Author's notes – Ok, this is the last installment in the series. I do, however, plan on writing an epilogue. Be forewarned though that I'll take place a year after Blue Seed 2, so if you're not into spoilers, then I suggest that you not read it when it comes out. I hope everybody liked the series. With enough reviews, I might just continue writing more Blue Seed fics.

Rated – PG – 13 for swearing and a bit of lovin' (nothing lemon, I have a policy against fruity stories (lemons, limes, etc.)).

Larry the Leopard's debut? Kusenagi's teasing can get annoying! Blue Seed 1.399 – Romance and loose-ends tied up, the fun of the TAC without the invasion of your home

            Momiji woke up the next day to the sun streaming through a hole in her homework pile. Squinting, she sat up and cringed. Feeling her neck, Momiji felt pain shoot up from the area where Kodansha had had its tentacle wrapped around as it had tried to hang her. Stretching, Momiji made her way to the bathroom to look in the mirror.

"Thank God it's a Sunday," Momiji said quietly to herself, noting in her mind that if it had been any other day of the week, she would've been extremely tardy to school. Leaning over the sink to see herself clearer in the mirror (as her eyes were blurry with sleep), she gasped as she saw a very large bruise wrapped around her neck. "Aw man! It looks like a hickey on acid!" Momiji lamented in her mind as she thought of various ways to cover it up.

"Feeling better?" A male voice asked from the bathroom door. Momiji spun around to see her boyfriend leaning up against the hamper, a sly smile on his face.

"Yeah. Thanks, Kusenagi." Momiji said, a small blush creeping onto her face. Kusenagi waved off the compliment, his eyes still on her, sly smile still plastered on his face. "I-I-I meant to ask you…" Momiji began, her voice full of uncertainty. Kusenagi's smile turned into a serious frown.


"Yesterday, when you were taking me home. I told you that I loved you, and you sorta, kinda, didn't really respond."

"Oh?" Kusenagi said, knowing exactly where she was going, and not being too comfortable with it.

"Well, I kinda want to know, ya know, I mean, yeah, anyways, do…do you? You know, like me? Or love me? Or anything?" Momiji asked in a jumbled rush, the words flying out of her mouth before she had time to think. Kusenagi stared down Momiji for a second, then walked up to her and put his hands on her shoulders, bringing his face close to hers.

"If I didn't love you, I wouldn't always be with you now, would I?" At that response, Momiji blushed and threw her arms around him.

"I knew you loved me!" She exclaimed as she squeezed Kusenagi for all he was worth, cutting off his air supply.

"GAK!!! Need…breath…Momiji…less…guh…" Realizing that she was maybe hugging her love a little too hard, Momiji let go. Staggering backwards, Kusenagi backed into the wall, his hand over his heart as he gasped desperately for breath.

"Sorry, guess I got a bit carried away. Hehe!" Momiji giggled embarrassedly, her hand behind her head to hide the sweat drops that were forming.

"Hehe my ass." Kusenagi mumbled to himself, his breathing calming down and his ribs no longer feeling like they were behind his spine. Suddenly, his face split into a sly smile again.

"Hey Momiji…" Hearing her name, Momiji stopped giggling and looked at Kusenagi seriously, thinking that he was about to profess his love to her some more.

"Y-y-yes Kusenagi?"

"Larry the Leopard today, huh?" He asked, his sly grin growing wider as Momiji blanched at him and looked downwards. Sure enough, Momiji had forgotten to put on her pajama bottoms the night before (fighting Aragami takes a lot out of you). So there she stood, clad only in a white t-shirt and her underwear. Blushing furiously (and mentally kicking herself for not having noticed when she woke up her lack of lower covering), Momiji grabbed the soap bar off the sink and hurled it at Kusenagi.

