The smell of burnt skin ran through her nose. She couldn't feel her body. There was pain but she couldn't feel it.

"I did everything to support this family and this is how you repay me?"

It was death himself standing right in front of her. Her eyes, half opened, couldn't stand the sight any longer.

She didn't cry. She'd cried all those tears out. No more tears left in her.

"I should have left a long time ago!"

Cries from the upstairs. Her little brother and mother. Her older sister, where was she? She couldn't remember what happened to her. He hit her head too hard and everything started pounding.


So the call actually went through.

There was little faith left in her. Maybe they'll be able to save her but there was so much blood on the ground.

"It's all your fault. You and your siblings were just too much to handle."

He sat on the ground. There was no point in running away. He knew that.

She whispered something.

"What was that?"

She whispered again but he couldn't hear her.

"I can't hear a damn thing your saying!"

She lifted her head up, the chains rumbled above her.

"Hate," she whispered.

Dick Grayson jumped up in his seat and looked around. "I didn't steal the cookie mom!"

Laughter ran through the classroom.

"That's nice too hear Mr. Grayson," said his teacher. She pointed to the board. "Pay attention or else I'll send you to the principal's office. And what did I say about sunglasses? That's a violation of the school dress code."

Dick's vision came clear. He was in school and currently in history class.

"Dude this is the third class you've slept in," whispered his best friend, Wally West. "What's up?"

Dick rubbed his eyes. "Babs and I got into another fight last night."

Wally rolled his eyes, having already heard this story loads of time. "Not again."

Dick sighed. "I don't know what her problem is?"

"Dude she's older than you by a year," said Wally. "She's graduating soon, did you honestly think she'd still date you?"

Dick shrugged. "So I'll be a senior next year and she'll start college. It's not like she's going far anyways?"

Wally opened a bag of chips. "No one wants to be tied down while at college. College is your place of freedom to do whatever you want."

"Well we still have six months of school to figure all that out," Dick told him.

The school bell rang and both boys stood up.

"I told you it isn't a good idea to date someone older than you," Wally said.

Both boys walked over to their lockers.

"Buying lunch?" asked Dick.

Wally shook his head. "Mom packed me a special lunch." He took out a large brown paper bag and wiggled his eyebrows. "Her sloppy joes from last night."

Dick laughed and reached for his wallet. "How do you eat so much?"

Wally shrugged. "Spring track starts in late March. I can eat all I want right now."

"Hey dudes!"

Both boys turned to their friend, Victor Stone. "Ready for lunch y'all?" he asked.

The three boys made their way to the lunchroom. They would get an occasional hello and how's it going? You can say that these three boys are put in the 'popular' social group.

Dick Grayson, or Richard John Grayson, was popular from the day he stepped foot in Brentwood Academy. Known as one of the adopted sons of multi-billionaire, Bruce Wayne, the boy was sure to make friends easily. Although, most people only spoke to him to get into the fame and money, Dick knew how to spot 'money-suckers' as he likes to call them.

"I'll be in line," Dick told his friends.

The two boys nodded as they took their seats at their usual table.

Dick stood in line grabbing whatever he thought looked desirable.

"Hey Dick," greeted a voice.

Dick turned to look behind him and spotted his cousin, Rachel Roth. He gave her a hug. "Hey Rach! How's it going?"

She shrugged. "Fine I guess."

Rachel's mother is Bruce Wayne's third or fourth cousin? Arella Roth is the only living family member of Bruce Wayne's, whose husband died in a fire. They live not too far from Wayne Manor and Dick often visits his cousin every now and then.

"Haven't seen you in a while lately?" asked Rachel.

Dick walked up to the check out register. He gave the lady his lunch card which had money stored on it. "I've been busy. Sorry."

Rachel shrugged. "It's okay. I heard you and Babs got into a fight."

Dick raised an eyebrow. "Who told?"

"Babs was speaking about it in chemistry," said Rachel. "I couldn't help but eavesdrop."

Dick sighed and walked with Rachel over to their table. "Sitting with us today?"

Rachel nodded. "Yea if you don't mind."

"Tired of all the goths?" he teased.

Rachel crossed her eyebrows. "I am not gothic for your information. I'm just into ghosts, wiccans, and demons."

They took a seat at the table noticing Karen, Vic's girlfriend, and Jenny, Wally's girlfriend, had come over as well. They all exchanged greetings before they started to eat their lunch.

"Hey guys!" exclaimed their skinny blonde friend, running towards them.

"Gar?" asked Rachel. "What on earth do you have in your hands?"

"I'm trying to grow my own tofu," he said watching the soil placed in the plastic container.

Rachel shook her head.

"I don't think you can grow tofu string bean," said Vic.

"And people ask me why I'm dating you," muttered Rachel.

Gar pouted in her face. "You love me."

Rachel pushed him off of her. "I haven't gotten there yet. Let's get pass the third month at least."

"Korina Anders that is not a part of your uniform!"

