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Bebop High

Chapter 11

By: Setryochi

Roco hesitated. He stood just beyond a pillar trying to work up the courage to go talk to Faye. Faye was talking to someone but Roco didn't even bother to look at who it was, his attention was so focused on Faye he couldn't even care what the gender of the other person was. He sighed, took a deep breath, exhailed and put a foot foward. Walking hesitantly up to his target he nearly tripped and stumbled over to her instead. "HI!" Was his nervous yelp.

"Uh... Hi" She looked up not recognizing him. "Do I know you?"

"N-no, I'm R-roco!" He held his hand out.

"That's nice Roco," she didn't take his hand. "But what do you want?"

Roco flinched at her tone. She wasn't as nice as he imagined she'd be during this conversation. What Roco had imagined was something more like this: Roco walked up confidently. As he strolled up to her she would look at him and her eyes would light up. "Faye, I think you're the most beautiful girl in the world, I want to take you to the Home Coming Dance!" He'd say without stuttering over a single word. She'd be so overwhelmed with him she'd say "Yes!" Instantly, then he'd grab her in his arms, dip her, and kiss her like no one ever had before!

But Instead: "I... I was just.. Ya know, wondering if... You'd like to go to the dance with me." He smiled at her, no confidence to be found.

Faye rolled her eyes, "I can't stand this school!" She stomped away leaving poor Roco to stare after her.

Spike opened his locker. The sweet, beautiful mess was comforting. Messy was a good thing, it meant "homey". His eyebrow quirked, there was something added to this mess. It was rectanglur and white... A clean kind of white. Reaching into his locker Spike pulled out an envelope. Scanning it, the damned thing had a lip print on the seal. Sighing the tall boy tore open the note and-

"ARGH! Fuckin'!" He was so angry he couldn't form sentences! Whoever put this in his locker was EVIL! Spike tried desperately to get the red glitter off his clothes. "I hate girls, I hate girls" he muttered trying to pat his clothes to 'whoosh' the glitter off.

Having no luck getting the glitter off he looked at the shiney, red letter. Reading it he became more aggitated.

"Dear Spikey-poo,

I think you're the coolest guy in school. Would you go to the dance with me?

Your SweetHeart,

Kelly from math class.

Spikes eyebrow almost twitched itself off of his face. He crumbled up the paper and threw it away. He stomped off angrily trying to get the glitter from his clothes. "I hate girls, I hate this school, I hate..."

The dance was getting closer and closer and still many students hadn't gotten it through their heads that Spike and Faye did not want to go with each other, with anyone else, they didn't want to even THINK about it. Spike munched on a hotdog stacked with chilli, cheese, sour kraut, mustard, ketchup and relish. Faye watched in amazement, "Ya know... I've never seen anyone eat something like that before without vomitting." Spike grinned with a mouthful. Faye's eyes squinted in a glare, "that's gross."

"Hm... They're having contests and rafulls at the dance." Faye said after reading the paper taped to the table top.

"Oh yeah? Like what?" Spike said with some interest.

"Well, looks like there's a dance contest, and eating contest, and the rafull. They're for different prizes. One of the prices is free dinner at that really fancy restraunt 'Martini's'. Another prizes is some gift certificates for different stores."

"Those prizes aren't bad. I could go for some tastey food. I bet I could win that eating contest. I'd be a champ like Kobuyashi." Spike boasted.

"You're in luck, the eating contest is hotdogs. Most down and kept down wins the dinner for two at 'Martini's' and a 'Best Buy' certificate." Faye said shoving a fry in her mouth.

Spike pushed the rest of the hotdog in his mouth, chewed twice and swallowed. "I got this contest."

Faye looked at him, "You've got to go to the dance to be in the contest. I thought you weren't going."

"I'm always up to free food, I think I might go for the contest." He grinned.

"So you're just going to show up alone, eat in the contest and leave?" Faye eyeballed him.

"Yeah, basically." He shrugged.

"Well I'll go with you, I have nothing better to do and I might as well get some entertainment." She stood up stacking her used napkins onto the paper bowl she was eating out of. "My dress is burgandy so get me a nice corsage, pick me up at eight." With that she left the table leaving Spike slightly baffled.

