Harry Potter: King of the Amazons

Chapter One


"Stay in there Freak if you know what's good for you." Vernon Dursley growled as he threw his seven year old nephew, Harry, into a wooden crate that he found near the cargo bay on the cruise ship they were on as it sailed through the Mediterranean. His Uncle had brought him along on the cruise because he kept saying that there would be opportunities to get rid of him and it looks like he was right.

Suddenly he felt the box lifted up and shoved over the railing into the water. He cried out in pain as he banged into the sides of the crate but the walls held firm as he slowly drifted away from the cruise ship. It took three days of drifting until he washed ashore in his crate and the moment he realized that there was solid ground beneath the crate he began banging on the walls to draw attention.


Hylla had only recently been allowed to start her full amazon training and was on her first patrol, she was only sixteen and had long blonde hair as well and forest leaf green eyes. She and, the other trainee amazon Reyna, who had long black hair and light blue eyes, and the full amazon Otrera, who had long brown hair and soft brown eyes were with her on the patrol. All three of them were wearing the usual Amazon attire of leopard skin clothes that were rather sparse to save hide. As they walked along the beach she noticed a large crate washed up on shore and said, "Otrera there's a crate over there. It might have something useful.".

"Good eyes Hylla." Otrera said nodding, "You and Reyna go and open it.".

Nodding the two girls ran towards the crate but when they got near it they heard a banging noise, "Hey Reyna I think there's something alive in there!" she exclaimed getting near it.

"You're right!" Reyna said surprised, "Do you think it's an animal?".

"Let's find out." she grinned and used her spear to pry off the crate's lid. Looking inside she yelled out in shock, "It's a kid!".

"WHAT?!" Otrera asked shocked.

"It's a little boy." Reyna said once Otrera got over.

"You might want to do something because he's panicking." she said to her fellow amazons as she noticed the small child going into a panic attack.

"He's just a male." Reyna shrugged getting over her earlier shock, "What do you expect? They're all weak.".

"We still need to take him back to the village so we can place him with the other male infants to be given to the next traveler." Otrera said.

"Can't we just kill him?" Reyna whined.

"No Reyna." Otrera scolded, "We are superior to males yes but we don't kill them unless in war. Hylla why don't you get him out of there?" Otrera asked huffing.

Reaching in she picked up the little boy as she seemed to be the only one he wasn't scared of. "Where do you think he came from?" she asked as they began the walk back to the village now that their patrol was over.

"Probably snooping around in places he shouldn't have and got dropped off of a boat." Reyna snorted glaring at the child.

"Reyna I am getting tired of your attitude." Otrera snapped, "We are better than men but we still need them to keep up our numbers.".

Reyna simply huffed in annoyance as they continued on through the island's forest. After an hour of walking they stopped as they heard a rustling in the grasses to their right. "Python." Otrera whispered fearfully, "Stand ready girls, the Great Serpent is about to attack.".

Nervously she set down the little boy and prepared her spear, waiting for the beast that plagued their island to attack.


Looking around he was trying to figure out why the nice girl had put him down when he heard the bushes rustling around him. Before he could try to figure out what it was a giant snake shot out and started wrapping around the three women and kept their spears, he knew what they were because Dudley kept asking for one to use on him, pinned to their sides. Running up to the snake he yelled "Leave them alone!" which made the snake stop squeezing and look at him curiously.

"You are speaker?" the big snake hissed in surprise, scaring him because he didn't know it could talk.

"What do you mean speaker?" he asked confused.

"You speak the language of snakes." the big snake said, "I never thought I would get to meet a speaker.".

"Can you put them down please?" he asked gesturing to the women who were looking at him in shock, "I don't want you to hut them.".

"Of course speaker." the snake said immediately letting the three women go and doing something like a bow in front of him, "I, Pythos, am at your command.".

"Well Pythos my name is Harry." he said simply "How come you attacked us anyway?".

"These Amazons are trespassing in my land." Pythos hissed in anger nodding his head at the women or 'Amazons' as he called them.

Turning to the three cowering women he said "Pythos says that you're trespassing on his land." which caused them to look at him in shock.

"You understand that thing?" one of the women, he thought he heard the others call her Reyna, said in a mixture of fear and disgust.

"Pythos is not a thing he is a snake." he snapped at her.

"Can you tell…Pythos," the older lady who looked like the others leader said hesitantly, "that we are merely trying to get to our home that way." she pointed off.

Nodding he relayed the message, "They keep attacking me though!" Pythos grumbled after he explained why they were there.

"He says he attacks you because you always attack him." he told the leader lady.

"Can you ask Pythos to come with us to our village so we can negotiate with our Queen?" the Leader Lady asked.

Nodding he again relayed the message, "Very well then. You speaker I wish to walk by me.".

"He says he will come but he wants to stay by me." he said smiling as the nice girl grinned at him.

"Otrera do you think he could be…" the nice girl began before the mean girl Reyna cut her off.

