Kori looked into the full length mirror and smiled at herself. She ran her hands over the silky fabric she was wearing. Never in her life has she ever thought she'd be doing this and never has she thought it be with Richard Grayson. It only felt like yesterday when she gave him a private lap dance and he'd ask her to play being his girlfriend. She never took the money. He had presented her with it during Christmas and she'd simply shook her head and kissed him. She told him she'd already received her pay...which is him. She was happy though when he presented her with his real gift, a diamond 'R' necklace. She presented him something later that night, something that was red, lacy, and left little to the imagination.

She changed over time. She laughed and smiled a lot more. She made more friends in school. She even joined the cheer-leading squad. Dick figured she only did that because he was on the football team and she wanted to tease him as he played. Boy was she a distraction during those games. Kori smiled. He had called her his good luck charm after they won the high-school Superbowl. He grabbed her and placed her over his shoulder as everyone cheered.

She accepted Galor, her step-father. She wasn't fond of him at first but she realized what kind of sacrifices he makes to provide for her family. She isn't his real daughter and he treats her like his own. He got a promising job, a manager at a manufacturing company that makes armed weapons for the U.S. army. He also teaches a class on how to use a gun, having a background as a soldier gave him some perks. It paid enough to buy them a new house, a two story house. Kom also helped financially. She studied at beauty school and received her license. She made good money and tips cutting hair and applying make-up.

Her father was getting better. She visits him once every other week. Their relationship is on the way of recovering. It would take a very long time but Kori was content on making it work.

"Oh Kori you look so beautiful," Luanne said from behind.

Kori turned to her mother, who was already in tears. "Please don't cry. It's not a big deal at all."

Luanne wiped her tears away. "Dick is here and may I say he looks handsome."

Kori smiled and imagined him in his tuxedo. He had changed over time too. Bruce Wayne can defiantly blame her for bringing out the rebel side of Dick Grayson. Boy was he mad when Dick came home with a tattoo on his upper arm. A tattoo of robin wings and his parents' death date. He was grounded for two weeks. He still snuck out to see Kori. Then there was that time where he got a speeding ticket. He was showing off on his motorcycle with Kori behind him. Both of them were grounded for that.

"Are you ready?" asked Kom peering in. "I don't think he can wait any longer." She walked over to Kori and touched up her makeup.

"I'm ready," she said.

Luanne and Kom both walked out of the room to give Kori her own grand entrance. Kori looked in the mirror one last time before walking out.

Dick stood up, corsage in hand, and looked over at the stairs. His jaw dropped as Kori gracefully walked down the steps. Pink. Her dress is pink, puffy, and pink! He'd never seen her in pink before. She looked absolutely beautiful to him. Like an angel.

"Wow," he said walking up to her. "You look beautiful."

Kori smiled and gave him a kiss on the lips. "And you look handsome."

"You look beautiful," he said again.

Kori giggled. "I think it's time to put the corsage on," she whispered.

Dick nodded. "Right." He fumbled with the box and took the corsage out. He was nervous for some odd reason. His hands shook as he slid the flower through her wrist.

Kori wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips again.

"Alright smile for a photo," said Luanne.

Dick stood behind Kori and wrapped his arms around her waist. The traditional prom pose. They smiled as Luanne took a shot.

"Alright honey," said Galor from behind his wife. "The kids don't want to be late for prom."

Dick laced his fingers through Kori's and smiled. "Ready?" he asked.

She nodded and lifted up her dress so that she could comfortable walk outside.

Dick stopped her before they got to the car. "Wait."

She turned to him and raised an eyebrow.

"What'd you say about skipping prom?" he asked smiling.

Kori thought for a moment. "Where to?"

Dick shrugged. "Wherever the night takes us?"

Kori smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. She forcefully kissed him on the lips. "I love you."

End game.

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