"PERVERT!!!" Momiji yelled as she ran out of the bathroom and tore down the hall to her room to cover herself up. Kusenagi laughed evilly and walked down the hall after her. "She's a total airhead, but what can I say, I wouldn't trade her for the world." Kusenagi thought as he reached her door, dodging the various makeshift missles that Momiji was throwing at him in an attempt to get him out of her room so she could change. Getting hit square in the face with a teddy bear, Kusenagi smiled widely.

"Never a dull moment around here." He said to the teddy bear as he shrugged and then threw it against the wall, the bear hitting it with a small squeak.


            "He didn't destroy the mitama?" Ryoko asked with interest as Matsudaira finished filling her in on what had happened.

            "No, it appears as though he forgot about it after the Aragami had dissolved." Matsudaira said as she glanced at the large Petri dish in her right hand, the glass encasing a large orange mitama.

            "I don't get it, it's not like the other ones we've seen." Kunikida commented, his gaze also fixated on the Petri dish in Matsudaira's hand.

            "It's sort of like a blessing in disguise. When I went to collect some samples of the dissolved Aragami before it all blew away, I noticed the mitama. It's such an interesting specimen, I haven't been this excited since last year." Matsudaira said, her eyes twinkling with excitement at the thought of all the research that she could do with it.

            "I thought that all of the Aragami except Kusenagi were asleep." Ryoko questioned,

            "Yes, so did we. Apparently the Aragami is of a new breed that we never knew about. It seemed to take Kusenagi by surprise as well. He told me before he left that he had never sensed it coming." Matsudaira said seriously,

            "A NEW BREED OF ARAGAMI?! Can it really be?" Kunikida asked, surprise and disbelief etched in his voice.

            "It appears that way. Just take a look at this mitama for example. Unlike the one's we're used to, this one is orange instead of blue. It's also larger than the majority of the mitamas that we used to see." Matsudaira replied calmly.

            "Do you think there are more of them?" Ryoko asked seriously,

            "I'm not sure. Possibly. This could have been the only one, or it could have been part of a whole entire species of new Aragami." Matsudaira said, as she placed her finger over her mouth and her thumb under her chin as she concentrated.

            "It's a good thing then, that this is all staying in Japan." Kunikida sighed as he messaged his temples, his hangover still going strong.

            "Very true. Imagine what would happen if the Aragami showed up in another area of the world, like America?" Ryoko joked,

            "America? Ha! I can see it now, Aragami in San Francisco. That would be a riot." Kunikida joked back, his thoughts of how Americans with no ideas as to incantations and other mythical items and processes would try to stop an Aragami. Ryoko, Matsudaira, and Kunikida all laughed at the silly notion, brushing it off as an impossibility. Ryoko suddenly stopped laughing and grabbed her forehead in pain.

            "Ryoko?" Matsudaira asked, her sense of alarm heightened over Ryoko's expression.

            "It's nothing…just a bit of a hangover…" Ryoko said, wincing through her words as though talking were painful.

            "You two still have hangovers? It's been two days! I thought you would've slept those off by now." Matsudaira said in surprise.

            "Ugh, how did you know that it'd been two days since we last drank?" Kunikida said as she continually messaged his temples, wishing for nothing short of a power drill to drill a hole into his skull and relieve the pressure. Taken aback by this question, Matsudaira quickly thought up an excuse.

            "Um, Mr. Sugishita informed us of this when he came into the office yesterday."

            "Oh." Ryoko grunted, "I almost thought you guys had known another way."

            "How so?"

            "Well, I had this strange dream. You all were in it too. Very weird; I dreamt that Kusenagi had snuck into my apartment and taken pictures of me and Daitet…I mean me sleeping. Then it was like, he go them developed in one-hour photo developing and showed them to you and Koume and Yaegashi." Ryoko said, Matsudaira turned white as a sheet, her left eyebrow twitching nervously.

            "S-s-sounds like you had a little too much to drink." Matsudaira said, hoping that she wasn't giving away the fact that Ryoko was right. "I will have to do some psychic tests on that woman." Matsudaira thought to herself as she looked at Ryoko in awe.

