Fairy Tail


When Dudley throws a book at his cousin's head, no one could have known the revolution it would spark in the years to come. "I want to start my own Guild! My own family!"

No pairing.


Chapter One

There were inescapable truths in this world.

At eight years of age, Harry had come to understand that simple reality.

The sun would always rise in the East, Uncle Vernon would always have four rashers of bacon for his breakfast, water was wet, Aunt Marge would always hate him, and Dudley would always be an ungrateful little brat. So when his cousin threw one of his birthday presents, a rather small and pretty looking book, at the back of Harry's head, complaining vociferously that it was too hard to understand, it was backwards, there was too much reading, and the characters were freaks and goody-two-shoes, Harry didn't take it personally and just removed the offending book from his cousin's sight and went back to his chores.

It was only later that evening when he was bedding down for the night in his cupboard that he found the book again, where he had hastily thrown it into his cupboard to stop his cousin from throwing it at him again, or screeching that he'd stolen it to get him in trouble with his parents. Curious, Harry had settled down in his cupboard, the light still on, and started to read.

The first page read "STOP – YOU'RE READING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!" it then went on to explain that in English, writing was from left to write and then down. In Japanese, it was from right to left and then down. Harry hummed, a little bewildered, but flipped to the back of the book anyway and opened it up.

He stumbled a little on the names, his eyes widening as he read the word his Aunt and Uncle had forbidden. He was surprised they'd let Dudley keep this if it had THAT word in it. He wasn't even allowed any computer games that had the m-word in them. And Aunt Petunia had never read any bed-time stories that had the m-word in it. Glancing warily at his cupboard door, Harry adjusted his blankets to hide the book from first glance, just in case Uncle Vernon or Aunt Petunia suddenly yanked the door open.

He smiled as he read about Natsu getting train sick and silently marvelled over his talking cat, Happy. Happy must have been very smart, smarter than Mrs Figg's cats who were all really, really smart. Smarter than cats should have normally been, but Harry didn't bring that up, if he did, Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia would have someone else take care of him, someone nasty. So he didn't mention that Mrs Figg's cats weren't normal. Instead, Harry kept reading. Practically devouring the pages with fascination, Lucy meeting the Salamander, and then Natsu.

"Must be nice," he whispered, fingers tracing the page where Lucy explained about the Guilds to Natsu. "An association of mages, and it will mediate jobs and other information to mages. Mages won't be considered full-fledged until they work for a guild. There are many Guilds all over the world, and it's pretty hard to get into the Guilds that are popular. Many great mages will gather at the one I want to get into..." he whispered, reading from the page. "I bet no one calls them freaks, or takes away their food, or hits them," he murmured softly, imagining Uncle Vernon trying to cuff Natsu around the back of the head and getting electrocuted or something. Maybe set on fire. Or turned into a newt.

He giggled a little.

"Boy! What are you still doing awake?" Uncle Vernon's voice snarled through the wood of his cupboard door. Harry squeaked and found himself hastily hiding the book behind his back and sliding it under his pillow so that if Uncle Vernon dragged him out he wouldn't accidentally find it. "Stop wasting our hard-earned electricity, you ungrateful freak!" the man snarled, hammering on the door.

"Y-yes, Uncle Vernon, I'm sorry!" Harry squeaked, quickly reaching up and turning the light off.

Thankfully, Uncle Vernon seemed to be more tired than angry, and let Harry away with just that. Huffing and heaving himself away and up the stairs to bed. Harry swallowed and stayed silent and still in his cupboard. When the noises from upstairs stopped, he hesitantly reached up to the light-switch again before thinking better of it.

"I'll finish it tomorrow at school in the library," he muttered. There was no chance of Dudley following him in there and finding that he'd taken the book. Shuffling around a little, he wrapped a piece of paper over the book's cover and then stowed it away in his book-bag along with his completed homework and his pencils. He then snuggled down to sleep.


"Oh leave them be. If we didn't have idiots like that, this world wouldn't be fun."

Harry grinned, his toes wriggling in his plimsolls as he finished reading the first chapter of the book in the library, curled up at the back between the bookshelves, the office, and the radiator. Because he'd been caught with the light on, Aunt Petunia had refused to give him lunch today, so he decided to spend the whole lunch-break in the library instead. Getting punched in the stomach by Dudley when he hadn't eaten hurt a lot. Plus, he wanted to finish reading his book.

