turned away to write something on the board.

"Gah! Ack! Oh no!"

Both Mr. Black and Spike looked up to see a mass of purple, red and gray hit the floor. Spike raised an eyebrow, "Faye?"

The girl that had stumbled in looked up, "Oh, hey Spike," she got up a little embarrassed rubbing her knee. She gathered her fallen books. She stood up straight and walked over to Mr. Black, "You're the teach right?"

"Yeah I'm the 'teach'," he said dryly hoping the future was in capable hands. She handed him the white slip of paper, "I'm Faye Valentine," she said proudly. "Ok Miss Valentine, go sit over there," he pointed to the seat at the right of Spike.

"What! C'mon Jet! You know I like my space!" Spike said. "It's MR. Black, Spiegel. And I know you like your 'space' in the back but that's the only 'space' I can put her in." he stated matter-o-factly. "Damn," The green haired boy sighed and looked to Faye, "So how come you weren't in this class yesterday?" She didn't answer, instead she was hunched over her desk writing something.

"Are you listening?" he asked annoyed with her.

"Oh, what? What do you want?" she blinked at him.

"I asked why you weren't in here yesterday," he replied sourly. "Oh," she went back to writing, "I got here late, so this is my first time in this and my next few classes." Spike sighed sitting back again. The bell had rung and the rest of the students filed into the room seating themselves in the same seats they had been sitting in for well... for too long on many of their calendars. Mr. Black rambled on and on about how the essays that were turned in had bad grammar. He also made comments about how he didn't understand how some of the kids made it into his class. "I wont even get into your spelling mistakes! For crying out loud use a dictionary!" he continued to scold the whole class. Faye sighed, rather loudly, Spike had caught it and looked at her. She didn't notice she just kept writing.

"Hm... looks like a diary or something, or maybe it's just last minute homework for another class," he thought. He decided hearing Black talk about bad papers and nit-pick a few was boring. "Unnecessary really." he thought. Before he had gotten to class he had made his way to his locker, for the first time in a while he had grabbed two books and a plain notebook. He smirked pulling his notebook out from under his desk. "Ah, the simple things in life," his mind sighed. He opened the book filthied with doodles. Little did he know...

"She's cute," he heard and closed the book hurriedly.

"Huh?" he looked up to see Faye peaking over his shoulder. "She's cute," Faye repeated.

Spike grumbled and slide his notebook under his desk. "Mind your own business," he went back to pretending to pay attention in class. "Do you always take compliments so well?" she asked with a dry smirk.

"Yeah, sure, whatever, you were snooping go away."

"Fine, I was just trying to make friends, geez... so moody," she went back to writing whatever she was writing earlier.

The bell rang, slowly Faye drew her eyes away from what she had been writing and dazedly got up with her books and walked out. Tiredly Spike made his way to and out the door. Mr. Black sighed after them knowing very well they weren't paying attention.

Spike sat down at a table outside of the lunchroom to wait for Julia. He sighed wondering if she had come to school today. He looked over to another table to see Faye, she was sitting eating a sandwich. Soon a boy showed up next to her, a minute later the boy left after receiving a slap on the face. Spike smirked, that girl was something funny.

Faye looked over to see Spike sitting alone as well. He looked like he was waiting for someone. "I'm surprised he has friends with his attitude," she thought. "Mind if I sit down?" a tall boy with sandy blonde hair asked taking a seat even before she answered. She hadn't said anything yet, so he kept talking. "I noticed you were here alone, why's someone like you not sitting with friends?" Faye shrugged, "Don't know anybody," she didn't seem to interested in him.

"Well, if you'd like..." he started placing his hand on her knee, "We could get to know each other," he smirked rubbing her leg with his thumb. Faye grumbled getting aggravated.


"Get lost asshole! I'm not what you think so piss off!" Getting up quickly while rubbing his cheek, he glared at her and ran off to go patch up his ego. Faye just continued to sit alone, maybe a nicer guy would come...


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