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Rozukurosu Gakuen: Ayumi's (Allen's) P.O.V

Time Skip – Lunch Time

"Ah…" I sighed as I held my book-bag close to my chest.

I was heading in the right direction towards my 'Onii-chans' classroom… I'm sure I know where I was going! I'm positive!

But…somehow…I had apparently…gotten myself…lost…

It's not funny!

"Hah…I'm lost," I admitted to myself, "I'm completely lost…what do I do now?" I continued to mutter to myself.

I continued to walk through the Second-year department's nearly empty hallways; aimlessly, until I bumped into someone.

"Kya!" I squeaked in surprise as I dropped my book-bag and fell backwards from impact.

Okay, the female clothing is finally getting to me…

Luckily, the person who I had bumped into caught me before I fell and pulled me back up.

"A-Arigatou…" I thanked my savior while blushing in embarrassment as I felt the stares of the students who happen to pass by on the scene.

I then bent down to grab my bag and all the items that had also fell out of my bag. My savior had also bent down to help me.

When everything was finally in my bag, I thanked my savior once more before we both stood back up.

"Haha, it's fine! Don't worry about it! I'm also sorry for bumping into you too."

"N-No, I'm the one who should be sorry; I wasn't even looking where I was going, gomenasai!" I exclaimed before bowing in apology once more.

"It's okay! As I said before, it's fine!"


"Hai! Oh, may I also please have your name miss?"

"Eh? Okay then…"

'That's right…I'm suppose to be a girl…man, this is literally killing my pride right now!' I mentally cried before I stood back up and looked at my savior.

My savior is a guy.

He wore the school's boy uniform but without the blazer, has wavy shoulder-length midnight-black hair (1), and has a pair of mesmerizing scarlet-colored eyes.

I continued to stare into my savior's eyes until he waved his hand in front of my face and brought me back to reality.

"Miss? Are you alright?" He asked.

"Eh? Ah! Gomenasai! I was just spacing out!"

"Haha, it's alright! You were staring at my eyes right? They're a strange color aren't they?"

"No they're not! They're very beautiful! A-Ah, I-I m-mean…" I started to blush once more.

"Haha; thank you! You are the first person to ever say that to me about my eyes; thank you. Oh and your name miss?"

"O-oh yes, about my name…my name is Ayumi; Sanada Ayumi."

"Are you one of the new students that everyone has talked about?"


'People were gossiping about me, BaKanda, and Ryu-kun?' I thought to myself.

"Really? Then…welcome to Rozukurosu Gakuen Ayumi-chan! My name is Hiiro; Akase Hiiro. I'm a Second-year here at this school; I'm guessing that you are a First-year here?"


"I guess I'm also your sempai then right?" Hiiro-sempai said as he chuckled a bit.

"H-Hai; you are correct. C-Can I call you Hiiro-sempai then?"

"Hai! If you are in trouble or need anything, you can always come to me, okay?"

"Arigatou Hiiro-sempai."

"Haha, no problem! By the way, not to sound rude or anything but, what is a First-year like you doing in the Second-year department?"

"Ah…I was looking for my Onii-chans' classroom but I kinda got lost…"

"Really? Then I can help. What class are your brothers in?"

"Hmm…if I remember correctly; I think it was class 2-A…"

"Oh! I know exactly where it is! You brothers' class is right next to mine! I'm in class 2-B"

"Oh…t-then can you please lead me there? I have no idea where it is and I'll probably get lost trying to find it again…"

"Sure! Let's go Ayumi-chan!" Hiiro-sempai said before grabbing my wrist and dragging me to BaKa- I mean, my Onii-chans' classroom.

"A-Arigatou" I managed to say while blushing.

'Hah…I act so much like a girl with all the stuttering and blushing…' I mentally sighed and admitted to myself while I was still being dragged through the small crowd of students by my sempai.

'Hmm…for some reason…Hiiro-kun looks very familiar…have I met him somewhere before?' I thought to myself before my head started to hurt; just like the time when I met Kaoru-kun… Luckily, the pain had subsided as soon as it came though.

Class 2-A: 3rd P.O.V


"Ayumi-chan's brothers! Are you here!?" Hiiro shouted out loud as soon as he slammed the door open.

Nearly everyone became quiet and stared at the scarlet-eyed teen in surprise.

"What the h- Oh, it's just Hiiro." A boy said when he turned around and saw the mentioned teen.

"What is he doing here for?" A girl with too much make-up spat out silently to her friend, who also had too much make-up on her face.

"Wait a minute, is that the new cute girl that Hiiro is holding hands with!?" Another boy shouted out in shock. The teen's outburst brought nearly everyone's attention to Ayumi.

"Wha- No way!"


"How come he gets to hold her hand!?"

"I want to hold her hand too…"

The entire class said at the same; some were glaring at Hiiro in jealousy but the scarlet-eyed teen was either oblivious to them or ignoring them.

Ayumi began to blush and fidget from all the stares she received from her sempai's.

'Kawaii~' Everyone in the classroom thought.

"Kawaii~ My sweet little 'Imouto' is as cute as ever~" Ry- I mean, 'Natsume' said in his usual cheery voice as he glomp his younger 'sister'.

Ayumi's blush deepened.

"Ry- Natsu-nii-chan! Everyone is watching!"

"Eh? But actions like this should be fine you are my younger sister and my fi-"

"Ah! Natsume! I need to talk to you for a sec!" Kaoru interrupted before dragging the surprised twin out of the classroom.

"Che; fucking idiot…" Kand- 'Kaname' muttered as he walked over to his 'sister'.

"Ah, BaKa- Kana-nii-chan…" Ayumi said once she noticed her elder 'brother' walking towards her.

If one were to look very and extremely closely, you could see the light tint of pink tainting Kaname cheeks when he heard the nickname given to him by his 'sister'.

"What are you doing here for? …Moyashi…" Kaname couldn't help but add the 'Moyashi' part.

A tick mark appeared on Ayumi's head as she was visibly twitching and trying her best to not lash out at her, 'brother'.

Just then, the classroom's door opened and Kaoru and Natsume came back in. Natsume went directly to Ayumi.

"As the teme had asked earlier," Natsume started as Kaname glared at him, "was there something that you need?"

"Oh yeah; I came here to ask if you, Kana-nii-chan, and Kaoru-kun wanted to have lunch with me. I got lost when I came here but luckily, I bumped into Hiiro-sempai and he brought me here."

At the mention of the unfamiliar name, Kaname and Natsume both narrowed their eyes a bit.

"Who is this 'Hiiro-sempai', Moyashi?" Kaname asked his sister with a slightly low tone.

Ayumi's eyes twitched a bit before she answered her brother.

"Hiiro-sempai is the one righ- eh? He's not here anymore…" The dark-blue haired girl said once she turned to her side and found that the scarlet-eyed teen she was talking about wasn't by her side anymore.

'I wonder where Hiiro-sempai went…and when did he leave? I didn't hear him move at all…'

Hiiro's P.O.V

I smirked to myself as I continued to walk through the crowd of filthy humans until I was finally outside of the stuffy building.

"I have found you…And my do you look as beautiful as ever! I would most certainly suit you better than that disgusting demon of that Yami clan…" I said to myself as the image of the person of my affection came into mind.

My smirk grew even bigger as I thought up of the many ways I can have her.

Heheh! I found you! I found you! I have found you, my beautiful Hime-sama~

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