It was technically the summer holidays, but Saint Georges' offered a summer programme for struggling students and while Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon normally would never allow anyone to get the impression Dudley was struggling in school, the teachers had worded their arguments very carefully and in such a manner they could not argue with. Not to mention it offered specialist workshops that Dudley had stamped his foot and screamed, and whined, and thrown the mother of all tantrums in order to attend. So he was signed up for the summer-programme, and as Harry's results were poorer than his, he was signed up as well – but with none of the workshops, he was expected to work on his school subjects and nothing else. The thing was, the teachers left him alone, for the most part. Mrs Hedge explained when he asked why by pointing out that they weren't blind. They all thought he was some kind of genius who was bored to tears with the current lessons and could only be bothered to do the bare minimum. But since he wasn't being destructive with that boredum, they left him to his own devices because they simply could not cater to an advanced student who refused to show just how advanced they were. They pretty much all assumed he was using Dudley as a measuring stick for the average child and refusing to do better than him because of it. Which, they weren't wrong, but he was no genius. If he was, he wouldn't still be with the Dursleys, he wouldn't be hungry all the time, he wouldn't be scared of his own cousin.

He wished he could be like Natsu, and be able to beat up anyone who messed with him. Or brave like Lucy who even though she was scared still went back to help those people on the ship. Even Happy was pretty cool, and he was very jealous of his ability to fly. Greedily, he kept reading, the next chapter was happening inside Fairy Tail! There was bound to be more mages and awesome abilities and magics.

He ignored the assessing gaze of the Librarian as she went about putting away several of the story books on the shelves beside him.

"Forget about the Council Members. Listen up. The power to overcome reasoning is born from reasoning. Magic is not a miracle. When the 'spirit' flow within us and the 'spirit' flow in nature connects, they will form an embodiment for the first time. You will need a strong mentality and a lot of concentration for that. I mean, pouring all of your soul into whatever you do is the magic. If you keep worrying about the watchful eyes of the higher-ups, your magic won't improve. Do not fear the fools of the Council.


"Harry, lunch-break is ending, it's time to head back to class," the Librarian called. As he was the only one in the room there was no one else to tell so the young boy hastily stowed his comic book away and got to his feet, rushing out of the library. The Librarian watched him go and opened up a new order form on the school computers, getting back to work.


After school, he had to fulfil his chore list at home, but it was difficult when his brain kept travelling back to his bookbag in his cupboard, wanting dearly to do back to his comic book.

What Master Makarov had told him was... it stuck in his head. More than Harry thought it should have.

He remembered moments in the past when he had panicked, been scared, or been angry, and unusual things had happened. Like turning Mrs Hardwood's wig blue. He felt bad afterwards, she only had the wig because of her chemotherapy, but just because she was achy and tired wasn't a good reason to be so mean to him, especially about his mum. Then there was when Dudley was trying to beat him up and he ended up on the roof because he was scared. And then when he got angry at Mr Morgan the PE teacher for giving him detention for rough-housing with Dudley even though it was plain to everyone watching that Dudley was choking him and the only reason Harry was hitting him was to try and get him off. All the lights in the Assembly Hall exploded and the TV in the corner did as well. Dudley started screaming about how Harry was responsible only to get a very stern dressing down from Mr Morgan about lying and being stupid. Given how it had been storming outside, everyone just assumed that the School's Surge Breaker didn't work and lightning caused an overload in the hall where the lightning rod was.

Harry hadn't been punished for that, mainly because Dudley had grudgingly accepted the lightning bolt excuse. It was cooler to tell his parents that the lightning storm outside made the hall explode than to say his cousin got angry and made it happen. And he didn't want to look stupid after Mr Morgan had humiliated him in front of the whole class.

Harry wasn't stupid. He knew that he was responsible for those things, even for when that horridly ugly jumper of Dudley's shrank while Aunt Petunia was trying to force it over his head. He also knew she thought it was pretty hideous too, hence why she hadn't punished him for shrinking it (It had been one of Aunt Marge's Christmas presents to her Neffy-poo). But still...

It was pretty obvious that he could do magic. Not the same magic as they did in Fairy Tail. But magic all the same.

And his Aunt and Uncle hated it.

Hated it and by extension him. So... why were Master Makarov's words still swimming in his head?

Was he worrying too much about Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon to work on improving his magic? Well to be honest, he had never given thought to his freakishness being anything other than being a freak until he read the book. But suddenly, now that magic was on the table, it wasn't freakish. It was special. It was a gift.

