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By – Merc

Normalness Sucks! I'm Bored! Blue Seed 1.399, The Continuing Saga of the TAC When the Aragami Aren't Around

*Note * - This takes place a year after Blue Seed 1 and a year before Blue Seed 2 (the series were two years apart, so it's right in the middle of the two).

            It was just another normal day at the TAC. Yup, normal as could be. In fact, it had been normal like this for the past year, and the members of the TAC were starting to notice. Never before had anyone ever realized just how much excitement their government-issued jobs had given them until now. The day simply lazed away as everyone sat at their desks, silently working on whatever project they were trying to keep occupied with.

Daitetsu Kunikida was busy filling out testimonies and statements, as the government had found itself crushed under an infinite amount of lawsuits and damage claims due to the cover-up of the Aragami, and their failure to warn the people ahead of time as to what was going on.

Ryoko Takeuchi was busy filling out police file report after police file report, as the police station had found itself crushed under an infinite amount of robberies, looters, mass-murderers who escaped when the Aragami attacked, and harassment claims (as the general population of Japan was quite testy after the Suzano-o incident).

Azusa Matsudaira was busy having the time of her life, what with the infinite amount of Aragami-guts splattered all over the city (most of the chunks courtesy of Orochi) and all, examining them underneath her collection of various microscopes, magnifying glasses, and other instruments that helped her to better see just what made those damn Aragami function.

Koume Sawaguchi really had nothing to do at all, what with nothing to shoot at, there wasn't much use for a weapons expert. Since the downfall of Suzano-o, Koume had found herself becoming more and more like a secretary to the TAC than an actual working member of it, which tended to tick her off more than running out of ammo. So there Koume sat, thinking of what to make for and Yaegashi's date for that night. She had never been much on cooking, but then again she had never been much on dating either, at least until recently.

Yoshiki Yaegashi was busy trying to sift through the huge amount of information that he and the other members of the TAC and Japanese government had gathered from the cherry blossom tree that Suzano-o slept under (as a joke, the members of the TAC called it the Snoozao-o Tree). So much information, and yet so little printer-ink left…

Momiji Fujimiya was busy toiling away at school, trying to make up all of the homework she missed while helping to fight the Aragami. To Momiji's surprise, she was still working on the make-up work, even though it had been a full year since she had gone back to school. "Sheesh, you know, my teachers saw me on TV, I saved their butts, they knew that I was gone with a legitimate cause, but no, they still won't excuse me from homework. Bunch of ungrateful jerks, I should've fed them to Orochi." Momiji muttered underneath her breath as she sat, making up enough homework to fill an Olympic-sized pool with.

Mamoru Kusenagi was having his fill of work scrounging around the city and surrounding areas for any remaining Aragami. The Aragami that had not disappeared with Lord Suzano-o, Kusenagi made sure to lay waste to. Of course, work wasn't really on Kusenagi's mind, but the thought of his and Momiji's date. "Shoot, I forgot what kind of flowers to buy. Oh well, I'm sure she'll just like seeing me." Kusenagi thought to himself as he hopped from building to building.

Yup, just another normal day. (Yawn) Just…another…normal…day…nothing to do but normal cubicle work. Mr. Kunikida grunted, grabbing the attention of everyone in the room.

"What's wrong sir?" Ryoko asked in her polite manner, she had always made sure to treat Mr. Kunikida like the boss that he was at work, and saving the informalities for afterwards.

"Bah, there's so much paper work, it's giving me a headache. The lawyers here in Japan must be making a killing off of all these lawsuits." Mr. Kunikida said as he slouched back in his chair and massaged the bridge of his nose. "Speaking of which, Koume, could you take these papers down to the attorneys' buildings. You know which ones I mean." Mr. Kunikida asked, motioning to the gargantuan pile of white, neatly-printed papers sitting in the Outbox on his desk.

"WHAT AM I?! YOUR SECRETARY?! Do it yourself, your legs aren't broken!" Koume shouted as she snapped out of her boredom stupor.

"Koume…" Yaegashi started calmy,


"Koume…" Yaegashi said a bit more harshly,


"Sweetie, please?" Yaegashi said, putting the emphasis on the name sweetie. Koume hated when he did that, because they both knew that he could convince her to do just about anything when he played the lovey-dovey card. Koume hated it because it meant showing the rest of the TAC her softer side, and she was never really one for a public romance.

"Hmph, fine, whatever. BUT THIS IS THE LAST TIME!!!" Koume said gruffly as she picked up the giant pile of papers, bound them with some string and walked out the door. Matsudaira simply chuckled and Mr. Kunikida looked over at Yaegashi with a look of praise in his eye.

"You'll have to teach me how to control her like that." Mr. Kunikida said, a humorous tone on his voice.

"Only works if you're dating her." Yaegashi said, a broad smile appearing on his face as he toiled away on his computer.

"Don't get any ideas." Ryoko said, her eyes glaring at Kunikida.

"I still don't understand why in the hell you'd date that freaky ammo-loving he-woman." A voice said, catching everybody off guard.

"Kusenagi?" Ryoko asked, looking around expectantly.

"Yup, over here." Kusenagi waved from the window.

"What brings you here? Shouldn't you be with Momiji or fighting Aragami?" Ms. Matsudaira asked expectantly, her surprise having ebbed and her attention now turned back to the piece of Orochi-splatter that she currently had sitting on her desk.

"That's why I'm here, I can't seem to find Momiji, do you know where she is?"

"Did you check her house?" Mr. Kunikida asked,

"Yeah, I practically turned it over, but I couldn't find her. Her room's a total mess though, it's piled almost to the ceiling with homework."

"Did you ever try digging underneath said homework to find her?" Yaegashi asked, a laugh on the edge of his voice.

"Um, no…"

"She just called a few minutes ago. She's there, if you dig hard enough. Here," Yaegashi said as he tossed Kusenagi a mining helmet, "Have fun, she should be to the left of Trigonometry and in front of Chemistry, you know you've gone too far if you've hit Japanese Classical Literature."

"Thanks." Kusenagi said, a sweat drop the size of Russia forming on his head. Yaegashi couldn't hold in his amusement any longer, and began laughing hysterically. Before Kusenagi could leave the TAC building, the entire office was roaring with laughter, the hilarity of the entire moment too much to contain. Kusenagi decided he'd had his fill with those freaky losers, and jumped out the window, making sure to grab a shovel and lots of band-aids (after all, when digging through paper, you're bound to get paper cuts) on his way over to Momiji's.

The End of Chapter 1

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