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There will be a lot of colorful words that are being used and the story may also seem weird! Well it is suppose to be random...

3rd P.O.V: Black Order HQ

"…This is the Black Order? I never thought it would be this…sinister…" a hooded figure said in confusion and disbelief "...That old guy from the town better not lie about Allen being here or else the next time I pass that town, he'll get it for sure..."

Sighing, the hooded person then walked towards the gates of the Black Order.

"X-ray check!" A huge face popped out of the section between the gates and yelled, causing the hooded figure to jump back in surprise.

"Huh?" the figure said as a strange yellow light surrounded him.

The hooded person blocked his eyes from the bright beam of light with his arm on reflex.

"Ak- Aku-" The Gatekeeper stuttered as he paled.

"Aku?" The mysterious figure repeated.

"Akuma! Akumaa! Akumaaaa! There is a Pentacle! This guy is the Millennium Earl's ally!" The Gatekeeper suddenly began yelling frantically, no longer stuttering.

"Hah? What do you mean I'm the Millennium Earl's ally?" The figure asked as the Gatekeeper continued to panic.

'Though the part about being an Akuma is…'

Inside the Black Order

Hearing the Gatekeeper's alarm everyone ran to check the screen projector. What they saw was a hooded person. They couldn't see the face of the person because of the very baggy hood covering it. They did not know whether it was really a human or an Akuma.

"Yes! Now is the perfect time to test out my new combat Komurin!" Komui yelled out in happiness.

"W-wait! Onii-chan!"

Ah…too late Lenalee…he disappeared already.

Sighing and rubbing her temples, Lenalee then turn to her white-haired friend for help, "Allen-kun, can you please go get and help my brother out before he injures himself?"


"Thank you."

Allen then ran out of the room and towards the outside of the HQ.

Outside of HQ

"Muwahaha! My precious Komurin and I will defeat you Akuma!" Komui shouted out to the hooded person while laughing maniacally.

"What th-" The hooded figure got cut off when Komurin shot a laser beam at him. Luckily, he was able to jump away in time and was also able to stay in one piece too.

"Oi! Wh-" The hooded figure got cut off again and had to jump away from another laser beam.

"Muwahahaha! Die Akuma!" Komui continued to fire laser beams while laughing manically.

The hooded figure finally fought back, seeing that the Komurin thingy and the weird beret-wearing guy (no offense) was obviously a threat. Dodging the lasers, the person ran towards Komurin and kicked it into the sky and the contraption exploded in mid-air.

"Noooooo! Komurin!" Komui cried before he felt a chill run up and down his spine.

"Now," The figure started as he began walking towards Komui with a glare "for getting in my way and trying to harm me for no reasonable reason, I shal-"

The figure was yet again cut off when a huge claw loomed over him. He jumped away just right before it swung down and got him.

"Komui-san!" Allen yelled out as he ran up to said scientist.

Activated his eye (Since it strangely wasn't activated earlier...), he looked at the hooded figure to see if he or she was really an Akuma. It's not that he doesn't trust Gatekeeper but it's just that…

Well… he (the gatekeeper) tends to overreact…even if the ones with the pentacle shape are rarely their comrades…like he (Allen) himself and Krory…anyways, back to Allen.

Allen's P.O.V

When I looked at the intruder with my now activated eye, I didn't see a soul wrapped in bandages and weeping, as I expected there to be, but instead, I saw…


'Wha- so the person is really a person and not an Akuma? Then why did Gatekeeper set off the alarm? Unless…' I quietly gasped 'the person is actually a Noah!? Wait, why would a Noah be here now and for what reason?'

Sighing, I then looked back at the hooded person only to see him or her, running towards me. Out of reflex, I swung my Anti-Akuma weapon again, only to have the person smoothly dodge it and back to running towards me again.

I mentally cursed as the hooded person got closer.

3rd P.O.V

Although no one could see the person face because of the hood, the person's eyes were shining and glittering in happiness the instant Allen was seen.

'Allen, Allen, Allen' he/she chanted in his/her head while running towards Allen himself.