And he couldn't be the only person in the world to have that power.

There must be more people with magic.

Maybe... maybe even a Guild like Fairy Tail?

He shivered a little in anxiousness as he sped through washing the chicken for dinner that evening.


That night he finished reading the book. He sighed as he stowed the precious little book in one of his shoe boxes, shifting some homework sheets on top of it for extra safety. He wanted the next book. Lucy and Natsu had just gone off on another job together to deal with Duke Everlue who was a pervert and liked blonde maids. Lucy even had a new friends, Plue, the Celestial Spirit of Canis Minor Nicolas. He wondered if the Celestial Keys were real, he would have liked to be able to summon a friend to play with.

Harry sighed as he rolled over in his bed, reaching up to extinguish the light.

As jealous as he was, magic though he may have had, this was the real world. Things like that just didn't happen. And while it was nice to believe... tomorrow he would still be shouted at, have his ear clipped, be forced to make food he was never allowed to eat, and dodge his cousin in the playground.

He didn't know how to use his magic. And without someone to teach him... It didn't look like he ever would.


Over the next week he read the first Fairy Tail book another three times. He nearly got caught by Dudley once, but after that he took care to only read it in his cupboard after Dudley had gone to sleep. He even foraged for a little flash-light and some batteries so he could read without having his light on – thus letting Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia know he was still awake past his bedtime, and get told off for wasting electricity.

It was on Monday when he came into the Library, sans lunch after Dudley stole from the pantry and blamed him on Sunday, that Miss Jane the Librarian whom he had become rather friendly with over the week he had been hiding in there approached him.

"Morning Harry," she greeted with a smile.

"Hi, Miss Jane," he greeted as he put his book-bag away on the shelves and took out his notebook and his pencils. He had taken to trying to copy the drawings in Fairy Tail, he'd done a few drawings, he wasn't very proud of them because they weren't very good. But there was one of Natsu that he really liked. And Master Makarov that looked pretty good.

Miss Jane grinned at him, "I've got a little surprise for you, Harry." He looked up at her suspiciously.

Only for his eyes to widen as she produced a book from behind her back.

'Fairy Tail volume 2'

"Ha-bu-really?!" he squeaked in shock and excitement as she held it out to him, his hands shaking a little as he reached up hesitantly to take it, half expecting her to snatch it back and laugh at him.

"Heehee, I really like Fairy Tail too," she explained as she crouched down in front of him and held it out a little more insistently until he took it from her. "I've got the whole series and I like to read it on the internet too. When I saw you with the first book last week, I was a little surprised. It's not exactly for kids, y'know. But you seemed to really love it. So here. I planned on selling it at the next Expo but at least I know you'll appreciate it for what its worth," she explained as he lovingly caressed the cover. "I'll bring the others with me tomorrow."

"Th-Thank you, Miss Jane," Harry stuttered out before quickly rushing off to his corner and cracking the book open.

Jane giggled, just knowing how much he loved the gift was gratitude enough.


For his ninth birthday Harry got two more of the Fairy Tail books, a special Fairy Tail notebook, the Guild symbol on a necklace and one of the Celestial Keys. The key for Leo, the lion, who was his star-sign as he was born in July. Harry had broken down crying in the library when Miss Jane gave them to him and she spent most of the break trying to console him until she realised his tears were happy – because no one had given him any presents before.

She'd written a note to his teacher and sent it along, telling him that he didn't have to return to class for the afternoon if he would rather stay in her office and read. He had nodded because he didn't want to go back. Instead, he put his necklace on, he tucked Leo's key into his pocket, and settled down with his books. He knew that he was behind, very behind. The books usually came out once every two months so he had a lot of catching up to do. Volume sixteen was due to come out in August and he wanted to buy it with his own money, but first he had to catch up and then get some jobs around the neighbourhood done.

He grinned and gripped his Leo key, he could pretend he was doing Guild jobs, he decided with a snicker.


He thought about handing out fliers, Miss Jane even said she would help and print them out, but he ran into another snag then because how could people contact him to say they wanted him to do a job? He couldn't tell them to call the Dursleys because then they would find out and take all the money he earned, or make him give it to Dudley. They were assholes like that.

So he went from door to door. Every day. Asking if they had any chores they needed doing for pocket money.