Kori Anders or Korina Anders was the schools...well she's not goth, not emo or punk, but you could say that she's different from everyone else. She always got in trouble about her school dress code. Everyone was so used to it by now. She always wore fish-net stockings, black leather jacket, and black biker boots. She always had her red uniform skirt too short and not enough buttons done on her white uniform top. She wore black eyeliner, dark eye shadow, and chipped purple nail polish. She's very sloppy looking.

"My office immediately!" Principal Wilson yelled.

No one understood how someone like Kori Anders ever got into a school like this. No one dared to ask her. She just showed up one day during Freshmen year.

"And how many times do I have to tell you that your hair color goes against the school handbook?"

Her hair didn't seem natural at all, her Rihanna red would stick out from a mile.

She rolled her eyes at him."How many times do I have to tell you that this is my natural hair color?" She never got in trouble for talking back. They gave her so many detentions that one day they gave up on her.

"My. Office. Now." Mr. Wilson stated.

"Whatever dude," she said and made her way out of the cafeteria.

Dick Grayson returned his attention back to his friends.

"Aw where are you going?" asked Vic.

Karen lifted up her pom poms. "I have to set up for after school's practice."

He gave her a kiss good-bye.

"And I have to go too," said Jenny. Jenny was more on the punk side.

"See you tomorrow?" asked Wally.

She nodded and kissed his lips. "Pick me up at eight?"

He nodded before returning his attention back to food.

Dick whined. "How come Babs and I can't be like that?"

"One my girl is hot and two because Babs can be a cold hearted person," said Wally.

"That's nice to hear Wally."

Dick turned to Babs and stood up in surprise. "Hi baby," he greeted.

Babs took his hands and led him away from the table. "I think we should talk Dick," she told him.

Dick nodded. "Yea I think we should," he agreed.

Babs led him out of the cafeteria and down the hallways.

"Last night was bad," she said. She stopped at her locker.

"I agree," said Dick. "Let's not fight again?"

Babs nodded. "I don't want to fight again."

Dick smiled. "I'm so glad-

"Which is why I'm breaking up with you," she whispered.

Dick frowned. "What?"

"I don't want to fight," said Babs. She was taking books out of her locker. "And if we keep seeing each other then we're going to be fighting all the time."

Dick leaned against the locker next to hers. "We don't fight a lot."

Babs gave him a look. "Last night's fight was about the way the waiter looked at me."

Dick made a fist. "He deserved to get yelled at."

Babs rolled her eyes. "My point exactly. You're immature."

"I'm immature?" asked Dick.

Babs nodded. "You get mad and jealous too easily and you don't think before you speak."

"That's not true!" he yelled.

Babs raised an eyebrow. "My point exactly." She closed her locker door.

The bell rang for next period.

Dick caught up to Babs as she started to walk away. "Okay what can I do to change your mind?"

Babs laughed. "Nothing."

Dick stopped her. "You're really breaking up with me?"

Babs nodded. "Yes."

Dick let her leave. "Great," he muttered.

School ended and Dick couldn't be more happier. It's Friday which means he could go out with the guys tonight. He needed to do something to get his mind off of Babs.

"So she broke up with you?" asked Wally.

Both boys were walking over to Dick's black hummer.

"Yes for the last time!" shouted Dick. He unlocked his car door and opened the driver's side. He threw his back pack in the back seat before turning on the car.

Dick reversed out of his parking lot before putting the car in drive. He had to drive slow considering the amount of teenagers pulling out and driving at the same time.

"So what do you want to do tonight?" asked Wally.

Dick shrugged. "Something to keep my mind off of Babs."

Wally grinned from ear to ear. "Strip club?" He took out his phone. "Calling Vic right now!"

"Sup?" asked Vic.

"Dude where are you?" asked Wally.

"I'm right behind you," he said.

Both boys glanced behind them to see Vic driving behind them.

"Strip club tonight?" asked Wally.

"Ah yea I'm so down!" exclaimed Vic. "I heard Dick and Babs broke up."

Dick swore. "News travels fast right?"

"Aw cheer up little guy," teased Vic. "I'll pay every saucy redhead to give you a lap dance tonight."

Dick chuckled. "Thanks but I'm trying to keep my mind off of-

"Dick look out!" Wally yelled.

Dick slammed on the brakes and both boys were sent forward.

"What the hell?" asked Dick.

He looked up to see Kori Anders standing at the front of his car.

"Dude you almost ran her over!" exclaimed Wally.

"Y'all alright?" asked Vic.

"Dick almost killed someone," said Wally.

Dick watched as Kori smirked at them. She placed one finger on the hood of the car and trailed it across as she walked away from them.

"What a freak," said Dick. "I didn't even see her."

Wally shrugged. "Let's just leave before you get someone else killed. We'll see you tonight Vic!"

"Vic out!" he exclaimed.

So this story is going to be different from my others. This one will have a lot of 'M' materials in it. Sex, drugs, violence, all the adult stuff. Also I'm going to do something that I never did with any of my other stories, I'm going to start replying to reviews.

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as you enjoy my other stories.