            "Whooey, you do have some of the strangest dreams Ryoko." Kunikida laughed, "Lighten up Ms. Matsudaira!" Kunikida directed at Matsudaira, who had been sitting straight upright with a paranoid frown the whole time.

            "Eheh, eheh, eheh…" Matsudaira laughed nervously, noting in her mind to get cracking on some serious experiments with Ryoko as soon as possible. "By the way, sir, Momiji was asking about you earlier. She said that you never showed up at home, and that she was worried about you." At this, Kunikida and Ryoko both blushed crimson and turned away from each other.

            "I was, uh, out doing field research." Kunikida said, his tone of voice letting Matsudaira know right off the bat that he was lying through his teeth. Smiling evilly, Matsudaira couldn't help by try and see what excuse Ryoko would squeeze out for her.

            "And you Ryoko? You weren't at the office either." Turning multiple shades of red, Matsudaira could tell that Ryoko was trying to quickly squeeze an excuse out of her alcohol-induced aching head.

            "I was sick. After Sugishita, Daitetsu, and I were out drinking on Friday, I came down with food poisoning and was out for a few days." Ryoko said, giggling nervously.

            "Mm-hm…" Matsudaira responded,

            "Anyways, what was everyone doing here anyways? It was Saturday!" Kunikida declared knowingly as he tried to dig himself out of the hole that Matsudaira had dug for him.

            "Well sir, have you forgotten that the government requires us to work on Saturdays?" Matsudaira pointed out,

            "Oh, right, I knew that. Hey wait, it's Sunday, so what are we doing here?" Kunikida asked confusedly,

            "I called you down here, remember sir?" Matsudaira asked, laughter laced in her voice.

            "Oh yeah, I forgot. Damn hangover…" Kunikida cursed, "I'm getting some asprin." He said as he got up from his chair and left the office.

            "Save me some!" Ryoko yelled after him, making (as it appeared to Matsudaira) a great effort to push herself out of her chair without becoming dizzy and falling over, and ran out the door. As soon as the tapping of Ryoko's high heels faded away, Matsudaira let out a sigh of relief and then started laughing at the excuses that her boss and co-worker had made. Kusenagi definitely had to hear about this.


            Koume bounced through the door, a new sense of self-worth and belonging flowing through her veins.

            "I feel GREAT! Aw man, I mean, that was awesome! I wanna go shoot some more." Koume gushed to Yaegashi as he closed the door behind them. Yaegashi just smiled, happily knowing that Koume had gotten rid of some serious pent up anger and was a lot more pleasant to be around.

            "I feel important again! Kunikida can shove his notions of me being his secretary right up his ass, because I'm back and I'm ready to go!" Koume said as she pumped her fist in the air victoriously.

            "I'm glad to see you're in a much better mood." Yaegashi stated as he laughed. Smiling triumphantly at him, Koume picked up her bazooka (which she hadn't let out of her grasp since Kodansha had attacked) and carried it into her closet room, which resembled the arms-storage room from the Men in Black more than it did a closet.

            "That was so great! Did you see how in just dissolved like that? I mean, I was gonna die and it just…DISSOLVED!!! I've never felt such a rush!" Koume exclaimed from the closet. Kicking off his shoes, Yaegashi followed her voice into her bedroom, where her closet was located.

            "I must admit," Yaegashi said with a smile, " I was worried there for a moment, but you really came through." Shutting the closet door, Koume wiped her hands on her pants.

            "Man, I haven't used my guns since last year. God they're dusty!" Koume said as she began to sneeze.

            "Bless you!" Yaegashi laughed as Koume went to her dresser and grabbed a Kleenex to wipe her nose with. Sitting down on her bed, Koume blew her nose for all it was worth, the sound Yaegashi equaled in his mind with that of a race car with an engine problem. Sitting down beside her, Yaegashi patted her on the back.

            "Well good work, we couldn't have done it without you."

            "Damn straight you couldn't." Koume responded as she smiled up at her boyfriend.