Mrs Figg had him do her gardening, as with her hips and back it was too painful for her to bend down and do it all. He got friendly with her cats while he did so and she was even happy enough to pay him £20 for the first weekend of work where he had done the most. She told him that the pay for regular upkeep would be less, because he would be doing less if he made it a regular occurrence. Which was no problem to him.

Seeing the state of the batty old woman's garden after he was done with it had several of her neighbours offering him some yard work which he happily accepted.

Mrs Baker asked him to walk her dogs while her son was unwell, a pair of cheerful chocolate labradors who took unholy glee in running through every source of water they could find at the various green-strips Harry took them to. He'd always wash them in Mrs Baker's backgarden with the hose, and towel them off before letting them back into the house, something that usually got him an extra handful of pound coins.

Mr Gibbs got him to wash his car. Harry had never done anything like it before so asked him to supervise to make sure he didn't damage it. Mr Gibbs was mightily impressed with that kind of responsibility and happily set himself up in the front garden while Harry got to work, deck-chair, book, radio, drinks. The two of them got talking and it was actually very enjoyable as Harry worked, the two of them chatting back and forth, falling quiet when their favourite songs came onto the radio.

All in all, by the time the latest issue of Fairy Tail came out, Harry could have bought it five times over. Instead, he bought two, and made the second one a present to Miss Jane as he didn't know when her birthday was. Harry grinned at the hug she gave him as a thank you and settled himself in his corner to read Volume 12, positively beaming when he saw her immediately set aside her paperwork and start reading it. He hadn't yet caught up, but he had all the books now, hidden away in his cupboard under the floorboards and in shoe boxes and under his mattress.

He couldn't help but love Erza. She was probably his favourite character. She had great powers, but it was her personality that drew him, how even after everything she stayed strong and hopeful, determined to protect her friends. He knew it was silly. But he kind of pictured her as what his mum had been like when she was alive. He knew Lily Potter had red hair, and he knew she was pretty, and he also knew she was a freak like him. But if she was someone his Aunt hated so much, then she must have been an amazing woman. Kind, courageous, beautiful. And she must have had magic too. It didn't hurt that he identified easiest with her. Her childhood of slavery and abuse at the hands of the Zeref cult, while a lot worse than his years at Privet Drive, proved that he wasn't doomed to forever remain the little boy hidden away in the cupboard nursing his bruises and his aching belly. He cried like a faucet at her funeral scene, and then cried some more in sheer happiness when Natsu pulled her out of the eatherion. It was stupid, he knew, but... when he put himself in Natsu's position, in Erza's position, the tears... they just wouldn't stop. His throat felt like there was something thick and hard clogging it, and his eyes burned hard. He decided then and there that even though Erza was a girl, she was going to be his role-model. Because he couldn't think of anyone he looked up to more than her, even if she wasn't real.

But he didn't have any swords or armour to use, and there was no way he could find any. He tried to concentrate on doing similar things to Erza's Requip magic, he got hold of one of Aunt Petunia's kitchen knives and put it in a shoebox in his cupboard, he then concentrated on trying to make it appear in his hand.

It took over a month of solid work, headaches, muscle cramps, and a strange almost bone-deep exhaustion if he tried for too long, but one day, he closed his eyes and pictured the knife he wanted, pictured it in the box, and then in his hand. He pictured it appearing. Everything from the burst of smoke, the sheen of the blade, that tiny speck of rust on the blade next to the handle, the small chip in the blade where Dudley got hold of it and smashed it into the table in destructive curiosity, the plastic of the handle, the comfort of the rubber grips in his hand, even the chill of it as it warmed in his hand from his body heat. He focused on all of these things repeatedly until – with a pop, it appeared in his hand.

It felt like a soap-bubble popping in his head and as his hand closed on the handle of the knife, he realised he was dripping with sweat, panting out of breath, and sore as if he'd been sat in the cold outside for too long. But... he stared at the knife in his hand, accomplishment and pride surging up inside of him. He'd done it. And just to be certain, he checked the shoebox. No knife. He'd made it appear in his hand with his own magic.

It wasn't quite Requip, as it was supposed to store and remove things from a pocket dimension so it didn't matter where you were you didn't have to carry anything with you, you could just command the magic and it would appear and disappear from and to that pocket dimension. Miss Jane laughed as she explained that a lot of Fairy Tail fans mistakenly believed that Erza carried all of her armours with her in her ridiculously huge baggage pile, but it was confirmed by the writer that those bags were in fact full of food and camping gear.