Allen activated his Anti-Akuma weapon and swung it at the 'Akuma' that was running towards him. Dodging the attack, the 'Akuma' continued to run towards Allen and let's just say what happened when the 'Akuma' stopped running was…well…a bit unexpected and the person's face were even more unexpected.

Cloaked person P.O.V.

I dodge a clawed arm before it hit me and continued running towards my dear Allen.

"Allen!" I happily yelled out before I leaped forward and glomping the white-haired boy.

Although I felt my hood flew backwards during my 'leap', I didn't care…actually, why should I even care in the first place? Oh well…wait, I remember now; my birth mark…then again, it's not very visible anyways.

3rd P.O.V: Inside the Black Order HQ (Again)

"Why is Kanda hugging Allen?" Asked 65 as he stared at the projector in front of him in confusion.

"Eh? But isn't Kanda in the room with us?" Lenalee said as everyone turned their attention towards the scowling samurai at the back of the room.

"What?" Kanda said feeling a bit annoyed.

Everyone looked at the once hooded guy and then back at Kanda. There was silence until Reever broke it with a question.

"Do you have a twin?"

"What? I don't have a twin." Kanda answered with a scowl.

"Then who's that?" Lenalee asked while looking at the once hooded person again.

"Let me see," Kanda said before he then marched to the screen right next to Lenalee to look at the intruder.

When he saw the intruder, he slightly, and I mean very slightly (he's still in denial), felt angered towards the sight of the Moyashi was being hugged by someone he doesn't know but what probably angered him the most was the fact that the person had the same face as his, same hair color as his, and the same hair style…well not really because the intruder's long hair was down instead of tied into a pony-tail like his own.

Kanda then left the room without a word and went out of HQ to where Allen was.

"Uh…well…I guess we'll just watch whatever happens next from here?" Reever asked.

Everyone else in the room just nodded before turning their attention back to the screen.

Outside of HQ (Again)

"Allen! I missed you! You don't know how many places I have been to just too finally find and get to you!" The hoo- er, now revealed to be teen, said with a smile, still hugging Allen.

"A-Ano, I'm sorry but, who are you? Do I know you?"

"Eh?" The male then stopped his action of hugging and snuggling, pulled away, and looked at the white-haired boy.

The intruder then placed both of his hands on Allen shoulders before shaking him back and forth; gently to not hurt the white-haired boy.

"Do you not remember me?"

"I-I'm s-sorry b-but I n-never seen y-you b-before," Allen manage to stutter out; he was getting dizzy from the shaking.

When the unknown person stopped shaking him, Allen sighed in relief.

The person then lowered his head a bit and hid his eyes behind his bangs. "That's right…of course…you probably lost your memories too when that happened…"

"Pardon?" Allen asked in confusion.

"It's nothing, the important thing is that I…finally…get to…see…you…" the Kanda look-alike then fainted.

"Eh!? What do I do now!?"

"Oi, Moyashi!" Kanda yelled out to Allen.

"Eh? Oh, Kanda." Allen said.

Looking at the intruder's face and back to Kanda's, he realized that they both looked alike.

"Hey Kanda, is he your twin?"

"Hell No." The samurai deadpanned.

"Then wh-"

"Is the intruder really an Akuma?" Kanda interrupted, straight to the point.

"Yes. Well no…I'm not sure…"

"What do you mean by that Moyashi?"

"Well there wasn't a sou- wait hey! My name is Allen, BaKanda!"

"Who cares Moyashi, now answer my damn question."

Allen huffed in anger but answered the grumpy samurai's question anyway.

"I said that there wasn't a soul that proves that the person is an Akuma but the gatekeeper says otherwise. He is also probably a Noah but I don't think that is possible. Oh and he seems to know me but I don't know him."

"I don't understand what you are trying to freaking say, Moyashi."

"Don't call me that! And I have no idea what I am saying either and can you help me, your look-alike fainted and I don't know what to do about him."

"How the hel-"

"Well, we can take the guy to the infirmary to rest and we can ask questions once he wakes up." Komui interjected.