Spike pulled up to Faye's trailer. The lightes were on in the kitchen and living area, getting out he walked up to the door. Faye was so demanding. He should have just gone without picking her up; but he was, in a way, happy to have some company. Spike was wearing a suit from his closet, the rules to the dance were that he had to have a tie. So he put on the blue suit, yellow button up, and navy blue tie. The attire looked a little like he was going to go to a swinger club and dance to a jazzy, big band. His very own zoot suit. The blue suited cowboy knocked on the door. Immediately the door swung open and he was greeted by Faye's mother and little sister Ed. "Come in, come in! You look so cute in that suit!" Faye's mother looked him over. His hair was messy, his suit was wrinckled, and he slouched a bit. Smiling she called to Faye, "Your date's here, Faye! Don't keep him waiting."

"I'm hurrying!" Faye stomped out of her room huffing with anger. "I'm ready, let's go."

"Wait Faye, I want pictures!" Her mother pulled both Faye and Spike to the living room and stood them next to one another. Faye's dress was indeed burgandy. The neck was in a long v-cut that revealed much cleavage and some of her stomach. It was tight fitting and flared at her ankles. Her shoes amtched in color and were high healed with a bow on the pointed toe of each one. She held in her gloved hands a matching purse with a green scarf wrapped around her shoulders. They were quite a pair standing next to each other, Faye with her hair done up and Spike with his slouched form.

"Hold still I want one more!" The red-haired woman continued to flash them several times. Each picture they got closer to the door.

"We have to go, we'll be late!" Faye yelled and pulled Spike through the door. "Have fun!" Her mother called after the closing door.

Faye sighed, "I knew that was going to happen. " She stopped to look at Spike, "geez, you went all out for this didn't you."

"Ha ha.. And what about you? You look like you're going to some royal ball, or an opera."

They made their way to the car where Spike gave Faye the corsage, it was a dark red rose with burgandy lace around it in bows. "Here." He handed it to her casually. "Thanks," she took it out of the clear plastic box and wrapped it around her wrist. Spike drove them to the school where the dance was held in the gym.

There was whispering, gossip was afoot. The odd couple walked through the doors ignoring everyone's shock.

"I can't believe they came!"

"Oh, I KNEW they would come together!"

"I figured Spike just didn't want to go because Julia's gone."

Everyone had something new to say about the shocking pair. Neither Spike nor Faye could have given a damn about them though. The music in the gym was loud and the lighting was dimmed for a more romantic effect. There was an area cleared for dancing which was filled with couples "bumping and grinding" each other. Infront of the dance floor was a four foot tall stage with a DJ's booth and some lights set up. Spike immediately went to sign up for the hotdog eating contest. Faye looked around and smiled to herself.

Spike signed up and was delighted when he seen some of the students wheeling out lunch carts filled with hotdogs ready to eat for the contest. Licking his lips he went to get a seat at the contest table. The Dj turned the music down low and began annoucements for the contest. He introduced the contestants, and rattled off the rules. After that the clock was set and the contest started, the DJ put the music back up and some gathered the tables to watch, others went back to dancing. Faye watched the contest, Spike was practically swallowing the hotdogs whole. He worked them down his throat like a snake, she felt a little sick watching it all. At the same time there was something amazing about it. While other contestants looked like they wanted to hurl, Spike was happily chomping away. The boy to Spike's right turned away and threw up mid-bite. The crowd made an "ew" sound.

One by one the contestants dropped and soon Spike was declared the winner. Even as his hand was raised as the champion his other was stuffing one last hotdog down. The crowd clapped as he was awarded his certificates. Spike was patting his belly, "Told you I'd win.''

"Yeah, so when are you taking me to dinner?" She grinned.

"What? Take YOU to dinner? Did you see how many hotdogs I ate? This certificate's only got so much money on it."

"So you're taking me tomorrow night?" She looked up at him.

Spike raised and eyebrow, "I'll think about it."

"Let's dance, can't come to one of these and not dance!" Her small hand grabbed his and tugged towards the dance floor. Spike followed half-heartedly. He wasn't much for dancing. While Faye was comfortable moving with rhythem he just kind of rocked a little. As soon as the song changed to a slower one Spike raised his hands "alright, I'm done." And he made his was to get some punch.

Faye frowned slightly. About to get some punch as well when her arm was grabbed. She turned and gasped, "Vicious?"

'I'm not here with Faye as more than friends.' Spike told himself. He poured more punch into his cup and drank it in one gulp. Pouring himself another he thought the cups were just too small to quench anyone's thirst.