Harry quickly put Aunt Petunia's kitchen knife back in the kitchen before she could notice it was missing and then started to practice with a set of Uncle Vernon's hand-me-down socks. He tried to make them vanish into a pocket dimension and then reappear on his feet. Getting them into the pocket dimension took another month of focused practice and thought and meditation, but he found that he could concentrate for longer on doing it before he got a headache. He managed to make the socks vanish from his feet one morning before school and very nearly fainted. Aunt Petunia took one look at his ashen sweaty face when he got up to make breakfast that morning and sent him back to his cupboard after forcing a cup of tea down his neck, she declared she wasn't willing to risk him infecting her precious Diddy-dumplings with whatever illness he had by forcing him to make breakfast. She then wrote a note up for the school excusing him for the day.

Harry spent the day in the cupboard just sleeping, though he woke up feeling much better by Lunch. And a cunning plan took root in his head. He practised getting the socks to reappear on his feet for the rest of the evening and even long into the night. He slept briefly and then woke up again early to do the same. He must have looked ghastly when he came out of the cupboard because Aunt Petunia actually forced some medicine on him along with another cup of tea, this time actually sweetened with honey, and put him back in the cupboard and ushered Dudley off with another note.

Harry got the socks to appear that evening and had to stifle his gleeful laughter with his hands as he wriggled his toes in the hideous mustard colour garments. He imagined them gone and about an hour later, they vanished. He imagined them reappearing and half an hour later they were back. He'd done it. He'd managed to learn the Requip magic! Now all he had to do was practise until he could do it as well as Erza!

He'd never have to worry about Uncle Vernon or Aunt Petunia taking his Fairy Tail books off him!

He didn't care if he exhausted himself that night, he managed to get all of his precious books into the pocket dimension and managed to shorten his recall time to a few seconds.

He didn't wake up the next morning when Aunt Petunia hammered on his cupboard door. He slept right through until lunchtime and woke up feeling terrible but elated beyond comparison. His good mood was so much, that even Aunt Petunia noticed and demanded to know what he found so nice, so he lied. He said that he was glad she didn't hate him enough to not care when he got sick. Aunt Petunia looked like he had just slapped her and went chalk white. She forced a cheese sandwich into his clammy hands and told him to get back into his cupboard.

He went without complaint and settled down on his pile of clothes and bedding to eat it, summoning Volume 14 to hand as he chewed on his food. It was a good day he decided, positively beaming as he read through the Fighting Festival Arc where Laxus had his nakama square off against one another. He was a massive asshole, Harry decided, but his powers were pretty cool. And given how he could already mess with electricity, his powers would probably be the easiest for him to master – not to mention as a Dragon Slayer if he ate electricity he could recover. He just needed to chew on a few of the electrical cables around the house. Harry need never go hungry again! All he had to do was chew on a few cables, and even if the Dursleys noticed the damage, he could just blame it on mice, or rats.

Plus, the scar on his forehead was a lightning bolt. That had to count for something. Fate, maybe?


And that concludes Chapter one. XDDD I'd been scouring the HPFT section looking for stories but... Nothing really caught me eye. It was all, FT!person goes to Hogwarts, or Super!Harry joins FT. There was only one story where the books were just books, and that was a Fairy Tail world. And I'm always a sucker for Harry finding manga and learning the abilities in them – you see it a lot in the NarutoHP section. The fact there weren't any in the HPFT section was weird. And then the bunny was born.

Currently, it is August 2009 in the story (I upped Harry's birthday up by a full 20 years so it's more in keeping with popculture and current events). Fairy Tail has just released Volume 16 which has the end of the Laxus arc, and the start of the Oracion Seis arc where Wendy is introduced. Harry's currently reading volume 14-15.

I chose his magic by rolling a D20 thirty times and choosing the one that got the highest rate as his primary. That ended up being the Lightning Dragon Slayer – though Sky Dragon Slayer came very close, as did Makarov's Titan magic.

Erza's Requip I felt would appeal to him most but due to lack of weapons and armour not be his primary when he first started out. It would be an essential skill to keep foods, books, and those other things he wasn't allowed though. Don't worry, he'll definitely become more proficient with it in future, but for now, aside from storing and removing things, he'll be focusing on Lightning DS Magic.

Review guys, I want to hear opinions! Those of you on my facebook know what the future holds (to a degree), but I still like to hear everyone else's thoughts. XDDD