"Of course not you idiot!" Reyna yelled, "He's a useless male.".

Hearing the yelling made him shrink back thinking about when his Uncle would berate and slap him. His fear did not go unnoticed by Pythos however as he hissed menacingly at Reyna, "Be silent human!" Pythos said "Or I will change my mind about eating you.".

"What did Pythos say Harry?" the nice girl asked while Reyna trembled.

"He says that if she doesn't stop talking he will change his mind about eating her." he said and he heard Reyna gulp.

"Let's just go back to the Village." the leader, Otrera, said calmly.

It took another hour to reach the village and when they entered every woman in there, for there were nothing but women, turned to look at them in awe and fear. At the back of the village was a building larger than the rest where a beautiful woman with flowing blonde hair and light green eyes who wore what looked like a "bikini" that his Uncle always had pictures of women wearing that was made of leopard skin. "Otrera has the prophecy been fulfilled?", the beautiful woman asked in awe as she looked at Pythos, "Did you or one of the new girls tame the great serpent?".

"No my Queen," Otrera said, "it was this young boy we found in a crate on the beach. He is able to speak with and understand the Great Serpent. He says that the Serpent's name is 'Pythos' and the boy is here to translate as Pythos is willing to negotiate a peace between us and him.".

"Reyna, Hylla is this true?" the woman Otrera called Queen asked.

"It is my queen." Hylla replied as Reyna just looked fearfully at Pythos.

"Reyna why do you no answer me?" the Queen demanded.

"Pythos said he would eat her if she kept talking after she insulted the boy." Otrera said smirking slightly.

Shaking her head the Queen turned to him, "They said they found you in a crate. What were you doing there? Where are you parents?".

"My parents are dead." he said quietly, "I was given to my Aunt and Uncle who didn't want me and my Uncle threw me in the crate before he pushed it off of the ship to get rid of me.".

"I am sorry child." the Queen said sadly, "Now how are you controlling Pythos.".

"He said that because I was a 'Speaker' he would listen to my orders." he said shrugging, "He also said he attacks you because you enter his land and attack him first.".

"What is your name young 'speaker'?" the Queen asked him.

"Harry Potter mam." he said trying to be respectful.

"Well Harry Potter do you know what a prophecy is?" the Queen asked. When he shook his head no she said "A prophecy is a message, often a riddle, that tells part of the future. For almost the entire time that our people have lived here we have had a Prophecy that says that only the greatest of warriors, one destined to be our leader could ever tame the Mighty Python. You have tamed Pythos and as such, according to our Prophecy, you are destined to be our King, something that the Amazon Nation has never had.". Turning to Otrera, Hylla, and Reyna she said "Go and bring me the Oracle. I need to have a discussion with her and our soon to be king.".

"Yes my Queen." the three said, albeit reluctantly on Reyna's part.

After a few minutes a beautiful woman with pure white hair and icy blue eyes walked into the hut wearing much the same as the other women he had met. "Propheta." the Queen said getting off of her throne and hugging the new woman, "the Prophecy has come true.".

"I know Bellona." the white haired woman, Propheta, said.

"I need to saw what the ancient scrolls say about if a male is the ruler of the Prophecy." the Queen, Bellona, asked.

"The scrolls state that he shall marry the current queen for starters." Propheta said unfurling a scroll she had brought with her, "And that he shall also have other Amazons that he finds worthy or that win the honor as brides along with the Queen and any slaves he might win or capture.".

"That is what I expected." Bellona admitted, "But he is only seven at most? What do we do about that?".

"There is an ancient ritual that will fully develop his body in that he will be able to reproduce, he will begin growing his beard, and his voice will change. He will not grow physically due to the ritual but he will be practically an adult in a small body that will grow as he ages." Propheta said pulling out a bag, "I have the necessary items here.".

"How long will it take to do the ritual?" Bellona asked.

"All I need to do is mix the potion and he has to drink it inside a special circle." Propheta said, "It will take a few minutes to mix the potion." Propheta said.

"Please do so then." Queen Bellona said waving to a large cauldron in the corner of the hut and Propheta quickly started mixing up the 'potion' as she had called it.

"Harry did you understand what we were talking about just now?" Bellona asked kneeling down next to him.

"You said that I am going to become your king, that I have to marry you and several other women, and that she is going to be doing something so that I can have kids and other adult things but I still won't get bigger." he said calmly.

"Yes, that's right." she said surprised.

"I was always punished by my Uncle so I read whenever I could at school so I was more mature than my classmates which angered my Uncle because he felt I was trying to outdo my cousin." he said to remove her confusion.

After a few minutes Propheta returned with a steaming drink and then drew a strange circle in the dirt floor before having him stand in it and drink the potion. Once he finished it he fell to the ground holding his head as his body burned, felt cold, contracted, expanded, and several other odd sensations until the sensory overload made him fall unconscious.