            "Koume, I have a question." Yaegashi asked seriously,


            "Well, I was talking with Ms. Matsudaira while we were looking for the Petri dishes, and she said that you and her had talked about something that got you angry."

            "Yeah…?" Koume asked uncertainly,

            "And, well, what was it that made you so angry?" Yaegashi asked, "I mean, if it's private or whatever, that's fine, I guess I'm just a bit curious so I don't end up getting beaten up, should I inadvertently mention the same subject." Grinning evilly, Koume decided to answer his question, to see what kind of response it'd get out of him. Looking him in the eyes, Koume put on the most normal look that she could and said,

            "She asked if you and I had, ya know, done it." At this, Yaegashi turned multiple shades of red.

            "A-a-and you said no, right?" Yaegashi stammered, her answer completely knocking him for a loop (since when did Matsudaira ask such questions). Koume shrugged,

            "I told her it was none of her damn business and walked out." Yaegashi blanched,

            "Great, so you basically gave her the sign that that would be a resounding yes." Koume, not having thought about it that way, suddenly blushed.

            "WELL IT ISN'T!!! GAH!!! I mean, who is SHE to ask something that personal? JEEZ!!!"

            "That's all well and true, but now she thinks you and I are lovers." Koume hmphed and looked away,

            "Well, to be honest it's not like I never thought 'bout it." She said uncertainly, knowing in her mind that it was probably a very stupid thing to say. Yaegashi just stared at Koume as though she were a slimey green alien from Mars that was about to annihilate the world.


            "WELL IT'S TRUE!!!" Koume said as she tried to stand up, Yaegashi grabbing her waist and pulling her back down.

            "I'm sorry, I guess I just…well…never thought I'd hear THAT out of, out of YOU. You'd be the last person I'd ever expect to say anything remotely like that." Yaegashi apologized as he looked into Koume's eyes.

            "Yeah well, whatever. I'm not a complete renegade, I have feelings too ya know!" Koume said, her face turning so red that it was practically purple.

            "To be honest, it's not like I haven't thought about it also." Yaegashi admitted with a smile. Koume smiled back. "I guess I figured if I said anything, you'd take that bazooka of yours right out of the closet and give me the same fate that that Aragami had earlier." Koume looked down for a second, then shook her head with a smile and looked up.

            "You wanna?"

            "NOW?!" Yaegashi asked, his dissipating blush now back in full force.

            "Yeah. Why not?" Koume shrugged, "You got any STD's that I don't know about?

            "Of course not!"

            "So what's the problem then?"

"Are you sure you want to?"

            "What'd I just say ya nerd?" Koume asked as she lightly punched him in the side and stole his glasses.

            "Hey, my glasses!" Yaegashi exclaimed as he reached over to get them back, Koume holding them far away in the opposite direction.

            "Ha, you'll never get past me. I'd kick your ass any day!" Koume said as she fended off her boyfriend.

            "Oh yeah? Just watch me!" Yaegashi declared as he lunged for his poor kidnapped spectacles, inadvertently knocking both Koume and himself onto the bed. Taken aback by the position that they were both in, Yaegashi's face went redder than a tomato.

            "Sorry," he said as he tried to get off of Koume. However, Koume pulled him back down on top of her.

            "Don't be sorry." She whispered as she brought her face up to his and gave him a passionate kiss.

            "You're sure you want to do this?" Yaegashi said as he looked into Koume's eyes.

            "Shut up and make love to me." Koume said as she pulled him down (a bit roughly, poor guy) and began kissing him some more.


            Momiji stared out the window of her living room as she half-daydreamed and half-listened to the phone conversation that Kusenagi was having.

            "She said she got sick with WHAT?! HAHAHAHA…!!!" Kusenagi said into the phone as he rolled on the couch, laughing his head off. Unable to follow his conversation, Momiji sighed and focused on a car coming down the road. Turning into the driveway, Momiji could see Kunikida in the driver's seat.

            "Mr. Kunikida's finally home!" Momiji yelled as she bounced up off of the couch and ran to the door.