"Excuse me," Spike heard from behind. "I'd just like to get some punch."

Spike moved, "sorry, here" he laddled out some punch and turned to pour it into the girl's cup. "What are you doing here?" The laddle dropped splashing red onto the floor.

"Vicious brought me, they let him come for the dance. The doctor said it would be good for him to enjoy this like the rest of us." Julia smiled softly.

Spike's eyebrows knitted together, "oh. I've gotta go find Faye, she's my date tonight." He smiled and waved over his shoulder, his smile turned to a scowl.

Vicious had pulled Faye to the dance floor, he stood behind her with his arms around her waist, his chin resting on her shoulder. Faye moved stiffly with him. "See Faye? I'm a changed person. I just wanted to show you that." The tone in his voice wasn't so convincing. "I promise I wont hurt you," his hands rubbed her sides suggestively.

"That's my date you're dancing with," A hand grabbed Faye's wrist and pulled her out of Vicious' grip. Faye was relieved to be in Spike's arms. Julia went to Vicious and put her arms around one of his. Spike made a face but didn't say anything.

"Spike, let's go see if we can request a song." Faye pulled him towards the stage. She noted Spike's eyes were on the grim couple the whole time. Vicious grinned and began dancing with Julia. They danced close, and kissed, they looked in love to anyone who didn't know them.

"What kind of CDs do you have?" Faye yelled to the DJ. He handed her a book of CDs that she could choose a song from. "What do you think Spike? What looks good?" She looked up and he was still watching Julia and Vicious. Faye gritted her teeth and tugged hard on his suit jacket.

"What?" Spike asked.

"Do you want to help pick a song?" Faye was looking up at him, her eyebrows were knitted together and her nose was scrunched up. "I was thinking this one, it's fun for dancing to." She smiled.

"This one." Spike pointed to it.

"But that's a slow song, we can't dance to it." Faye said. Spike ignored her and gave the CDs to the DJ telling him which song they wanted.

"Let's dance, Faye."

Spike took her hand in his and led them through the crowd a little. He turned and pulled her into his arms as the song they picked started to play. Faye was a little confused but went along with it. She relaxed a little and allowed him to lead. "I thought you didn't dance?" Faye looked up at him. Spike's attention was soaked up by something. Faye looked around and noticed Spike was still staring at Vicious and Julia. "Are you here with ME, or are you here with Vicious and Julia?" Faye stomped on Spike's foot.

"Ow! What was that for?" He looked down at her angry face.

"You didn't even hear me!" Faye scowled. "I'm not doing this, this is NOT worth it!" She wreched from his grip and stalked out of the gym leaving Spike alone on the dance floor.

'That jerk!' She kicked at a can on the ground. "I'm not just some tool for jealousy!" Other students gave her looks for her outbursts. She mumbled to herself about how guys are dumb.

"Faye?" Spike placed his hand on her shoulder.

She shrugged it off, "leave me alone, I'm not going to be pulled into your stupid love triangle, especially not to help you make someone jealous!" She started towards the parking lot.

"C'mon Faye! That's not what I was doing! I wanted to dance with you!"

She turned, "Yeah right! The whole time you were staring at them! Staring at them and not paying attention to ME at all. You only wanted to dance like that so you could try and get a rise out of one of them! Well I'm not letting that happen!" She began walking away again, "I'm not going to be just a tool. I wont be used by you!" Her voice was wavering.

"Faye..." Spike chased after her, "Faye I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to hurt you." He grabbed her shoulders.

"Let GO!" She struggled to keep walking towards the gate to the school.

"Faye listen to me!" He pulled her and she came stumbling back. Twisting her around he trapped her in his arms and their lips met. His face was pressed to hers so fiercely, so passionately the only thing she could do was melt into him and kiss back. His fingers crept into her hair and his other hand held her lower back to him pressing their bodies together. Faye's knees weakened and she wrapped her arms around his neck holding tightly. His tongue smoothed over her lips and she parted them wanting the kiss to deepen.

Breathing heavily after parting Spike began to speak, "Faye, I'm not using you. I really want you."

"Spike..." Faye's make up had made black streaks from her eyes to her cheeks and Spike's fingers had made her hair come loose. "You really mean it?"

"Yeah, I really mean it..." He smirked down at her, "How 'bout we get that dinner?"

Faye smiled, "Sounds good."

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