Kanda and Allen nearly forgot he was there…

"What if the intruder really is an Akuma?" Kanda asked; still scowling.

"Well, Allen says he's not so let's do a double-check." Komui walked to the Gatekeeper.

"Gatekeeper, where is the pentacle?" Komui asked the Gatekeeper.

"A-a lot; t-there's a lot beneath the cloak a-and on h-"

"Hn…" the once fainted person stirred and shot up from Allen's grasp.

"Phew, I thought it was all a dream…Ha~ that was the greatest nap I had ever had in years..." the still un-named teen mumbled while yawning.

Surprised, the three exorcist cautiously moved away from the now awaken male.

"Hm?" the once hooded teen said as he just noticed the three exorcist in front of him, staring at him.

"Oh good morning…wait, where am I again? Oh yes the Black Order…"

"What is your name?" Allen asked.

"Ryu." The now named teen simply replied.

"That's it? you don't have a surname?" Komui asked, confused.

"...Yup~ It seems I have forgotten that, heheh~" Ryu cheerily replied.

"How can someone freaking forget their last name!?" Kanda asked in annoyance.

"Well, when I was little, I got into an accident and lost some of my memories and the lives of my many family members. Since then, I became very forgetful. I was only able to get some of my memories back but for some strange messed-up reason, I can't seem to remember my last name…yet" Kanda's look-alike replied.

"Oh…well I'm sorry for your lost…" Allen said emphatically, remembering the death of his foster parent, Mana.

"Oh it's alright, I am also sorry for your lost too." Ryu said with a soft smile.

"Eh?" Allen stared at the teen in front of him with slightly widened eyes.

'How does he know about Mana's death?' The white-haired boy thought in shock.

A few seconds passed in awkward silence until Komui asked a question that got them all tensed once more.

"Are you an Akuma?" the scientist asked.

"Akuma? Do you mean the akuma from the Underworld?"

"Not that akuma, but the Akuma built by the Millennium Earl." Komui corrected the air-headed teen.

"Who's the Millennium Earl?" Ryu asked.

"He's an evil fat-ass who likes to use people who are mourning for the people who already died to call back the dead people souls and turned them into his crappy killing machines called Akuma." Kanda dead-panned.

"Oooh…I get now…so what was the first question again?" Ryu asked, which caused them all to sweat dropped…well besides Kanda because he just felt his vain popped instead.

"Oh never mind…where did you say the pentacle was again, Gatekeeper?" Komui turned his attention back to the gatekeeper.

"U-Underneath t-the cloak, a-and o-"

"My cloak? Oh! By pentacle do you mean this?" The person then grabbed something from beneath his cloak. What he pulled out made the other three guys glare at the gatekeeper.

The thing (or things) that was pulled out was a handful of dark-colored star-shaped candies…

"These taste really good you know! They can also change into whatever food I want to eat so when I get hungry I can change the candies! Isn't it awesome? Though, if other people eat this besides me and certain type of people, they'll die…" Ryu happily said; his last sentence went unnoticed by the exorcist though…

"…Gatekeeper…" Allen, Kanda and Komui started in unison.

"Eek! B-But there's a-another one! And it's not candy!"

"What do you mean?" Allen asked.

"Oh, he probably means this then," Ryu then turns his face to the side and pointed at a spot beneath the side of his right eye.

A small but visible black pentacle was seen.

"So you are an Akuma…" Komui said.

"I don't see how the birthmark that everyone of my deceased family members and I have, make us the Millennium Earl's killing machine thingy…"

"So, if that birthmark of yours is common in your family, you are actually human?" Komui asked.

"Hmm…yes and no; both I guess..."

"What!? That doesn't freaking make any sense!" Kanda yelled.

"I know. I just wanted to make you angry because I don't like you." Ryu said happily with a smile.


"Oh, and I was just joking with you guys earlier about not remembering the first question." Ryu smiled "Don't worry, I'll answer it. I am an akuma. Not the Akuma made by the Earl but the akuma from hell."


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