            "Aw shit, he's home. I'll call you back in a little bit Matsudaira. Yeah, whatever, bye!" Kusenagi said in a rush as he went to hang up the phone. Momiji, now extremely curious as to what Matsudaira and Kusenagi were talking about, left the door and stood next to him.

            "What did Ms. Matsudaira want with you Kusenagi?" Momiji asked. Deciding not to put Momiji through the horror of knowing what the man she was living with and trusting to put a roof over her head, Kusenagi bent over and gave Momiji a long kiss.

            "Stuff." Kusenagi whispered as he pulled away. Momiji now completely lost in her own little world of romance and bliss, didn't hear his response. "Heh, that shut her up. I'll have to do that more often" Kusenagi thought to himself. Hearing the sound of keys turning the lock to the front door, Kusenagi quickly pulled away from where Momiji was, so as not to give the perverted, hangover-laden old man a reason to turn him into a salad.

            Shaking her head so as to bring her mind back to reality, Momiji saw her adoptive father walk through the door and ran up to him.

            "MR. KUNIKIDA, YOU'RE BACK!!!" Momiji yelled as she gave him a big hug. Grunting, Kunikida lightly pushed Momiji away.

            "Ugh, Momiji, not so loud. My head is killing me. I need to lay down." Kunikida said as he loosened his tie and threw his briefcase onto the floor.

            "Where were you the past two nights?" Momiji said in a motherly tone, stopping Kunikida halfway up the stairs. Laughing nervously, Kunikida turned around and looked at Momiji, who's arms were crossed and who's face had a very expectant look on it.

            "Uh, I was out doing field research."

            "FOR TWO DAYS?!"

            "Ugh, Momiji, remember how I said not so loud?" Kunikida asked as she gripped his forehead in pain.

            "Sorry, but that seems a bit much for field research. How come you never bothered to call? I WAS WORRIED SICK YA KNOW!!!" Unable to take Momiji's badgering anymore, Kunikida waved Momiji off with his hand and made his way up the stairs.

            "Field research my ass." Momiji huffed at the foot of the stairs, "He could've said something at least!"  Kusenagi, who had watched the whole situation from as a nearby tree (and nearby mole hill, as he had laughed so hard that he fell off the branch and onto the ground) entered the house (again) and took Momiji's hand.

            "Oh, I'm sure he had *giggle*, "reasons", *giggle* as to why he didn't tell you anything." Momiji made a weird face at Kusenagi,

            "You know something I don't?" Momiji asked expectantly,

            "*Giggle* no…"

            "He wasn't with Ms. Takeuchi, was he?"

            "*Giggle* well, he was "with" her in a matter of speaking." Kusenagi said, his eyes tearing up from laughing so hard earlier.

            "He was out for a long time ya know. I was worried. What's going on?"

            "You're right, he was out for a "LONG" time."

            "I'm afraid I don't follow you Kusenagi. You keep bouncing around with your story." At this, Kusenagi burst into gales of laughter,

            "Well Momiji, I wasn't the one doing any "BOUNCING", but I think you'll want to ask Kunikida about that."

            "You're loving this, aren't you?
            "Momiji, you might want to ask Kunikida about any "LOVING", ok?" Kusenagi teased, his laughter nearly causing him to fall over in exhaustion.

            "I give up, I'm going to take out the chicken and get it on the stove." Momiji said as she turned around and left. At her last statement, Kusenagi began laughing hysterically, tripping and falling onto the couch.

            "YEAH MOMIJI!!!" Kusenagi called from the living room, "YOU MIGHT WANNA ASK KUNIKIDA ABOUT A CERTAIN "CHICKEN" AND HOW HE "GOT IT ON"!!!" At this revelation, Kusenagi laughed so hard that his sides ached and he couldn't breathe. Momiji, now completely confused as to what Kusenagi meant, decided that he was clinically insane and went back to cook her favorite dish. Shake 'n bake, mmmmmmmmmmm.

The End

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